Poetry – Chimps with Large Brains

Chimps with Large Brains

Chimps with large brains

And capricious natures

Stomping across the world

With no limiting legislature.

Out of control;

Without limits or empathy;

And for the rest of nature

There’s no sympathy.

Clearing the land

Of all that has life,

To create a plastic jungle

Where only problems are rife.

What are we doing?

Creating such ruin?

Is there no way out of this cul-de-sac?

Is there no way back?

Opher – 29.4.2019

We might have large brains but we sure don’t always do things intelligently. We are our world’s worst enemy.

With burgeoning numbers and careless disregard we are leaving a heap of problems in our wake.

Have we the intelligence to put it right?

Animal rights – What would be the effect of giving ‘human’ status to gorillas, chimps and whales?

P1120114 (2)

As a number of animals (Gorillas, Chimps, Orangutans, Whales, Dolphins, Porpoises etc.) have a large intelligence it makes sense to regard them as ‘people’ – individuals with their own consciousness and sense of identity.

By accepting their level of sentience and conferring ‘human’ status on them we would automatically confer status.

It would, in law, be an act of murder to kill one of these animals. Hunting them would be a major crime. To imprison, torture or be cruel to one of them would open the abuser to a different level of justice through the courts.

I believe it would make a big difference to the life of these creatures and help humans too. We need to become more civilised and develop a far better attitude to nature and the needs of life on this planet.

What do you think?

Featured book – Anthropocene Apocalypse – Index


I think the index gives you a bit of a clue as to the content.



Quote & dedication


My worst nightmare

My best outcome

The most likely scenario

The long term effects of the Anthropocene

The decline in British Wildlife

Extinction of Species – Zambia & Zimbabwe

Extinction of Species – Cambodia & Vietnam

Extinction of Species – North America

Good things

Deforestation & Extinction – Peru

Road Kill – Australia

Road Kill – America

Further adventures in Peru

Heading out of Lima to the Ballesteros Islands

The Nazca Lines and Lake Titicaca experience

The Colca Canyon and that condor moment

Species extinction – Tasmania

Deforestation in Britain & Europe

The China tiger

Britain in Shakespeare’s time

Wales and the brigands

Los Angeles Smog and mountains

The Chinese experience

Modern man

Deforestation of Tasmania

Deforestation in Vietnam

Alteration of climate due to global warming

The argument against the global warming deniers

World population

Safari in Zimbabwe and Botswana

Second safari in Botswana

Sadness on safari

Zambia and flying round the farm

Hull and Urbanisation

Los Angeles – a tale of urban sprawl

Chongqing City

A cat in the road

New research and new dangers

Nuclear disasters

Spanish Field trip

Portugal & the chameleons

Australian wonderland

More Australian wonders

The start of Greenpeace

Mass migration

Australia – still going

Uneducated education

South Africa and the Whale

India – a place like no other

Australia – Cairns

Road kill yesterday

Senseless death of the toads

The Animal House

Natural History Museum

Yellowstone Park

My Davies the Biologist & Mr Tranter the Rural Scientist

Nuclear dumps

Louisiana swamps

Australia and the ozone layer

Travelling around Scotland

Fracking, the Seven Estuary Barrier, Nuclear and Wind Farms

The decline in wild-life in Britain in my life-time


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Poetry – The last one – In the Cage. – A poem for the Chimps and Gorillas.

chimp ptg00402816 - Copy

The last one – In the cage

As a child I was taken to London zoo. I stood in front of the small cage in which Guy the Gorilla was housed. He looked out at me with sad rheumy eyes. He seemed so human.

There was a great resignation. Guy was bored to tears.

We humans have evolved from a branch of apes that gave rise to the gorillas and chimps. Only one percent of our DNA is different. Our greater intelligence is the result of a small number of changes. It is responsible for our technology and the weapons and tools with which we are busy destroying the planet and killing everything that lives.

We assume that all those chimps and gorillas have no intelligence.

We are wrong.

They have plenty of wisdom. It is merely different to ours.

Our binocular vision coupled with that opposable thumb has enabled our tool making and our technology. It has enabled us to destroy our cousins.

I think they know their days are numbered.


The last one – In the cage


What wise thoughts lie

Behind those eyes;

Brown eyes so human.

The blitheringed

Say you have no soul

But I see the sadness –

The knowledge of your fate.


What strange tools

Could be devised

By that hand –

That hand with thumb

And finger to pick

And grasp?


What contented future

Has been savagely

Plucked from

Your grasp

And snatched

From your mind?


Opher 7.11.2015

Anthropocene Apocalypse – the Rights of Chimpanzees, Gorillas and Whales?

Chimp Female-chimpanzee-with-infants chimp ptg00402816 - Copy dolphins 5 dolphins 6

The Civil Rights battle is won. Human Beings are all one species and equal before the law in most countries. All that remains is to enforce the law, remove the vestiges of racism and establish true equality. There are still battles to be fought but the war is won.

What hasn’t yet been won is Rights for Primates and other sentient animals.

The primates (Gorillas, Chimpanzees, Orangutangs, Gibbons and Bonobos) are our closest relatives. They are obviously intelligent, have advanced family structures and behaviour patterns and yet are still being treated like vermin. Their habitat is being destroyed by logging and they are being butchered for food, trinkets, medicine and to procure pets.

We need a world-wide Civil Rights movement for Primates. They are need to be afforded rights, protected and given land to live in undisturbed.

Another group of intelligent organisms are the whales, dolphins and porpoises. They have bigger and more complex brains than humans, a social structure, language and high intelligence yet they are still being barbarically gaffed and callously hacked and sawed to death in barbaric acts. They too need to be afforded rights as sentient beings and protected!

Now is the time to campaign for Animal Rights!!!

Anthropocene Apocalypse. Chimpanzees – our closest relatives.

Chimpanzee-Images-8 chimpanzee-altruism_7212 - Copy Chimp elitismstyle_chimpanzee

The Chimps are hominids just like us. We share 99% of our coded DNA with chimps. We evolved from a common ancestor around 3-4 million years ago. That is recent.

There are two species of chimps. The Bonobo is presently on the verge of being wiped out.

We are really the third species of chimp. We have slight evolutionary modifications. We have evolved bigger brains and lost a bit of fur.

Chimps can use tools and can learn to speak a number of words. They exhibit a lot of the emotional complexities and learning behaviour of humans.

Presently, as our numbers surge and our lust for food, timber and land increases, we are destroying their habitat and butchering them for bush-meat.

chimpanzee - Copy

chimp ptg00402816 - Copy

We need to start caring for our wild-life and limiting our numbers. We are destroying the planet.

Anthropocene Apocalypse – Isaac Asimov’s vision of the Earth as a world of steel could be real.

Back in the 1950s Isaac Asimov wrote some brilliant Sci-fi books.

In his dystopian vision overpopulation had created an Earth that was so overpopulated that there were no longer open spaces. All the natural world had been destroyed. The whole Earth was one huge city. People lived in caves of steel. A number of other Sci-fi writers have painted similar visions of the future.

It all seemed very far-fetched and futuristic. It does not seem that way now. We appear to be sleep-walking into this nightmare.

My book ‘The Anthropocene Apocalypse’ illustrates clearly the rapid speed of this approaching nightmare. There is a mammalian holocaust as a result of the rapidly expanding population of humans. This has to be addressed urgently.

Please read my book and help change things. The solutions are explained.