Poetry – The Molecule That Thinks

The Molecule That Thinks

Welcome to the quantum world,

To the molecule that thinks.

Guiding your awareness

Down a million missing links.

It would be a shame

To have such majesty

Without a trillion minds and eyes

With which to think and see.

I am the quantum molecule.

I can do anything!

I taught humankind

To play and dance and sing.

Opher – 22.10.2020

I was on my daily walk thinking about the majesty of the vast universe and thinking that what a waste it would all be if there were no eyes to see it, no minds to appreciate its beauty.

We live in a wondrous universe. Nature is fabulous.

The more we learn about quantum worlds and the behaviour of atoms the more weird it becomes. The reality we think we live appears bogus.

Then when we consider the weirdness of awareness, of minds and intelligence, it is even weirder.

We think we are so clever and superior. Yet all plants and animals are sentient. They are aware.

Maybe it is our molecules, our protein, that is the seat of awareness. Perhaps atoms are conscious?

We live in a quantum universe. There is much to understand. We’re on the threshold. We are ignorant savages.

Who knows?

Quantum can’t get much weirder. Can it?

Poetry – A Tessellated Dream

A Tessellated Dream


I live in a world of strings

Lost in a few dimensions.

Reality is lost to my eyes

As I inhabit our inventions.

The macrocosm and microcosm

Are invisible to me

And time is fleeting

In this reality.

For there is no such thing

As substance or stability

The illusion is convincing though

I struggle to really see.

I’m very leery of the m-theory.

Things are not what they seem to be.

All time exists as a single moment

And in the quantum universe

Things exist and don’t exist

It’s really quite perverse.

This world may not be as it seems

As we splutter out of these tessellated dreams.


Opher – 5.9.2020

Poetry – The Universe

The Universe


All time exists in one moment,

All matter and energy,

Emerging from nothing.


All laws creating in an instant

All the universe

Exploding into something.


Life – a pinnacle of complexity

Disobeying entropy

To organise itself.


Nature a sophisticated mystery

Of interconnection;

A multitude of wealth.


All life a magnificent culmination

Of awe and wonder

In a cascade of forms.


Mutating and evolving

Into a mighty web

Whose majesty defies the norms.


Opher 21.8.2020

Poetry – The Myth of Solidity

The Myth of Solidity


Atoms are not solid.

They have no substance

Just energy

And force-fields.

Emerging out of nothing,

To create something,

As reality builds.


We’re dissecting quarks

To fathom out


As the truth yields.

Antimatter and matter

Swirl in fresh space and time

With all the might

The cosmos wields.


This is the real quest;

The search for understanding.


Opher – 17.8.2020

Stephen Hawking – Lucy Hawking talking about her father.

Stephen Hawking had a degenerative disease –amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS, a neurodegenerative disease that wears away at nerve and muscle function over time. It affects the muscles but not the brain. While in his early twenties he was given just months to live. Most people would have curled up and died.

Here is what his daughter, Lucy Hawking had to say about him:

‘My father never gave up, he never shied away from the fight. At the age of seventy-five, completely paralysed and able to move only a few facial muscles, he still got up every day, put on a suit and went to work. He had stuff to do and was not going to let a few trivialities get in his way.’

What an inspiration that man was!

He is rightfully buried in St Paul’s Cathedral between Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin. Not bad!


Stephen Hawking – Inspiring Quotes

Stephen Hawking is probably the most intelligent man on the planet in the last hundred years – an incredible human being who defied his medical condition and overcame adversity.

I have just read the inspiring book of his (his last) – Brief Answers to the Big Question’. It was very uplifting and enthralling. It made me very sad to think that we have lost such a great mind.

This is what he had to say about the future:

‘We stand at the threshold of important discoveries in all areas of science. Without doubt, our world will change enormously in the next fifty years. We will find out what happened at the Big Bang. We will come to understand how life began on Earth. We may even discover whether life exists elsewhere in the universe. While the chances of communicating with an intelligent extra-terrestrial species may be slim, the importance of such a discovery means we must not give up trying. We will continue to explore our cosmic habitat, sending robots and humans into space. We cannot continue to look inwards at ourselves on a small and increasingly polluted and overcrowded planet. Through scientific endeavour and technological innovation, we must look outwards to the wider universe, while also striving to fix the problems on Earth.  And I am optimistic that we will ultimately create viable habitats for the human race on other planets. We will transcend the Earth and learn to exist in space.

This is not the end of the story, but just the beginning of what I hope will be billions of years of life flourishing in the cosmos.’

Poetry – The Scientist

The Scientist



The scientist.

Pushing back the boundaries of knowledge,

Dispelling superstition.


The scientist.

Showing us that we are not

The centre of the universe.


The scientist.

Revealing that heaven is not in the sky

Nor hell beneath our feet.


The scientist.

Discovering the atom, harnessing electricity,

Changing the world.


The scientist.

Designing you and me

And challenging infinity.


Opher 8.8.2020

The Scientist.


In this populist age of new superstition fostered by power-seeking politicians, guided by self-serving interests, it is good to reflect that it is science, not religion, that has dragged us out of poverty and given us the wonders we now take for granted.

The populists, like Trump, seek to divide, to shake our faith in experts, history and scientists, to deride experts, promote fake news and claim that only they know the answers.

They promote conspiracies, undermine institutions and worship the god of profit. Nothing else matters.

The whole planet can be consumed just as long as their colossal bank balance keeps increasing.

Here’s to the scientists – the people who deal with reality and seek to answer questions – the people whose knowledge dispels myth.

Only they can bring us back out of this new Dark Age.

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