What do we do?? Who could have predicted that?

Forest fires, record temperatures, freak weather, droughts, floods, species migration, heat waves, sea level rises, glacier melts, uninhabitable regions, crop failure………

Who could have predicted that?

Listen to the Science

Listen to the Science

Listen to the science.

                We have the means!

                                Hope comes from actions

Not words!

Listen to the experts.

                We can act

                                But we don’t have time

To wait!

Listen to the sounds

                Of melting ice,

                                Of forest fires,

                                                Of frying creatures,

Not fools.

Opher – 22.4.2021

Listening to the frail girl who is called Greta. She may not be particularly charismatic but she has the power to move people.

Listen to the science.

Don’t be fooled by the right-wing propaganda from the ones who want to make more money.

The planet is worth more than all the money in the world.

Ignoring Experts and Rubbishing Scientists.

The cornerstone of Populism as espoused by Trump, Johnson and Bolsonaro.

The premise being that experts always get it wrong, are politically motivated (or bought off) and cannot be trusted.

The inference being that it is better to place your faith in populist leaders – who know what they are talking about (such as – there is no global warming, we can keep drilling and digging, chop down all the forests, drink bleach and bombard your body with UV light – get back to work).

The reality being that the average idiot on the street drinks bleach, thinks that covid is a conspiracy or caused by 5G, that masks and distancing are a commie plot, global warming is an elitist plot, that appointing a billionaire leader is a strike against elitism, that the UN is a conspiracy, that the holocaust never happened and the earth is really flat.

They would rather believe the propaganda put out on the internet and conspiracy rather than science.

So it makes more sense to believe that the world is being run by alien lizards who eat babies and Bill Gates is implanting microchips through vaccines than to listen to scientists telling us that climate change is going to cause catastrophe for both us and other life on this planet, that the only way out of this pandemic is through vaccination and we have to stop using fossil fuels.

The Dark Ages – The Age of Superstition – we’re still living it!!

Poetry – No One Knows

No One Knows

Beware the ones with answers,

Ignore the ones who’re sure.

For no one knows

What it all is really for.

They ponder the mysteries

Breeding answers more improbable

As they seek to pierce

The armour of the impossible.

But all we know

Is no one knows.

Their answers

Are all no-shows.

No one has the key.

There are no messiahs;

No texts that reveal;

Just power-mad desires.

So beware the ones with answers.

They know what they do.

They are spinning you a tale

Some would like to believe it too!

Accept that no one knows

And love the mystery.

It’s full of awe and wonder

A paradise for free!

Opher – 13.5.2019

There are those that say that you not having the answers is proof that only their answers are correct. Only they have the solution to the mysteries around us. Yet their answers are more fantastical than the mysteries themselves.

So beware the ones with answers for they know not what they think.

Live among the mystery and love every second. I believe it’s all we have.

I know not where it came from or how it arose – but I sure like thinking about it.

Poetry – Chimps with Large Brains

Chimps with Large Brains

Chimps with large brains

And capricious natures

Stomping across the world

With no limiting legislature.

Out of control;

Without limits or empathy;

And for the rest of nature

There’s no sympathy.

Clearing the land

Of all that has life,

To create a plastic jungle

Where only problems are rife.

What are we doing?

Creating such ruin?

Is there no way out of this cul-de-sac?

Is there no way back?

Opher – 29.4.2019

We might have large brains but we sure don’t always do things intelligently. We are our world’s worst enemy.

With burgeoning numbers and careless disregard we are leaving a heap of problems in our wake.

Have we the intelligence to put it right?

Science Versus Superstition!


Science has only really got on its feet these last two hundred years. Before that we were in the Dark Ages.

The enlightenment took place in the eighteenth century. Only then was superstition replaced by science; only then was science free to really investigate the natural world; only then were scientists able to reveal the truth without fear of being burnt at the stake for heresy.

So we were able to say that the Earth orbits the sun; that we are not the centre of the universe, below us was magma, not hell, above us were a trillion galaxies, not heaven.

In two hundred years we went from horse and cart and candle, to electric lights, Maserati’s, space stations and trips to Mars.

We understood evolution, genetics, DNA, atoms, viruses, black holes and quasars. We found out about quarks, nuclear energy and how to vaccinate against killer diseases. We invented telephones, satellites, TV, computers and instant communication.

Back in 1800, when people just had prayer and herbs, life expectancy at birth was 35 years. 25% were dead before the age of 5 years old.

Today life expectancy for men is 79 years and for women is 83 years.

That is due to science discovering bacteria and viruses leading to better sanitation; to science creating vaccinations that have eradicated killer diseases like smallpox, polio and tuberculosis; science creating better medicines and treatments and science creating better food and living conditions.

Prayer and herbs did not work. Science does!

The only way that 8 billion of us can survive on this planet is due to science – not prayer or herbs.

Unfortunately we have not rid ourselves of superstition. It still holds us back. The religious fanatics forsake science for belief. They mistakenly believe that you can banish covid with prayer, that vaccination is unnecessary, that social distancing and masks are not necessary.

That’s why they are dying in droves in the southern states of the USA. They refuse to believe in science. They don’t believe in evolution and many of them still think the Earth is flat.

Science has even studied stupidity – unfortunately it has not yet found a cure for it!

While certain people believe that truth and education are commie plots there is no hope for humanity!

Science is powerful but it can’t educate the profoundly stupid!

The famous historian A J P Taylor was asked when the Dark Ages ended. He replied that they hadn’t yet; we were still living in them.

Let’s hope that we don’t get another Trump undermining science and experts for his own ends and promoting superstition, fake news and propaganda in order to gain wealth and hold on to power.

Let’s hope science prevails over ignorance!! Even the Taliban use mobile phones and Kalashnikovs.

Propaganda and Fake News!

Try looking at science and not what is being pumped out by right-wing organisations with vested interests.

Try looking at what is really going on around you.

These fires, floods, droughts and storms happening all around the world have a reason – it’s global warming.

Stop getting your information off fake sources.

Stop discounting mainstream news just because politicians tell you to.

Science and experts know what they are talking about far better than lying Trump.

‘Freedom Day’ – a roll of the dice – Chris Riddell.

As Johnson dices with our lives in search of popularity we are being thrown to the wolves. Instead of taking steps to curtail the third wave of Covid he is throwing out all the precautions. The vulnerable are to be sacrificed.

How many thousands will die?
How many tens of thousands will have their lives blighted by Long Covid.

Be in no doubt; we are still in the clutch of a nasty pandemic!!

Poetry – Memory


I am a collage of memories –

Some sharp and full of colour,

Others hazy in misty greys,

Some manufactured and adapted,

And most forgotten.

My life is made up

Of ionic changes,

In membranes,

Down fibres,

Trapped in the maze of my brain.

My personality

Is electricity.

Opher 18.5.2016


What are we?

What is our identity?

Is it our consciousness?

Is it our memory?

The essence of what and who we are is contained in our brains.

That brain is made up of billions of cells with long strands of interconnecting neurones. They form a meshwork of firing that contains our thoughts, dreams, memories, actions and personality. Our consciousness is contained within the chemical reactions on membranes that create ionic changes that cause nerves to fire.

We understand what happens on a subcellular level but that does not explain the reality of consciousness. We are fooling ourselves if we think that. I do not put any spiritual significance to it. I merely reflect that I am boggled by the whole process.

For me the working of the brain, the wonders of cellular activity that creates consciousness, is as spectacularly awesome as the nature of the universe itself. Our consciousness is the wonder of life.