I have written 43 books so far!!  Not all of them are digital yet. Not all of them are published. Please click on any of the titles below for a bit of information and an extract.

I hope you enjoy them. Thanks for looking.

You can purchase some of these books in either Kindle form or as Paperbacks by going to the section – Purchase my books.



Rock Music


Non Fiction



  • Poetry Vol 1
  • Poetry Vol 2


If you wish to access any further information or extracts from these books please go back to the main menu, bring up the area of interest (i.e. Sci-Fi) and you will find a page on each one of them. One annoying thing I discovered was that you have to pull the page down a bit before bringing up the drop menu or you don’t get it all! Alternatively you can just use the side menu.

Thank you and enjoy!!





19 thoughts on “My Books

  1. I have plans, later today to do a “full metal cleanup” of my Kindle. Then will have some room for works of opher, an author well met to say the least. And to help, READ OPHER’S BOOKS!!

      1. I almost hate asking this, much like asking a panent which of their children they like best, but which of opher’s many works does opher like best. Just curious.

      2. That depends Jeff. In terms of Rock it’s In Search Of Captain Beefheart (a memoir of my life with Rock Music). In terms of Sci-fi it’s probably Ebola in the Garden of Eden.

      1. Enjoy Jeff. But wait a week on Ebola – I’m presently re-editing it and bringing it out next week as New Eden under my Ron Forsythe alias.

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