If you wish to purchase any of my books you can do so by clicking on the links below (Click on the picture). That should take you to the place on Amazon where my books currently reside.  I have noticed that sometimes this all plays up! You can go directly to Opher Goodwin at Amazon where they are all listed which might be less hassle. I have both kindle and paperback versions available.

If you wish to find out more about the books prior to purchase please go to the relevant book in ‘my books’. Descriptions of most of them are there.

Here’s a link to my page on Amazon:


Thank you for purchasing my books! I hope you get immense pleasure out of them!


1. A passion for Education – A Headteacher’s story

The Environment

1. Anthropocene Apocalypse

Books on Rock Music:

1. ‘In search of Captain Beefheart’ –

Paper back version with black & white photos:

Kindle version:

Paperback version:


2.The Times and Tales of a Sixties Freak

Kindle and Paperback:

3. 537 Essential Rock Albums pt. 1 – The first 270


Antitheist writing

1. The Antitheist’s Dictionary

Kindle & Paperback

2. The Antitheist’s Bible


1. Reflections from a Ditch

Kindle & Paperback

2. Goofin’ with the Cosmic Freaks

Kindle & Paperback – Kerouac meets the sixties

3. The Book of Ginny

Kindle & Paperback


Science Fiction

1. Green

Kindle & Paperback versions:


To buy Green, paper back version Click here

2. Starturn – Intergalactic Rockstar

Kindle version:

Paperback version:


3. Nosedive:

Kindle & Paperback versions:


4. Pornographic Syndromes

Kindle & Paperback


5. Hallucination

Kindle & Paperback


More will be with us shortly!

16 thoughts on “To Purchase my books

      1. I’m involved with writing two books at this moment – and it’s taking up a good deal of my limited brain. Plus I’m not very technical and am not sure how to go about things.
        I’ll get on to it.

      2. I think we are in the same boat more or less. I am fixing a novella for my first ever submission !!! Deadline is May 30. And two other manuscripts need to be fixed… And I am not tech savvy either. I loathe social media in general, but it’s like living on medication. Gotta do it or die. That’s basically my philosophy about it. And as a nice bonus I come across fun people, that part I like. So, let’s keep talking, no pressure. None of that is mandatory. And I will help however I can. Cheers!

      3. May 30th is my birthday! I reckon that’s a good omen! (not that I believe in omens)..
        All the things you said made perfect sense to me.
        I’ve had my head down writing and I don’t look up to market or try to get things placed. There are too many ideas in my head. It’s daft really.
        I set myself a target – get all my projects written to the highest standard I can. Get them edited and then look to the marketing and placement.
        You caught be slightly before I was ready. But I know that this is the time I need to do it. You have nudged me into action.
        The trouble is that I love writing and am obsessive and driven. The rest of the stuff is a chore – and one I’m not good at.

      4. Probably step #1. is to send the link to the book on kindle (or free pdf or whatever format you have) to your friends. Tell them that in the name of your friendships you need a few lines of review and tell them to enter those reviews on Amazon. That’s simple. You can do it in one email, just cc your contacts. Let’s start with Green.
        Step #2. Fix those tabulations in the manuscript. It should take a nice evening over a glass of wine. And some good music. When you are editing the book I was told it will be off line for about 12 hours once yo’ve done, so do all the edits in one swoop.
        Step #3. Once those are done, I’ll try to send the link to some of my subscribers and get some more reviews. How does that sound?

      5. That sounds excellent.
        I haven’t liked pestering my friends but I can see the need. I’ll get on to it tomorrow.
        I’m surprised about the tabulation of the paragraphs. I do not know what has happened there. My worry is that it is in the process of transfer to kindle. I’ll check on that tomorrow too.
        Thanks Ellie – you’re a star.

      6. Hi Ellie – I’ve just had a look through the document I sent in for publishing. I’ve been through it all and I can’t find any problems with the paragraph tabulation. Where did you see the discrepancies? I’m not sure what to do now?

      7. Yes, tabulation is a problem of transfer from your draft to Kindle. Meh. Hear it happens. Needs to be fixed manually. If you can, open your book on kindle and see what I mean. I’ll email you 2 random pages how they look only kindle.

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