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  1. I know when I saw Rod at The Royal Albert Hall I was right in the front, could have touched him so close. I am so excited another box of books from his Estate has arrived from the book dealer and what brilliant books and play, they gave me four free books belonging to him too, I just cannot believe it. One absolutely fantastic book, “Walt Whitman’s Workshop A Collection of unpublished manuscripts”, how can I stop collecting.

  2. Just have to convince David Patrick of that, auction tonight and unfortunately I cannot buy all I want, David Patrick is very good he pays for items, I pay delivery

      1. Morning, Although not with it this morning bed well past 5am, auction did not start in Dallas until 2am out time. Did buy the draft of “Sleep Warm”, missed out on photographs and quite a few other things I so wanted, too many bidding and prices at times running away. Leather bounds books, all he wrote I had someone bidding against me all the time and I could not get them. When David went upstairs to do some work it was $600 when he came back down to check on me it was $1,200 he was not pleased with me I got carried away. Rod’s release papers from the Army(Korea) cost $350 started the auction at $20, gives you an idea. I got them anyway and some books from his Library. He had the most fantastic leather bound classics and history, majority all British. I know I did very well and David is so good to me but I just wanted everything, lottery tonight.

      1. I have so much that is why I want to leave it to (if the boys want anything they can have it) to one of the Universities where Rod lectured. He intended it all, books,papers and Vinyl collection to be available to everyone to see free of charge but this step-brother wants money, greed!! I managed to get one of his Gold Records this morning forgot that. David said when he saw how much it all came too I was obsessed, it is much more than that. I have been warned “no more auctions until after Christmas and I mean it”, I think I will have to listen, there is another one next week.

      1. David-Patrick started his work on the internet as I went upstairs gone 5 and I asked him why he did not go to bed too and he sharply said “well I have to make up the bloody money you just spent” so I thought it wise to keep my mouth shut, He is in bed now.

      1. Difficult. I see something and can not get it out of my head I just have to have it, usually end up in tears to myself, but that is how it is.

  3. Yes I know you are right, I guess my youngest son has spoilt me but now he says “no” until after Christmas, so it stops until then. I do have to stop sometime though.

      1. Sick of taking tablets, being in pain, fed up of crying – miserable cow aren’t I. So sorry have not finished you book yet watching the news all the time, will get back to it and the rest.

      2. That’s OK. I’m dying to hear what you think but so sorry to hear you are in pain. I hope you are feeling better soon.
        All this fundamental madness is depressing isn’t it?

  4. I think I mentioned how I was talking about that trip to my Sons, thought my Passport was ok never thought to look, looking through all the brochures from this American tour company, searched my desk for my Passport, expired June 2015, never gave it a thought. Now I need to renew that come January or February to make sure if I go next September I have a Passport. What happened in Paris made me think I need to live before it is too late.

    1. Living is good. Go for it. Get your passport renewed.
      Just finished my exercise – 30 mins on treadmill. Have a bagle for lunch. Off to do chores!

  5. We have a treadmill in the conservatory and no one uses it, used to, it is such a waste. David Patrick got me a Rowing machine told the Dr (this is couple of years ago) and she banned me, said it would do damage to my back, David Patrick has a full body punching “torso” Jonathan and myself bought for him one Christmas years ago, barely used. You make me realize I should get on treadmill. Bagel sounds good, I don’t eat till the evening. Enjoy.

  6. I used to do a little yoga and felt so much better for it should not have ended it. We have so much here but I am limited by what I can or cannot do gets on my nerves. In the bath at night I lift my legs up and down so that they hit the back of the wall but one day I will be under the water and stuck! Used to do a lot of walking especially in Killarney breaks my heart now Opher when I have to go out it is stop and start – hate it, hate it being like this – life can be such a bastard – sorry

      1. Sue is, I was sitting on David Patrick’s bed Friday night both horrified what was happening to Paris, via tv when the next thing I knew was I was on the floor, had no idea how I got there – twenty minutes later nearly done the same again, DP grab me he said, I suddenly closed my eyes and was falling, yep the years we have now can be cruel.

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