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    1. Hi Tub – I will sure miss your stuff on WB. But it really does seem to have gone nuts over there. Thanks for following! Nice to keep in contact!

  1. Hello Opher, Tree Party here. Another refugee from WB who was discouraged by the meanness and meagerness of intellect on display there. But I did recognize you as a kindred spirit. I was also born in 1949, proud member of the Berkeley tribe! Was also steeped in the cultural zeitgeist of the 60’s with Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Jethro Tull, Traffic and Blind Faith et al. I just thought I’d touch base, encourage your literary endeavors, and keep in touch a little.

    Here’s a local event that might interest you. Musical performances are archived. Jay-Bob sez; check it out!
    Cheers! If you’re ever in the SF Bay Area, look me up! (I live pretty close to Ryan Messano – man, he is HE a fish out of water in the People’s Republic!)

    1. Cheers Jay – great to hear from you. Yes the last days of WB were a bit fraught. I think there was a bit of a take over wasn’t there?
      It’s good to connect with a kindred spirit! Those sixties days were great. I stayed in SF in 1971 and made some good friends! The music was great too!
      If I ever get back I’ll be sure to look you up and maybe we could share a beer and a story or two?
      Ryan is a brainwashed sad case – the victim of a bad upbringing I reckon.
      Thanks for the links.
      Keep in touch – all the best – Opher

  2. I’d like to try out this site to see if I like it but I notice that the only religion you mention as being welcome is atheism, and I’m a Christian. Was it an oversight, or are Christians excluded? No problem either way.

    1. Individuum – If that is the case then it’s an oversight. I welcome everyone. I am an antitheist because I believe all religion does more harm than good. I am an atheist because I think religion is manmade. But I am tolerant and respectful of anybody’s beliefs. You are most welcome there are many Christians on my blog and we get along well.

    2. Individuum,
      Idon’t think you’ve read much here, as you’re “new”. I guess this is a question only Xtains would ask. If it was their blog, of course non-believers would be excluded. And you say you are an Xtain. OK. Tell us, is keeping kids in cages, allowing only people with money that can afford healthcare be allowed into a country, or how food stamps and other “safety net” programs be taken away from “those awful poor people,” all of them lazy, colored? Hmmm. I was, in my minority, forced into a church by a parent. Read a bit about Christ before leaving when a pastor threw a fit over me not believing the world was 5000 years old. Seemed Chriist was always telling folks to care for the people absolutely abhorred and reviled by Trumpist Xtains. You? just sayin’ and asking.

      1. Hey Jeff! Great to see you here. Hope all is well with you.
        I also comment on another site that is full of confused Trumpies, many of them worshiping the Orange AntiChrist while calling themselves “Christians”.
        I find it entertaining to try and talk some sense into these hypocrites who are taught to love their fellow humans, care for the Earth and it’s creatures, and work for the harmony of humanity, yet believe and endorse virtually everything the Orange Buffoon says.
        As a study of society, I honestly believe we are observing exactly what happens when a Dictatorship begins it’s takeover process.
        Bill H (Sluggo)

      2. Hi Sluggo! I had a look at that site. I am tempted to have a go but have too many writing projects on at the moment. When I’ve got a bit of room!
        Glad to see some of the old gang here!

  3. Hi. Coming over to check out the blog.
    Concerning the religion thing:
    Clearly you aren’t intolerant of people with religion. Leaving the question of whether religion is manmade alone, I can tell you from a personal standpoint that mine is way more positive than negative in my life, and positive in ways that should make sense to you as positive. My religion reinforces my liberalism and my sense of social responsibility, it gives me a community, it gives me a sense of continuity, and it has helped me through some major personal losses.

    I find the question of “Religion, yes or no?” irrelevant and useless. Religions are too diverse for a one size fits all answer. Some are going to reinforce tolerance, some are going to reinforce intolerance, and there is no reason to take an average rather than treating the phenomenon in the detail it deserves.

    Also, arguments about the consequences of religion tend to focus on one side. For example, let’s look at the American Civil War. You have probably heard that religion was used in the South to justify slavery. It was. What people don’t tend to mention while making that argument is that religion had a far greater role in abolitionism, a fire and brimstone evangelical role.. I went to a college in Ohio founded by serious fundamentalists that was racially integrated a quarter century before the Civil War. Look up John Brown. Or look at the most popular Union song, which used the melody of John Brown’s Body. This is the fourth verse:

    In the beauty of the lilies Christ was born across the sea
    With a glory in His bosom that transfigured you and me
    As He died to make men holy let us die to make men free
    While God is marching on

    Glory, glory hallelujah…..

    I can’t make the case more eloquently than that.

    1. Hi Kosher – it is really nice of you to drop by. You are very welcome.
      No I am not intolerant of anyone’s sincerely held beliefs.
      My views on religion are evident in what I write. I do think it is manmade, used for power and has done more harm than good. But that is my take. I am fine with religion as long as children are not being brainwashed, it isn’t used to divide or create hatred and there is no hypocrisy.
      I am glad to hear that you find it a positive force in your life – many people do and more power to them.
      Yes religion can be used for good and yes it can emphasise the caring and compassionate side of people. In my observations though it all too often is used to create guilt or support violent and intolerant behaviour.
      I want to live in a world where we all get along with respect for each other’s views, much argument and discussion but no violence, aggression or intolerance. We should respect and care for each other as well as the planet!
      In that spirit I welcome you.

  4. Opher,
    Here I am, another WB refugee. Nice to see so many familiar names among these comments. I have a WordPress blog, too, where I’ve duplicated my WB posts. Also looking forward to meeting up on the transmogrified WB forum.

    1. Welcome Katharine. It would be good to have some intelligence from your great mind. Yes we do seem to have a handful of WB refugees. It’s nice to see.
      I will check out your blog when I get a minute. I’m up to my eyes writing another Sci-fi novel right now – Quantum Fever. It’s taking most of my headspace. I will also join Stone’s WB refuge. Not quite sure how to get there yet!
      Anyway – all the best Katharine. I look forward to some intense debate!

  5. Glad to see some of the real WB mindpower coming over here. Hopefully it stays clear of the Orange Buffoon Minions.
    Love your stuff!

    1. Thanks Bill. It’s nice to see you over here. Thankfully the brainwashed imbeciles have not showed up. I don’t think I’m their cup of tea.
      You are most welcome!

    1. Thank you Joao for sending that through to me. It is heartening to see that my photo has been of some use in such a good cause – all the best – Opher.

      1. Hi Trevor, It is posting. It is just that due to trolling it has to now go through moderation before appearing. Sorry about that.
        Yes it is me! Not exactly green. I’m the one with the fair hair!

  6. Hey Opher:
    Nice to see you are still hanging in there. I have a WordPress site too, maybe you can comment on it, or take a look. I sure would appreciate the positive ‘feedback’.
    I remember we famously debated about Bob Dylan, and also religion-theism-the existence of a Creator of this Universe.
    Bob Dylan in the 60 minutes interview said he doesn’t where those songs came from and that there was a magic to them( i.e. Spiritual magic), he says he couldn’t have done it without making a deal with the ‘ Master and Commander’ of this world and one we can’t see.
    Bob Dylan is a very religious Born Again-er. But, you have written many articles about him. Is he deluded to think Spiritual religious magic helped him?

      1. But he isn’t anymore. It was a phase he went through. I don’t know what he is now. He uses a lot of imagery from the Old Testament because it is rich in imagery. It’s a good source.
        Thanks for the link.

    1. Hi Barath – welcome to my blog. Yes I’ll go over and have a look at yours.
      Yes Dylan went through his Born Again phase. He also went through a fundamentalist Jewish phase and a skeptical phase. He changes with the wind.
      As for not knowing where those songs came from – who does? I write books and when the ideas flow they come out of nowhere.
      I have written many articles about him and his songs on my blog. You’d have to trawl through to find them though. I think I’ve got nearly 4000 posts.

      1. In, Masters of War, which you praised he mentioned Jesus not forgiving what they do. That was early in his career. It’s a bit angry, which he admits. I think every record he did since the late 70’s was religious. They used to boo him for it at concerts.
        But, Every Grain of Sand, the outtake from the Booltleg series is one of my favorites. Have you listened to that one?
        In any case he thinks it came from the Spirit or the Lord, so that’s a testimonial of sorts. I think some of what he does goes beyond normal human ability.

      2. Yes Barath he mentions Jesus and uses the Bible as a reference in a lot of his work – as many poets do. But that is not at all surprising. He was brought up Jewish in a country that is steeped in Christianity. Americans have a common language of religion. But Dylan was not at all overtly religious until 1979 when he went through his born again religious phase.
        It is not true to say this phase lasted into his later work. Slow Train Coming, Saved and Shot of Love were his religious albums. All the ones that followed did not have that religious theme.

  7. Opher, I would argue that denying the Spirit and the world beyond denies the infinite possibilities of the world beyond. Man is inherently selfish. Why should people not just follow greed or self interest if there is no Creator? I think we both like music and poetry and art, literature and history, but to some people those things are meaningless. Maybe only sex, money and what they do has value to them, but that seems to be anti – intellectual. If there is no Lord than everything might be meaningless to people, but one’s self.me
    Every society needs some philosophy that it is based on. What would replace religion?

    1. Hi Barath,
      Yes, you are right. Most people are superficial and worship wealth, fame and celebrity, indulge in instant gratification and live shallow lives; but I contend that is no reason to create imaginary deities in order to give them false purpose. I think we should give real meaning to life – a respect and nurturing of nature, the discovery of wonders, the appreciation of beauty, the celebration of creativity, compassion for people and creatures. They are much more meaningful to me. I don’t need a human created god to give me purpose.

  8. Guess I forgot who Sluggo was on WB. Well, regardless…hi there, Sluggo. Perhaps our words will cross here. Penning a couple of short “Italy stories” I will post. Village life anywhere has always been a rich and rewarding experience for me and was the case for the Italy stay, too. It was made even better by sharing it with my wife in-person.

    1. Hi Jeff – On WB, I was Bill H until just after you departed. Glad your enjoying your new territory. I’m still working on making it to N.Z. (I have relatives there), but there is a ton of red tape, especially since I’m retired.

      1. Been to both islands many times. my cousin lives in Rotorua, and is an avid fisherman. He was able to get me to some fishing spots that one can only dream of in the states. The Kiwi’s are very conservation minded, and he taught me the art of “hookless” fly fishing, which I am trying to promote locally. My wife worked for the airlines, so we have done much world travelling. N.Z. is by far my favorite country in the world.

      2. I have heard such great reports about NZ. I have good friends out in OZ. We talk about meeting up in NZ, getting a van together and having a good tour round. But it is a bit expensive to hire a suitable van.

      3. Ah, OK. Good to to be in contact, Bill. I do hope you get to NZ. You plan to immigrate? Ain’t being retired a real gas? LOL My wife’s now retired and swear her smile gets brighter each day.

      4. I am going to try and immigrate, but it looks quite complicated and I have heard that they just don’t let anybody in. It helps if you have a skill that they need, but I’m retired!
        I make the moves and really push hard if the Orange Dictator happens to get re-elected. Things are really starting to get shitty here for sure!

  9. I know this work, or at least learning it. And always a lot to do, the needed then desired efforts. Never a dull moment. LOL

  10. Agreed re: aging, but yeah, accomplished a lot since I retired, and now my partner *(wife) has retired, so there are two of us. Both of us has loved our retired time together, finally have all the time we want together.

  11. Recently reminded of that healthy thing. Decades trouble free, then aging out, a couple of longer stays in hospital. Enough of that, on with the show until curtain.

      1. Not slowing either of us down much, it seems. Can still carry on carrying on. Best of luck with the elections tomorrow.

      2. Right on Jeff.

        Carry on
        Love is coming
        Love is coming to us all

        Where are you going now, my love?
        Where will you be tomorrow?
        Will you bring me happiness?
        Will you bring me sorrow?

  12. Doesn’t sound good for election outcome. My guess is Trumpy will get the type of vote the Tories have had. Sorry, mate. UK deserves better. I can’t believe the UK is vesting a bunch of nazi-like Pez Dispensers like we’ve got in the States.

      1. Look on the bright side; both were born in New York and have an orange appearance. We have something in common now. You don’t have to make another Baby Trump. You can just call it Baby Trump or Baby BoJo depending on circumstances. Another thing they have in common is winning under extremely adverse circumstances to defeat the Deep State and do the will of the people, for better or worse. Glad AOC could help. Let us know if there is anything else we can do.

      2. You mean there’s a bright side?
        In terms of what you can do?? Well we could distract from the terrible truth by organising an alien invasion or something!

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