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  1. ol lyin king leroy is now awash in Trumpian talking points and ProFA bravado. leroy has had his “freedom and liberty” sprinkle shaker refilled along with his patriot sprinkles. Want to anoint a rightist cause, just sprinkle it. Seems trumpy’s transactional supremes still haven’t paid him off. leave your guns on the front porch leroy. save me having to look into ProFA face when I come to take them for Joe Biden. BTW your wife and son

  2. It’s a full shutdown on free speech. We are as bad as China and the UK and the rest of Europe in that regard. Not liking our speech is one thing. We can disappear into our own little world and you guys don’t even have to listen, but when you collude to shut down that little world, that is pathetic. Google, Apple, and now Amazon have colluded to shut down our free speech. Amazon de-platforms Parler at mid-night. Google and Apple have already shut down the apps. It is the very definition of collusion, monopoly power, and anti-trust violations. Is that not the tactics of dictatorships? Was this not the tactic of the communists and fascists of the world? Deny it all you want, but you guys are on their side.

    1. You do talk rubbish Leroy. I can say what I like – and do. What we have had from the right-wing propaganda is a load of lies, conspiracy theories and propaganda put out as truth.
      The election was stolen.
      There is no global warming.
      There is no loss of biodiversity.
      The biggest crowd at an inauguration ever.
      There was no holocaust.
      We never landed on the moon.
      Experts are always wrong.
      The coronavirus is a hoax.
      You can prevent coronavirus with Hydrochloroquin.
      Try bleach and UV inside your body.
      Don’t be afraid of the virus – get back to work.
      Socialism is communism.
      The media is all fake news.
      Immigrants are all rapists, drug peddlers, rapists and murderers.
      March on the Capitol and take back the country.
      It goes on and on and on and on.
      I think these lies need to be consistently challenged and if necessary shut down. They have divided the country, created hatred and are fuelling the breakdown of cohesion.
      America is so incredibly ignorant and gullible.
      When 8215 U.S. adults were asked “Do you believe that the world is round or flat?” in a February 2018 YouGov survey, only 84 percent of respondents felt certain that the world is round. Five percent had doubts, two percent affirmed a flat Earth, and seven percent weren’t sure.
      That is unbelievable!

      1. Opher, I defend your right to spew garbage. I don’t have to like what you say, but I defend your right to say it. Why can’t you afford us the same?

        If you think you have free speech, criticize how the UK government treats illegal immigrants versus its own citizens. I know that you approve of this and that is why you believe others should be prosecuted for doing it. I suppose might makes right and the dictators are on your side now.

      2. Leroy – we have free speech on everything. I can talk about anything (and do) criticise the government, make fun of Johnson and talk about immigration and even express extreme views.
        What I should not be allowed to do, rightly, is to spread hate, incite violence or promote racism.

    2. I think it’s fine to put out discussions on all manner of topics. That is not what is happening.
      Trump declared that the election was stolen and that there was a plot, millions of votes were magicked into ballot boxes late at night.
      He said that from his bunker in the Whitehouse on election night.
      Yet it had been quite clear that the process was going to follow a pattern.
      The Republicans had encouraged their followers to vote in person. The Democrats, aware of coronavirus, had encouraged their voters to vote by mail.
      In places like Georgia the votes cast on the day were counted first.
      Trump went into the lead as predicted.
      Then the postal ballots were counted and his lead evaporated and Biden won comfortably – as predicted.
      There was not one shred of evidence for Trump’s claims of mass fraud. The international observers saw nothing underhand. Recounts and investigations turned nothing up. Yet Trump continued to make these assertions and has convinced half his followers that it is true.
      As with most things that come out of Trump’s mouth – there is little truth or substance behind anything he says. It’s all in his head.
      And this is what you believe. It is pulling the country apart and it is all lies.

      1. Can I chip in for Leroy?
        Although we don’t have the same (theoretical) constitutional protection for free speech you have in the US, nonetheless, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, Twitter and Parler are all American so if they are hitting free speech – not our fault.
        Although our establishment (and the oligarchs – Russian, American etc) will do everything they can in secret, I don’t think we do too badly in the UK or Western Europe – comparing us to China is absurd – a Putinesque lie!

      2. There is a big question as to what should be allowed and what shouldn’t. Threats, violence and bullying are quite clear. But deliberate conspiracy? Out and out lies? Fake news?

      3. Opher, I stayed up the night of the election until the wee hours of the morning. It was reported that four swing states were shutting down for the night and would resume in the morning. Georgia reported a burst water main. It was all a lie. The count never stopped. There was no burst water main. In darkness without the required observation, Biden’s vote magically increased. There is no question whatsoever that many of these states violated their own laws. The Dead voted. Foreigners voted. People voted more than once. Underage people voted. And, I am sure a few animals voted. It happens in all elections. There are incentives to cheat. It’s called power. This year, we gave them more opportunities. Normally, it doesn’t change the outcome. This year, with the close elections, it did. We no longer tabulate votes. They are calculated. I can prove that anything less than a 0.1% difference is a tie. Even a 0.2% difference can swing on one vote. I know you don’t believe it and you are not mathematically inclined to understand it, so I won’t bother to explain it to you. Just because the courts refused to hear the cases doesn’t mean there wasn’t fraud. They refused to hear the cases on technicalities, not on the merits. And, what about Stacey Abrams’ sister being one of the judges. It that isn’t a conflict of interest, I don’t know what is. You have always lacked objectivity and that is why you agree with shutting down our free speech. If it affected issues near and dear to you, you would object. I’m fortunate enough to see the big picture. It probably benefits me. I worry about my children. Enjoy your dictatorship while you can. All dictatorships come to an end.

    3. Free speech does not include talk of violence.
      We have an app around here called Nextdoor that was originally meant to help neighbors communicate in a friendly manner and sell stuff to each other. Over the last year some conversations began to get out of hand related to politics. On multiple occasions, some of the Trump supporters began threatening other users who downtalked Trump with what where obvious threats of violence to a user or their family. Even one like “Don’t leave your dog out at night”. Virtually ALL of the threats came from the Trumpies and none from the “other side”. It was always the Trumpies who could not handle hearing the real truth and logic and always seemed to respond in degrading and threatening ways when they knew they were outdone. One directed at me several weeks back was “well, ya better not show up at the lake when I’m around or you might find yerself sinkin in yer own truth!”. I can only imagine what he meant. This guy and several others were finally banned from the app after being suspended on multiple occasions. The local Sheriff (who is also a user of the app) is a Trumpie, and only sent him a PM “slap on the wrist”.
      I think most of us remember the same trend back in the WB days.

      1. How anyone can call Biden a fascist is beyond me – but Trump clearly is and our mainstream press ar openly calling him fascist. That is unheard of.

    4. The shutting down of Parler had nothing to do with attempting to deny free speech in a communistic power play — but was intended to squash pro-violence mis-information fed by forces that would overturn our government and create a fastistic dictatorship. I am pleased that the giant Techhies are looking out for our best interests.

      1. I am afraid it is only the beginning now that Trump has been more or less freed to persue his craziness. Hopefully the private legal system will hold him in check and make him accountable for some of the things he has done or not done. That might, at least, restrain him for a while.

    5. What you are talking about is, indeed, the tactics of dictatorships. But in America there is a different circumstance to consider. In America the large entities like Amazon, Google and Apple are private business entities and, as such, do have the constitutional right to allow or disallow any kind of speech it wants to on its platforms. If these companies were owned outright by the government, then I would say you have a point. But they are not owned by the government and, like individuals, have a right to operate their platforms in any legal manner they desire and this includes prohibiting certain verbalization of certain ideas.

      1. I agree with you John – I’d include hate speech, racism, misogyny, incitement to violence and outright lies and conspiracy. On those grounds Trump should have been banned from all social media years ago.

      2. The trouble is there are now millions of folks who agree with him. I think the percentage of his own party is like 46% and that is a lot of people. Does this mean that America is now leaning more in his direction?

      3. I don’t know. It seems to have gone crazy. I think it is possible that the Republican party will split. The schism is so great and it’s fed by conspiracy and lies.

      4. There are now two factions of the Republican party. One is the classical greedy corporate/profit minded “at any cost now” live for today scumbags who’s only concern is the month end stockholder report, and the other one is the QAnon-fueled, believe anything as long as it calms my fear and reinforces my hate whack jobs.

      5. That sums it up perfectly Bill. Now all that is needed is for the party to split so that neither can ever get enough votes to be elected!

  3. ProFA leroy is crying cause his fascist traitor leader has been silenced, and maybe we’ll be spared more of dancing don…his orange face and pumping little fists. You ProFAs are such a joke…all you got is “projections”

      1. Opher, when you imagine that Trump uses violent language (and he doesn’t), it shouldn’t be tolerated. When Jeff uses violent language, you think it is funny. Now, do you see why I say you are incapable of being objective?

      2. Jeff isn’t President and my blog has zero influence. Jeff wasn’t threatening or inciting violence. Trump was. He called for people to march on the Capitol,
        We’re going to have to fight much harder and Mike Pence is going to have to come through for us,” Trump said at one point, alluding to Pence’s ultimate refusal to attempt to steal the election for him during that day’s hearing where the Electoral College made his loss official.

        “You’ll never take back our country with weakness. You have to show strength. You have to be strong,” he added during the speech in which he pushed long-debunked lies about Joe Biden’s convincing victory over him being the product of fraud.

  4. “Although our establishment (and the oligarchs – Russian, American etc) will do everything they can in secret, I don’t think we do too badly in the UK or Western Europe – comparing us to China is absurd – a Putinesque lie!”

    Trevor, my reasoning comes from the imprisonment of Tommy Robinson for speaking the truth about illegal immigrants in the UK and their predilection for harassing your young women. He spoke the truth about a particular case that was unflattering to immigrants from the Middle East. You can’t get jailed (yet) in the US for saying something that is true and what he said was demonstrably true. I don’t know him. He might be the biggest rogue the world has ever seen. He might be a thug or a racist. But he was locked up for speaking the truth. As soon as I mention it, Opher goes postal and rages about what a bad person he is, but he never addresses the fact that he is not able to speak the truth publically on certain subject topics. Yes, Western Europe has free speech on most topics but not when it comes to speaking about immigrants from non-Western countries.

    I worked in Shanghai for a number of years. Several people told me that they had free speech there. As long as they avoided certain subjects, that was true. I equate the UK and Western Europe to Shanghai. It probably wouldn’t hold in Beijing, and it might not hold anywhere today.

    1. Tommy Robinson wasn’t jailed for that. He was jailed for breaking a court order. He was told not to interfere with a court case. He did and he revealed names of people when told not to.
      Tommy Robinson was a football hooligan and fascist. He specialised in telling lies and inciting hatred against Muslims. Trump would have loved him.
      He was jailed for contempt of court. You should not believe the lies put out by these right-wing sites. It had nothing to do with freedom of speech here:
      He has served at least four separate terms of imprisonment: in 2005 for assault, in 2012 for using false travel documents to enter the United States, in 2014 for mortgage fraud, and, in May 2018, Robinson was committed to prison for 13 months for contempt of court after publishing a Facebook Live video of defendants …

    2. I think that’s fair comment Leroy. (I’ve never been to Shanghai). But Tommy Robinson (a pseudonym) was, in context, clearly inciting racial hatred. Because a few Americans or Jews or Muslims do bad things (immigrants or not – we have a lot of American immigrants in the UK) doesn’t mean that all Americans or Jews or Muslims are bad.
      We have laws in the UK which state that you can’t make public racist comments about groups or individuals which may incite violence or racial prejudice. That seems to me a fair limitation on ‘free speech’ – which can never be absolute – it’s always a ‘relative free speech’.
      Much more worrying is that we keep political prisoners in the UK at the behest of our US ‘allies’ with a view to covering up their (or our) war crimes. That is a real threat to free speech AND democracy. #JulianAssange

      1. I agree with you Trevor. But Tommy was not locked up for his incitement of hatred (though he probably should have been). He was locked up for contempt of court.

      2. Trevor, I would have to look the event up. My recollection is that Tommy Robinson exposed the fact that these men were from the Middle East. That was his crime. He simply exposed the truth. He may be a racist. It is not important. When you can’t expose a simple truth, you don’t have free speech. It seems to be a legitimate issue that the government finds inconvenient because of its wokeness. What’s wrong with exposing Americans in the UK for doing bad things? Absolutely nothing. What’s wrong with exposing youths from the Middle East? Absolutely nothing. When you can’t even discuss these social issues, you can’t resolve them. We seemed to get by pretty well when I was young with the cliche, “Stick and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.” I grew up in the minority.

        For sure the US has a problem with its spy agencies. They have become political. The CIA was meant to be political. I’ve always been conflicted over whether Assange and Snowden were heroes or villains. In light of the recent revelations, I favor the former. The Democrats would prefer that Assange never see the light of day again. I am hoping that Trump pardons both of them, if for nothing else, to piss the Democrats off. I do believe Assange is innocent. Snowden is a whistleblower.

      3. That is rubbish Leroy. There was a court case going on against these Asian guys accused of rape. He had been instructed by the court not to release details of the trial as it would prejudice the case. He stood outside the court videoing the defendants as they went in and live-streaming their names and vilifying them. The guys were probably guilty but everyone deserves a fair trial. He was arrested and found guilty of contempt of court. It had nothing to do with free speech. That is fake news.
        It was Trump who has been trying to get Assange back to the States for Trial. He wanted him locked. Nothing to do with the democrats. What is up with you Leroy. Are you mad?

    3. don’t bother telling leroy truths…he can’t understand cyberspace is private space not a town square. leroy even still talks rightist talk, like bolsheviks…none of which have been alive for decades…he’s just passes along the big lies….

      1. After the Russian collusion hoax, the left and its lapdog media, including you, my friend, have zero credibility.

      2. The thing is Leroy – the Russian collusion wasn’t a hoax. If it had not been for partisan cover-up it would have been exposed. It will come out in full later. Just like the massive tax evasion, the dodgy deals, mafia connections and a host of over bullying and threats. Trump is desperate because he knows his whole house of dirty cards is going to come tumbling down.

      3. LOL…Conspiracy nut. Believe me; after nearly three years of investigation, millions of dollars, and, what, a dozen high-powered investigators who were out to get him, couldn’t come up with anything and you still believe in it? I’ll be kind and say it takes a special kind of person. Even Adam Schiff who claimed to have the goods couldn’t deliver. The whole US government–nay the world– that universally despised Trump and went so far as to frame and spy on him, couldn’t prove anything, and you know the truth? I’m rolling on the floor laughing. You take the cake. No, not even the treasonous actions of the UK could bring him down. Pay attention. If your news service is allowed to carry it, it will all come out this week or next. You will see proof that that whale was ordered to infiltrate the Trump campaign and your buddy, Steele, fabricated the hoax to aid Clinton because he felt Trump would be bad for the UK. He went directly to newspapers against the FBI news because he wanted to blunt the Clinton email scandal. He’s a true patriot of your ilk. It’s not conjecture. We know now that it is fact. Stay tuned, if you don’t believe me.

        Talk about mob connections, take a look at Pelosi. Her father was a mobster. JFK ordered an investigation on her. Rumor has it that the investigation might be exposed soon and you will see that your side has mob connections.

        And, if that wasn’t enough, it will be revealed that star impeachment witness Fiona Hill (whore for the DNC) introduced Steele to his prime sub-source. How you guys failed to take Trump out is beyond me.

      4. Now he hasn’t got the protection of office we’ll see exactly what comes out about him won’t we? I wonder if you’ll still be laughing as he becomes the first President to end up behind bars?

      5. Opher, I have no doubt that they will try to put him behind bars and they may be successful. We’ll see just how much they want to inflame the nation. The Democrats are vengeful. The Democrats are skilled at using the IRS and the spy agencies to harass and intimidate and jail people. Manafort, Poppa D, Flynn, Page, Bannon, the guy who built the wall, are all good examples of anyone associated with Trump. None have been convicted or accused of anything associated with Trump, but the harassment will continue. The AG of NY before taking office and before knowing any facts pledged to put him behind bars, so, yes, she will bring charges, any charges being the Soros hack that she is. “Show me the man and I will find the charges.” The Democrats have played the political power game masterfully. It has nothing to do with guilt, only power. When they come looking for you, you will sing a different tune. So will our nation. Europe is probably lost, but it is possible that the US can bounce back from this blight on American history. By blight, I mean the stolen election. I have no doubt that our own government eliminated Trump for our own good.

      6. Leroy – vengeful? It’s not the left parading around in military uniform carrying a mobile arsenal. It’s not the left storming the Capitol because they lost the election.
        Europe is far from lost Leroy. It is America that is lost – tearing itself apart with idiot Tea Party lunacy, QAnon conspiracy and armed militia. The very fact that you believe these lies shows the state the country is in.
        BTW – Trump lost by nearly 8 million votes. Trump talks shit, lies and promotes hate and division.

  5. but orange fuck is soooooo macho…so patriotic….such a patriot wouldn’t attend cerimony honorig ww1 dead to avoid wet hair then called them losers and suckers…real “man” ol Il Duce,,,

  6. Ruh Roh looks like antifa and BLM got caught on tape planning the capitol building attack. Fools even made a video while it was happening. FBI arrested him. Doesn’t look good for the leftist narrative. Did you make any videos Jeff? Better destroy them while you can, if you did.

      1. Oh, it was all caught on film. Better yet, a CNN reporter was embedded with antifa, which means that it was pre-planned. Worse yet, the CNN reported was filmed yelling, “We did it!” inside the capitol building, which means CNN was part and parcel of the planning of the insurrection.

        Now, you honest liberals should call for CNN to be de-platformed and shutdown and Jade Sacker to be de-credentialed, if your logic is to hold. But, no. You’ll try to gaslight us and say it never happened, even though it was live-streamed and caught on video. John Sullivan was an innocent journalist who was there merely to record and the window just got in the way, so that is why he broke it. Jade Sacker is a great American. Antifa is just an idea. Nothing to see here; let’s move along. There was no false flag. Trump supporters will believe anything.

      2. Don’t be daft. The BBC were in there too filming. Every media outlet wanted in. It was history. The first time someone has tried to hold a coup in the USA. I don’t remember insurrection on this level. Trump surpassed his own stupidity. Did he really think he could mass his bunch of MAGA morons and really change the election result by marching on the Capitol?

    1. No reason for a non Trump supporter to be rioting in support of Trump. He was most likely one of those self-labeled “journalists” who show up with a phony press pass and record stuff for their YouTube page.
      Anyone that passed the barricades and entered the Capital was a traitor, especially those who damaged property and committed violent acts against the Police. These people will have to live with knowing just that, and those who were caught and charged will find that the rest of their lives are now ruined. Even in my small county, 3 local guys who attended were charged with entering a restricted building and violent entry or disorderly conduct just one day after returning. Luckily for them that they flew out of DC quickly, or they would have been detained right after boarding their aircraft, as many were. These 3 idiots are known around town for refusing to wear masks in local businesses, multiple 502 arrests, fireworks violations, hunting out of season, harassing local fisherman at the lake with drones, and many other stupid offenses. Being on the local City Council, I constantly deal with them on certain issues that come before the council that they label as “socialist” or “commie”.
      I was not surprised at all when I found out.
      Don’t forget Leroy, It was found that groups like the Proud Boys, American Guard, and some other Militia groups were directly behind enticing and manipulating the looting and rioting that was done by opportunists during the BLM protests, which was cooked-up to help support Trump’s “law & order” reelection platform.

      1. There was much evidence of far-right groups joining the peaceful BLM marches to deliberately cause trouble and undermine it.

      2. Bill, “traders” is a little strong. The IQ of any crowd is inversely proportional to its size. There were many bad actors on all sides. It’s debatable whose side had the most. They were all wrong. There were all trespassers, even the octogenarian woman carrying the American flag. From some videos, it appears that some were invited in. It was a failure in the capitol building security. It is my capitol building. Anyone invading my capitol building deserved to be shot. The young vet Ashli Babbit got what she deserved. Many portray her as an innocent bystander who got caught up in the moment. The truth is that she tried to jump through a window of a barricaded door, presumably leading to our legislators. As much as scumbags that they are, they should have our protection. She was caught on video of one of the domestic, antifa terrorist. You know his name already. There is plenty of blame to go around, including the capital police, whoever denied the extra protection requested, and the right and left militant groups. Look for more of these skirmishes. The riot started well before Trump’s speech ended and well before this crown could have arrived, so, it is not fair to blame it on them.

        It is laughable that you believe the BLM riots were perpetrated by right-wing groups. To believe that, one would have to believe these groups are composed mainly of blacks, government officials, college students, and white academics. One has to be delusional to believe the Proud Boys are a racist group.

      3. I’ve been very pleased to read you’ve become a city council person in your town, bill, even if you’ve got to deal with town trumpists. stepping forward and stepping up. bill enough people do it, we can erase trumpism.

      1. You don’t have to. I don’t support Johnson. I didn’t support Thatcher, Cameron, May or any of the other bloody Tories. You just have to learn to live with them. That’s democracy.

  7. Thanks for the translation, Opher. Pretty much my feelings towards O and Biden and Jeff. Maybe you can translate that for Jeff in the language he/she/it can understand.

      1. Opher, you said it was conspiracy theory when I said documents would come out last week or this week which showed Fiona Hill introduce Steele to his subsource, among other things. Here is the first down payment. Do you still deny it? Do you still deny that British subjects conspired with the Clinton campaign to sabotage the election? Some people will deny reality when it is in black and white. As a side story, when my father died, a renter’s mother claimed her daughter paid her rent to my father on a certain day and she positively remembered the date because she went to a church event right after. I gave her every chance to rethink her words. I then told her my father died a week before and that she could check the newspapers. She still insisted her daughter paid the rent to my father a week after he died. I suppose you will deny the contents below because you cannot accept reality.


      1. It proves that your refusal to read anything outside of your echo chamber, and, that is why you lack objectivity, IMHO. Don’t take it the wrong way.

      2. We all live in echo chambers. The TRumpist lunacy. QAnan nonsense. There are a lot of people waking up to how they’ve been conned as Melania swans out of the Whitehouse clutching a $90,000 Birkin handbag. Ever feel you’ve been conned??

    1. You should believe it because it comes from the US government. It’s not some right-wing or left-wing source. It is simply what they said when they were under oath. It’s quite a bit different than what your echo chambers publish when they are not under oath.

  8. “We all live in echo chambers.”

    Some of us do. Not all. Some of us try to be objective rather than toeing the party line.

    “The TRumpist lunacy. QAnan nonsense.”

    That tells me that you didn’t bother to read it. It is our government documents under O/Clinton/Biden friendly intel agencies. It proves everything Trump said once they are put under oath or on record. The only thing redacted is sources and methods. That shouldn’t be difficult for an intelligent guy like you.

    “There are a lot of people waking up to how they’ve been conned as Melania swans out of the Whitehouse clutching a $90,000 Birkin handbag. Ever feel you’ve been conned??”

    How so, since Trump didn’t take a salary?

    Most people want to know how Clinton, O, and Biden got so rich. Clinton claimed to be dirt poor when Billy left office. O wasn’t rich until he left office. Now, he is a multi-millionaire. Biden became a multi-millionaire after leaving office, and that is just what we know about. He and his family were made millionaires through his charity, when had anonymous Chinese donations.

    1. Leroy – you’re objectivity is non-existent. I don’t think you’ve taken one ounce of notice of the chaos, lies and intrigue around the Trump Presidency. The worst President in history. Thank heavens Biden is clearing up the mess and reversing the stupidity with a slew of executive orders.
      You even tried to blame the storming of the Capitol on left-wingers!

  9. people give bloody fuck all about why they care if Obama or biden is rich, they do care about why they aren’t. “work hard, two or three jobs. you aren’t rich, the must be lazy and stupid.” riiiight,

    1. They do not seem to understand that there is only one cake and if the wealthy are taking three-quarters of it then there is only a quarter for everyone else. They all want to be part of that wealthy elite. I think they’ve been conned by the idea of a level playing field and the American Dream. It’s bullshit. The elite is a privileged club who look after their own and keep others out.

      1. That is pretty incredible – seeing as it is such baloney. But then you only have to look at other countries to witness crazy stupidity. North Koreans believe in Chondism – a strange mixture of shamanism and Marx in which Kim Jong-Un is revered as a god. The Japanese created Shinto and people were so fanatical about it that they flew kamikaze missions. We have Sunni and Shia, Catholic and Protestant – with small differences creating extreme violence and martyrs.
        From the outside it is all absurd. But look what Hitler, Mao and Stalin did with a bit of fanaticism.

      2. I am a member of our town’s City Council, and we have one member who represents the Trumpanzees and is a dedicated QAnon believer.
        Seems being a true Trump worshiper requires one to believe anything they say.
        His big beef lately is refusing to help setup a vaccination center at the local High School. This guy actually believes that the vaccine contains a “5G Chip” that will allow the government to track one’s every move and will be uploaded with every bit of information contained within every database in the world about you. The scary thing is that he has actually convinced some of the town folk that this is true. He has also tried several times to enter local businesses without a mask, stressing “It’s his right not to wear a mask”. Not only have the business owners stressed that it is their right to ban him from entry (no shoes, no shirt, no mask, no service), but his last attempt at the local hardware store got him physically ejected. He is totally obsessed with the “evil Hillary Clinton”, who he thinks actually played a part in the assassination of JFK Jr. (what??). He does attend a Church out of town that tends to cater to some of the local crazies, so maybe he feels at home.

      3. Wow!! Bill that is quite a tale. It is hard to believe that anybody is so stupid and gullible but there seems to be a lot of them!! Good luck!!

  10. Qanon…even poor leroy must get ill trying to really believe Barack and Hilary dine on piles of baby ,back ribs. ordered from DC pizza parlors…full spit or jis there? ust ribs? eating right before stantist church services. the clintons, of course, peddle children…huh? what EVIDENCE? of course there is none…but it’s such a good story, eh?

    1. Some people will believe anything Jeff. I think the fabric of America is falling apart. Cohesion is dissolving. I shall write a piece on it today.

  11. It gets stranger than that. Some people actually believe in socialism, communism, BLM, and antifa. There are even a few who believe the US election wasn’t stolen.

    I’m surprised anyone follows QAnon these days since the guy was doxxed. I was intrigued for a short while until almost nothing ever came true.

    Much of the 5g conspiracy seems to have originated in the UK, although the US contributes a lot to the anit-vaxxer side of the story. Some folks blame it on Russia. You know, the same group that’s Russia, Russia, Russia and the Trump collusion hoax.

    I know all of you guys are obsessed with white conspiracy groups. In truth, it is a powerless fringe group. It has almost no support. It lives only in your fears.

    There are a lot of nutters out there. Some believe the moonwalk was staged. Others believe in ghosts. Many believe in good and bad luck. Some of you still believe in the Russia collusion hoax after it was proved false. Some people think I am a nutter for believing in the Constitution. Why can’t we all just get along?

    1. I’m all for getting along Leroy! I am happy to get along with everybody even if they hold opposing views – as long as they are civil and not aggressive. I like a good argument.
      I’ll share a beer with you if ever you’re in town.
      BTW – the Russian collusion is fact. It has been widely discussed in mainstream media here. There are so very interesting stories of how Trump was set up by the KGB with hookers and coke. His dodgy Russian business deals and then we have well-documented evidence of Russian collusion in the US election, Brexit and the UK election. Don’t allow partisan obfuscation to fool you Leroy. Trump only got off because the Republicans want the support of Trumpists to get re-elected. They’ll probably say that it’s fine to organise insurrection and storm the Capitol.
      As for socialism – I know Americans have been brainwashed not to like fairness. They all want to be stinking rich themselves. It’s a very callous, selfish culture – dog eat dog. I prefer a more compassionate culture with far greater equality.

    2. you claim to be this cool constitutionist,and plea for others to believe “antiFA” is “responisible” and how you ate up qanon until”almost nothing” meaning something came true. and of course “the russian collusion hoax”…ProFA pig.”lyin leroy” nothing but lies…and its everyone else…never leroy

    3. just more lies, leroy boy… you cry about the constitution when it meets leroy’s “needs.” and that crap about how just “a few people believe” the election was fair is a real laugh, evidence it wasn’t? other than orange fuck lost?

  12. lyim scum hypocrite leroy, like his trumpist buddies, can’t produce any evidence “the election was stolen”…none…nada..orange stain lost. leroy and his fellow cultists are fucked…orange stain ain’t in office. “but he’ll be back.” and they’ll go try an hide behind the constitution…which these fanatics really know nothing about. Gee, leroy…what happened to “the beauty of the electoral college?” you ranted on and on about it. seems all you scum have left are death threats…

      1. Totally expected Leroy. The Republicans have no morality. They put themselves first and truth and their nation a long long way second. I can’t see them coming back from this. True conservatives will leave the Trumpist fascists. I think the party will split and the populist cult of Trump become a nasty stain on the Republican party. But fear and cowardice won, didn’t it Leroy?

      2. Here’s a summing up: https://www.newyorker.com/news/our-columnists/trumps-defense-was-an-insult-to-the-impeachment-proceedings-and-an-assault-on-reason?

        in which Republican leader Mitch McConnell is quoted:
        “There is no question, none, that President Trump is practically and morally responsible for provoking the events of the day. No question about it. The people who stormed this building believed they were acting on the wishes and instructions of their President. And their having that belief was a foreseeable consequence of the growing crescendo of false statements, conspiracy theories, and reckless hyperbole which the defeated President kept shouting into the largest megaphone on planet Earth.”

        Just so you know Leroy

      3. You won’t convince Leroy Trevor – he’s fully indoctrinated.
        The sad thing is that McConnell voted to acquit him!! There’s no accounting for human beings.

      4. “You won’t convince Leroy Trevor – he’s fully indoctrinated.
        The sad thing is that McConnell voted to acquit him!! There’s no accounting for human beings.”
        Of course. and McConnell went on to say apparently, that, in effect, he fully supports Trump leading the party into 2024.
        I suspect there is some truth in what Leroy says because politics has become so partisan and divisive in America (and in a way I think Obama is as much to blame as Trump for that – he simply didn’t do enough for Americans or the world) that even Democrats, as well as their rational opposition to Republicans, are also irrationally opposed to them and see no possibility of any Republican ‘good’ – that sort of attitude becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Obama didn’t do enough to rectify that (though he tried).
        We will have to see whether, with a second bite at the cherry, Biden and Kamala Harris can do any better.
        If Harris became President in 2024 she might make fairly radical changes that would benefit all Americans (and the world possibly), but she won’t manage too much as Vice-President I think.
        Georgina bought me her book ‘The Truths we hold’ for my birthday and it is quite inspirational.
        Trouble is, what’s ‘good for Americans’ (more consumption, more energy, more children) is bad for the rest of us.
        We’ll have to wait and see.

      5. No I don’t think we’ll change Leroy and it looks like the Republicans have decided that it’s in their interests to back Trump whatever they might feel about him.
        So Georgina has finished her book. I’ll have a look on Amazon.

      6. I don’t think she’s got her book on Amazon. She’s still looking for a regular publisher Trevor Bending (trevor@humber.co.uk) >

      7. Trevor, you are right. O beget Trump. It was said by Big Tech in 2016, when it assumed Clinton would win, that the conservative voice needed to be silenced. The only way to make progress was to silence the half that disagreed. The problem is that about one-third is conservative, one-third is ultra-liberal, and the rest are clueless. In that environment, progress can’t be made. On that, I agree. The conservative approach is to decide it democratically. The left’s approach is to decide it by force. Which way do you feel is better?

        What is better, for the people to decide and not necessarily make the best decisions, or to let the government decide what is for our own good? That is what it comes down to. I know all you guys believe in Climate Change. Most Americans do not. So, the left has to cram it down our throats. I believe it is better for the people to decide through its representatives, even if they make mistakes. There are two parts to Congress: House and Senate. The House must represent the rabble like myself. The Senate should be more concerned with representing the state and nation. It is fundamentally wrong for say Cheney to vote for impeachment against the will of her constituents. Your preference seems to be an authoritarian style of government.

      8. Most right-wing Americans don’t believe in climate change Leroy – not most Americans. That’s Trump for you. His lies and conspiracy stick!

      9. It’s at the bottom of the list for the vast majority of Americans. Most prefer the clean air and water policies of Trump, things that are tangible and real. We’ll see soon. Biden has started his green agenda, killing jobs without having the promised green jobs to replace them. If successful, then there is a Blue Wave in 2022. If not, the Democrats lose control of the House. The Senate, in any case, will likely become more Democratic. Just odds and probability.

      10. I think Americans have been blinded to the reality of global warming and the tragic effects it will have for all of us. The changes in weather patterns are already causing major problems. The freezing conditions in Texas right now being an example. Droughts, forest fires, floods, heatwaves, hurricanes and cold snaps. It’s going to get a lot worse. Life is already becoming unbearable in some parts of the world with crop failure and lakes drying up. That leads to mass migration. It’s time Americans started listening to scientists again instead of superstition and conspiracy.

      11. How you misread Leroy. I certainly do not support an authoritarian government – you mean like Trump’s?
        I believe in representative (preferably multi-party parliamentary) democracy. Not the absurd system you have in america where money buys the vote at every level – I guess you’d call that DINO – like the Marxist ‘democracies’ fortunately mostly behind us.
        A representative democracy as the alternatives descend into mob-rule – as in storming the Capitol.
        A representative democracy guided by science, a civil service, and experts of all kinds with the ultimate decisions taken by Parliament. And certainly not a politically appointed Supreme Court – what a joke.

  13. Pretty much expected, Opher. The Democrats had to lie and distort the evidence to get as far as they did. They claimed, for instance, that a police officer was bludgeoned to death with a fire hydrant. No such thing happened. No officer was beaten. The Democrats never had a case. Those Republicans voting to convict are notorious RINOs, relics of the past, fossils. It was about making sure Trump couldn’t run again. Harris did worse in the Black Lies Matter movement.

    Looks like the opposite is happening. The traitors are leaving the party. There are some RINOs trying to start a third party. It doesn’t have a chance. A lot of people would like to start a Patriot Party and follow the MAGA theme. Third parties never succeed. Trump has pretty much said that he will work within the Republican party. There are too many obstacles to a third party. It is easier to take over a party. Consequently, RINOs are leaving the party. Americans will have a clearer choice next time around.

    1. Excellent Leroy. I’m sure they’ll be leaving in droves. Roll on a clear choice – Fascism or sanity. Right now I’m not quite sure which way it will go. America is in the grip of conspiracy theories, lies, fake news and hard-right propaganda. As I said – it’s like Hitler and the Nazis in the 1930s.
      I’ve been talking a lot to Jeanne – America sounds pretty nasty at the moment.
      Good luck Leroy.

  14. Oh, I am quite aware of what he said, Trevor. It’s all politics. The RINOs now want to separate themselves from Trump. They want Nikki Haley to run for president in 2024 and Trump is in the way. Haley made choice comments about Trump. She is a RINO. Conservative Republican donors have so far shied away. Far-right conservatives say she will never happen.

    Even those who support Trump on the Hill are calling the attackers domestic terrorists. I disagree with that term. Some may have been., but not most. Terrorism implies some forethought, and so does insurrection. If you believe it was terrorism or insurrection, then you exonerate Trump.

    I do agree that Trump created the situation, but he was not responsible for the actions of a few. There is reasonable information that those in authority (Pelosi) refused to protect the capitol when they learned of possible trouble. It may be they who are responsible. There are so many lies about what happened. Do you know that everyone who died was a Trump supporter, including the policeman?

    1. I think the Republicans will split. The ones who believe conspiracy and lies, along with the neo-Nazis and white supremacists, will back Trump. The sane ones will form the proper Republican Party. Hopefully it will sink all of them forever.

  15. Opher, where are the Republican lies? I can prove that the Democrats lied multiple times in their prosecution of Trump.

    1. I’d like to hear that Leroy.
      But it is easy to see the lies put out consistently by trump. He did it ion the open on tweets.
      Fraudulent ballots.
      Election stolen.
      Machines rigged.
      Nobody can persuade me that he did not understand the process of the postal voting. He dissuaded his supporters from doing it. The Democrats encouraged theirs. As the votes on the day were counted first it was obvious (and well discussed beforehand) that the Trump vote would come in first and the Biden vote would follow. Trump deliberately misrepresented this, used inflammatory language, repeated that there was widespread fraud (with no evidence) and kept inflaming his supporters with talk of stolen elections. He maintained this conspiracy. Called them to Washington for a showdown. There is your insurrection and preplanning. He knew what he was doing. He was trying to mount a coup, to steal the election by intimidation and force. The threatening of the Georgia officials. The incitement at the rally was just the icing. His lies had already created the planning.

  16. “I’ve been talking a lot to Jeanne – America sounds pretty nasty at the moment.”

    It is. There was an article out today about the criminality of America’s youth. Trump was law and order. The Democrats have encouraged the violence in every way. They have demonized the police. They have done nothing to contain the violence of Black Lie Matter and antifa. They have excused and encouraged it. They have bailed these people out of jail, including the VP. Most of the ones arrested, including one of the first that raided the capitol, were arrested and released. He’s antifa. Many if not most had the charges drop. Don’t you think this encourages the violence? Ultimately, the violence will red-pilled the liberals. No one wants their kids to grow up in that environment. It created the Red Wave for the Republicans–all except Trump. Hmmm…

    No. The problem is not with conservatives; it’s with the Democrats. They own it 100%.

    I’m sure Jeanne is out there protesting with them. Protesting with no real goal in mind or understanding of the issues. She has a good heart, just a little misguided. Say “Hello” to her for me.

    1. Lol Leroy – you do make me laugh. Trump standing for Law and Order. Excellent!!
      I’ll pass on your regards and views to Jeanne. That’ll cheer her up.

  17. “Don’t be silly Leroy. The events that day were the result of a long process.”

    I am not surprised that you didn’t take the bait. You know that it is impossible to address the entire universe. You can’t win in a debate about January 6th. The Democrats lied.

  18. How do you justify the violence and billions of dollars of destruction by BLM and antifa and condemn Trump? “What we got here is a failure to communicate.”

    1. Again – you are repeating propaganda. The marches were largely peaceful until the fascists starting attacking them and stirring up trouble.

  19. And, wouldn’t you know it. The New York Times, the propaganda arm of the Democrats, now that the impeachment trial is over, just retracted its story that it reported as fact that the capitol police officer, Sicknick, was bludgeoned to death with a fire extinguisher by rioters, the centerpiece of the House managers’ evidence against Trump. In fact, as I understand, he texted someone 24 hours later that the worst of it was being pepper-sprayed twice.

    Well, Opher, if that doesn’t convince you, I don’t know what will.

    1. What???? You really think that makes a difference???? Really????? Are you turning a blind eye to incitement to storm the capitol, insurrection and attempted coup over one detail???? That is absurd. Did you not see the scenes of them attacking the police and smashing their way in??? Did you not see the ropes they brought??? The maps they used as they hunted for Pelosi and Pence??? They planned it and were prepared. They were following the instructions conveyed to them by Trump.
      Just think if Obama had done a fraction of what Trump has.

      1. Message to Leroy from Jeanne: Tell him I said that is incorrect, while I am not affiliated with Antifa, I am a member of the Baltimore chapter of BLM as are hundreds of others. I am a member of multiple other protest groups as well, like Amnesty international, NARAL, BARCS and ASPCA, etc. Although I have not marched in a year, give or take. I have seen Antifa up close and personal like and while they make a point, they are smaller and much more organized.
        ( I’m telling you the ppl charged were members of but not exclusive to, the Oathkeepers, the three percenters, QAnon, and some known members of the Proud Boys), the rest were idiots. If he can show me a reliable neutral source on that, I will respect that. But most of the ones arrested were either the IDIOT CLASS. OR. Part of the CONSPIRACY of those above groups. ( they have their communications)
        So he has no idea what he is talking about.!
        Tell him I said to stop watching right wing media and find something impartial.

  20. lyin leroy keeps up his fascist fascade of lies…he has no evidence “antiFA”, blm, or any leftist group was involved in 1.6…more ProFA lies to deflect. law n order…lol beating cops with leroy-sacred american flags….lies and hypocracy. nobody here is stupid enough to believe lyin leroy…hey leroy…Biden is going to tax you more than you make, then give it to Black people….lololol…then eliminate white people. finally, no more honkies in the woodpile…

  21. time to change topic to “social justice.” Cops slaughtering black people, unchecked. cops totally frightened of black males….wild animals after all.. the why behind “no eye contact,” or hold them down until they quit moving, or the “need” to shoot a black man up to 16 times…”After he walked away. His body twitched…you KNOW he was getting ready to jump up and kill us all! our throats torn out with their teeth! shoot him 8 more times.”
    maybe first hiring “cop question” is checking their heart rates when shown a black person. I suspect cop terror lurks at cops murdering black folks…cops are totally frightened of black males….wild animals after all.. the why behind “no eye contact,” or hold until dead. after all cops know they work at turning black men into chips for the private prison system, so the targets will fight. so we need to frisk cops for “black man fear.” ignorance and fear…ignorance and fear….

    1. I have lived in the USA for a total of nineteen months. I taught in a High School in LA. It is a scary place – so incredibly violent and so many people with extreme views. But I loved it. This violence against black people has to stop. I think it’s all out of fear. They feel threatened.

    1. I hope the atmosphere is getting better in the States. Not having the orange fascist spouting every five minutes must make a difference.

    1. It’s been great hearing a voice of concern for the people and seeing favorable actions taken immediately to undo Trump’s war on the environment.
      I hope the media shuts Trump down totally and does not give him a platform to spread his bullshit and hate any longer. I just heard yesterday that he is once again going to attempt to start his own media network. I suspect he will be unable to do so, as most of the digital carriers would refuse to carry his bullshit, along with the fact that the Federal Communications Commission would never grant his a broadcaster license.
      When he finally ends up in prison, I hope his cellmate is Ben Dover.

      1. Seems we’re thinking the same about donny going inside. You’d be surprise who the FCC will give broadcasting licenses to. a single station wouldn’t get Orangy much. he’d need a network. Stay well and safe, Bill.

  22. Miss me? You guys need someone to beat up…lol.

    “I hope the media shuts Trump down totally and does not give him a platform to spread his bullshit and hate any longer.”

    That pretty much sums up the divide in the US. The left is intolerant. It prefers to silence speech, rather than combat it. Our way is the right way and if you don’t agree, shut up.

    The right prefers to let everyone have their say and use logic and reason to advance their point. Reason will prevail. You are welcomed to be wrong.

    I hope you “Americans” are happy with your demented president spending your children and grandchildren into oblivion.

    1. Lol Leroy – I’ve missed you!

      It’s not intolerance Leroy. But when people as powerful as Trump was use their position to spread lies, misinformation and conspiracy there is a major problem. You can see what happens with the pandemic and the insurrection at the Capitol. He has people believing all manner of conspiracy – about fraudulent elections, election counting machines, steals and fraudulent ballots. The QAnon silliness is believed by millions.
      Where is this debate you take about? The media didn’t question his stupidity. All that guff about disinfectants, UV light being used in the body to kill the virus. That rubbish about Hydroxychloroquine. The constant stream of lies. They just shoved the lies out to his gullible deluded followers. I didn’t hear much in the way of logic and reason applied. The fools just swallowed it down.
      I’m very happy to see the US getting back on track. Back taking science and the climate seriously, sorting Israel out, back with the UN and WHO. Some intelligence and sense at last – with a team of professionals who know what they are doing – not cozying up to the likes of Putin and Kim.

    2. the issue is/was trumpy’s constant stream of lies, daily spread by “sochell media” lyin king leroy is not professing enough love for trump and MTG, BUT certainly has learned to lie like them. how….special. the right loves to lie. leroy loves to lie. notsee scumbag, not “patriot.”

      1. There is still a torrent of lying propaganda spewing out on social media and the GOP don’t seem to have learnt anything. They’re still backing TRump.

  23. QAnon, BlueAnon, what’s the difference besides political ideology, Opher?

    “All that guff about disinfectants, UV light being used in the body to kill the virus.”

    It was the left overreaction to Trump. UV does kill the virus. There are serious actors that were investigating using UV inside the body before the outbreak. We know today that UV is 8 times better at killing the virus than anticipated immediately.

    “That rubbish about Hydroxychloroquine.”

    I see that you are behind the times. HCQ was reinstated as a treatment. All the overreaction by the left proved to be false. Somehow, according to the left, HCQ, one of the safest and widely used drugs out there became dangerous once Trump mentioned it.

    “I’m very happy to see the US getting back on track. Back taking science and the climate seriously, sorting Israel out, back with the UN and WHO.”

    I think you meant to say, “…back to scientism…”

    “Some intelligence and sense at last – with a team of professionals who know what they are doing – not cozying up to the likes of Putin and Kim.”

    We’ll see who gets us into a war. The idiots are promoting Ukraine to become part of NATO and are actively encouraging Ukraine to attack Russia. That is what your leaders are up to.

  24. well, well, leroy boy slinks in to deliver another load of fascist nonsense. good thing his trumpfascist pards don’t know he’s not sucking qanon’s conspiracy. the horror, the horror.

    1. Jeff, the Grand Poobah of Blue Anon, strikes again. I see that you have learned nothing since WB…lol. We need the High Priestess to set you straight again.

  25. Opher, I’m just checking in to see how you are doing. You are still alive old friend, aren’t you?

  26. The U.S. Has 32 million coronavirus cases, recently a Muslim family in New York city, a father and daughter received the vaccine and both tested postive and are quarantined for 10 days.
    They either already had the virus( covid-19), or they got it from the vaccine.
    I don’t think the vaccine works.
    The case was sent to me on my FB page from an assembly’s webpage frm New York City but I have not met the family and I do not know them.

    1. Barath – let me assure you as a biologist:
      a. the vaccine works. The levels of deaths in the UK have fallen to extremely low levels because of the vaccine (across the channel they are in a 3rd wave). It is saving tens of thousands of lives.
      b. the mRNA vaccines, unlike previous live strains or dead strains, cannot possibly give you the disease. It merely codes for a specific protein. It does not contain the virus or any part of the virus.
      Their will be a lot of people who go down with the disease following vaccination. That is because they have already been infected and had the jab within the incubation period. It’s coincidence – nothing more.

      1. I think people are already immuno compromised. Covid-19 is a mutation of HIV..

      2. Oh my gosh! I agree with Opher, for the most part. The world is going to end.

        However, Opher, you seem to suggest that the vaccine is absolute: once you get the vaccine, you don’t catch the virus (assuming that you didn’t have it when vaccinated). The truth is that vaccines require about two weeks to become effective. And, no vaccine is 100% effective. The mRNA vaccines are approximately 95% effective, but keep in mind that they were tested against the original strain. They are much less effective against variants. The J&J is less effective, but remember it was tested against more variants.

        Most people, I suspect, believe the vaccines, like you, are absolute. They are not. As such, most vaccinated people take more risks before the vaccine becomes effective (about two weeks). Vaccines do not prevent the virus; they lessen the risks. Most prevent you from getting as sick if you catch a variant. You can catch the virus after vaccination.

        I do think you are wrong to attribute the decline to the vaccine. Cases and deaths were already on the decline before people were widely vaccinated. But, I do agree that vaccines are a good thing and do work.

        Here’s a shocker for you. I was vaccinated two days ago. I know, being a Trump supporter, I am supposed to be an anti-vaxxer (even though Trump is responsible for the vaccine in the US). I can tell you that it does weaken you for a day or so. I suspect that it can make you more susceptible to catching it early on.

      3. I’m almost in complete agreement with you Leroy. Wonders will never cease.
        You are quite right. No vaccine is 100%. But it does reduce the risk down to almost normal levels. 95% is good enough for me – and there are studies that show that it is 100% effective against developing serious illness.
        It also appears that, despite a reduced effectiveness, it does work against variants.
        They are talking here of an autumn booster to mop up variants.
        Leroy – while the virus was in decline the reduction of death and serious illness exceeds all expectations. The vaccine is working better than predicted. We are near to herd immunity!
        Glad you had the vaccine Leroy. It does take a couple of weeks for immunity to kick in but I don’t think it weakens you or makes you more susceptible. It’s just unlucky if you contract the disease before your immunity has kicked in.
        Keep well Leroy! I’m looking forward to my second jab!

  27. Keep well, too, Opher et al. I did the single jab. I am not opposed to the double-jab mRNA vaccines, but they are experimental on humans. I think I will wait to see what happens for a while. The J&J uses an approach used before. The mRNA vaccines have great potential. They might be what we need to cure the common cold. They say there is an mRNA vaccine that shows promise for HIV.

    1. Very true Leroy. I’m glad to hear that you are moving with the times and understanding that science knows what it is doing. The nRNA technology is on the brink of solving a lot of very nasty illnesses. We are likely to be able to eradicate many horrible diseases – HIV, malaria, common cold, polio and flu. It is a very safe and beneficial treatment.

  28. ask leroy boy about climate change. leroy claims to be a climate scientist, along with his expertise as a constitutional scholar, now a virologist. too bad he can’t tell the truth about anything.

  29. saId I’d detail illness a bit,so…my “latest adventure” began over a month ago after changing statin medications to “avoid side effects” which worked, however induced a case of rhabdomyloysis. I was rotting, basically. First noticed a bit of weakness working at food bank. Got progressively weaker to point of not being able to walk. Had wife take me to hospital. Was in hospital 8 days/ because of covid restrictions, could not even see my wife. Then rehab for another 8 days. Now, thank fucking gawd, am home and back here. Hope all remain safe and well.

    1. I’ve never heard of that one Jeff. I had to look it up!! Was it caused by the statins?? A pretty drastic reaction!!
      It seems they caught it in time and it is treatable.
      You certainly didn’t deserve that Jeff!!

      1. I’m on statins – have been for years. You must have been very unlucky. Glad you’re on the mend. Good to have you back!

    2. Hope you fully recover soon, Jeff. They say it is possible if caught early.

      I was leary about taking statins because I already had muscle atrophy in my left leg. I stopped taking them because I started having unexplained nosebleeds shortly after. I think it was due to something else. Then, I got a shoulder problem. Crestor is known to cause shoulder issues. Turns out I have a frozen shoulder. I’m pinning it on the Crestor.

      I don’t think I need to be on them in the first place. I’m a victim of the inadequacies of the medical profession. I was told that I had a dilated aortic root and an ascending aortic aneurysm. After some research, I am well within norms for my height and age. I am not at risk. These rule of thumbs that doctors apply to everyone don’t work at the extremes. I went in for diagnostics on one problem that I knew I had. The problem I went in for miraculously disappears after four years, but they found three more problems, one of which required removal of my gall bladder. I had neither polyps nor gallstones. In fact, I didn’t even have microscopic gallstones. There’s disagreement among the doctor and the radiologist as to whether or not I have an aneurysm. Anyway, that is why I was on Crestor. It caused my liver diagnostics to increase sharply. My pcp is like, “Oh, shirt! You’re about to die for being slightly over the limit.” The cardiologist is like, “Relax. I have people on Crestor three or four times the limit.” My lipids are well within the norm, but he wants them lower. My point is, question everything. There are no settled facts. Take your health into your own hands.

      1. ummm…okay, thanks leroy. we are our best advocates. I had a stent placed over an aortic aneurysm on my stomach (what killed Einstein). it was quite clear.

  30. Yep. I suspended my statins for almost a year now just in case as I have muscle wasting for other reasons.
    Will get the doctor to review it at some point.

    1. They’ve brought out other drugs that do the job without the side-effects for people who have trouble with statins. I’ve been on them for over ten years now with absolutely no side-effects. They work for me.

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    1. Sure do – the air’s much sweeter!! The stench of corruption and ineptitude has got less. Good to hear from you Leroy!! Enjoying Biden and a competent government?

      1. He’s not looking so competent lately. He’s sinking faster than the Hindenburg.

        Can we send him to you guys?

      2. Really? Even a completely sunk Biden is far better than a completely incompetent Trump though isn’t it? Good to hear from you Leroy.

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