Current Writing Update

It has been a lively year! I have a number of projects that are already out or will shortly see the light of day.

Rock Music

I have a dozen books on Rock Music. Here’s three:

Roy Harper On Track: Every Album, Every Song

Now into its second year! With 55 reviews/ratings and a 5* rating.

Captain Beefheart – Every Album: Every Track, Every Song

The book has been out for a month in the UK and has been out for three days in the USA. It is already gathering 5* ratings

In Search of Captain Beefheart (A Rock Memoir)

My memoir of a life spent in Rock Music.

What a great read , what a journey , If you like music you’ll love this book . From the folk roots of London to the crossroads of Robert Johnson . From the delta of blues through to Greenwich village ! From the Height Ashbury hippy time to Hull ,Intreged you should by ! I couldn’t put this book down it took me on a musical journey back in time from Blues Folk Rock and Punk and back again , Excellent ! Hats off to Opher . Dylan Thomas Jones .

A further book in the On Trach series (Bob Dylan in the 60s) is now in with the publisher.

Science Fiction

I tend to write my Science Fiction under the name of Ron Forsythe (My Dad’s first name and my Mum’s maiden name). I have written twenty five Science Fiction novels.

Unintended Consequence

My latest Sci-fi novel is a sequel to The Pornography Wars. It takes the journey forward. Is Earth a Film Set? Are we being controlled? Are we really stars in an alien pornosoap opera?

The Pornography Wars

John Balham wakes up to find he is a film star in an alien sex romp.


I have many volumes of poetry out. The latest offering is Crying For Ukraine. I have another book of poems three-quarters of the way through.

Crying For Ukraine

A compendium that deals with war.

Thank you for looking!

For advice please ask.

I do signed copies on request!

Thank you so much for your likes and especially your ratings and reviews! All greatly appreciated!

The On Track series is also available from the publisher’s site Burning Shed:

Unintended Consequences – New Ron Forsythe (aka Opher Goodwin) Sci-fi novel (A sequel to The Pornography Wars).

My latest Sci-fi novel is out on Amazon in digital, paperback and Hardback form!

The politics and satire continues as our humans are set free from control and find themselves in a very different world.
While the aliens continue to argue about the future of pornography and the sentience of human beings, life for the unshackled humans is becoming very grim.
In the tridee film-making studio everything is fraught.
The populist Director General, with her advisers, is being devious.
The Minister for Arts is stoned out of her mind.
A campaign to give humans rights is being fought.
Will the humans find themselves controlled and back in the sex movie, or will they be free?

If anybody would like a signed copy please let me know! I have ordered in a batch!

R L Burnside at a Honky Tonk in rural Mississippi

Superb blues from a master!

Opher's World

John Cosby put this wonderful link up. It in a fabulous little club with RL providing the music. What incredible rhythms he creates on that guitar. That Hill Country rhythm permeates everything. This is from 1974. A bit of history. Such brilliance to capture a moment. How I would love to have been there. Thanks John for discovering this great footage.

Honky Tonk – YouTube

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Howlin’ Wolf Monument and Museum – West Point Mississippi.

We rolled into town to check out one of the greatest bluesmen, performers, singers and voices in the history of the blues – the great Howlin’ Wolf!!

We found his monument OK and the fabulous museum – unfortunately, the museum was shut!! We peered through the windows though!!

To Kill is a State of Mind

To Kill is a State of Mind

To kill

                Is a state of mind.

Pull that trigger.

                Fire that shell.

Send the enemy straight to hell!!

Hate the enemy!

                Justify the act!

They deserve it!

                That’s a fact!

Be heartless


Empty and evil!

                But full of malice.

To kill

                Is a state of mind.

Pull that trigger.

                Fire that shell.

Send the enemy straight to hell!!

Opher – 31.3.2022

Are death and violence learned?

Do we learn to hate?

Do we demonise people who are different?

Are we capable of being better?