Tax the rich?? You must be kidding!!

We can’t possibly tax the vast profits being made by oil and power companies!! We’d much rather tax the poor!!

Public services – who needs ’em!! Let the NHS and Schools go to hell!!

The rich deserve their money!! The poor exist to be abused!! Give them prepayment meters and cut them off! Fair pay? You must be kidding! That destroys profits!!

Vietnam – Ho Chi Min City (Saigon) – the traffic – photos

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The first thing you notice about Ho Chi Min City (Saigon) is the traffic. The roads are one mad rush of motorbikes. To cross the road is a nightmare. If you waited for a break in the traffic you’d be there all day. You have to walk across at a steady pace and allow the traffic to flow around you. It’s very nerve-racking the first few times but you get used to it and we didn’t get killed once!

The second thing you notice is crash hats. Sometimes whole families of five are on one motorbike. Little kids and babies clinging on. Often the parents are wearing crash hats but not the kids.

Then there’s the luggage and baggage. It is amazing how much can be transported on a little motorbike.

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