Mez Mezzrow and Henry Miller – the precursors to the Beat Generation.

Jack Kerouac

The first time I read Jack Kerouac, when I was seventeen, I was completely blown away. He had created a whole new way of writing – this spontaneous, stream of consciousness flow of ideas, thoughts and observations written in a mad Bebop flow. I’d never read anything quite like it. It did not seem to have a plot. It just recorded life as it happened. And what a life. It was a life of the underground world, the sex, drugs and Jazz – the antithesis of the suburban life. It described the young kids wild for life, wild for truth, searching for meaning, for Sartori, in among the Jazz cellars of the Black city clubs and out on the road under those big skies. It burned with the passion of youth and its idealism; it’s lust for life.

On The Road created the Beat Generation with its poets like Ginsberg and its writers like Burroughs.

But the Beat Generation was in fact just an incarnation of the fifties. Back in the thirties other writers had done similar things.

I discovered:

Mez Mezzrow

Really The Blues – described the life of a white Jazz player who lived the life back in the thirties in the same black clubs. It was full of the same ingredients as Jack Kerouac.

Henry Miller

Henry got a reputation as a pornographer but he wasn’t. He was writing about his life in Paris back in the thirties. There was so much more than sex in that book. I remember thinking that one page in Capricorn was the best bit of writing I had ever read.

Henry wrote with that same zest about life. It had that flow and autobiographical honesty.


Who is Jack Kerouac?

The discovery of Jack Kerouac.

soulgifts - Telling Tales

To my shame the other day I found out that my education has been sadly lacking. I had never heard of Jack Kerouac.Words such as pioneer, iconoclast, quintessential, spontaneous prose, stream of consciousness are some of the words that drip off the pages I have looked at when researching just who this man was.

Jack, born in 1922, it seems, was a man ahead of his time. Raised a Catholic, he bucked against the systems in which he grew up.

After years of rejection, his iconic  novel On The Road was finally published. Jack was one of several starving counter culture writers of what is now known as the Beat Generation.

Kerouac is generally considered to be the father of the Beat movement, although he actively disliked such labels. Kerouac’s method was heavily influenced by the prolific explosion of Jazz, especially the Bebop genre established by Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie, Thelonious Monk, and…

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Current state of play with new works! Many new books in the pipeline!

I have currently written a number of books that are in various states of readiness.

This will give you a flavour:

  1. Nick Harper – The Wilderness Years

All written, edited and ready to go. Unfortunately bogged down in the layout stage. Nick is so busy that I haven’t had time to sit down with him, get it sorted and get it laid out!

2. Roy Harper – Ruminating on Roy Harper

I had this all written in a stream of consciousness, edited and ready to go. It told the story of myself and Roy through the years.  Unfortunately Roy did not like the style of writing. I laid it to one side to gain a bit of objectivity. Maybe it needs a rewrite into an different style? I’ll see. I’ll address it after I’ve got my three Sci-fi books completed and out.

3. Conexion – a Sci-fi Novel

This has been redrafted three times and my editor has just returned it. I will work on the book this week and hope to get it out soon. Maybe by next week! I will bring it out under my Sci-fi pen-name Ron Forsythe.

4. God’s Bolt – A Sci-fi novel

This has been redrafted twice and is currently being edited. When I get that back I will do the corrections and get it out. It should be out in about a month.

5. God’s Bolt – Unfinished business (the Sequel) – a Sci-fi novel.

I completed the second draft yesterday. It will get edited once my editor has finished with the last one. May take a couple of months.

6. 10th Book of Poetry

The 10th book of poetry is written. It now needs editing, laying out and naming. That will have to wait until I have a moment.

The main problem I have is that there are too many ideas and not enough hours in the day, days in the week or weeks in the year. I need to catch up with myself!

In the meantime – thank you all for supporting me! Thank you for buying my books! Thank you for leaving likes and reviews!

If you want to check out my body of work go to your local Amazon – Opher Goodwin or Ron Forsythe. You’ll find them all there!

In the UK:

In the USA:

I’ve been writing!!

For those of you that might have noticed that my original posts have been sparse – there is a reason!

I have been busy writing!

In the past four months I have actually produced 3 new Sci-fi novels. One seemed to spark the other!

I wrote Conexion back a while ago. Then I wrote God’s Bolt. Discussing God’s Bolt with my editor led to the next. He suggested that I looked at the story from the other end – the alien perspective. That led to a sequel – God’s Bolt – Unfinished Business.

When I get the ideas flooding in I tend to write quickly (within the limitations of my one-finger typing). I actually wrote the first draft of Unfinished Business in 3 weeks. On a good day I’d get 10,000 words down.

That’s the easy and fun part. Then comes the business of redrafting, editing and honing it. That takes much longer. That is what I am doing right now!

I’ve 3 novels to redraft and edit.

It keeps me busy but it stops me blogging!

Loudhailer Electric Company – Psychedelia Unlimited!! Photos.

Loudhailer Electric Company – are one of the top Psychedelic Bands around! They are sure to break out of the confines of Hull soon. They go on from strength to strength.

Their amazing funky beat was full of energy and Jeff’s guitar playing is sublime. Is Lou the new Grace Slick? I think she might be.

There were all the tricks, with guitar being played behind the head, lots of shapes and a driving sound, swirling lightshow. I thought it was 1967 back in Middle Earth!

I think this was there best performance yet! They have gained in power and stage craft! The new songs of dragons and dark guitars are really strong! It is so rare to be smitten with new songs on first hearing.

I can’t wait for the next album! I also can’t wait to see them again supporting the Hawklords at the Welly on Nov 3rd!


Terra Fin at the Kardomah in Hull!

Terra Fin are an incredible Indie band – a trio of power and substance. What impressed me most was their range, versatility and originality.

On top of that you had a band with bags of personality and musicianship. Such nice people.

I liked the delicate nature of some of the musical passages which then transformed into great powerful statements. The use of the augmenting effects pedals was extremely original and not just used as a gimmick or to hide up a lack of musicianship.

They were great visually too!

I expect to hear a lot more of this band in the future!

Loudhailer Electric Company Psychedelic Gathering #2

I was there!! Looking forward to the Hawklords!!

Loudhailer UK

A big high five to everybody who joined the Loudhailer Electric Company gathering at Kardomah94 last night. We had a blast! Special thanks to Freetownway promotions, Matthew Lund on the desk, the mighty Terra Fin for opening the show with a fantastic set, first time in Hull and certainly not the last. Next up for all you space rockers out there we’re opening for the Hawklords at The Welly on November 6th, and we’re rolling out the new set at Music HQ Presents Thursday Night Live at Service Station on the 8th. Keep on rockin’!

LECo photos to come, here are Rich’s photos of Terra Fin, Jonas Lapinas – gutar and vocals, Corey Clough-Howard – bass and John David Wallis – drums.  Visit Terra Fin’s Website

And before we go, it’s Sonic Engineer Parsons and the Flangection Section:

Psychedelic Gathering #2

Rich and Lou Duffy-Howard – Visit our Home Page

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Jack Kerouac quote!

“The only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones who never yawn or say a commonplace thing, but burn, burn, burn like fabulous yellow roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars.”

Vault Finding #9

The most exciting act I ever saw! He could play the guitar, feedback and audience all at the same time! Thanks Dave.

a nomad in cyberspace

The dark heart of 1960s flower power was Vietnam. The anti-war struggle changed pop-culture into counterculture and there was no more striking embodiment of that shift than Jimi Hendrix.

Where my previous post showed the gentle side of Jimi, below are two clips from my unused archive which reveal an underlying pain and anger – crash-and-burn pyrotechnics that spoke more vividly than words ever could of the intense horror and violence of modern industrialised warfare. His towering achievement was to place all this sonic dissonance alongside moments of melodious – even transcendent – beauty and thereby attain, to my ears, a profound degree of poignancy. Easy listening it ain’t and there will always be some who find it disrespectful – but hopefully many more who can recognise its bold artistry and brave sincerity.

Between the clips is the best description of Jimi’s playing technique I’ve ever read. If anything this…

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A letter to a denier of environmental disaster.

Dear Denier,

you seem to live in your own little world where you can forget what is happening elsewhere and claim firstly to have no knowledge of it (that everyone is lying) and secondly to be ignorant of the impact you do have.

I presume that you do consume energy, have possessions and do some travelling. You do have a carbon footprint and utilise materials. What you don’t care about is the ethics of how all this is being done in your name and the impact it is having on nature all round the globe.

What you don’t seem to care about is the impact of the rest of the 8 billion people on the other creatures that live here on this planet with us.

And what you are in denial over is the impact all that is going to be having on your life and particularly the lives of your descendants. You don’t seem at all bothered.

Who cares if there are no elephants, chimps or hedgehogs? Doesn’t bother you. You’re not killing them (directly). But you are.

You won’t be bothered until such time that the impact arrives in your house.

The fact that the mass immigration is already affecting you does not seem to register.

What happens at a distance will come home to roost.

The palm oil in your shampoo is killing orangutans.

The CO2 from your electricity is changing the climate.

But you simply deny all the evidence, call the scientists liars.