Poetry – What went wrong?

What went wrong?

Into the churning waves stained with blood,

To plunge over bodies towards shards of metal

And explosions that threaten to rip and tear.

Young men, boys,


Yet determined, resolute

And filled with ardour.

They died to set the world free.

So what were they fighting for –

These brave young men?

For a new world of greater equality?

For a world of freedom, fairness and tolerance?

For the end of fascism and fear?

For an end to tyranny and obsequiousness?

For a brighter future in which we all could prosper?

What went wrong?

Opher – 7.6.2019

Watching the D-Day landings and listening to the survivors speak was a moving experience. To this day, seventy five years on, their minds were still broken by the horrors that they’d witnessed and the acts they’d carried out.

War is a horrendous thing that badly damages the minds of all who are exposed to its violence.

But what filled me with anger was to think of what those young boys were so heroically going into that cauldron of fury for. When the front of their landing craft went down they surged forward shoulder deep into those waves weighed down with rifles and equipment, over the bodies of their dead and dying comrades, into a hail of machine gun bullets and explosions. Their bravery was not in doubt. But what of their dreams and wishes? What were they fighting for?

Was it so that fascists could march again on our streets? Or that we could have our youth channelled into zero hours contracts so that the wealthy could scoop in more loot? Was it so racists and nationalists and populist billionaires, like Trump, Farage and Tommy Robinson could spread their pernicious lies?

Is this the future that they were dying for?

Poetry – The Will, the Means or the Might

The Will, the Means or the Might

Gigantic cerebral power,

With electricity jumping neurones

In creative ways.

Huge invention and

Problem solving ability –

A progressive maze.

In a dichotomy

Of good and bad

Creating uncertain days.

We’re on the edge

Of disasters of our devise

And could go out in a blaze.

Can we use our giant brains

To solve the problems we create?

Or are they all too big?

Is it all too late?

I’d like to feel that we have the ability

To make it right.

But do we possess the will,

The means or the might?

Opher – 29.4.2019

I am always amazed by our ingenuity and ability to solve problems. When I look back over the last three hundred years what we have achieved is stupendous.

But in the process of developing our world of technology and science we have impacted greatly on the natural world and put our own future in jeopardy.

My frustration is that I am sure we possess the ability to put it right. I just don’t think we have the will.

While it doesn’t directly affect us we will remain complacent. When the impacts finally manifest themselves it will be too late.

Poetry – Apes with egos

Apes with egos

Escaping from the plains

Wearing their tuxedos.

Apes with big brains

Super-inflated egos.

They are not animals;

They have a soul!

They enjoy carnivals

And are in control!

Escaping from the plains

Wearing their tuxedos.

Apes with big brains

Super-inflated egos.

They can feel pain.

They can think and feel.

Snort cocaine.

Buy their next meal.

Escaping from the plains

Wearing their tuxedos.

Apes with big brains

Super-inflated egos.

Animals are lesser

Use them as you will.

Kill them for pleasure.

Until you’ve had your fill.

Escaping from the plains

Wearing their tuxedos.

Apes with big brains

Super-inflated egos.

Opher – 3.10.2021

It always astounds me when I find someone who really believes that we are not just animals. Somehow in their heads they separate us from the rest of life. There are plants, animals and us!

They have been told we have a ‘soul’ that makes us special.

They have been told that we are god created.

They have been told that we are eternal.

They have been told that the animals and plants were put here for us to use.

They are fools.

There is little special about us.

We are apes with big brains and slightly more intelligence. That doesn’t make us any more special than any other creature.

If they knew animals better they would know that they are capable of feelings, can think and experience terror.

If people weren’t so stupidly arrogant maybe they would not gaffe and hack at poor creatures. They’d understand the terror and agony they were causing.

If only we were really intelligent.

If only we weren’t so gullible and stupid.

Science Versus Superstition!


Science has only really got on its feet these last two hundred years. Before that we were in the Dark Ages.

The enlightenment took place in the eighteenth century. Only then was superstition replaced by science; only then was science free to really investigate the natural world; only then were scientists able to reveal the truth without fear of being burnt at the stake for heresy.

So we were able to say that the Earth orbits the sun; that we are not the centre of the universe, below us was magma, not hell, above us were a trillion galaxies, not heaven.

In two hundred years we went from horse and cart and candle, to electric lights, Maserati’s, space stations and trips to Mars.

We understood evolution, genetics, DNA, atoms, viruses, black holes and quasars. We found out about quarks, nuclear energy and how to vaccinate against killer diseases. We invented telephones, satellites, TV, computers and instant communication.

Back in 1800, when people just had prayer and herbs, life expectancy at birth was 35 years. 25% were dead before the age of 5 years old.

Today life expectancy for men is 79 years and for women is 83 years.

That is due to science discovering bacteria and viruses leading to better sanitation; to science creating vaccinations that have eradicated killer diseases like smallpox, polio and tuberculosis; science creating better medicines and treatments and science creating better food and living conditions.

Prayer and herbs did not work. Science does!

The only way that 8 billion of us can survive on this planet is due to science – not prayer or herbs.

Unfortunately we have not rid ourselves of superstition. It still holds us back. The religious fanatics forsake science for belief. They mistakenly believe that you can banish covid with prayer, that vaccination is unnecessary, that social distancing and masks are not necessary.

That’s why they are dying in droves in the southern states of the USA. They refuse to believe in science. They don’t believe in evolution and many of them still think the Earth is flat.

Science has even studied stupidity – unfortunately it has not yet found a cure for it!

While certain people believe that truth and education are commie plots there is no hope for humanity!

Science is powerful but it can’t educate the profoundly stupid!

The famous historian A J P Taylor was asked when the Dark Ages ended. He replied that they hadn’t yet; we were still living in them.

Let’s hope that we don’t get another Trump undermining science and experts for his own ends and promoting superstition, fake news and propaganda in order to gain wealth and hold on to power.

Let’s hope science prevails over ignorance!! Even the Taliban use mobile phones and Kalashnikovs.