Stupidity, Insanity and Terror

Stupidity, Insanity and Terror

Intelligent people

                Believing in invisible beings

Do terrible things

                For dubious reasons.

Ordinary people

                Joining tyrannical regimes

Are fully trained

                To follow orders.

Military people

                Following instructions

Dispense violence

                In sterile basements.

Wealthy elites,

                Powerful dictators

Employ mindless monkeys

                To control the masses.

Mindless monkeys

Are trained

To overcome morality

                Humanity and compassion.

The cycle of terror


As it benefits a few

                And controls others.

Opher – 25.2.2022

I was thinking of the religious terrorism, political extremes and war. I was thinking about the powers that lurk behind it all.

All over the world the masses of people are controlled, fed lies and propaganda, exploited and used, abused, threatened and beaten.

The system is self-perpetuating. A powerful, wealthy elite ensure that the right people are elected, the right propaganda is issued and back it up with violence.

Protest is crushed.

Faceless minions are dispensed to create ‘law and order’ and maintain the status quo.

The masses are persuaded to vote for their own jailers.

The elite is maintained. All the wealth flows into their coffers. The people are given just enough to stop them waking up from the thrall, to stop them rioting.

The faceless elite ensure that Putin, Trump, Bolsonaro, Erdogan, Modi, Johnson and Orban are put in place.

A force of minions are employed to suppress the people. These zombies are trained to follow orders, put aside their own feelings and shoot their own people. The more psychotic are trained as torturers.

They are called soldiers, police, security guards, secret police and peace keepers. Without them the system doesn’t work.

Playing Politics

Playing Politics

Playing politics with life.

Playing politics with death.

With Freedom Days and Moonshots

That might just steal our breath.

The variant factory is coming

As the virus jumps with glee

From one new victim to another

And it could be you or me!

All the eggs in one basket!

In the search for popularity!

As scientists are side-lined

Because they do not agree.

So Freedom Day is looming

As the virus cases soar.

Chuck away your masks

We’re cramming through the door.

It’s all fine! Nobody’s dying!

There’s nothing to worry about!

And when it all goes pear-shaped

Guess who will explain it out!

Who could have seen that coming?

Nobody could have done it better.

It wasn’t me who bodged it up

I’ve been following the letter!!

Opher – 6.6.21

Picking and choosing the science that you want!! It’s called politics. Just a matter of popularity and polls.

The truth doesn’t matter. It’s who can tell the biggest lies. Who can brazen it out and get away with it.

We’re in the post-truth era. It’s all propaganda and the biggest showman/conman takes the prize!!

128,000 dead and counting! Ten points clear in the polls.

Job losses, collapsed firms, companies fleeing abroad, buggered economy, oodles of red-tape and tariffs, break-up of the UK, loss of freedoms and costs in tens of billions. Ten points clear in the polls.

Thoughts on the Local Elections!

What a mixed bag. Certainly not where we should be!

So what have we got?

  1. A bad day for the Tories. They lost a bunch of seats.
  2. Boris Johnson’s bubble has burst. People see him as a lying lawbreaker.
  3. A good day for the Lib Dems. They have shown they can take on the Tories in some areas.
  4. A mixed day for Labour. They have not done anywhere near as well as they should have done given the absolute mess the Tories are in. They should be 20 points ahead. They aren’t.

Some thoughts:

  1. It is unbelievable to me that anybody still votes for this lying, self-serving clown. I despair of British people. They are stupid.
  2. Brexit is still playing a part. We have a large, unpleasant bunch of fascist far-right, racist working-class people.
  3. Boris Johnson has done enough to hang on. The elections weren’t a disaster for him. That’s great. He is a liability and will drag the Tories down. There will be a continuing saga of lies, blunders and stupidity which will cost the Tories votes. That bodes well for the coming election. Boris Johnson is a dead albatross around the necks of the Tories. His rotting carcass will poison the lot of them – scum though they are.
  4. Starmer has unfortunately done just about enough to stay as leader. That is not good. The man has the charisma of a wet rag. I do not like the way he has dragged the Labour Party back to being watered-down Tories. I’d like to see him jettisoned for a more anti-establishment charismatic leader. Maybe it’s time for Andy Burnham? I think that is unlikely to happen now. It might have been better if Labour had done worse – bad enough to dump Starmer.

Forecast for the next election.

I think that this points the way to a future hung parliament. I wouldn’t mind that. If Labour and the Lib Dems formed a coalition to keep out the greedy incompetent Tories that would only be good!!

Poetry – Nineteen Fourteen

Nineteen Fourteen

It is twenty twenty-two

                But in Ukraine

                                It is nineteen fourteen.

Russia has unleashed

                A reign of terror

                                Like we have rarely seen.

In Chechnya and Syria

                They practiced

                                Their Evil art.

Firing shells and missiles

                To blow

                                The cities apart.

They are digging trenches

                One again

In European cities civilisation

                Is down the drain.

Putin is gaily singing

                Death’s refrain.

It is twenty twenty-two

                But in Ukraine

                                It is nineteen fourteen.

Russia has unleashed

                A reign of terror

                                Like we have rarely seen.

Opher 22.4.2022

We like to think of ourselves as civilised – but we’re not.

We like to think we are intelligent – but we’re not.

We like to think that human civilisation has become advanced – but it hasn’t.

We like to think we have become wise and sophisticated – but we haven’t.

We’re still the same aggressive, violent, stupid, greedy, paranoid apes we’ve always been. We’re still the short-sighted idiots who fight.

Everything is a thin veneer.

Poetry – Crazy Lemmings

I wrote this four years ago. I was right. Brexit and Johnson have been the disasters I predicted. What a mess our country is in!! He used xenophobia, division, fear, racism and hate. Sadly he won!

Crazy Lemmings

Crazy lemmings leaping off of cliffs.

Of common sense hardly a whiff!

Fuelled on fear, lies and hate

They’d rather drown than open the gate!

Opher – 17.8.2018

England used to be a friendly place always willing to extend the helping hand. Islamophobia and racism has been deployed by politicians eager to gain power and influence. It has unleashed a wave of fear and hate that resulted in us going for Brexit and cutting off our own noses!

Brexit has made Britain poorer already and will make us a lot poorer yet. It has made us mean-spirited and filled us with hate and fear.

Instead of solving problems we have created more of our own!!

I dislike Islam intensely. I think it is an intolerant religion.

I think we have had too much immigration too quickly.

I don’t think Brexit will help.

I do not believe that our 4.8% of Muslims are going to take over and impose sharia law on us. I do not believe they are all terrorists or rapists.

Instead of Brexit we should be focusing on integrating them so they do not become extremists. In time they will become secular.

I want to move about freely without restriction. I think there are much better ways for the EU to sort out this mass migration problem without resorting to Brexit.

Brexit will only serve to make us poorer, less powerful and peripheral.

What a stupid response – talk about lemmings jumping off cliffs!! The extreme right-wing have set an agenda that is madness!

The Incredible cost of war!!

I was just trawling through the web trying to see what the losses and costs of the Ukraine war were.


 ‘According to a Nato official who spoke to NBC on condition of anonymity, up to 40,000 Russian troops were either killed, injured, had been captured or had disappeared. Between 7,000 and 15,000 are thought to have been killed, the officials said as he shared Nato’s latest intelligence assessment on the war in Ukraine.’

Losses of equipment:

TypeNumber destroyedUnit costTotal cost
Tanks647$3.7 million$2384 million
Planes77$30 million$2310 million
Artillery systems330$14.5 million$4785 million
Helicopters50£17 million£850 million
     $10,349 million

That’s without the cost of the missiles, shells, drones, bullets, fuel, trucks, bowsers and other equipment.

Just think what a difference that sort of money could have made?

The Iraq war cost the USA $1.922 trillion.

The Afghan war cost the USA $5.8 trillion.

No wonder so many of us are poor!!

We are utterly mad!! Instead of building a better world we are destroying it!!

Poetry – Reality is Death

Reality is Death

Stability is the illusion.

Reality is transience.

Mud and blood

Banishing all innocence.

On the battlefields

                The innocent are sacrificed.

In games of power

                Nothing less will suffice.

Brick and mortar made of dirt,

                Built to the sky with sweat.

Missiles and bombs

                Pulverise with threats.

A world run by madness;

                The chaos of war,

Leaves one wondering

                What civilisation is for?

Opher – 27.3.2022

We have been the lucky generation – living our days in peace and stability. It felt as if the world was safe; that we were getting better. How easily that security was undone.

We are never secure.

The world is a dangerous place. We are the most dangerous element of all.

History is littered with our madness, lust for power and greed.

So much is destroyed in an endless cycle of violence.

We build our cities up. We knock them down and rebuild.

What a waste.

So much money that could have been used to create, to improve, to make lives better, to make the world better. Instead we go through this endless cycle of barbarity!

Shock Government Bribery Ploy revealed!!

I woke up this morning thinking things weren’t right. I had this muzzy feeling; an overpowering sense of loss. it felt as if part of me was missing.

Yesterday, when driving through Driffield, I had noticed a big new government warehouse had been erected on the outskirts and had wondered what it was. The roof and walls seemed to be constructed out of some seamless plastic the like of which I had never seen before. Thinking no more about it I put it out of my mind.

Unable to rid myself of the feeling that I had been robbed of something important I went to check the CCTV images. Sure enough, there in the mind of the night, while we soundly slept, two figures materialised in our bedroom. I could clearly see the same government symbol on their jumpsuits that I had recognised on the warehouse I had spied the day before. They made their way over to us, placed an instrument on our foreheads and pressed the button. I saw the clock jump.

I rushed out to the car and headed off into Driffield, parking a few blocks away so I would not be seen, I climbed the fence and stealthily made my way to the side of the warehouse in order to examine it more closely.

Dumbfounded, I watched as hundreds of government employees with large clipboards were busy taking an inventory. I realised what was happening. This was red-tape taken to its extreme. Like more other government employees these guys were counting the hours, except in this case, it was literal!!

I had stumbled upon a local government store of time!!

Quickly retreating to my car before I was discovered I sat trembling with shock. I had worked out what was going on! Last night the government had sent out their agents to steal an hour of everybody’s lives. They were storing those hours in warehouses all over the country! I could see their cunning plan! They were going to call a snap election and, just prior to the vote they would hand out those hours as a bribe to the electorate!!

Typical – and I bet they would not give a single second interest on all that time they had robbed from us!!

Poetry – Narrow Views and Ignorance

Narrow Views and Ignorance

We don’t need science.

We don’t need experts.

We can just guess the truth!

They don’t know anything.

They always get it wrong!

Deep state elitist aloof.

We’ve got the bible!

We listen to Trump.

We’ve got the proof!

Opher – 28.7.2020

It’s like we have entered a new dark age of superstition and ignorance. It’s as if the enlightenment never happened.

Or is it just that the ignorant and superstitious have always been there but Trump has energised and activated them?

Is ignorance contagious?

This systematic undermining of science, experts and demonising of politicians has taken things to a new level.

I’m cynical about politicians and even science, but at least it’s better than anarchy and religion. There is a sound basis to science. It’s provable.

There is no basis to these conspiracy theories.

We live in dangerous times.