Incompetence Breeds Incompetence – Chris Riddell

Not only is our PM an hopeless clown but he has surrounded himself with incompetent clods. They are not only incompetent but self-serving, corrupt and brazen. A nasty bunch.

Thank you Chris Riddell and John Peachey.

Is this the most dishonest British government in history??

We seem to have got so used to them lying that we accept it and excuse it. But really, I cannot recall any other government being responsible for such levels of lies, sleaze and corruption.

Two of them have been found by the courts to have broken the law (Gove and Hancock). There’ll be more before this is over! They’ve broken international law, gone back on deals they have only just agreed, made promises they have no intention of keeping and consistently told lies.

This is what the doctor Rachel Clarke has to say about their lies over Care Homes.

(22) Rachel Clarke on Twitter: “Today @matthancock will attempt to persuade the Commons that he’s behaved impeccably throughout this pandemic – and that Cummings’ accusations of serial lying are, themselves, a lie. But the fact is, @matthancock *has* lied during the pandemic – and I can prove it. (1/16)” / Twitter

Tens Of Thousands Died Needlessly!! How The Government Failed Us When We needed it Most – Part 2

December 2019 Johnson wins historic victory with huge majority.

They instantly purge all the reasonable Tories – such as Hammond, Stewart and Clarke – and install arch Brexiteers.

They install Dominic Cummings who is incompetent when it comes to running a country. He starts installing weirdos and misfits and ousting competent ministers.

Their whole focus is on Brexit.

Nobody is paying any attention to what is going on in China or listening to the WHO or memos from Whitehall.

Who is to blame? – China, the WHO and Boris Johnson (run by puppeteer Cummings).

January 2020 Johnson pushes Brexit through with a hard deal and many lies (No borders in Ireland, fishing protected etc.). The oven-ready deal is far from oven-ready.

The virus is now spreading into a pandemic with cases in the USA, Europe, Russia and Far East.

Completely ignored by Boris Johnson and Trump. WHO fails to take a hard enough line. China is still covering up but is locking down hard.

Korea closes borders.

Who is to blame?

China, WHO and Boris Johnson.

February 2020 The virus is now gaining pace and spreading fast. Deaths are occurring around the world (2 weeks after getting the disease).

Johnson and Trump completely ignore it.

Johnson misses 5 Cobra meetings and goes on holiday. Cummings misses Cobra meetings. Nobody is taking it seriously.

Places like Singapore and Thailand close borders.

WHO issues warnings.

Deaths in Italy and Spain.

Cobra meetings claim that lockdown and closing borders wouldn’t work for us.

Complete complacency reigns.

Who is to blame?

Boris Johnson.

Boris Johnson Lies – Chris Riddell

On the day that Cameron is had up before parliament for sleazy lobbying!! Johnson lies about payments for refurbishment. Johnson promises a public inquest into how the pandemic was run – cronyism and lies. Johnson will no doubt look into everything and exonerate himself and all other Tories.

Thanks John Peachey.

Major Sleaze Says ‘There’s Nothing To See Here’.

The problem with all this sleaze is not so much in the actual outcomes as the implications:

People like Dyson have access to power to put pressure on for their own benefit – tax breaks. This is an access that gives advantage to the wealthy and powerful.

The donors who pay for things like Johnson’s flat renovation expect something in return and get it through multimillion pound contracts.

The people who are associated with the Tories receive benefits. All the contracts were doled out to Tory donors. All the major positions (as with Dido Harding) are given to Tory supporters – it is obviously not a meritocracy. They are useless. It is who you know (if you happen to be Hancock’s pub landlord).

This level of blatant corruption is unparalleled.

Then we have the lies and cover-ups.

This is what Johnson had to say:


Poetry – The Stench

The Stench

The stench of corruption

As Johnson paints his flat blue.

Fifty eight thousand pounds!

Should have gone to B&Q!

Opher – 26.4.2021

This is the man who claimed that his annual salary of £250,000 for writing a weekly column for the Telegraph was ‘chicken-feed’.

He earns £164,000 a year as PM (with all expenses paid, servants and a couple of free houses) and says he can’t manage.

He got the Tory Party, via donors, to chip in to illegally cover the costs of redecorating his flat to the tune of £58,000.

This is the present day Tory Party – an extreme group of corrupt liars run by an arch liar.

The sad thing is that no matter how corrupt they are, how many multimillion pound contracts they put out to their chums, how much they slash the public services and hammer the poor, people still vote for them.