Riddle sums the Tories up! A Cesspit of sleaze.

How have they got away with this for twelve years!! They’ve made fortunes out of this while robbing the country!! I heard today that Hancock is making £400,000 from his jaunt in the jungle – while he’s meant to be working as an MP!! Johnson has been on holiday for three months instead of working as the MP he’s being paid to be – on £84,000. But the income from that (nearly three times the salary of a nurse) plus his huge pay out from being kicked out as a PM – £18,000 handshake and £115,000 a year – is considered peanuts to him. He’s been sorting out colossal multimillion pound deals (putting hay in his loft like Cameron, Osborne and Farage).

These Tory MPs are taking us all for a ride. There’s no money to pay a nurse and extra £3000 but there plenty enough to give peeress Money £29 million and her husband £60 million.

This is well beyond a joke. This is corruption and sleaze on a grand scale!!

Then we have the arrogance, bullying and lies!!

Britain has become a cesspit under the Tories!!

Free Money for Mone!! £29 million to be exact! Secretly via the VIP lane!!

Want to become rich? Just become a Tory peer! They’ll hand you riches on a plate!

Where’s Johnson now??? Stuffing hay in his loft!!

Where are Cameron and Osborne now?? Remember we’re all in it together!! Austerity for you but millions for me!!

The Stench

The Stench

The stench of corruption

As Johnson paints his flat blue.

Fifty-eight thousand pounds!

Should have gone to B&Q!

Opher – 26.4.2021

Now another Tory liar will spend our money getting rid of Johnson’s obscenities.

This is the man who claimed that his annual salary of £250,000 for writing a weekly column for the Telegraph was ‘chicken-feed’.

He earns £164,000 a year as PM (with all expenses paid, servants and a couple of free houses) and says he can’t manage.

He got the Tory Party, via donors, to chip in to illegally cover the costs of redecorating his flat to the tune of £58,000.

This is the present-day Tory Party – an extreme group of corrupt liars run by an arch liar.

The sad thing is that no matter how corrupt they are, how many multimillion-pound contracts they put out to their chums, how much they slash the public services and hammer the poor, people still vote for them.

The timeline for the enormous sequence of sleaze and corruption that marks this Tory Government under Boris Johnson.

They are a seething cesspit of corruption and abuse of power. They still think they are a law unto themselves and can get away with anything.


A Corrupt Government heading into Authoritarian Control

This government of lawbreaking, self-serving corrupt ministers are looking to change laws or break laws in order to stay in power.

We’ve gone from cash for meetings and peerages to lies and arrogance beyond anything we’ve ever seen.

Nepotism and cronyism beyond belief – from Johnson trying to give his wife a top job, Hancock giving his pub landlord contracts and VIP contracts spread out among friends through a special VIP lane.

We’ve had international and national lawbreaking – proroguing parliament to parties in Number 10.

We’ve had lies told to parliament and the country with Johnson pardoning himself.

We have crackdowns on the rights to protest, workers’ rights and laws to stop strikes.

We’ve had enforced austerity, wage freezes, tax rises and yet massive bonuses for the wealthy and no closing of tax loopholes.

We have lies about Brexit, Lies about parties and LIES about the economy.

Johnson finds himself not guilty of anything and looks for scapegoats.

This government has no honour, no honesty, no integrity, no competence and is a thorough duisgrace.

Partygate – the way the propaganda works.

The Tory Party decided that Boris Johnson, despite everything, was still the best chance they had of hanging on to power. Power is all that matters. Power means status and wealth. It’s highly addictive. They launch ‘Operation Save The Big Dog’.

The media were deployed to tell the cretins what to think.

The law-breaking and lies of Partygate were played down. It was a trivial bit of birthday cake – there are far bigger issues with Ukraine and the Cost of Living.

The police were pressured to muddy the waters by investigating Starmer. This was built up to appear as if Starmer’s beer and curry at a working by-election meeting were the same as a series of planned parties with quizzes, party hats, booze in shopping trolleys and bring a bottle in Johnson’s house and back garden.

The police were pressured not to prosecute Johnson.

There was a secret meeting with Sue Gray to tailor the report.

The fact that Johnson had repeatedly lied about parties he had attended to the public and in the House was glossed over. It was just a bit of birthday cake. Starmer had done the same. He’d said sorry. Move on.

Lying to the House was downplayed as trivia.

They tried to big-up Johnson’s wonderful Ukraine contribution – lots of photo ops.

They hid from scrutiny as much as possible.

The Press kept up a stream of anti-Starmer, pro-Johnson propaganda.

The heat died down. Johnson is still there.

Meanwhile, they are stifling all opposition and removing all scrutiny – taking over the BBC and Channel 4, banning protest and pouring out propaganda through the Daily Express, The Daily Mail, the Telegraph, Sun and Times.

They want a world without scrutiny or accountability so that the population can be controlled and manipulated.

The media will run scare stories about the opposition. The failures and corruption of the Tories will be glossed over.

People will forget the law-breaking, nepotism, huge handouts to their chums, illegal donors, Russian connections, second salaries, Partygate, Lies, Brexit failure, Covid corruption, cash for secret meetings, cash for peerages, tens of thousands dead, tax rises, broken promises, Care lies, VAT hikes, benefit cuts, food banks, homelessness, cost of living crisis ………………………..

The Tories will be blameless.

Johnson, the most corrupt, sleazy, lying, incompetent Prime Minister we have ever had will tighten his grip.

It is becoming a lot like Russia.

What are you Going to do Johnson? Caught out lying and lawbreaking!!

He’s already had one fine for lawbreaking. There are probably more to come!!

Once the MET have completed their enquiries the full Sue Gray report will be released. It will document the entire gamut of law-breaking parties, bring your own bottle, fancy dress, quizzes and boozy law breaking endorsed by Johnson and his arrogant populist liars.

Will he ever act like an honourable man or simply brazen it out once again?

Can government ever get any lower than this? Incompetence, lies, soundbites, arrogance and lawbreaking.

When are the media going to stop pretending to be unbiased and start to call him out!

We have an utterly dishonourable, lying, lawbreaking clown as a leader! He needs booting out!!

Scrutiny and accountability – Boris Johnson heads back to the fridge!

You have to laugh – except this is serious stuff. This man lies. He likes to make up his own accounts and they are usually farcical and far from the truth. We’ve had enough of his oven-readies, world-beatings and ready-mades. We’ve had enough of his boasts about ‘Getting Brexit Done’ and ‘Beating Covid’.

In case he didn’t know Brexit has turned into a nightmare and Covid is still with us. He engineered a terrible deal with the EU that is a disaster for us and he’s handled Covid appallingly. As for Care Homes, Cost of Living, Tax Rises, National Insurance Rises, Sexism and Misogyny, Cronyism, Criminality, Partygate, Russian Donors, Illegal Lobbying, Second Salaries, Pornography in the House, Illegal Donors, Cash for Secret Meetings and the rest of this sleazy, corrupt government’s operations – I can see why he doesn’t appear on TV and wants to hide in a fridge.

Every Big Dog Has his Day!!

The Party is over!!

Hopefully, the whole Tory Party is over!! They have clearly shown themselves to be a bunch of incompetent, self-serving, lying twats!!

This is the party that was formed by the wealthy to look after the interests of the wealthy (at the expense of the rest of us). That is precisely what they have done!!

Now they have been taken over by a bunch of extreme toxic nationalist populists and have become a danger to themselves as well as the rest of us!!

Operation ‘Save The Big Dog’ will sink the lot of them!! He’s a complete clown and they are all tarnished with his lying and corruption. With a bit of luck they’ll never get elected again!!

One thing is certain – this corrupt liar has had his day!!

Is it better to mindlessly ignore the corruption, lies and disinformation?

Perhaps life would be easier if one wasn’t so aware of how we were being manipulated, the gross corruption and inequality? My emotional mood would be far more serene if I simply blotted out the lies and the way we are being robbed.

But I can’t stand the way our public services are being cut, our taxes rise and people are being treated as idiots. The poor are being made scapegoats so that the wealthy can be rewarded with more than they can possibly need.

It infuriates me that the poor have their pay and benefits cut while the tax loopholes are left gaping for the wealthy to stuff millions abroad and avoid paying a penny.

The hypocrisy and lies make my blood boil.

Wouldn’t life be so much easier if I was stupid, uninformed and either believed or ignored the propaganda?

But who wants an easy life?

Surely integrity, fairness and justice are worth fighting for?

Surely we must stand against this slide into fascism?