Brexit Britain – A global laughing stock.

All over the world people are looking at the performance of these extreme populist clowns and laughing.

We have a leader who resembles Worzel Gummidge but is not as bright.

We have a government who promises the earth but only delivers for Tory donors.

We have to have the army restocking supermarkets and petrol stations.

We have one of the worst records in the world for covid deaths.

We have the poor and public servants being robbed and the wealthy receiving multimillion pound handouts.

With Tories it is all about making money!

They are always looking to service profiteers – Greenswill, PPE, Brexit or selling off the NHS.

They don’t tax the rich or block off the tax loopholes; they just tax the poor, cut public services and cut benefits!

It’s immoral!! Corrupt!! Illegal!!

But they’re getting away with it!!

Mark Drakeford Eviscerates the Tories

The HGV shortage, along with all the other shortages of labour in our sectors – agriculture, catering, caring, the NHS, hotels etc. (all yet to leave their impact) – was all laid out in the Yellowhammer report that was instigated by the Tories themselves. It is not unexpected. It was predicted over two years ago!

The Tories ignored and pressed ahead – for personal gain!! At the expense of the nation!!


Brexit – the Massive Cost. The cover-up and lies.

The government are denying that any of the current problems have anything to do with Brexit:

Rising costs

Shortages in supermarkets

Rising gas prices

Lack of HGV lorry drivers

Lack of fruit pickers

Red tape and delays

Threat to the Union

The media don’t report on anything to do with Brexit. Neither Johnson or his ministers appear anywhere where they can be challenged or held to account.

They lie. They hide it with Covid.

Tax the Rich not the Poor!!!

As under the Tories the rich get richer, the profiteers laughingly walk away with millions and the exTory MPs go through their revolving door towards a future of wealth, the poor are robbed, the public servants have their pay cut and lying Johnson has no Brexit dividend, as promised, so proposes to tax the young and poor to make them pay for the NHS and social care!!

How many starving kids in Britain now?