Profiteers in Power – How the elite control us!

I guess they are very good at fooling people. We keep voting these profiteers into government and they represent the top 1%. The whole system is skewed their way. They need voting out for good and a fairer system brought in.

They use the media to sell us lies. Any anti-establishment party is torn to shreds by the likes of the Mail, Sun, Telegraph, Times, Express and BBC.

The establishment convinces us to vote for their party – The Tory Party!

Time to vote the profiteers out!!

Rid ourselves of Profiteering ERG!!

These profiteering, xenophobic, racist, extremists of the ERG have been destroying this country for decades. Right back to the time of Heath these idiots have been undermining government and sanity.

Rees-Mogg has made millions out of Brexit and Covid. This toffee-nosed cartoon of Lord Snooty is typical of this group of trouble-making profiteers. They have turned the Tory Party into a Populist Movement in order to take out their hatred of Europe.

These arrogant individuals believe they are superior and deserve to reap millions while consigning the rest of us to endless austerity and poverty. They have their mansions while we have food banks and warm rooms.

They’ve broken Britain!

Will We Ever Know?

Will We Ever Know?

How many billions has it cost?

Will we ever know?

Who is going to be accountable?

Will we ever know?

Who has made millions?

Will we ever know?

Opher – 20.2.2021

Some greedy Brexiteers, living abroad, have made a killing out of this!!

We are told that there is a bumpy start! That these are teething problems!

We are told that it will open up huge possibilities!

I don’t believe a word of it!

Power and money!!

They’ve led us up the garden path with a plethora of lies!!