Putin And Johnson

Putin And Johnson

Putin and Johnson

                Will soon be dust.

                                Their crooked regimes

                                                Will tumble and rust.

The pyramids

                Will blow in the wind

                                Even the galaxy

                                                Will cease to spin.

Nobody left

As the stars will go out

                                To wonder what

                                                It was all about.

Opher – 25.6.2022

I’m going through one of my philosophical moods.

One short life.

We can waste it or live it.

Purpose that we create for ourselves.

We can do something positive or we can do nothing.

We can build or destroy.

We can care or hate.

We can look after the planet or be greedy vandals.

The only thing that matters is what t we do in the moments that make up our lives. A positive force or a negative force. The moment is all we have. Nothing lasts.

When it is over it is gone.


Elon Musk’s Heading for a FALL!!

Typical right-wing reaction to free speech! Free-speech simply means blocking out anything and everything they don’t agree with.

So it’s giving a platform to holocaust deniers, conman Trump, flat-earthers, QAnon, conspiracists, hatemongers and any lying git but block the Washington Post.

The man is cuckoo!

It’s bad enough having the tabloid press in the hands of right-wing nutcases and the internet rampant with right-wing lies and propaganda but Musk’s take-over of Twitter is yet another nail in the coffin of democracy.

Trussonomics – The policy of GREED!

Give all the cake to the rich. The crumbs will trickle down to the poor!

With A/I we don’t need a workforce anymore. They are all surplus to requirements. Let them starve and freeze!

What with the Cost of living crisis, Mortgage crisis, and Energy crisis, World War 3 seems almost a distraction.

Liz Truss – Anything for POWER!! No Morals!!

She threw her lot in with the money-grabbing, xenophobic, extreme right-wing of what used to be the Tory Party before the ERG transformed it into a Populist nightmare.

I certainly want clean air, clean water and nature for my grandchildren to wonder at. The EU protected that. The Tory’s will destroy the planet in order to make a penny!

‘Every parent wants their children to grow up in a healthy environment with clean water, fresh air and thriving natural wonders. Being part of the EU helps protect these precious resources and spaces.’

Liz Truss once campaigned – and voted – to remain in the EU (Picture: Getty)© Provided by Metro

These are not my words, but those of Prime Minister Liz Truss six years ago. At the time, she campaigned – and voted – to remain in the EU!!

Having sought the backing of hardcore Brexiteers in order to help secure the Tory leadership, she may no longer want this for her children – but many of us still do.

And how ironic those words ended up being, as this Government’s Orwellian Brexit Freedoms Bill launches an attack on nature like we’ve never seen before. 

This Bill presents an opportunity – Brexiteers like Truss would say – to liberate us from the shackles of burdensome EU regulations. So what does this mean, exactly?

A bonfire of 570 environmental laws, which could destroy the habitat regulations that have protected our most precious wildlife and green spaces for 30 years, according to campaigners. It could also permit the release of nitrates and phosphates into rivers, abolish all of our pesticide protections, and so much more. 

It doesn’t end there.

Part of this Brexit-fuelled assault on nature is the potential scrapping of the post-EU Environmental Land Management Scheme – a crucial programme that would have replaced the old payments for production with support for farmers and landowners to enhance nature by creating rare habitats as well as slashing emissions.

This Government seems determined to plunge us into a race to the bottom, purely in the name of pro-Brexit zealotry

The ​​Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) claimed last month that they’re ‘not scrapping the schemes’, but I won’t hold my breath.

Not to mention plans for new ‘investment zones’ announced in Kwasi Kwarteng’s omnishambles mini budget last month that will loosen essential planning laws to protect nature.  

When we are already one of the most nature-depleted countries on Earth – with barely half our biodiversity left – this Government seems determined to plunge us into a race to the bottom, purely in the name of pro-Brexit zealotry. 

The Tactics

The Tactics


                Politics and promises.


                Ensnared and baited.

To trap us in the yoke of belief.


                Enveloped in dogma,


                Differences exaggerated

To keep us buried underneath.

Opher 22.1.2022

The establishment is cunning. They want to hang on to their wealth and power.

They have used religion – promises of utopia – always in the future – as long as you behave, work hard, live clean.

Politics – with promises of equality, levelling up and a far better future, that never materialises.

Always the situation remains the same.

Even after a revolution it installs a new hierarchy that rarely touches the real masters.

Will We Ever Know?

Will We Ever Know?

How many billions has it cost?

Will we ever know?

Who is going to be accountable?

Will we ever know?

Who has made millions?

Will we ever know?

Opher – 20.2.2021

Some greedy Brexiteers, living abroad, have made a killing out of this!!

We are told that there is a bumpy start! That these are teething problems!

We are told that it will open up huge possibilities!

I don’t believe a word of it!

Power and money!!

They’ve led us up the garden path with a plethora of lies!!

Welcome To Toryland, the home of Greed, lust for Power and Lies. GREED!!

They’ll con you with words and rob you blind. Toryland – greed rules! They’ve never had it so good! Cuts and austerity but not for the wealthy. Toryland. False jingoism and patriotic perversion disguises GREED. They are making a fortune while we suffer! GREED.

The Corona Diaries – Appendix 2

It felt quite warm today. Our grandchildren went home yesterday so we went for a nice leisurely walk up our hill. It was beautiful.

The blossom is already falling off the hedgerows and trees but the verges were alive with flowers. A mass of colour with patches of bluebells, dandelions, buttercups, speedwell, mallow, red campion, white dead nettle, daisies, cowslips and some lords and ladies. A huge orangy-red bracket fungus was growing on one of the trees. Fabulous.

There were plenty of insects flying about and I caught sight of my first swift of the year. A small flock of goldfinches flitting into the hedgerow. A kestrel was hovering over the field. A stoat ran across the road in front of us.

Fills my heart with joy to see the wildlife!! The trees and hedges were loud with birdsong and birds were collecting moss for nests.

We’ve lost so much over the last sixty years. Our wildlife has been devastated. We should treasure it and care for it or we’ll lose it altogether.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, our immoral, corrupt leaders are, with the assistance of a sympathetic media, trying to brazen it all out.

Johnson must be running out of dead cats to throw on the table. It’s one cover-up and distraction after another. Boris Johnson has worked out that the electorate has the attention span of the average gnat. Just hide away and throw out a distraction or two and everyone forgets and moves on.

It enables gross misconduct, ineptitude and downright corruption to take place without proper scrutiny and with no accountability.

They are utterly dishonourable and shameless!!

So we have rulings that they broke the law over selling PPE to chums – nothing happens.

We have ruling that they broke the law over proroguing of parliament – nothing happens.

We have unroar over illegal lobbying of parliament – nothing happens.

We have illegal dumping of covid infested people into Care Homes – nothing happens.

We have a string of illegal parties that break the law – nothing happens.

We have Russian donors – nothing happens.

We have cash for secret meetings – nothing happens.

We have illegal donations – nothing happens.

We have Russian oligarchs put into the Lords – nothing happens.

We have a mass of Brexit issues – tarifs, delays, price rises, shortages, firms moving abroad, loss of business, firms closing down, the threat to Ireland, the threat to Scotland, the loss of cooperation, the loss of freedom of movement, the inability to work or live in the EU, the inability to study in the EU, food rotting in fields, fishing rights gone, and a cost to the UK economy of £37 billion a year – it goes on and on – not quite what we were promised!! Much more like what the Brexiteers called Project Fear. So where are all these wonderful trade deals?

Looks to me that now we’re a second-rate nation we’ve lost status and influence.

This pathetic government negotiated an appalling Brexit deal (with illegality thrown in) that is costing us a fortune; they covered that up with covid. They have handled covid appallingly with thousands of needless deaths, cronyism and corruption; they are covering that up with Ukraine.

They are incredibly bragging about Brexit and Covid using the Goebbels theory – if you lie convincingly enough and repeat it often enough then people believe it. It’s precisely what Putin is doing in Russia.

So we have further MET fines for illegality and the Sue Gray report to look forward to. This slime will probably brazen it out. They are trying to distract from partygate (a string of twenty-something parties – complete with bring your own booze, booze smuggled in with shopping trollies, party hats, tinsel and party games) by suggesting that Starmer did the same by having a curry and bottle of beer at a by-election strategy meeting. Wow!! Some stretch!!

They could find themselves hoisted on their own petard here! If the Durham police fine Starmer (which they won’t) he said he will resign. Where will that leave this dishonourable bunch of Tory slimeballs???

So, according to Johnson (and the British public) Covid is over. Lo and behold – stop testing and there are hardly any cases!! Is there a connection there??

The official stats say 11,274 new cases with 229 more deaths. Strange that – that the deaths are still trotting along nicely – 176,000 now (though the real figures are much higher!!

Stay safe!! We are living in a propaganda machine run by the Tory Party – it’s every bit as untrue as Putin is spewing out! Tories Lie!! I would have thought most people might know that by now – but I suppose when you have the Daily Express, Daily Mail, Sun, Telegraph, Times and BBC spewing out lies and propaganda it’s no wonder people believe the shite!

Block your ears! Read between the lines!

Poetry – Cynical Leadership

Cynical Leadership

Inciting, infiltrating and spinning


To prey upon the gullible.

Threatening, posturing and jeering


To enrage the peaceable.

Cajoling, lying and frightening


To scare the fallible.

Any tactic will do

To gain their power.

Illegal, immoral or insane

Turning the future sour.

Opher – 31.8.2020

I was thinking of Trump, Johnson, Cummings and Bolsonaro when I wrote this. I was thinking about the way they manipulate people with simplistic slogans; the way they drum up fear; the way they incite division and tribalism.

We’ve had the obnoxious reign of Trump and we’ve got the disaster of Brexit that will hit us in January 2021. All conjured up with blatant lies and duplicitous statements.

Spin, fake news, conspiracy and outright untruths.

That’s politics.

It stinks.

The Corona Diaries – Day 710

It’s mild here today. The wind has dropped. Very pleasant. It feels like an early early early Spring. They’ll probably be a nasty cold snap which will kill off all the fruit!! That’s what happened last year. This global warming is messing with the weather. It’s hitting strange unpredictable extremes. The winds over the last few days are like March winds.

But I’m not sorry to be out of the cold. I don’t like cold. The impact of global warming has yet to be felt in its full extremes. More places on the planet are going to become uninhabitable. Expect extreme heatwaves, rain, drought, cold, floods, forest fires and mass migration.

Not something I’m looking forward to. I think the present migrant situation is the tip of a very big problem.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, our slimy lying leader is doing everything he can to hang on to his job. He’s promising the earth to everyone, threatening, cajoling, pleading and sending out his minions to repeat their parrotted mantra.

I think we’ve heard all these empty promises before – levelling up, make Brexit work, make Britain great – all empty words with no money to back it up. The reality is always rubbish.

He’s frantically buying time.

Incredible to see that Bas Javid, Sajid’s brother, is blatantly leading the MET investigation into Johnson. Haven’t they heard of vested interests?? Are we supposed to think this is all coincidence??

Quite opportune that Bas stepped in at one minute to midnight as the sword of Damocles was about to descend in the form of Sue Green’s unredacted report!!

Do you think words were secretly spoken??

The level of corruption is now beyond belief. We are being treated as mindless fools.

So Johnson kicks the can down the road and hopes we all get bored or circumstances prevail. He’s probably on the phone to Putin trying to persuade him to invade Ukraine. If Putin won’t play ball he’ll probably have to start a war himself.

To this sleazy lying clown all that matters is his own power and wealth. Behind the ruffled hair and jovial silliness is a cynical chancer!!

Don’t you think that the primary duty of an MP is to look after the interests of their constituents and the country??

This bunch of Tories don’t give a damn about people or the country. All they are weighing up is their own survival as an MP and how to stay on the gravy train.

They don’t care if Johnson lies, cheats or is inept. They don’t care if he’s messing the country up. All they care about is whether he is popular enough to get them re-elected in the next election.

They think that he is charismatic and people (for reasons that utterly escape me) like him.

The only questions going around in their heads are :

Will all this mess of Partygate fade away?
Will Johnson’s unpopularity be a blip and people forgive him?

Will he regain popularity and get them elected?

Or will another leader be a better bet? If so who?

I think this is symptomatic of everything that is wrong with politics. Everything is reduced down to the level of will this win votes or not?

Who cares about votes?? What is important is what is right and what is wrong!!!

Lying to parliament, being inept and using the position to make money is plain wrong!!

The whole tenet of this bunch of arrogant Tories is simply wrong. They are greedy profiteers who are doing this job as a means of making themselves more important and wealthier.

It’s about time that ordinary people were put first.

So, when it comes to Coronavirus your guess is as good as mine. The data is scrambled and doesn’t make sense. I keep seeing totally different stats being bandied around.

On the same site it says that yesterday there were either 112,000 new cases or 88,085 new cases. Either 1,121 deaths or 534 deaths. Quite different to yesterday where it came out with the staggering 820,000 new cases!!

Nobody seems to know. Stats are all over the place. It’s a mess.

All I can see is that the number of cases and deaths seem to be going up but Omicron is nowhere near as bad as Delta.

The triple vaccines are holding up. It’s the unvaccinated most at risk.

We wait on the mutation of new variants.

Stay safe!! We don’t become one of the worst in the world for nothing – it’s due to Johnson and the Tories.

Oh – and just bear in mind that the big price rises and tax hikes are due to Brexit. Those sunny uplands were a lie – just like all his other promises!!

Help make Britain great! Starve and freeze to put gold in the pockets of the elite! The inequality gap has never been bigger!!