Burn The World

We seem to be intent on ignoring the science. We will burn the world.

Unfortunately, the long version of Roy Harper’s Burn The World is not available. This is the earlier single.

Poetry – Animals Burn

Animals Burn

While animals fry and fires burn

                The perpetrators never seem to learn.

Lands flood and other lands dry

                But some people never ask why.

So, profits are made and trees fall

                And they do not care at all.

The lies are spread in a cynical way

                And the future looks decidedly grey.

Green laws are repealed,

                The truth concealed,

Money stashed,

                Habitats crashed.

Time for the great backlash!!


Opher -14.1.2020

Environmental laws are repealed by politicians with vested interests – in a never-ending quest for wealth and power.

Through bribes, through threats and through self-interest, the laws are made.

Without environmental consideration more money can be made, the economy grows, there are more jobs, more wealth, more profits for the rich.

Yet there is a cost.

The cost is the planet.

As forests are destroyed, animals habitats flattened and the land and water becomes polluted the whole planet suffers.

We pay for the removal of environmental laws with tainted air and water, more illness, global changes, climate change and the destruction of nature.

‘Daddy, is it true that there were once tigers, elephants and chimpanzees?’