Working for them!

  Our self-serving politicians lead us down cul-de-sacs with their lies and soundbites. They are in it for themselves!

While they squirrel away their millions nurses and teachers are forced to use food banks, the country is thrown into austerity and public services are cut to ribbons.

This used to be Great Britain – now it’s an off-shore haven for Russian oligarchs and foreign investors.

They’re selling Britain for a song. Maggie and the Tories conspire to put all our assets into foreign hands to make pennies to cripple the unions and keep workers in check. Our wealth is bleeding into the Cayman Islands.

We live in poverty so bankers and CEOs can receive their multimillion-pound bonuses and the likes of Boris Johnson, Rees-Mogg, Cameron and Osborne can pull in millions.

Britain enslaves us all into working for a tiny minority. We slave while they live in luxury.

They’ve created a divided society. We are working, and voting, for them!

They are pissing themselves laughing at us!

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