George Carlin on Pro-lifers and Conservatives.

The Faroes – more of the rugged landscape.

Driving through the mountains and hills, with their scattered communities, or single dwellings, one is struck by the loneliness and beautiful bleakness of the place. It is incredibly picturesque.

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Propaganda is all we get;

                An endless stream of bias.

With calculation and intent

                Out of the mouths of liars.

Targeted spin and lies

                Aimed at the gullible.

Callous disregard

                For all the vulnerable.

The arrogant entitled

                Take us for fools.

Reciting the lessons

                They learnt in their schools.

Manipulate us like cattle

                In their lust for wealth and power

Voting them out

                Would be our finest hour.

Opher – 23.6.2022

The truth has always been the first victim in this endless war. Nothing has changed down the ages. It’s all a front.

The wealthy establishment still rule. Where once they used force to subjugate the masses and treated them with utter disdain, now they use propaganda.

The same people who ordered the troops to kill at Peterloo now use the media to keep the masses in their place, working for the prosperity of the minority.

Where it used to be mansions, carriages and a host of servants it is now superyachts, penthouses and supercars.

They give us as little as they can get away with and blind us with stark warnings, smoke and mirrors.

They appear reasonable, plausible and understanding but they are really cynical exploiters and profiteers.

Every now a revelation leaks out about their scummy workings – Greenswill or lobbying, Russian connections and cash for peerages, but it’s all soon glossed over.

They get away with deception, spin and murder.

Putin And Johnson

Putin And Johnson

Putin and Johnson

                Will soon be dust.

                                Their crooked regimes

                                                Will tumble and rust.

The pyramids

                Will blow in the wind

                                Even the galaxy

                                                Will cease to spin.

Nobody left

As the stars will go out

                                To wonder what

                                                It was all about.

Opher – 25.6.2022

I’m going through one of my philosophical moods.

One short life.

We can waste it or live it.

Purpose that we create for ourselves.

We can do something positive or we can do nothing.

We can build or destroy.

We can care or hate.

We can look after the planet or be greedy vandals.

The only thing that matters is what we do in the moments that make up our lives. A positive force or a negative force. The moment is all we have. Nothing lasts.

When it is over it is gone.

The Sun Don’t Mind

The Sun Don’t Mind

There’s a war in Ukraine

                But the sun don’t mind.

Though millions starve

                It will continue to shine.

One day I’ll die

                But eternity won’t care.

My mind will cease,

                My atoms everywhere.

While we’re fed conspiracy

                The universe expands

Unaware of devastation

Oblivious to our plans.

Fleas on an elephant,

                A tear in the ocean.

Voyagers on a rock

                Living without a notion.

So big in our heads

                So tiny in reality.

An invisible flash

                In the uterus of infinity.

Opher – 25.6.2022

So important to bring things into perspective.

We take ourselves too seriously.

Yet our lives are important.

The wonder of life is quite unique.

We take so much for granted.

We are busy trashing paradise for a pocket full of baubles.

How can we give this life purpose?

Biden elects 50 liberal judges to the Supreme Court!

Why not? It’s what Trump did?

The USA now has a Supreme Court that is a political tool of the Conservative Right!

The USA is on a journey back to the Dark Ages!!

The USA is heading back in time to the days of bigotry, misogyny and racism. They’ll be bringing back slavery next!!

Life Goes By

Life Goes By

Life goes by

                With us

                                Or without us

                                                Despite us

                                                                All around us

But for how long?

Just once

                On a bombarded rock

                                Dancing in the rain

                                                Wearing just one sock

A profound dunce capered.

Opher – 25.6.2022

It always seems amazing to me that on this tiny barren rock, in the middle of a vast ocean of stars, life began.

So much we don’t understand.

So much awe and wonder.

So many coincidences.

Instead of appreciating the stupendous circumstances that surround us we have to make up rigid fables and tie ourselves down.

Instead of respecting the wonders we are surrounded with we have to carelessly ignore them, destroy them and try to rule over them.

I can’t help thinking that we’re destined for a big fall.

Medieval Morality

Medieval Morality

Fear of death

                Wonder and awe

Left us wondering

                What it was for.

We sought

                An answer

Around which

                We could concur.

We invented

                Gods and faith

Rules and religion

                To make us feel safe.

Now we’re prisoners

                Inside our concoction

Raging and dividing

                In full execution.

Victims of medieval


Preventing us exploring

                What might be.

Opher – 25.6.2022

Back in the dark depths of history we invented religions. Driven by a desire to understand we sought explanations.

Over time they became rigid dogma that chained us and prevented us accepting the new.

There had to be no change or evolution.

The dogma is a prison of our own making.

Periodically the zealots and fanatics want to drag us back to the Dark Ages.

Take away women’s rights, put them in robes, hidden behind veils. Lock them away.

Misogynistic religions blame women for the faults of men. They must be made to suffer.