Tory Hypnotism – Cartoon

This is the only thing that makes sense. They are inept, corrupt, greedy, hypocritical, lying bastards who look after their own and shit on everyone else.

So you elect them!

The Corona Diaries – Day 391

CountryNo. of cases yesterdayNo. of deaths yesterdayTotal no. deaths
New Zealand4026

Weird day today – I’ve spent the day sawing and chopping wood! I’ve got a sore back, sore hands and I’m completely knackered.

I only stopped to have a beer and watch the football!!

Going for a walk this evening! It’s been so warm. It’s felt like summer!!

Out in Coronaland The populist fools are still leading us into ruin. Trump, Bolsonaro, Modi, Johnson and Erdogan. When will we ever learn. When will we ever learn.

A little look around the world:

CountryNo. of cases yesterdayNo. of deaths yesterdayTotal no. deaths
New Zealand4026

The USA is still suffering from Trump’s lamentable start. It is hampered by the stupid attitude of some of its population. Ignorance still holds sway in a large segment – hence it is difficult to get on top of it.

In the UK we are down to very low numbers due to the vaccine. One would hope that this time we could keep it low but I’m not counting on it. Johnson is a fool. The track and trace is a farce. They have already let the Indian variant in which could scupper the vaccination. No doubt he’ll get one of his chums on to it – someone without a shred of knowledge or experience.

In Brazil Bolsonaro is trying hard to be the most incompetent. The competition is strong but now Trump is out of the running he thought he had a good chance – unfortunately Modi is making a late surge.

Vietnam and New Zealand continue to make us all look like incompetent nincompoops. They are back to normal with hardly any cases and no deaths. They have it sussed.

India is the late runner. There it is surging out of control and has completely overwhelmed the health service. Modi opened everything up and allowed festivals. Fool. They might yet turn out to be worst in the world!!

Stay safe – become a crony!!

My Favourite British Singer songwriters of the Sixties/Seventies

This is a difficult one to do – mainly to decide what genre this guys fit into – contemporary folk?? Guitarists? Who knows. I just know what I like.

These are my favourites:

Roy Harper

Bert Jansch

John Renbourn

Jackson C Frank (stole him)

Davey Graham

John Martyn

Sandy Denny

Al Stewart


Ralph McTell

Syd Barrett

Leon Rosselson

Anne Briggs

John Martyn

Whizz Jones

Michael Chapman

Richard Thompson

Ivor Cutler

Ron Geesin

Today’s Music To keep me SsSSAAaAaNnnnNeee in Isolation – The Nice – The Thoughts Of Emmerlist Davjack

I first saw the Nice backing PP Arnold!! I used to see them quite often. They were brilliant – great performers. They’d rock up the old classics – Keith with knives in his organ! Burning flags! Great stuff.

The Nice “The Thoughts of Emerlist Davjack” – Full Album – 2000 reissue edition – YouTube

Poetry – It doesn’t. It isn’t.

It doesn’t. It isn’t.

The moon moves through the clouds.

Except it doesn’t.

It’s a million miles away in space.

The sun travels across the sky.

Except it doesn’t.

It a nuclear explosion in a very distant place.

The ground is solid as a rock.

Except it isn’t.

Every atom is busy jiggling in the ground.

We will all live on for ever.

Except we won’t.

The universe will go when we’re not around.


Is what it seems.

Opher – 17.4.2021

We seem to live in a world of permanence. Yet everything is an illusion.

The solid world is not real.

Permanence is not real.

We are not real.

There is strange chemistry at work.

My thoughts are electrical.

Poetry – Worship


I’m going to worship the sun.

At least it is real.

I can feel it on my face.

I can see it in the sky.

The sun is not imaginary;

Not an invention.

It gives me light.

It gives me heat.

It gives me life.

I do not need to talk to it in a cave,

Or on any mountain top,

Or in any wilderness.

The sun appears before everyone.

It does not make demands on me,

Or gives me lists of things I must not do,

Or lists of things I must do,

Things I have to wear,

Things I must not eat.

The sun is kind it merely gives expecting nothing in return.

I do not have to pray to it to make it shine.

It just shines.

It does not know that I exist.

It does not care.

It does not threaten me with eternal torture,

Or promise me eternal pleasure.

It came from the same place as me.

It made the atoms of my body.

It will die like me.

I am happy with the sun.

It will do very nicely.

Opher – 17.4.2021

Just imagine for one minute that there is no god.

Doesn’t that make a mockery of all the fantastic effort and sacrifices people all over the world have made?

Yet we can’t see this god. He rarely answers our prayers – if ever.

Why is it that only a certain few people have ever claimed to have spoken to god and received instructions from him? And always alone in caves, up mountains or in wildernesses.

Why is god so shy?

Why does this god give different, and very precise, instructions to different people?

Will wearing a veil, eating pork or beef, wearing a turban or devoutly praying really make that difference to him?

I always laugh when some who is saved from disaster thanks god. They never ask why god allowed the disaster in the first place or why he didn’t save the equally worthy people who died in the disaster.

If we have to worship something I’ll settle for the sun. The sun’s good enough for me. It’ll do for now. I might eventually transfer my allegiance to the moon though. She’s more mysterious.

My Favourite Rand B male vocal groups from the fifties and Sixties

I make a distinction between Doo-wop and male vocal groups. I’ll deal with Doo-wop separately.

These vocal groups had a huge impact on the British Beat Groups. I loved their stuff

The Contours

The Drifters

The Coasters

The Platters

The Dominoes

The Midnighters

The Clovers

The Miracles

Isley Brothers

Four Tops



Hollywood Argyles

Does anybody want to be a ‘reader’. I need a reader to give me advice on my Sci-fi novel – The Pornography Wars.

I need feedback from an objective source:

What needs developing

What needs taking out

What works

What doesn’t work

What character needs fleshing out

Where there needs to be more description

Where does it require more action

All the general stuff about the plot before I start to edit it properly.

Any volunteers????