The sky cries rainbows Frederic. The world is such a mess. Our shame should be extreme. So many of us are vulnerable.


Dead rose petals.
Razor-sharp rocks.
Tunnels under the city
and the far sunset.

The sky cries.
Some say it causes
Dreams, I suppose.

It’s a hard
and miserable world
and our hearts are
so vulnerable!

© Frédéric Georges Martin


Illustration: Two roses on a tablecloth (Edouard Manet, c1883)

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One world, one people – blast them walls!!



In February 2017, Reuters reported that an internal report by the Department of Homeland Security estimated that Trump’s proposed border wall would cost $21.6 billion and take 3.5 years to build. (Oh sure, it’s a little more now in 2019, but who counts?.)

To cut through the border-wall would mean buying a battery operated 20 volt reciprocating saw and about six extra charged batteries as well as the the proper blades and all that would cost one about $530.00, at Home Depot.

Tubularsock would advise one spend an additional $330.00 for a battery 20 volt grinder and 5 grinder wheels to speed your work along.

You know, time is of the essence when crossing a border!

So, Tubularsock calculates that for $860.00 you could cut through one or even two steel-concrete-rebar bollards of Trump’s beautiful border wall and push the cut bollards out of your…

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The Making and Influence of “You Really Got Me”

I remember it coming out. It was a totally new sound. There were a number of those magic moments back then with new bands emerging with powerful new sounds – The Who, Smallfaces, Them, Animals etc. The Kinks sound really stood out. That guitar riff was very different. It had an immediate impact.
I remember getting a similar feeling when I first heard Jimi Hendrix’s Hey Joe and then Elvis Costello’s Watching the Detectives.

Old time rock and roll

On rare occasion, there have been moments in music history where a profound and audible shift has taken place, forever rerouting the course of popular music. Often initially regarded as controversial, these instances of ingenuity influence others, crafting a succession of fresh and inspired perspectives to follow in their wake. The Kinks’ revolutionary recording of “You Really Got Me” is regarded as one of these monumental music moments.

As with most historic occurrences that were not expected to become one, the Kinks’ story behind the making of “You Really Got Me” is muddied by conflicting perspectives, but remains somewhat intact, with a myriad of fascinating details supporting its integrity.

Prior to writing and recording their world-renowned hit, “You Really Got Me,” the Kinks were nearly dropped from their label, Pye Records, after releasing a mediocre Merseybeat‑style cover of Little Richard’s “Long Tall Sally.” It was producer, Shel Talmy whom backed…

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5 Memes For People Who Love Books

I love books!!


Image result for memes books

Image result for memes books

Image result for memes books

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So much to think about!



OK, here’s Tubularsock’s take on all this political bull shit.

We all know that Orange-Donnie-Little-Dick is a fucking crook!

We all know that Step-en-fetch-it-Barack is a fucking crook!

We all know that Killary-The-Bitch-Clinton is a fucking crook!

We all know that Head-Up-His-Ass-George W. is a fucking crook!

We all know that the Bill-Stained-Dress-Clinton is a fucking crook!

And we all know Walking-Alzheimer’s-Biden is a fucking crook!

But none of that matters.

These are the offers from the power elite for the American citizen to choose from and it is a closed system. THEY WERE PRE-CHOSEN for you to vote for and THAT is what is called a “FREE” election in the United States!

That is why we continue wars of aggression throughout the world attacking whomever we wish and supporting terrorists throughout the world to destabilize areas and KEEP them destabilized to…

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More genius from Tub!!



This is an on going story and the Tubularsock News Team is on the ground and creating news in the making!

Stay tuned!

According to multiple people familiar with the encounter citing an unnamed person with knowledge familiar with the move who spoke to TUBE NEWS on condition of anonymity to discuss an ongoing investigation into the sensitivity of the issue which has occurred right in plain site of the White House lawn.

TUBE NEWS declining to be quoted by name but rather citing unnamed law enforcement sources not authorized to discuss personnel matters publicly have stated that the incident may involve deep state broad range topics of top secret national security concerns.

According to three Republicans who spoke on the condition of their anonymity due to fear of repercussions stated that “ . . . all of that is water over the damn and under the bridge…

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Baghdadi death; the cycle of Islamic figurehead will continue and so will the conflict.

Then there was Ayman Mohammed Rabie al-Zawahiri, another murdering leader of the death cult. Religious fanaticism of all types is the scourge of the world.

James Fahey

On October 26, 2019 Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was killed in a military conquest undertaken by American forces in Idlib in Syria. His death however positive in the short run will mean little for counter-terrorism in the long run.

Many commentators around the world praised Trump for this murder and stated its important to the fight against terrorism in the Middle East. However positive it is to eliminate such a monster, there will be another figurehead to chase in the coming years. 

We do not have to think too hard to think of the last figurehead of global terrorism. The most wanted man in the world was Osama Bin Laden for a number of years. Since his tentative links to the Nairobi bombing in 1998 he became more known around the world on news TV. Since his death in 2011, mainstream news has been dominated by events in Syria and Baghdadi…

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Poetry – Rock the World – A poem about Rock Music and its ability to raise the spirit.

Still rockin’!!!

Opher's World


Rock the World

There is something about the fire of music. It melts your neurons, solders your dendrites into different patterns and liberates your mind. Music squeezes juices out of glands.

I like a wide range of music from Folk, African, Reggae, Blues and Soul to Psychedelia, Heavy, Progressive and R&B.

I hate it when it’s sanitized, made corporate, over-produced, and bland. I like my music passionate and raw.

I like it to mean something, say something and make me think. I like it to move my feet and release that adrenaline. It brings me alive.

In the right move I will listen to something soft and melodic. At other times I like to dance and let it out.

I hate all that orchestrated hand-clapping and waving. I hate the raised lighters. I like spontaneity.

Rock is rebellion – not the music of the establishment!

Rock the World

There’s electricity

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Poetry – The Wonders of Aging – the complete list!

Poetry – The Wonders of Aging – the complete list!

The wonders of aging

There is nothing more infuriating than not being able to find the right word when you want it. It’s like having an argument with an officious person in authority and then thinking of what you should have said when you are half a block away.

I don’t enjoy the physical limitations. I used to love playing football. Now that’s a dream.

I used to have great optimism and dreams. I wanted to change the world. My idealism is becoming tinged with realism. Every now and then I have to have a clear out in my head, round up all the pragmatism and kick it out.

Then you go into a room to get something and have to stand there like a fool trying to remember what it was. And you repeat yourself.

I don’t like aching.

I don’t like slowing down.

I don’t like time running out.

I don’t like aging.

Where’s the wisdom when you can’t remember the experience?

Have I told you about the frustration of not being able to find the right word?

Here’s a list of all the wonders of aging:




The Wonders of Aging


My electrons are orbiting slow.

My dreams are drying out.

I ache in every joint

And all I seem to do

Is shout.

From the way it now seems,

I’ve got desiccated dreams.

My memory is shot

I’ve forgotten who I was.

I repeat myself too much.

I think it’s because

My neurons

Are full of fuzz

So the electricity

Doesn’t buzz.

I wander into a room

To find something I’ve forgotten.

My memory is shot

I’ve forgotten who I was.

I repeat myself too much.

I think it’s because

My neurons

Are full of fuzz

So the electricity

Doesn’t buzz.

Opher 9.11.2015

Up Against The Wall, Mockerfuthers (Slight Return)

Yes Jefferson Airplane – one of the very best!! Did we manage to change society for the better?
In some ways we did. But the same selfish, greedy, violent ones are in charge. We certainly did not change it enough!

a nomad in cyberspace

Here’s one I published 4 years ago – almost to the day – prefaced by 4 reasons for giving it a fresh airing that don’t include running out of new ideas!

  • back then I’d just started blogging and this post wasn’t read by many people 
  • to my surprise – and pleasure – all the embedded music hyperlinks still work
  • society’s questionable progress over the half-century between 1969 and 2019 
  • a storyline I’m considering where some old-timers form/reform a radical band

Any observations and suggestions gratefully received! After all, we can be together …

Image result for jefferson airplane

Online feedback from people who share my passion for music has got me thinking. Was there ever a more intense musical moment in history than the late 1960s? It was a confluence of many currents – musical, political, sociological, philosophical, technological … even biological if you count the contraceptive pill and, er, other medicaments – and there…

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