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A blog for Writers, Readers, Thinkers, Beats, Freaks, Idealists, Punks, Hippies, Artists, Musicians, Poets, Photographers, Atheists, and all those of an Alternative Nature with Open Minds who seek Wonder and Fun.

I am writing a blog for thinking, creative people. I wish to promote thought and stimulate the grey matter.

I want to display beauty and an appreciation of the world, nature and human endeavours.

I want to illustrate politic and social events and not shy from controversy.

I want to highlight Rock Music, good lyrics and music that means something.

I want to communicate.

I want to address philosophy and religion. As an antitheist I would like to highlight the evils being carried out in the name of religion and express my abhorrence.

I want to display my own creativity in the form of Art, Poetry, Music and my Books.

I want to interact and get people involved.

Hopefully you will find this blog varied, passionate, funny, serious and open to all.

I am a humanist who believes in equality, fairness and tolerance. I despise inhumanity, barbarity, cruelty and intolerance.

I wish you a wonderful life in an incredible universe! You are all most welcome!

It’s all happening here! Help build a positive Zeitgeist!!


Poetry – I’m White – a poem about my species and stupidity.

Poetry – I’m White – a poem about my species and stupidity.

Somewhere out there are a bunch of blinkered white supremacists.

Somewhere out there are a bunch of blinkered black supremacists.

Somewhere out there are a bunch of blinkered brown, red, pink, orange, yellow and green supremacists.

The Jews, Christians and Muslims all worship the same god and kill each other for it. Seemingly she delights in giving different commandments to different cliques. She probably is a bit disturbed and enjoys watching the terror it causes.

There are some with so much they can afford to sponsor wars while others cry because they haven’t got a mouthful to feed their children.

Politics, religion, skin colour, ear-lobe shape, gender, height, eye-colour, nose shape, breasts – it doesn’t take much to start a war.

I’m White

I’m white in the light

But I’m black at night.

For a genus so bright

It  seems we rarely get it right.

Now I don’t mean to be facetious

But I’m not proud of my species.


Geologically we’re new

Though we think we know it all.

We take in the view

But before the sky we’re small.


We may share all the genes

But don’t know what that means,

Worship Gods, Kings and Queens

And still want to steal the scenes


Now I don’t want to be facetious………


I see air-head studs

Posing on the beach

Of the apocalypse

For dead-brain bitches

With fake tits

Smacking their lips.


I guess that while there’s still air to suck

We’ll find a way to fuck it up.



Opher  5.4.98

Bo Diddley – Greatest Lover in the World – lyrics of a modest man describing his sexual abilities.

Bo Diddley – Greatest Lover in the World – lyrics of a modest man describing his sexual abilities.

That’s me and Bo!!

boddiley2 BoDiddley

Bo Diddley was a bit of a maverick sensation. He epitomised the swagger and attitude of the hipster black dude. At a time when there was such inequality and racial hatred it was great to see Bo (short for Bad Boy) standing there with such panache and style.

He came straight out of McComb Mississippi fully formed. An ex boxer with all the attitude you could want. He was second to no one.

Some say he was a trifle self-centred. I don’t know how they could say that? His first song Bo Diddley and then Hey Bo Diddley were kind of focussed on one topic, I suppose. And then maybe Bo’s a Lumberjack and Bo’s a Gunfighter continued the theme and 500% more Man was a slight exaggeration.

When I saw him play he was certainly one of the greatest performers I’ve ever seen!

opher & Bo Diddley 1980 (1)

I don’t think this song was really sexist or misogynistic. It was just Bo boasting and having fun.

Who knows? Perhaps he was the greatest lover in the world?

I’m the Greatest Lover in the World – by Bo Diddley

I’m the greatest lover in the world
I was born just to love you, young girls
I’m the greatest lover ever seen
Hey, try me and see what I mean
I’m the first, the last, the best and the most
The women love me from coast to coast

The greatest lover ever made
I can love ya forty nights and forty days
I’m the first lover in the land
The call me a lovin’ man
I’m the first, the last, the best and the most
The women love me from coast to coast

From New York City, out to L.A.
The women think about me both night and day
From Canada to Mexico
I’m the one the women love the most

The greatest lover in the world
Born just to love you young girl
Know you can’t judge a book by it’s cover
Whoa, don’t you know I’m a nat’ral born lover?
I’m the first, the last, the best and the most
The women love me from coast to coast

< sax and instrumental>

From New York City, out to L.A.
The women think about me both night and day
Canada down to Mexico
I’m the one that the women love most

I’m the greatest lover in the world
I was born just to love these young girls
No, you can’t judge a book by it’s cover
I’m a nat’ral born lover
I’m the first, the last, the best and the most
The women love me from coast to coast

Yeah, yeah!
I’m a lover
Oh, yeah
I’m a lover.


There’s never enough money for health, schools or welfare – but there’s always money enough for war!!



You know, Tubularsock finds all the debates over “How Are We Going To Pay For It” such an odd concept.

“Money” is just a concept, an idea out there in the space. IT IS MADE UP!

At one time “they” attempted to tag money to some physical reality like GOLD.

And GOLD too is just a physical concept due to agreement …… really, in truth it is worthless. UNLESS you agree it has value and then BY AGREEMENT it has value.

Now Tubularsock has always valued potato chips, no really. Potato Chips have value.

And as a means of value there is a problem with potato chips because in Tubularsock’s case, once Tubularsock has eaten the potato chips, well you can see why others chose GOLD.

OH my, Tubularsock digresses.

Well when people speak about Medicare For All or The Green New Deal or even Welfare…

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Great stuff fromn Tubular Sock – he’s got his finger on the pulse! The US is hungry for war! They want to make a killing!



There is always something and Tubularsock has discovered this little tidbit through his many stealth movements wondering about in the deep dark secrets catalogue of State Secrets and Miscellaneous Mishaps of “The Spy’s Are Us” Department.

On July 3rd the United States crossed over into Iranian air space intentional and tried to provoke Iran into shooting down another one of our planes. This time it was a manned RC-135V Rivet Joint SPY plane.

And here is the give-away, it flew directly over Sirri Island and Abu Musa and then turned around and flew right back over them again!

The U.S. Spy plane also changed its unique transponder number so as to appear as an Iranian plane. A tell-tail-sign of ill intent.

BUT IRAN didn’t take the bate even though on the island of Sirri the Iranian military has a decent air defense system to…

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Diary of a writer’s day.

I dug this out of the archives – it made me smile. It is interesting to have a record of a typical day.

Opher's World

Guess who this is?Now that I am retired I can write all the time if I want. It’s great.

Looking at my blog I couldn’t help but notice that there are visitors from all over the world and a complete array of cultures. It occurred to me that it might be interesting to see what is happening to me in a fairly typical day. This is a diary of today Sunday 22nd of February 2015:

Following a restless night I woke at around seven a.m. but didn’t get to rouse myself until 7.50. I got up washed, weighed myself and dressed in my track suit (every other day I do my exercise – 30 minutes on the treadmill at 6.1) and headed to the kitchen. I made a cup of tea and took one in for Liz who was still sleepy.

I went out to my room and checked my emails and blog. This usually…

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Who Controls Your Life – You or Your Desires? (Guest Post)

Yes I think we all struggle with this. Our genes, our upbringing (cultural brainwashing etc.), experiences, our psychology and personality all control what we do, think or feel.
I too have an obsessive personality.


Coming from a person that struggles with an addictive personality, I know how all-consuming it can be to be constantly chasing that next high. Sometimes that high can be in the form of a new romance emotionally or sexually, an exciting adventure, that fourth cup of coffee in the day, greater fame, more money and of course addictive substances such as drugs or alcohol.

So what do I mean when I ask, “Who’s controlling your life, you or your desires?”.

Well, when your desires have taken the wheel in your life things tend to become more compulsive. Your inner voice may be telling you things like, “I have to find somebody to love. I’m feeling lonely.” or “I have to write the next big blog post so that my work can gain recognition.”There’s a sense of impending doom if thing’s don’t go a certain way.

When a desire takes control…

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We Are All One

A great piece from John on Maya Angelou – it focusses on one of my weaknesses. I will try to get it right.

Words To Captivate ~ by John Fioravanti

Dear Readers, it has been a hiatus of many months since I posted a blog of my own on this site. After spending a lot of time soul searching and listening to words of encouragement from my wife and close friends, I have decided to return to my blogging roots and resurrect the series of blogs I called “My Inspiration.”

Today’s post focuses on the inspirational words of Maya Angelou who was one of America’s most influential people and continues to move us to search our hearts with her immortal words.

“The thing to do, it seems to me, is to prepare yourself so you can be a rainbow in somebody else’s cloud. Somebody who may not look like you. May not call God the same name you call God – if they call God at all. I may not dance your dances or speak your language. But be a…

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