Priorities?? We see where the Tory priorities always are!

Let me see- cut public services, inflict austerity on the poor and give to the wealthy!

That sums it up!

Isn’t it obvious??

The Corona Diaries – Day 457.

After a misty start the day settled into a warm and sunny pattern.

It was fabulous to walk over the land in the footsteps of people who had lived here long in the past. We went treading the journey of past ages. There was connection.

There is a raison d’etre. I’m not sure what it is. But it seems to me that life is all about connection. Connection with the past; connection with nature; connection with friends.

I don’t know what it is about friends. Some people you bond with for life. When you meet up you pick up where you left off. It’s like that with old friends. We have shared history, shared experience and a shared perspective. It doesn’t matter how many years have passed.

Today was special.

We revisited the past and future and reaffirmed the spirit.

Old friends are revitalising!

Connecting with nature and prehistory is restorative. It gives purpose. We visited prehistoric old sites, cooked, shared, drank and laughed.

Here’s to the spirit of all those who were with us only in spirit!!

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, our mad clown plays with warships in the Black Sea and pretends to be Churchill. It’s like Mr Bean pretending to be Gladstone!

Here in the UK we are pretending that Covid has gone away. We are opening up travel to various countries – including the Balearic islands, going back to normal. We are given confidence because the hospital rates and death rates are low. The vaccine seems to be working against even the new Delta+.

Is this a false dawn??

Johnson is basking in the success of the vaccine. Is it to be short-lived?

All over the world the voirus is spreading, mutating and killing? We’ll soon reintroduce the new variants through our porous borders.

Beware! We have a lazy moron in charge!

Stay safe!!

Poetry – Loss and Gain

Loss and Gain

Every step is loss and gain.

Progress is never painless

We always leave some things of worth.

Choice is often brainless.

Relentless drive towards a future

Losing respect for the past.

Grasping out in one mad rush

For things that will not last.

Opher 29.7.2018

I wrote this in response to the madness of Brexit – people lusting back for an age that never existed when everything was wonderful.

Yet there are things in the past that were valuable and have been lost. Progress is never all for the better. But nostalgia never sees the terrible reality of the past either.