A few more from the Mississippi Blues Trail – Memphis Minnie and Walter ‘Shakey’ Horton.

I somehow missed these ones of Memphis Minnie on the last post. Hunting these markers down sure took us through some incredible places. Brought the blues to life.

I Make War!!

I Make War!!

I fire bullets.

                I fire rockets.

                                I drop bombs.

                                                Lives in my pockets.

I plan wars.

                I give orders.

                                I send troops

                                                Across borders.

I kill children.

                I rape girls.

                                I destroy.

                                                The game unfurls.

I’m the leader,

                I make rules,

                                Setting targets

                                                For the fools.

I make love.

                I make law.

                                Power and greed.

                                                I make war!

Opher – 31.3.2022

Without the goons there would be no war. The tyrants make the rules and direct the troops. The mindless zombies carry out the wishes. They shoot, they rape and kill. The despots treat us like fools.

We Have War

We Have War

We have love.

                We have art.

                                We have music,



                                And dance.

We have war.

There’s the spirit.

                There’s the sea,

                                The sun

                                                And nature’s


There’s war.

We have life,


                                Wonder and awe,

                                                Guiding us

                                                                To what life’s for.

Then we have war.

Opher – 31.3.2022

Mankind is capable of great things yet while we have war it all counts for nothing.

There is violence, there is hatred and there is war.

War negates everything.

We build things up, nurture and create and war reduces it to nothing.

Death, rape, trauma and agony. War and violence is the greatest flaw in our nature. It feeds on greed and the lust for power.

Painful to watch!!

Listening to Liz Truss’s hopeless responses in the interviews for local BBC stations it was obvious how out of her depth she actually was.

Frightening for the country!

She actually hasn’t got a clue!! Rabbit and headlights come to mind.

The humane answer would be to quickly hold a general election and put Truss, Kwateng and the entire obnoxious Tory Party out of their misery.

What they have done, and are doing, to the country is too atrocious for words.

Billions for the rich. More brutal austerity for the poor. Is this any way to create a fair and happy country?

Captain Beefheart – On Track: Every Album, Every Song – Launch Day USA!!!

Today is the day my book is released in the USA!!

It’s been out in the UK for a month now. Thanks for all the great reviews guys!!

An album by album, track by track commentary on the best band in the world – ever!!

‘Firstly, reader, I’ll tell you what this book is like: You know when you go into an art gallery or museum and have an accompanying guide book explaining a little about the art or artefacts? Well, this is very much like that.
A companion piece for every track.
The author has lovingly reviewed and described every song and it is also full of little facts and interesting information.’

‘As with his excellent On Track book about Roy Harper, Opher Goodwin has immersed us in the world of a truly great, if enigmatic musician. Opher’s deep and personal knowledge of the times, the culture, man and his music create a provocative and fulfilling read.
An introduction quickly puts the reader into the background and mindset of the Captain and his intriguing, often fractious, relationship with Frank Zappa’ 

Memphis Minnie – a hard-living blues woman with a big guitar.

Born Lizzie Douglas in 1897. She started out as a street busker on Beale Street supplementing her income as a sex worker. She was a hard-drinking, hard-living woman who could hold her own in a fight.

A fabulous performer. Her best-known tracks include Bumble Bee and Me and my Chauffeur – both full of sexual innuendo.

Finding her grave and marker wasn’t too difficult.