Poetry – I’m so tough

I’m so tough

I’m so tough.

I’m so strong.

Always right

Never wrong.

I beat Covid.

I build walls.

I speak tough.

I’ve got balls.

I don’t use masks.

I don’t space.

Mess with me.

I’m in your face.

I am rude.

I’m uncouth.

Had it easy

Since my youth.

I don’t do tax.

Don’t do rules.

Treat people.

Like they’re fools.

I do tweets.

I brag a lot.

Taunt and bully.

I’m so hot.

Opher – 7.10.2020

It is so interesting to look at the phenomenon of Trump – an over-privileged man who is worshipped by the poor.

Never have we had anyone so unsuited to high office. He lacks all the diplomatic skills. He doesn’t believe experts or science. He has aligned himself to an extreme right-wing and sets out to deliver for them.

He seems to lack all empathy and is cynical.

When confronted he attacks. When unloved he is petulant.

He likes to appear tough. He has a swagger.

He perpetuates myths and conspiracy. He lies and puts out fake news. He has undermined the entire fabric of society and works the seam of that division for his own advantage.

The myth of his acumen as a business-man is based on lies. He has been failing continuously, bailed out by his father. He has avoided paying tax through many illegal loopholes. He has very dubious business relationships with Russia. He owes billions.

What a strange phenomenon.

Poetry – The Biosphere.

The Biosphere.


Protecting the biosphere

Must be the key priority.

Living on this planet

With sustainability.


More hedges, more ponds,

More streams, more trees.

More swifts and swallows,

More hedgehogs please.


The time bomb of climate change

Is kicking us.

It’s time for us to change

And board

The environment bus.


Protecting the biosphere

Must be the key priority.

Living on this planet

With sustainability.


Opher – 30.9.2020

The Corona Diaries – Day 188

The sun was shining today. That always makes you feel a bit better. What with Corona virus, Boris Johnson and Trump, with Brexit looming, I think I need a boost. My faith in humanity has been sorely tested!

My thigh strain is still nagging a bit so I limped around for a walk. My eye is playing up and I’ve got an appointment with the optometrist. Falling apart I guess.

So I went home, did some more work on the Harper book and played some Jack Elliott.

Out in Coronaland the circus continues with chief buffoon absent as usual.

We have students locked down in their rooms in halls of residence, we have 8000 pupils and 350 teachers all sent home from school isolating in Liverpool.

Completely unpredictable.

We have a third of the country in lockdown.

Completely unpredictable.

We have police having trouble breaking up large gatherings.

Completely unpredictable.

We have Trump and QAnon spreading hoax news and conspiracy.

Completely unpredictable.

We have a Track and Trace system that can’t even be tracked and traced.

Completely unpredictable.

We have Operation Moonshot, world-beating everything and over-ready everything else – all a bunch of off the cuff garbage and lies.

Completely unpredictable.

We are in the midst of a second wave.

Completely unpredictable.

We are being led by a bunch of extreme right-wing incompetent Tory, overprivileged twats.

Completely predictable!!!!!

Our new cases are soaring. Our death rate is going up. This is what you get when you put the loonies in charge!!!

5692 new cases and 17 deaths – Thanks Johnson.

In the USA – 3486 new cases and 267 deaths – meaning that Bolsonaro is moving ahead with 335 deaths!

The world is being run by a bunch of imbeciles!!! They can’t predict anything and haven’t a clue what to do about it.

Stay safe everyone.


Poetry – Peace in the Middle East

Peace in the Middle East


There will be no peace

In the Middle East

Until all sides are resolved

And past sins absolved.


Two thousand years of injury

Leave a bitter legacy,

A toxic history,

Requiring an end to misery


We should all abhor

The men of war

Who firmly shut the door

To fester the sore.


Not the people to blame

In this vale of shame

They are all the same

Caught in a hapless game.


All sides around a table –

Dispense with the fable!


Opher – 23.9.2020

Today’s Music to keep me SSSSSaaaaannnnEEEE in Isolation – Roy Harper

For 175 days I’ve been playing a new band or artist every day. Today I thought I’d return to Roy Harper and give his first album a play. It’s one I’ve been enjoying for fifty-two years!! Still as good as ever!

Poetry – People are Good

People are Good


People are good.

Though that’s not the impression we receive.

We are told

That they cheat

They lie and deceive.

But people are good.


People are good.

They always help out.

When the times are rough

It’s the people who are tough.


People are good.

It’s our leaders who reek.

Power corrupts

From the strong to the meek.


People are good.

They’ll always give you a hand.

Except when they are riled up

By leaders of the land.


Using fear and hatred

They incite to hysterical pitch.

Then sit back and smirk

While we die in the ditch.


But people are good.

They’re not filled with sin..

We know we’re not different

Whatever our skin.

People are good.


Opher – 14.9.2020