Brexit – The Incompetence of Johnson laid bare by Milliband


The sad thing is that we are all living with the failure and incompetence of this fool! He’s led us into a complete mess with Europe and an ongoing complete cock-up over Covid-19. He’s needlessly killed tens of thousands and thrown working people into endless austerity.

But loads of Tories have made a fortune out of both. That’s all they care about.

Dawn Butler – thrown out of Parliament for telling the truth!! Boris Johnson is a liar!

It is incredible that a member of parliament can be thrown out for telling the truth while the Prime Minister is simply allowed to continue telling lies. Something wrong with the system!!!

Photos for the Roy Harper book.

Photos in the Roy Harper book.

Thank you for all who sent in photos. I did send them off to the publisher who selected what he wanted to include. Sorry to those who did not get featured but I am starting to edit the second book and will be looking to include a number of those photos in that one.

Do not despair!

if you have any photos of Roy, particularly from the early years, that you would like me to consider for inclusion in the second book please wing them my way to Cheers!

BTW – I’ve just posted the third batch of books for those who requested them!! You should receive them soon!

The Corona Diaries – Day 480

Today is red hot and sunny. It must be in the 30s. We went for a walk early before it got too hot!! It was brilliant! Like being in Brazil!!

I came back and had to complete the signing and addressing of all the Roy Harper books. I just caught the post. The lady was not amused!! I bet the postman wasn’t either!!

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland our clown continues on his mad experiment as the cases rocket. Looking at the trajectory of new hospital cases they seem to mirror the last wave. They do not seem any flatter at all! The death rate, up to 49, is also following the same pattern.

Last Summer he did the same. Nothing is learnt. The world looks on agog and the scientists look on aghast. In the midst of a raging pandemic our buffoon thinks it is a great idea to take off ALL the brakes!!

I think we’re heading for a disaster!!

The said in the First World War that it was men led by donkeys; this is a country being led by an ass and a bunch of greedy baying imbeciles!!

The new big concern is the South African variant (prevalent in France) which, although not as transmissable, appears to make the vaccines far less effective. If Johnson allows that one in like he did with the Indian variant we could be in big trouble. It will start to spread among the vaccinated.

As if that wasn’t bad enough:

Reports coming in from Israel suggest that the Pfizer vaccine is not as effective as clinical trials indicated. It’s coming in at 64% effective rather than 90% at preventing illness. However, it is still 93% effective at preventing hospitalisation.

Vaccine effectiveness in preventing both infection and symptomatic disease fell to 64% since June 6, the Health Ministry said. At the same time the vaccine was 93% effective in preventing hospitalizations and serious illness from the coronavirus.

Israel sees drop in Pfizer vaccine protection against infections | Reuters

That has big implications for Boris Johnson’s latest gamble. It means that 36% of people vaccinated with Pfizer are still likely to be susceptible to becoming ill. If that is the same with the AstraZeneca and Moderna then we are in real trouble. This strategy of going for herd immunity via allowing the infection rate to go wild will backfire horribly. Even 7% is a very large number of people. Huge numbers could become very ill and the death rate will be enormous.

That certainly has big implications for myself. I shall have to reevaluate my risk factors and address my behaviour accordingly. I shall certainly be a lot more cautious.

This complete opening up is a huge gamble. It goes against all scientific advice and the practice in most countries.

The third jab is becoming available in Autumn, hopefully that will mop up variants and provide a higher level of protection. That might have been the time to open up altogether.

We did this last year didn’t we? We opened up far too soon with all those silly schemes – eat out to help out and back to work. It misfired and set off a second wave that killed tens of thousands and caused millions to suffer long covid. Aren’t we repeating it?

I would open up a little but not all the way. My policy would be:

  1. Work from home if possible
  2. Social distance
  3. Masks indoors
  4. Pubs and restaurants open outside only
  5. Outside events permitted
  6. Inside events with limited capacity, distancing and extra ventilation

At present we are running at 50,000 new cases a day. That will soon accelerate to 100,000. We have a breeding ground for variants. We are pinging away to the death of the economy as millions will have to isolate. We have variants that might evade the vaccine. We have an NHS that they’ve underfunded for a decade and is on its knees. We have huge shortages of NHS staff. The staff are demoralised after being insulted with a pay cut. We have vaccines that might not work as well as hoped.


It’s Groundhog day all over again!! Talk about Deja Vu!!

Aren’t you glad you elected this incompetent clown?????

Stay safe!!

Roy Harper book Available!

Great News about the Roy Harper book.

The book is in the process of being shipped to distributors and might be available from Burning Shed as early as next week.

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The book will be available from Amazon on July 29th

Some other selected bookshops will also stock it.

Roy Harper: Every Album, Every Song (On Track) : Opher Goodwin: Books

I have just taken delivery of my first batch of books. I can sign and send out copies on request (cost of book + postage) –

Poetry – Things are never Black and White

Things are never Black and White

Things are never black and white,

They’re always shades of grey.

The certainties of the past

Are soon washed away.

Hitler had some redeeming features.

Mandela could be a swine.

Complexity becomes simplicity

Within the tale of time.

Things are never black and white,

They’re always shades of grey.

The certainties of the past

Are soon washed away.

Opher – 8.6.2021

People like things to be black and white. They want their villains thoroughly evil and their heroes pure.

Life ain’t like that.

Hitler was an evil man with a lust for power, a heart full of racism and a desire to rule the world. He oversaw war, constructed concentration camps, practiced genocide and callously killed without a shred of compassion, but he was quite a good artist. If only he’d been a little better and more successful with his art.

Mandela was an amazing man who oozed forgiveness, compassion and humanity; an example to us all. But he used to be a terrorist who practiced violence.

Even the most terrible of people have pleasant aspects to their personalities and the best have flaws.

Life is never black and white.