Poetry – Head Hitting – Righting the Write

Head Hitting – Righting the Write

I’m Head hitting, editing,

Righting the write.

Word splitting, whirred, spitting,

Writing it right.

I’m reading the read in

With all of my might.

Ceding the seeding

With the mind of a mite.

I’m handing out sentences.

Think I’ve been caught.

Judging the paragraphs

In my mental court.

I’m Head hitting, editing,

Righting the write.

Word splitting, whirred, spitting,

Writing it right.


Editing can do your head in. Searching for the perfect sentence. Selecting the only word that will work. Arranging the paragraph to create the perfect balance of length, style, variation and flow. Creating the perfect chapter. Checking the grammar. The spelling.

Moving the story through to its denouement.

None of the sentences are correct! Words have so many meanings. The nuances disturb the brain!

Head hitting!!

Poetry – Purple Prose

Purple Prose

As alliteration becomes aligned

And metaphor remains undefined,

Purple prose adorns the verbs

With obscure words,

Creating raptures

Within the esoteric meaning

That it captures.

For purple is the colour of kings

With elegance it rings

But with pomp and arrogance it sings.

Purple prose

Can get right up your nose.

Opher 5.4.2019

Being deliberately wordy and grandiose is a pretention that can be very annoying.

Roy Harper: Every Album, Every Song (On Track) Paperback – 29 July 2021

Thank you all for the likes, purchases and wonderful reviews. I really appreciate it.

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Adrian Mcgachie5.0 out of 5 starsShould sit beside any serious reading of the music by Roy Harper.Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 11 August 2021Verified PurchaseRoy Harper is not for everyone, and can be divisive, contrary, thought provoking, beautiful and lyrical, and that can be all in the space of just one twenty minute song.

This book though is an anthology that deserves to sit by your side, in, as I say in the title, any reading of this masterful lyricist, singer, songwriter, and poet. The music, by any standards, is so complex, that it deserves to one day to sit besides the greatest works of the greatest authors, lyricists, and poets, to be contemplated over for decades, nay, centuries, to come.

This book will hopefully reveal a corner of that tapestry, to assist scholars to unveil for themselves…

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Space travel in words.

Space travel in words.

Every word is alone. An idea captured within letters; a concept invented in sound and shared, agreed and accepted.

Every word, with all its vowels and consonants, has an exact meaning and communicates a thought.

It stands on its own.

But when these words are arranged in sentences they link together to form more complex ideas and even explosions of thought.

Those ideas trapped in the words join and mix to create more intricate concepts, paint vivid pictures and transmit emotion that others can share. They can extract the idea contained in one idea and connect it to the next so that together they have added synergy and can interact to intensify and interact to string together into whole universes of stories.

All imagination can be expressed by joining words. All one requires is space travel.

Nick Harper – The Wilderness Years. The book.

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The Writing of the Harper Book – Roy Harper: Every Album, Every Song (On Track)

The Writing of the Harper Book – Roy Harper: Every Album, Every Song (On Track)

Five years ago I had this idea of writing a book about myself and Roy and our fifty-year friendship. It was quite fun. I wrote it as a stream of conscious in one long splurge. As I completed each section I sent them off to a friend who I had shared a good deal of my life with. He loved it and kept urging me to do more. Day after day I’d produce another episode.

When I finally reached the end I had accumulated quite a lengthy piece of writing, the subject of which was Roy’s and my life in parallel.

I was feeling a little euphoric.

I foolishly shared the raw document with Roy instead of working on it. He did not like the writing at all but said that he thought there was a good book in there.

I went back to tidy it up and address the writing in the hopes of making it more readable.

Because I had written it as a stream of consciousness it was full of energy but very dense and verbose. The sentences were long. It gushed rather than flowed. I spent a lot of time rewriting it to make it more accessible and tidy the language up. Then I shared it with a few friends. Half loved it; half thought it was terrible.

I had another rethink. I could either go with the original that neither Roy nor Liz rated at all, or I could radically change the writing style. I worked with Liz and radically altered the style. What emerged was a new book altogether.

Having just finished the first draft of this reworking someone pointed out that Sonicbond publishers were looking for writers. On the spur of the moment I sent off a letter with an extract. Stephen, the editor, liked the writing but told me he was looking for a writer to produce a book on Roy for his On Track series. He offered me a contract.

That sounded interesting. I was familiar with all the songs Roy had produced and not only was a friend but also a great fan. I thought that a celebration of Roy’s brilliant work would be fun.

That is how I came to write Roy Harper On Track.

Little did I realise when I made that decision precisely how much work would be involved and how much time I would have to devote to it. It is one thing listening to the music and loving it, and quite another writing about it. Fortunately I knew enough and had sufficient personal experience through my association with Roy’s career to enable me to complete the project. I had a great time listening to all the music and revisiting past memories, digging out the information and reminiscing. Age gives perspective. Reliving the past can be invigorating and provides insight. Hindsight is educative.

What stood out to me was what a consistently spectacular body of work Roy has produced over the years and how many missed opportunities there were. What could, and should have been.

That fifty plus years of extraordinary creativity is the fruit of an equally extraordinary life.

The book was a celebration of Roy and his anticareer.

Now that the book is published I am turning my attention back to the original book!

We’ll see!

Poetry – Bankers playing Roulette

Bankers playing Roulette

Bankers playing roulette

With the likes of you and me.

Gambling for fun

To seal our destiny.

Necking their champagne,

Driving their flash cars –

An ever bigger pile of loot

Is the extent of their desires!

Opher 16.9.2018

I despise the selfish greedy attitude that some people have. They think they had the privilege to do what they like. They believe they were born better and they deserve all they get.

There is a failing in their heads. They have their priorities twisted. They believe they can purchase happiness, experience and purpose.

But, as Dylan said, you can’t buy a thrill.

Back when I was seventeen, and high on Kerouac, I made a conscious decision not to follow the god of mammon. I wanted experience, not money.

Poetry – A Cosmic Shrug

A Cosmic Shrug

As our green Earth

Delights in life’s birth

Basking in perpetual sun

With warmth and light for everyone

Might finally become aware

Of the parasite lurking there

And with a shrug of lava and ash

Rids itself of this foul rash.

Opher 25.8.2018

If only the planet was alive and conscious of the life that it had given birth to.

If only it became aware of the mess that we humans are making of the world and decided to take action.

If only………..

Poetry – The Mystery of History

The Mystery of History

The mystery of history

In rocks, stones and shards.

Captured in legend

By mystics and bards.

The wisdom of ages.

The lives that are long gone.

Remembered in the landscape;

Revered in poetic song.

Standing in the circle

With the setting of the sun.

Breathing in the ambience

From days when all was one.

The warmth of the stones,

Full of memories and hope;

A living reminder –

The dreams of human scope.

All the mists of time

Now shroud reality

From a distant age

When nature was divinity.

Close to the seasons

Though hard, cruel and true.

When life was simple

And we knew what we should do.

Now in the age of plastic

Where change is the new god;

Where cash is the gospel

We live far from the sod.

Communicating with electricity

Across the wastes of space.

We seem to own everything

But have lost our sense of place.

Opher – 8.7.2021

Fresh back from Cornwall, having stood in the Stone circles, visited coits and Iron Age villages, with a sense of wonder.

Connecting to the past.

Looking out from those rugged places it felt like I was looking through the eyes of my ancestors.

Life was hard but they were in tune with nature and felt at home in the land.

This modern world is all plastic and speed but lacks any connection.

I feel at home in a stone circle. The stones have warmth.