Roy Harper book Sold Out!

Great news on the Roy Harper book.

The publisher has just informed me that it has sold out and he has ordered a new print run which should arrive mid-September.

Amazon has a couple left

and there are three left at Burning Shed

I too have three copies left out of my three batches if anyone wants a signed copy.

Thank you all so much for your support and the fabulous reviews. They really cheer me up.

What is more important is that so many of you feel that I’ve done justice to Roy’s incredible body of work. It is time we had a celebration of the songs of Britain’s best singer-songwriter. He deserves much greater recognition.

Poetry – Grip and Grin

I wrote this three years ago. The legacy of May’s disastrous ploy of going in with the ERG is that we’re left with Johnson and this bunch of rabid extremists busily robbing up, wrecking the country and putting their extreme policies into practice.

Grip and Grin

Grip and grin,

May does cling

As power drains away.

Desperate spin

Fighting for her skin –

Should have done it another way.

It’s too late!

She sealed her fate

By joining the wrong crew.

It’s time to go!

We all told her so

As the feelings grew and grew.

You’ve made the dough

For the boys you know –

Not for the many but the few.

You’ve not been great

We’re in a state

Your policies turned the screw.

So Theresa May

You’ve had your day

You’ve done more than enough harm.

Goodbye adieu

Your race is through

Good riddance to your charm.

Opher 11.12.2018

As the Tory Party allow the country to fall into decay with every single service in crisis and the economy shot, they use Brexit as the smokescreen.

It’s ideological mayhem.

I’m just glad that the end is in sight and we have a chance to get rid of both the obstinate loathsome May and her bunch of extremist dullards.

Roy Harper: Every Album, Every Song (On Track) Paperback – 29 July 2021

Thank you all for the likes, purchases and wonderful reviews. I really appreciate it.

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Top reviews from United Kingdom

Adrian Mcgachie5.0 out of 5 starsShould sit beside any serious reading of the music by Roy Harper.Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 11 August 2021Verified PurchaseRoy Harper is not for everyone, and can be divisive, contrary, thought provoking, beautiful and lyrical, and that can be all in the space of just one twenty minute song.

This book though is an anthology that deserves to sit by your side, in, as I say in the title, any reading of this masterful lyricist, singer, songwriter, and poet. The music, by any standards, is so complex, that it deserves to one day to sit besides the greatest works of the greatest authors, lyricists, and poets, to be contemplated over for decades, nay, centuries, to come.

This book will hopefully reveal a corner of that tapestry, to assist scholars to unveil for themselves…

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Roy Harper book Available!

Great News about the Roy Harper book.

The book is in the process of being shipped to distributors and might be available from Burning Shed as early as next week.

Search – Roy Harper (

The book will be available from Amazon on July 29th

Some other selected bookshops will also stock it.

Roy Harper: Every Album, Every Song (On Track) : Opher Goodwin: Books

I have just taken delivery of my first batch of books. I can sign and send out copies on request (cost of book + postage) –

The Suppression of voter registration.

Under the guise of ensuring validity they are bringing in measures that they know will disenfranchise millions of the poorer voters. They believe this will hit Labour more than them.

It is the same tactics being used by the Republicans to suppress voter registration by black and poor white communities.

Poetry – The Truth

The Truth

The truth is usually grey.

It doesn’t stand up to the light of day.

What appears to be absolute

Rapidly falls into fierce dispute,

As the truth falls prey

To political decay.

We glean our truth from a source we trust

But the best of sites are rarely just.

Too many spoons prodding the pie

Taking more than their share from both you and I.

They twist the truth to fit their lust

And usually believed and rarely sussed.

The truth is what they want to pervert.

Seeking the gullible to convert.

The first casualty of war it truth

The second casualty is always youth.

Their aim is to subvert;

To facilitate the maximum hurt.

The truth is usually grey.

It doesn’t stand up to the light of day.

What appears to be absolute

Rapidly falls into fierce dispute,

As the truth falls prey

To political decay.

Opher 19.8.2018

I wrote this for all those people who take their news from all those fake sites out there on the web, busy pushing their propaganda:  for those who take the mainstream news as gospel; for those who really believe that they have the only handle on what is really going on.

This is tribal.

This is all lies.

A healthy cynicism is the only defence.

But none of us are free.