The Corona Diaries – Day 17

The days are flying past. I’m having trouble remembering what day we are on.

Well Day 17 brings the good news that Dylan is better and heading back to the front line. Now that he has had it I am sure that he will have immunity and we won’t have to worry about him. So I suppose that it’s good that he caught it. I still think the government needs a kicking. They need to get their arse in gear. They had plenty of warning – since last December!

They had no contingency plans in place, no stocks of ventilators or protective gear, no testing kits and they had run down the NHS for a decade!

They should look at how China, Korea, Singapore and Germany have dealt with it!  Testing is essential – Test – follow up contacts and isolate them.

Testing with follow up is the key! We’re not even starting yet! Why are we so far behind???

Dylan is a nurse in the front line and he was put at risk, provided with inadequate protection and still has not been tested!!

It is pathetic!

Moan over – today we went for a walk, avoided the rain, and enjoyed nature. Everywhere the buds are bursting open to reveal the fresh pale green perfect leaves. The birds are singing and everywhere looks normal. Spring is here (even if it is still cold).

It is strange to think that all those creatures have no idea of the way our lives have been affected. Corona doesn’t exist for them.

Back home I finished my third rewrite of the Sci-fi novel I’m working on. I’m starting the final reread.

I have Bo Diddley blaring out and an irate Liz telling me to turn it down – It’s just like when I was a kid and my Mum would be yelling at me!

It is my son Henry’s birthday today. It’s going to be an unusual one – one to remember.

So as the police seem to be misusing their powers and the politicians prevaricate our isolation continues.

It’s up to us to show common sense. Isolate, avoid contact and wash our hands!

I hope there’s something good on telly!

Today’s Music – Bo Diddley!!

Bo was unique, experimental and brilliant – what a character!! What a showman!! I fell in love with Bo the first time I heard him way back in 1961. I was only a kid but I connected.

I shall be playing his music loud all day today!!

You can’t beat a good Rock ‘n’ Roll beat to raise the spirits.

Play it LOUD!!! It drives Covid away!

Poetry – How Dainty

How Dainty


How daintily nature steps in

With her floral costume of Spring.

All cheerful and smiles

As she waltzes down aisles,

With sunshine and song

To right every wrong.


She tidies and cleans

With her new guillotine;

With her pruning hook

And hardly a look

She lops off the dead wood

In the neighbourhood.


And we once so proud,

So noisome and loud,

Are the very things

For which her axe swings.

And in her wake

There’s one less headache.


Opher – 29.3.2020

Isolation – John Lennon

It thought this was highly appropriate!

I’m with my little girl trying to change the whole world!


People say we got it made.
Don’t they know we’re so afraid?
Isolation.We’re afraid to be alone,
everybody got to have a home.

Just a boy and a little girl,
trying to change the whole wide world.

The world is just a little town,
everybody trying to put us down.

I don’t expect you to understand,
after you’ve caused so much pain.
But then again, you’re not to blame.
You’re just a human, a victim of the insane.

We’re afraid of everyone,
Afraid of the sun.

The sun will never disappear,
but the world may not have many years.

Stay isolated – Stay safe. One day we can come out and build a better world!

Today’s Music to raise my spirits in isolation – Chuck Berry!!!

What could be better than the rockin’ of Chuck’s infectious beat to raise the spirits??

Play it loud!!!

Yesterday was Elmore blasting out!! Today it’s Chuck who is the background to my day!!

Poetry – Tectonic Plates of Society

Tectonic Plates of Society


As the tectonic plates shift

The ground beneath us.

New mountains of behaviour

Push upwards as cultures clash.


Mountain ranges of compassion,

Volcanoes of cooperation,

Peaks of altruism,

Earthquakes of respect.


The old layers of populism,

The fossilised strata of greed,

The crushed remains of selfishness,

Are fractured, bent and buried.


As the old separation is replaced

By new togetherness,

And the old hostilities

Are suffocated with love.


Opher – 29.3.2020

Poetry – Living in a bubble


Living in a bubble


Living in a bubble

On top of a wave

About to crash

On a foreign beach.


Wondering my fate.

To be burst?

Or washed up?

To be blown


By an unfamiliar wind

Across new lands,

As yet uncharted,

And come to rest?


To shine in the sun

A myriad of hues,

Bringing great joy,

Or disintegrate in droplets?


Opher 28.3.2020

Schizoid – my new Sci-fi novel

The sequel to Quantum Fever. Three hundred years have passed. The aliens are ruining the planet Terra and are on the brink of war. Children of the Primitives on planet Hope are rebelling. President Woud of The System is angered. The Consortium is stirring up trouble………

In the UK:

In the USA: