Roy Harper book Available!

Great News about the Roy Harper book.

The book is in the process of being shipped to distributors and might be available from Burning Shed as early as next week.

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The book will be available from Amazon on July 29th

Some other selected bookshops will also stock it.

Roy Harper: Every Album, Every Song (On Track) : Opher Goodwin: Books

I have just taken delivery of my first batch of books. I can sign and send out copies on request (cost of book + postage) –

The Suppression of voter registration.

Under the guise of ensuring validity they are bringing in measures that they know will disenfranchise millions of the poorer voters. They believe this will hit Labour more than them.

It is the same tactics being used by the Republicans to suppress voter registration by black and poor white communities.

Poetry – The Truth

The Truth

The truth is usually grey.

It doesn’t stand up to the light of day.

What appears to be absolute

Rapidly falls into fierce dispute,

As the truth falls prey

To political decay.

We glean our truth from a source we trust

But the best of sites are rarely just.

Too many spoons prodding the pie

Taking more than their share from both you and I.

They twist the truth to fit their lust

And usually believed and rarely sussed.

The truth is what they want to pervert.

Seeking the gullible to convert.

The first casualty of war it truth

The second casualty is always youth.

Their aim is to subvert;

To facilitate the maximum hurt.

The truth is usually grey.

It doesn’t stand up to the light of day.

What appears to be absolute

Rapidly falls into fierce dispute,

As the truth falls prey

To political decay.

Opher 19.8.2018

I wrote this for all those people who take their news from all those fake sites out there on the web, busy pushing their propaganda:  for those who take the mainstream news as gospel; for those who really believe that they have the only handle on what is really going on.

This is tribal.

This is all lies.

A healthy cynicism is the only defence.

But none of us are free.

The Pornography Wars – A Sci-fi novel!! Available on Amazon. Paperback and digital!

The Pornography Wars takes political satire and social comment (with a liberal dash of humour) into a new dimension.
Sex is the essence of everything.
Is human history contrived by aliens?
Are we in a film set for an alien pornographic soap opera?
Is all human culture nothing more than an alien psych-master’s program?
What happens when the aliens argue over the future of pornography on their tridee sets?
What is going to happen to the future of human beings?

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Poetry – There is a Mystic

There is a Mystic

There is a mystic

In the sun and sea;

A mystic

In a grain of sand.

There is a mystery

In the rock and tree

And in the grasping

Of a hand.

Opher 22.3.2016

There is a Mystic

I am an antitheist. I believe that there is not only no god but that religion is all about power, is man-made and creates more harm than good.

Having said that I recognise that there is a strange connection at work.

I feel attracted to the beauty of rocks, trees, gorges, sea, lakes and sunsets. I am not alone in experiencing these feelings. Our ancestors worshipped these things before they invented gods. There is a majesty about them.

I can lie on my back and peer up into the night sky and experience awe as I whirl with the stars.

I can peer up at the moon and feel some lightening of my thoughts.

It is no wonder that primitive people, without the knowledge that science has brought, would experience these feelings and imagine the power of moon, sun, rocks and trees as possessing the spirits of gods.

I hope we have put this type of superstition behind us.

But Physics has shown us that there is more strangeness in the quantum world than we ever could have imagined.

I believe there is a lot more for us to discover. We are at the very beginning.

I do not have other words to describe the power that resides in these things. There is a mystic at work.

I cannot find words to express the delight in contacting a human being, or an animal. There is wonder, awe and mystery. There is warmth and communion beyond mere friendship. There is something I will call mystic.

Poetry – Sail Sweetly

Sail Sweetly

Sail sweetly through your dreams, my love,

Encased in the warmth of my embrace –

Surrounded in a golden cocoon

Of splendid caresses;

Safe within the refuge

Of my thoughts.

For the sweetness

That we shared

Has encircled us

In radiance sublime.

Opher 13.1.2016

Sail Sweetly

Love is what makes life splendid.

Perhaps it is hormonal? – Nothing but the flooding of the brain with neurochemicals? Perhaps it is merely a biological device to ensure pair-bonding, breeding and the care and upbringing of children? Perhaps we have no choice?

But then I am a romantic. I believe in love and friendship.

I feel that the feeling of being in love makes the whole world a better place.

Love is real.

There is nothing better than love.

The trouble with love is that it changes. That first madness of all-consuming passion gives way to less turbulent waters. Many leave the tranquillity of those calmer seas in search of the stormier tides – they become serial lovers. Yet I cannot help feeling sorry for them as they rush in search of their daily jag. They are missing the depth, the continuity and security of lasting love – it means more.

The beauty of love is that it is elevating, it makes one greater. There is a melding of minds, a growth of possibility.

Love creates the drive to nurture and protect. Lovers are immersed in each other and adrift from the world. They live in their own universe, safe within each other’s arms.