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I am writing a blog for thinking, creative people. I wish to promote thought and stimulate the grey matter.

I want to display beauty and an appreciation of the world, nature and human endeavours.

I want to illustrate politic and social events and not shy from controversy.

I want to highlight Rock Music, good lyrics and music that means something.

I want to communicate.

I want to address philosophy and religion. As an antitheist I would like to highlight the evils being carried out in the name of religion and express my abhorrence.

I want to display my own creativity in the form of Art, Poetry, Music and my Books.

I want to interact and get people involved.

Hopefully you will find this blog varied, passionate, funny, serious and open to all.

I am a humanist who believes in equality, fairness and tolerance. I despise inhumanity, barbarity, cruelty and intolerance.

I wish you a wonderful life in an incredible universe! You are all most welcome!

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How interesting to stand back and watch the politicians promise the earth in order to gain power!

How interesting to stand back and watch the politicians promise the earth in order to gain power!

It is quite apparent that none of the politicians, apart from possibly the Greens, are at all bothered about what is best for the country (or the planet). They are trying bribe after bribe in order to sway people to vote for them so that they can gain power.

Power, like wealth, is a terribly addictive thing.

The election brings it to the surface and it is naked for all to see; their lust for power trumps all common sense. They will try anything to gain power. They will lie, scare, misrepresent and blatantly try to buy your votes.

It is quite obscene.

It takes a certain type of psychopath to be a politician!

It’s all short-term, all ideological, all planned out to gain votes. It  does not matter what is right or wrong, best for anyone or makes sense. It’s a big psychological game!

Quite nasty really!

The Whole World – a poem

The Whole World


One neurone – nothing.

Two neurones – nothing.

A hundred billion neurones in a network –

You have the whole world

And me.


Opher – 21.6.2019



I occasionally have a little awe and wonder to throw at consciousness. Our brain is a fabulous electric blancmange. Our consciousness is wondrous. It is great, every now and again, to stop and think about it.

That is amazing. A brain thinking about itself with the mechanisms for thought it possesses.

So little we understand – so much still to learn.

What is clear to me is that these 100 billion neurones, all strung together in a wondrous network, supported by hundreds of billions of glial cells, connected to a limited number of senses, perceiving a fraction of what is around us, are doing a fabulous job of creating both me and the universe!


Here’s to consciousness!!

Consciousness – a poem


Firing electricity through
Throbbing pink jelly
To create
A version of reality.

Altering perception
Flooding with chemistry
A new world to see.

An unreal world
Not the real deal
Just Biology
Pretending to be real.

Opher 22.6.2019

I’m always fascinated by our consciousness. We really believe we see and feel the universe as it is – which, of course, is a joke. All our consciousness is, is a product of chemistry and electricity.
If we stimulated our sensory nerves the brain would perceive things that did not exist. It makes things up anyway. What we see is not what it is.
Flood your brain with chemicals and reality changes.
Our conscious is a construct. It is not real.

I sense love – a poem

I sense love

Let me look at you
And feast my eyes.
Let your voice
Warm my heart,
Smell your scent
On every breeze,
Feel you
In my dreams,
And taste
The love between us.

Opher 26.4.2016

I sense love

It may only be endorphins playing havoc with the brain but love overpowers all the senses, heightens and elevates everything.
Never is the world so full of colour, the flowers so full of scent, the bed so soft or the mood so raised.
Love does this.
If we could only live each day in love there would be no war or hate. It melts everything negative into its warmth.
It fills the dreams with sweetness. It encompasses the whole world and wraps it in a hug.
Love is the antidote.
May it last forever.

The human mind is very fragile

The human mind is very fragile

Contrary to our perceptions of ourselves, we are extremely fragile. War, bereavement and fear can play havoc with our delicate psyche. The world is consumed by hatred and violence because so many of us have been desensitised and traumatised by the terrible things that have happened to us and the ones we love.

We have to find a way of healing our mentally wounded and prevent others from becoming traumatised.

In places such as Sudan, Gaza, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Egypt, and Ireland people have been, or are being, incredibly damaged by their experience.

Opher’s World has the answer. Build a new Zeitgeist. Visit Opher’s World :


Is Trump at the D-Day Landings an oxymoron?

Is the fact that Trump is presiding over the celebration of the D-Day landings an oxymoron?

The D-Day landings were when our brave soldiers, from Britain, America and a host of other countries, landed in France to drive the Nazis back and defeat Hitler. They were fighting to free the world of Fascist tyranny. In the face of machine guns and shells they stormed the Normandy beaches and risked their lives. Many died.

They were fighting to rid the world of the scourge of racism, tyranny, intolerance and brutality represented by the extreme right-wing fascism of the Nazi Party.

They stood for the values of freedom, equality and a more caring world.

It seems strange to me that 75 years later we see a world leader, like Trump, who is lauded by every fascist group going, presiding over this celebration of the defeat of fascism.

That is what I call an oxymoron!

Who are the real traitors??

The real traitors are the people who do not have the good of the country at heart!

The real traitors are those people who put their people interests in front of that of the country.

The real traitors are those people who lie and spout populist slogans in order to get votes.

The real traitors are those who seek power rather than what is best for the country.

The real traitors are those gullible enough to believe the lies of extremists.

The real traitors are those who have supported the destruction of our public services and the scapegoating of the poor and immigrants.