Captain Beefheart: Every Album, Every Song (On Track) Paperback

Well I have finally completed the second rewrite/edit. The book is going to have a final edit with my editor chief and it’s off to the publishers!!

I’m very pleased with the way it’s turned out. It’s been a difficult and lengthy task.

Captain Beefheart was certainly a genius of a man, incredibly complex and creative. It’s been great immersing myself in his world.

In Search Of Captain Beefheart – A memoir of a life in Rock Music.

The sixties raged. I was young, crazy, full of hormones and wanting to snatch life by the balls. There was a life out there for the grabbing and it had to be wrestled into submission. There was a society full of boring amoral crap and a life to be had in the face of the boring, comforting vision of slow death on offer. Rock music vented all that passion. This book is a memoir of a life spent immersed in Rock Music. I was born in 1949 and so lived through the whole gamut of Rock. Rock music formed the background to momentous world events – the Civil Rights Movement, Vietnam War, Iraq war, Watergate, the miners’ strike and Thatcher years, CND, the Green Movement, Mao and the Cultural Revolution, Women’s Liberation and the Cold War. I see this as the Rock Era. I was immersed in Rock music. It was fused into my personality. It informed me, transformed me and inspired me. My heroes were musicians. I am who I am because of them. Without Rock Music I would not have the same sensibilities, optimism or ideals. They woke me up! This tells that story.

Nick Harper: The Wilderness Years Paperback 

The Nick Harper book –

Nick Harper: The Wilderness Years Paperback 

Is available in paperback or digital from your local Amazon.

I first met Nick when he was a young child and over the years he has become a close friend. This book illuminates the genius that I feel is Nick Harper and is designed to accompany ‘The Wilderness Years’, a trilogy of vinyl albums. Nick talks candidly about many aspects of his music and career. I include, with Nick’s permission, the lyrics of all the songs featured in the trilogy. There are also many photos dating from his childhood to the present day.

One review:

‘Humorous anecdotes and autobiographical exposition, paralleled with notes on the complex work of Harper bring the reader on a journey of wonderful insight into this quiet troubadour. Lovely entertaining read.’

In the UK:

In The USA:

In India:

If you would like me to sign a copy you can purchase a book directly from me – please PM me. (Or leave a message in the comments).



My mind is crippled

My emotions crawl

My memory limps

My psychology stalls

Shouting over the tramping of those worker ants

Standing in the shadow of these anorexic dwarves

My arguments decay into worthless rants

My best ideas become fodder for the wolves

There must be more than this

There has to be a way

That gives a sense of purpose

With something real to say

Somewhere between the mindless and the mean

Between the leaders and followers

What is and might have been

Between the sickeningly sweet and the vicious kick

Between the awesome mystery

Religion and the sick.

Somewhere between the ageing and the end

Between the discovery and death

The laws to break and mend

Between the exploiting cynic and the devotee

Between the moments that matter

And the lives of you and me.

There must be more than this

There has to be a way

That gives a sense of purpose

With something real to say

Opher 23.10.96

Roy Harper book – A Memoir – progress report.

I’ve been a little quiet over these last few months. Following the success of the Roy Harper: Every Album, Every Song (On Track) Paperback I received a contract to write a book on Captain Beefheart.

I completed the rewrite of the Roy Harper memoir, that I was rewriting, and put it to one side. I find that allowing some time to pass helps with objectivity.

I have spent the past two months working on the Beefheart book. Today I completed the first draft. It is due out next July so I’m ahead of schedule.

As is my way, I am putting that to one side and turning my attention back to the Roy memoir book. I hope to complete a read-through/edit before winter solstice!

I’ll keep you informed.

In the meantime, thank you so much for all your brilliant reviews and ratings on Amazon and Burning Shed. Keep ’em coming, I read them all and they give me energy. It is so good to know that you are finding the Roy book so interesting, and, if I can judge from the reviews, the Nick Harper book, the Wilderness Years, (as well as my memoir on a life spent in Rock Music – ‘In Search Of Captain Beefheart’).

I have bought in new batches of books – all three of those titles. If you would like to purchase a signed copy get in touch.

Thanks – Opher

Captain Beefheart – Every Album, Every Song (On Track) Paperback  – Progress report!

The good news is that I have today completed the first draft of the book. It is due out in July next year!

It presently weighs in at 230 pages but that might change.

I am about to embark on editing. I will be adding in snippets of information and altering parts. I will be shortening, lengthening and altering.

I will hunt out mistakes, add in facts, put my views, cite my experience and try to make it read smoothly.

I want it to be both definitive and fun.

The Captain was a man who deserves the best. I will do my utmost to deliver.

I’m now working on the photos before I start back in on the editing.

If anybody has photos that they would like to contribute then please contact me!

Thanks everybody!!

Poetry – Another Ode to Joy

Another Ode to Joy

There is already an ode to joy

But there can never be too many.

No attempt to capture the slant

Of the sun’s rays over a bay;

A sunset viewed from a mountain top;

Or touch of the hand in love

Can ever be of lesser value.

Each is a connection

To the joy of life –

No less, no more.

Though some may be greater

In their eloquence,

The essence

Of their endeavour

Is the same.

They all salute and recognise

That same majesty

That abounds in all things

And emanates

From that self-same joy.

So this is yet another ode to that same joy.

We open our eyes into a wonder.

This universe is pure joy.

I will wonder at it once more.

Opher 1.6.2019

I often stand back in wonder at the sight of some wondrous sight in nature. We can never have too much. Nature is a mystical joy.

Roy Harper book Sold Out!

Great news on the Roy Harper book.

The publisher has just informed me that it has sold out and he has ordered a new print run which should arrive mid-September.

Amazon has a couple left

and there are three left at Burning Shed

I too have three copies left out of my three batches if anyone wants a signed copy.

Thank you all so much for your support and the fabulous reviews. They really cheer me up.

What is more important is that so many of you feel that I’ve done justice to Roy’s incredible body of work. It is time we had a celebration of the songs of Britain’s best singer-songwriter. He deserves much greater recognition.

Poetry – Grip and Grin

I wrote this three years ago. The legacy of May’s disastrous ploy of going in with the ERG is that we’re left with Johnson and this bunch of rabid extremists busily robbing up, wrecking the country and putting their extreme policies into practice.

Grip and Grin

Grip and grin,

May does cling

As power drains away.

Desperate spin

Fighting for her skin –

Should have done it another way.

It’s too late!

She sealed her fate

By joining the wrong crew.

It’s time to go!

We all told her so

As the feelings grew and grew.

You’ve made the dough

For the boys you know –

Not for the many but the few.

You’ve not been great

We’re in a state

Your policies turned the screw.

So Theresa May

You’ve had your day

You’ve done more than enough harm.

Goodbye adieu

Your race is through

Good riddance to your charm.

Opher 11.12.2018

As the Tory Party allow the country to fall into decay with every single service in crisis and the economy shot, they use Brexit as the smokescreen.

It’s ideological mayhem.

I’m just glad that the end is in sight and we have a chance to get rid of both the obstinate loathsome May and her bunch of extremist dullards.