Today’s Music to keep me SANE in Isolation – Edgar Broughton Band!!

They were always good for a laugh and a benefit, cause or free festival. Many demons were outed and Beefheart impersonations carried out. Whose idea was it to merge Drop Out Boogie with Apache?? Insane but it worked.

That first album, Wasa Wasa, on Harvest was brilliant. Death of an Electric Citizen!! I thought I heard a raindrop fall!

So today I shall dig them out and play them loud!!

Today’s Music to keep me SANE in Isolation – The North Mississippi Allstars

It is rare these days for me to find a band that I go overboard on. Most music seems overproduced, to inoffensive, too processed, meaningless pop, or trivial. Not the North Mississippi Allstars. They seem to have captured the old rawness of Blues. I’ve seen them play three times now and they were superb each time. The Cody Brothers are amazing. The music is alive!

So today I’ll be playing them loud and proud. The North Mississippi Allstars!! Bastions of Hill Country Blues!!


Today’s Music to keep me SANE in Isolation – Ry Cooder

I’ve never managed to see Ry Cooder live but Nick Harper was telling me that he once shared a stage with him. He actually played on Captain Beefheart’s first album! He also formed a band with Taj Mahal!

Ry has played all manner of music – acoustic, electric and whatever – all equally impeccable. I love it all.

So today I’ll be playing Ry!!

Today’s Music to keep me SANE in Isloation – Richard and Mimi Farina

Mimi Farina was Joan Baez’s sister. Richard was quite a character – a complete rebel. He’d gone off to Cuba to fight for the revolution. He first married Carolyn Hester then divorced her and married the seventeen year old Mimi.

Richard was a hard living man. He played Appalachian dulcimer and wrote songs. He also wrote a novel – Been Down So Long It Looks Like Up To Me – which is quite good. Mimi and Richard played together in Greenwich Village, were signed to Vanguard and released three albums (one posthumously). They were good friends with the emerging Dylan and had the potential to be massive.

Unfortunately Richard was killed in a motorbike accident just days after the release of his book. So much potential. Mimi and Richard created such a unique sound. I loved them.

So today I will play Richard and Mimi and think about what might have been


Music to keep me SANE in Isolation – Huey ‘Piano’ Smith & the Clowns

I do like a bot of New Orleans good-time music every now and again. Huey creates that in abundance. There’s something about that infectious New Orleans laid-back jauntiness. Don’t you just love it?

So today I’ll be playing some good old Huey Smith.

Today’s Music to keep me SANE in Isolation – Hounddog Taylor

I only managed to see Hound Dog Taylor once. He was on the Blues package that came through in 1969 or 1970 – I forget which. Sadly he did not stand out. I was more smitten with Son House, Bukka White, Skip James and Big Joe Williams, who were all outstanding. So I did not take much note of him after that – until I heard the Natural Boogie album.

It knocked me out!!

I like music that is raw. I like good slide guitar. I like it rockin’!

Natural Boogie had it all – overamplified, distorted and mean. There was none of that overproduced commercial rubbish – all processed down to the lowest common denominator – this was the real thing!

So I went and bought all his albums!! Today I will be rockin’ with Hound Dog!!!

Music to keep me SANE in Isolation – Don and Dewey

I felt like needing to be a bit jaunty today so I opted for something uplifting and bouncy. Don and Dewey hit the mark.

They were signed to the Specialty label who were trying to cultivate new Rock ‘n’ Roll stars in the mold of Little Richard.

They didn’t really have a hit but wrote and recorded a number of other songs recorded by big stars – such as Farmer John, I’m Leaving It All Up To You and Justine.

They were part Rock ‘n’ Roll and part R&B – a kind of precursor for Soul and acts like Sam and Dave.

I like their power, enthusiasm and the way their two voices duel. In real life they hated one another!

So today it’s Don and Dewey! They’ll blow your ears off!!

Star – the idea behind the book

Star – the idea behind the book

I started writing Star in 1981.

I had an idea for writing a novel based on the underground Rock Music of the sixties but putting it a thousand years into the future on an intergalactic scale.

My main character had to be a larger than life Rock Star.

The motivation for the story was based on two separate incidents: the motorbike accident of Bob Dylan in 1966 and the death of Jimi Hendrix in 1970. Both spawned conspiracy theories of Mafia involvement, Black Panther involvement, pressure from management, contracts, work pressure, pressure to maintain creativity, drug use, government concern and many more.

That seemed a rich vein to mine.

So I put my character in an infamous underground band, thrust into a leading role in the social unrest that was taking the form of an increasing political, antiestablishment youth movement sweeping the galaxy.

All I had to do was recreate the social and political changes of the sixties in a futuristic setting and move my character through them.

It was interesting and fun. The result was ‘Star’.

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Music to keep me SANE in Isolation – JJ Cale

I thought I’d have a chill out Sunday while I work on my new blog. There’s not much better than JJ Cale to chill out to. I love that chugging style, great guitar riffs and laid-back style.

So here’s a dose of JJ.