Today’s music to keep me SssSSAaaaAnNNNnEeee in Isolation – Beatles – Beatles For Sale

On their fourth album the Beatles were still treading the same boards as on their first album. There was a mixture of covers (Little Richard, Chuck Berry, Carl Perkins,Dr Feelgood) plus their own material. There was less of the R&B and to me it sounded less raw than that superb first album. This was their teeny bop years but the quality of the material was far better than teeny bop.

Today I’m going to revisit my youth. I’ll go back in my mind to that day I came rushing home with the album to put it on the record player on the morning it came out. From Please Please Me on I bought every Beatles single and album on the day it came out and still remember the buzz of hearing it for the first time. I was never disappointed.

The Beatles – Beatles for Sale (full album) – YouTube

Today’s Music to keep me SSSSsAaaaaAnnnNeEEE in Isolation – Bo Diddley

I was talking last night to my mate Mike about the mighty Bo Diddley. It filled me with a great desire to play some classic Bo. I’m going to have a Bo Diddley day!!

Bo Diddley – The Best Of Vol 2 (Full Album / Album complet) – YouTube

Today’s Music to keep me SsSSAaAaAaaNNnneEeee in Isolation – Esquerita

Little Richard based a lot of his act and appearance on Esquerita. They tried to make him a replacement for Richard when he left the biz in the 50s. That didn’t work out.

His Rock stuff had all the Little Richard trademarks – the ooohs and aaahs – and his hairstyle had the biggest pompadour ever.

Esquerita – All the Best (FULL ALBUM – BEST OF R&B – BEST OF ROCK) – YouTube

My Favourite West Coast Acid Rock Bands

I always extend this a little to include bands that weren’t West Coast or weren’t strictly Acid Rock (such as Byrds and Zappa) but they were part of the scene.

I used to love these bands and fortunately managed to see them all live

These are my favourites:

Country Joe and the Fish

Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band


Jefferson Airplane


The Mothers of Invention

Buffalo Springfield

Grateful Dead


Blue Cheer

Quicksilver Messenger Service

Big Brother and the Holding Company


It’s a Beautiful Day

In Search Of Captain Beefheart – A memoir of a life in Rock Music

Rock Music has been a good part of my life! From Country Blues through the 60s Underground, punk and Roy Harper to White Stripes – I’ve been there and loved it all! This is my story.

5.0 out of 5 stars Brilliant Read Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 5 December 2019 Verified Purchase

What a great read , what a journey , If you like music you’ll love this book . From the folk roots of London to the crossroads of Robert Johnson . From the delta of blues through to Greenwich village ! From the Height Ashbury hippy time to Hull ,Intrigued you should be ! I couldn’t put this book down it took me on a musical journey back in time from Blues Folk Rock and Punk and back again , Excellent ! Hats off to Opher . Dylan Thomas Jones .

In Search of Captain Beefheart: Goodwin, Opher: 9781502820457: Books

Today’s Music To Keep me SsSssaaAAaNnnnnNEEEE in Isolation – Howlin’ Wolf – The best!!

So brilliant!! The best voice and band. Those Willie Dixon numbers are genius. The power and raw brilliance. I shall enjoy listening to some Wolf today!!!

Howlin’ Wolf – The Best Of Vol 1 (Full Album / Album complet) – YouTube

My Favourite US 1950s Male R&B Bands

Of Course, all of the solo R&B singers had bands behind them. Some were definite groups of individuals. The R&B combos had a huge impact on the development of the British Beat scene of the 1960s. I do make a disction between these R&B and other Doo-Wop bands.

Here are my favourites:




Don and Dewey

Isley Brothers






My Favourite 50s R&B singers

Black 50s R&B was not heard in the UK. All these fabulous singers were unknown in Britain. Merchant seamen brought singles and albums back into the ports. They were like gold dust. All the local bands in the early sixties were eager to get their hands on these songs so that they could incorporate them into their act. We see these songs surfacing on all the early albums of bands such as the Beatles and Stones.

Here’s my favourite US R&B singers:

Bo Diddley

Arthur Alexander

Rufus Thomas

Screaming Jay Hawkins

Jimmy Reed

Ray Charles

Ruth Brown

Little Willie John

Ike Turner

James Brown

Tina Turner

Irma Thomas

Fats Domino

Huey Piano Smith

Sam Cooke

Big Mama Thornton

Johnny Otis

I bet I missed a few off!