Today’s music to keep me SssaaaNnnneEeE in Isolation – Jimi Hendrix.

I have just received this CD of Jimi at Woburn Abbey. It’s not the best album of Jimi live but it is special to me. I was there and it was incredibly exciting. One of my best.

So today I have been playing it non-stop and thinking back to those days and my good friend Danny who I went with who is no longer with us.

I’m not sure it’s keeping me sane!

As I couldn’t find the Woburn Concert on line I am putting this live stuff up:

Jimi Hendrix Live Full Concert 1969 – YouTube

Today’s Music to keep me SSSsSaAaaANnnnNEeeee in Isolation – The Fugs – Belle Of Avenue A

I have a soft spot for the Fugs. They were a street band, quite extreme and very theatrical. I shall enjoy going back for a listen.

I couldn’t find the whole album on youtube. But here’s a selection.

The Fugs – Kill For Peace – YouTube

Fugs – The Belle of Avenue A – YouTube

The Fugs – Bum’s Song – YouTube

The Fugs – The Origins (FULL ALBUM – BEST OF ROCK) – YouTube

Today’s Music to keep me SsSSaaaAnnNNEEee in Isolation – Country Joe and the Fish – Electric Music

An Acid Rock masterpiece from 1967! A totally new sound. That guitar still sounds so distinctive. One of my favourite albums.


C̤o̤ṳn̤t̤r̤y̤ ̤J̤o̤e̤ & The Fish – ̤E̤l̤e̤c̤t̤r̤i̤c̤ Music… Full Album HQ 1967 – YouTube

Poetry – The Music that Moves Mountains

The Music that Moves Mountains

From Dylan to the Doors,

Beatles to the Stones,

I dreamt the thoughts

That matched the tones.

Harper and Cohen,

Ochs and Guthrie,

Gave me the words

To match my own melody.

My neurones soared

With the feedback

As my thoughts set out

On a new tack.

Beefheart and Young

Sent me reeling.

While Joni and Joan

Filled my head with the feeling.

For we’ve got the Traffic

And the new Family

Floyd in the stars

As Hendrix set me Free

Country Joe was so Grateful

As the Airplane flew

From Buffalo with Invention

As that feeling grew.

Love flew like the Byrds

While the Velvets walked the streets

It was all Canned Tomorrow

That Broughton cosmic feats.

For we’re all Sunshine Supermen

On a journey across the universe

Floating on those cosmic wheels

From verse to verse.

Music’s my inspiration

As my consciousness flows

Along those golden strings

As the syncopation grows.

Opher 15.8.2015

The Music that Moves Mountains

The sixties ushered in huge social change that altered the fabric of society and set in motion a chain reaction. It inspired me, shook me, stirred me up and set me flying. The music filled my veins with fire, my head with realisation; it opened my eyes, made me think and poured energy through my ventricles.

I thought I’d play about with a few words. It may not be great poetry but it made me smile!

Today’s Music to keep me SsSAAaannNNEee in Isolation – Pink Floyd – Saucerful of Secrets

Floyd’s first album was a revelation. Nothing had ever been quite like it. Then Syd, the guiding force, melted down. The question was whether they could do anything worthwhile without him.

Saucerful of Secrets showed that they could. Today I’m going to give it another listen and pretend I’m back in the 60s.

Pink Floyd – A Saucerful Of Secrets – YouTube

Today’s Music to keep me SsSaAaaNnnnEeee in Isolation – Leonard Cohen – Songs from a room.

I first heard Len on a compilation album, I think it was Suzanne, and immediately went of to buy that first album. It was brilliant but for me it was the second album that was my favourite. Every song a gem.

Today Len will cheer me up with his wonderful sad poetry.

Leonard Cohen – Bird on the Wire – YouTube

Leonard Cohen – Story of Isaac – YouTube

Leonard Cohen – A Bunch of Lonesome Heros – YouTube

Leonard Cohen – The Partisan (Audio) – YouTube

Leonard Cohen – Seems So Long Ago, Nancy – YouTube

LEONARD COHEN “The Old Revolution”.wmv – YouTube

Leonard Cohen – The Butcher – YouTube

LEONARD COHEN “You Know Who I Am”.wmv – YouTube

Leonard Cohen – Lady Midnight – YouTube

Leonard Cohen – Tonight Will Be Fine – YouTube

Poetry – A Wail from the Fifties

A Wail from the Fifties

A saxophone wail from the fifties

Is not the same as the best we can now make.

A guitar riff from the sixties –

We cannot create the same revolutionary break.

The snarl of disgust from the seventies

Cannot ever be reproduced.

Every decade has its moment

And cannot be reintroduced.

The zeitgeist of the moment

Is the spirit of the age.

Unique to the chemistry

That is written on that page.

We can listen back in wonder

At how it came about.

Tune in to the moment

And understand, without a doubt.

But we cannot re-experience

What it felt to live back then.

You can study every nuance

But you cannot get it back again.

It’s different.

Opher 24.7.2015

A Wail from the Fifties

Every age has its zeitgeist and that spirit creates the possibility. Nothing is simple. The complexity of all the subtle inputs and nuance create a ‘feel’ that can only be sensed. It can never be recreated.

Music captures a bit of the ‘soul’. Within the sound the human condition is expressed. It captures the politics, social condition, personal mood and idealism of the age within which it was produced. It is not merely a sound. It is not merely a set of notes performed on instruments. It is not merely a product of the recording technique and studio. It is much more than that. It is a product of all the attributes of the time it was made. All the experiences and feelings of that time are condensed into those sounds. It is a human being who is pouring their spirit into the sound. What comes out is their poetic interpretation. It is human.

And humans swim within the zeitgeist of their age. It bathes them, is absorbed by them and transforms them. What comes out of that osmosis is the essence of the age they live in. No amount of reproduction can recreate it. Every age is unique.

We build the zeitgeist that moulds us.

Let’s make it good!

Music to keep me SssSaaaaAnNNnnnnEeEE in Isolation – The Rolling Stones – 1st Album

I bought this the day it came out and hitch-hiked around France with it. I was fifteen and that album had quite an impact on the French, German and Austrian kids that I met in my travels.

I’ll enjoy playing it again today and drifting through a few memories.

Route 66 – YouTube

I Just Want To Make Love To You (Mono Version) – YouTube

Honest I Do – YouTube

Mona (I Need You Baby) – YouTube

Now I’ve Got A Witness – YouTube

Little By Little (Mono Version) – YouTube

I’m A King Bee – YouTube

Carol – YouTube

Tell Me – YouTube

Can I Get A Witness – YouTube

You Can Make It If You Try – YouTube

Walking The Dog – YouTube

T̲h̲e̲ R̲o̲lli̲ng S̲tone̲s __ R̲o̲lli̲ng S̲tone̲s (Full Album) 1964 – YouTube