Psychadelic Picture
Me and Pete

Here are some pictures. I hope you like them. I have been taking photos all over the world.

15 thoughts on “Photo Gallery

      1. Yes i am he Me and Pauline divorced in 1985, I live in Torquay Devon She lives on the isle of wight!How are you both(assuming liz is with you)

      2. Bernard – it is good to hear from you! I think the last time I heard from you was when you were dredging the river.
        Liz is still putting up with me and we live out in Nafferton now. We are both doing good.
        I hope you are well!

  1. I’m a child from the sixies also, but never been brave enough to make much change in the world, although have desperately wanted to! Time is slipping away. I too love all things gentle true and inspirational. Wistfully Sue

    1. Hi Sue – It,s never too late. We change the world every minute. It,s never wanted changing more than right now. Feed that zeitgeist. Love it. All the best Opher

  2. Hi Opher, I love your website and photos of the 60s. I’m wondering if I could email you to ask you about memories of some people who you may have know – I am doing some research for a radio documentary? thank you!

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