Rock music has been the backdrop to my life. It has informed me, stimulated me and reinforced my idealism and optimism for the future. I have written a number of books about rock.

Opher Pete

Below is a list of the Rock Music books I have produced so far. If you wish to read more about them or sample an extract then please go back to the books menu, look under Rock Music and check out the pages I have written on each of them. I hope you enjoy them!

Rock Music

  • Rock Strata Vol 1
  • Rock Strata Vol 2
  • Rock Strata Vol 3
  • Rock Strata Vol 4
  • Rock Routes
  • Rockin my life away
  • Roy Harper Vol 1
  • Roy Harper Vol 2
  • Roy Harper Vol 3
  • Roy Harper Vol 4
  • Roy Harper Biog
  • Under the covers
  • In Search of Captain Beefheart

16 thoughts on “Rock Music

  1. Hi Chris!
    I’m very much enjoying browsing through your album list. Sorry to be a pedant, but it’s Fela Kuti ( not Kouti).

      1. You’re welcome!
        It’s also Breitbart ( not Brietbart)
        I should of (ha!) bean a proof reader!

      2. Somehow these things slip through. When you read it yourself you read it subjectively as it should be not as it is! Very frustrating. Yes, you should have being a proof reader!

  2. Ha! Spotting other peoples’ mistakes is easy; spotting one’s own is a different matter!
    Paris in the the Spring!
    You probably knew this, but Emerlist Davjack was made up from
    Keith Emerson, David O’List, Brian Davison and Lee Jackson.
    We have a lot of great artists in common on our favourites lists. I’m currently enjoying an artist called Peter Parcek. You might want to give him a listen. His track “The World is Upside Down” on his Mississippi Suitcase album seems to echo your sentiments elsewhere on your site.

    1. Thank you for that. I’ll have a listen.
      I used to love the Nice. First saw them backing PP Arnold. I was in the Abbey Road studio when they backed Roy Harper on Hell’s Angels. Really nice guys (pun intended).

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