I live to make the world a better place. Why don’t you join me? Creativity gives a purpose to life. This blog celebrates creativity. I welcome you. Please have a look at my books, art, poems and art.

This is an idealist’s shriek at the absurd, the horrendous and the obscene in the huge optimism that we can make it better.

This is a blog in pursuit of the marvellous.

I ask you to devour all that is wonderful –

and detest all that is cruel, vicious and mean.

You will find lots of life, sex and ideas in this blog – (Ideas such as – there is no god, no purpose, no great scheme, no after-life) – but I do not set out to be offensive, merely to argue my passionately held point of view.

This blog is a celebration of Life – not Death.

What is obscene is not sex.

Obscenity is:
– The destruction of the environment
– War
– The indoctrination of children
– Overpopulation
– Cynical exploitation
– Cruelty to animals and people
– Grotesque disparity of wealth
– Deforestation
– Fanaticism in politics and religion
– Pollution

These are the things I stand against.
These are the obscenities.

This blog celebrates Love, Humour, Kindness and Awe.

It is a howl of creativity – A feast of ideas – A source of controversy.

A thing of beauty –  A delight of wonder – A splurge of passion.

I preach Tolerance – Empathy – Equality – Freedom – Respect –

Responsibility and Passionate Argument.

I will post some of my photos from round the world, examples of my poetry, extracts from my books, my views, ideas and dreams. I will tell you what I stand for and against and argue my case.

It would be great it you told me your views. Perhaps we could have a good argument about it!! There’s nothing better than a good passionate exchange of deeply held views.

This will be the marmite of blogs!

180 thoughts on “About Opher’s World

  1. Jeff Michka that comment was racist.
    India was more advanced than Britain.
    Before colonial British rule India was not overpopulated.
    The British surrendered to us after The First Anglo Maratha War.
    I have a painting.
    Do you deny accepted and documented history?
    Why did Britain hang on to India attending its African slave trade?
    America continued its slave trade for some time.
    Why did they execute the members underfuNding Royal family in 1930 and imprison people in the Andaman Islands.

  2. Opher, your countries i.e. Britain, the U.S.) don’t have defined borders or limits that you should not cross. How are Alaska and Hawaii part of the United States? Your countries cannot claim to be the Lord’s country because you wanted the whole world.

    Nature bore mankind, and now she grieves because Mankind turned against her.


    Opher, it takes time for evolution to occur. Birds and whales are millions of years older than Man according to science and the fossil record. So why are birds not more advanced than humans?
    Commonsense is wrong.
    Man took a leap. Nature does not leap according to Darwin. But, Man did. Because the Lord advanced us not nature alone.

    1. Barath – evolution is not advancement – it is change. It does not create intelligence per se. All creatures that exist are equally evolved. None are more advanced than others – just different.

  3. Jeff Michka:
    The Supreme Court protected display of a Menora or a Chanukah but not a nativity scene or cross for Christmas on public grounds because those are minority beliefs. The Constitution protects individuals and minorities against majority overreach.
    So it’s countermajoritarian, right?

  4. Opher, the thing is Indians have not been too fundamentalist, but too lenient. They saw British off as friends but never asked for justice at the Belgrade Conference for the non- aligned movement. Fundamentalism is just a word, it means different things to different beliefs.
    Hindu’s can be fundamentalists, but I can’t because my religion does not allow it.

    1. Barath – I think you see things through rose-tinted glasses. What the Indian government is doing and what those Hindu extremist mobs are doing is fundamentalism.

  5. Opher, the law prohibits an intentional murder. That is not derived from Neil Locke’s community rights. That is the Lord’s rule. If people don’t enforce it the Lord does. Cardinal sin is wanton and not necessarily forgivable. It is not self defense when people are trying to kill you.

  6. If you say money comes before life that’s wrong. If you say life comes before the Lord that might be questionable, though people are human. If you say money comes before the Lord that’s wrong.

  7. The Gods and and Angels always say ” The Lord comes first” because he Created life, he is life, you only have family and friends because of him. ”
    Your Mother and father didn’t create the Sun the moon and the stars, or themselves. One ought to be grateful to their Creator.

    1. When have you ever seen a god or an angel Barath?
      How do you know I did not create the stars?
      Why is this creator of yours so shy?

  8. Opher, it is a well documented phenomena that people experience visions of the Lord or Angels, or out of body experience or a light with a tunnel in medicine called near death experiences. The Angels or the Lord reveal themselves when someone is dying, or to a soldier dying in some lonely miserableplace. There are thousands of anecdotal stories that doctors cannot explain in their literature.
    My Creator isn’t any shy, he is everywhere in his creation, but you have to believe in him. There are rules to religion.

      1. Opher, I assume you have never seen a God or an Angel. That’s not my fault. Then why would you believe in one?
        Why would a Gid whisper to Moses and not to you? We’re the Egyotians such a menace?
        Since the time of Moses we have developed nuclear missiles, airplanes, tanks, cars, ICBM’s, nuclear submarines, radio, television, fought two world wars.
        No need to appear or talk to anyone since then.
        If your God bless costs where is he? Why doesn’t he help people or direct them? Was Moses so good? Why doesn’t he talk to you in some fashion? People often beg and pray for his help, why doesn’t he answer them?
        Moses and was approx.3200 years ago, why does he not communicate to people anymore?
        Where did he go? Why does he not answer people’s prayers?
        If you pray and he says nothing to you then maybe he does not exist like you say.
        A Bar room gambler in England who was a night watchmen saw a ghost at a nuclear reactor.
        Later his wife died of cancer, and his daughter was in a coma. He begged and prayed on his knees for the Lord to help him, though he had never been a good or religious man.
        He didn’t get an answer.

      2. That’s because this ‘god’ only appears to people at the top of mountains, in caves or out in the wilderness where they are alone. They call it god – others might call it schizophrenia.

  9. It is ludicrous to look at British man or Jeff Michka and say they are developed. They are brutish, bellucose, foul mouth, and abrasive. The Lord does not like a$$hokes. The Indians were gentle and advanced oeople, the Christians were murderers and theives living off of my wealth and heritage.
    And everyone knows a mammal is more advanced than a reptile(you say not more evolved). The Lord is more ancient, he came before, he came first.
    There is only one Lord, there are only blasphemers in your House of Lords where they blaspheme the Lord. Good Lord the human race is not advanced. What did the British give the world Led Zeppellin and Ozzy Ozbourne or Monty Pythons. Good grief you were dirty white men,brat faced, full of greed and uglieness. You propose anarchy.

    1. Rose-tinted glasses Barath. India has a long history of war and conquest.
      Have you ever seen this god of yours? Or angels? Or ghosts? Neither have I.
      Merry Christmas to you!!

    1. Barath – when I went to India I went round the Rajah’s palace -= stuffed full of opulent wealth – while outside the gates the poor starved. I saw the vicious caste system, the have’s and have-nots, the fortresses and battles. India is the same as anywhere else – a story of blood, power and oppression. Religion and politics used to oppress the people. I think you fool yourself. The British were not responsible for all the negatives.

    1. India was never part of Britain – it was simply ruled by Britain. There’s a big difference. Britain is England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

  10. Opher: sorry for getting angry. Merry Christmas to you too.
    India only fought defensive wars after the time of Alexander the Great. The Greeks were really bad; power loving and pleasure loving. That was our dilemma. We stopped fighting wars for justice because we realized the world was too corrupt and that it could not understand the Lord anymore.
    We did not try to stop the spread of Christianity or Islam in the beginning, we even traded with the Romans, before they tried to destroy us. The question was whether we should fight offensive wars or only defensive war. We thought if we crossed the Indus or fought with the Persian Mughals in the desert we would be destroyed.
    We obeyed the Lord.

  11. Opher, but that is now. You seem not beer stand the basis of a ordered religious system. The people loved ther rulers, and despised the British occupiers and Muslim invaders. They loved their Chatrapatis and Peshvas. They cried and rallied at the death of Chatrapati Sambaja Raja Bosle and some still do. We loved our country and our leaders and government and our religion. You want argue about caste when you are destroying the world by breaking down moral barriers between right and wrong.
    Caste was a way to decide who should rule. Black and white rich and poor male and female all having revival singing the gospel night and day and babbling in tongues, how good is our Lord Jesus..
    Good Lord your religion is the Creator of anarch confusion and destruction.

    1. Hi Barath – you do talk utter rubbish. Here’s a list of bloody battles fought in India before the British arrived.
      No land of milk and honey – just religious and political conflict, power, oppression, exploitation – the same as everywhere else.
      You just want a scapegoat. Get off your high horse. Open your eyes. People are people.
      Those people who invaded India, exploited, ruled and oppressed. Did the same to us here too. They are still doing it all over the world.

  12. Opher: Opher that does not prove anything. We fought to decide succession. More like competition.
    But, we fought the Anglo-Maratha war at great cost. Twenty four thousand slodiers. We didn’t enjoy war. The British surrendered. The British held to on to Salsette(Bombay) an important trading port.
    Why didn’t you just leave. India as never British.
    The British lost the a second war too.
    The Battle of Poone( it’s on the list) is a play on words. Punah means return in Sanskrit but in Tamil it means wound. Pune was the Maratha Capital.
    You should not let the Christians in because return to do injury again and again.

    1. Barath – you are a blinkered racist aren’t you? You push your religion and race and pour scorn on everyone else. First remove that plank out of your eye and you might see more clearly. Your religion and race are every bit as bad as anyone else’s.

  13. What is my high horse. People compete but I expect white men to be civilized men which they are not capable of. I expect them to follow ru les. They are all white supremacist, Christian or not Christian, they have no religion but themselves. They are ruthlessly immoral and self centered. They’re an embarrassment.

    1. Well Barath, I shall ignore your blatant racism, which I find rather puerile, and answer your post with the application of objectivity.
      Obviously – not all white people are anything like the same. Your stereotyping is a typical racist ploy. Some are good and some are bad.
      I, and nobody I know, am not a white supremacist. A simple trawl through my blog would disclose that I am vehemently opposed to such racism. I consider white supremacists to be scum.
      Many people who are white firmly believe in religion and follow a number of different ones. I personally think all religion is mindless. I have no wish to be an indoctrinated sheep.
      I and not ruthless or immoral – far from it – though at times I can certainly be self-centred.
      My wife often finds me an embarrassment – especially when I call out racists, support the environment or talk politics.

  14. Well Opher I did knot mean you, but this mindless defense of British heritage smacks of racism.
    Why would you want insult the Indian heritage and think the British one was better?
    There is one Lord.
    There is a noble heritage.
    I trace My descendants back to the Pandavas
    and The Marathas.
    I claim Paramountcy over the Bristish crown.The
    The British surrendered to The Indian crown.
    The Christian heritage is a lie.
    My heritage was better.

  15. Why didn’t the Indians ever fight back while England was stealing everything little by little. They noticed. They were afraid to fight. Why should we have lived in fear while you were committing genocide against us. We had every right to fight.
    Non violence is for independence against unjust r government. War is for justice, not peace or democracy.

  16. That is I claim descent from the Lord.
    The British crown surrendered.
    The second and third Anglo Maratha Wars were illegal.
    The Maratha surrender was void of legality because you had already surrendered.War
    The British Crown did not keep its promises.
    It is therefore devoid of merit and honor.

  17. Some people sincerely wanted all wars to stop just as soon as possible;… But members of the U.S. anti-war movement wound up being involved in the betrayal of Far Eastern nations, in a genocide and in the suffering today imposed on 30 million people there. Do those convinced pacifists hear the moans coming from there? Do they understand their responsibility today? Or do they prefer not to hear?

    Source: Texts of Famous Speeches at Harvard
    Re-formatted in HTML by The Augustine Club at Columbia University, 1997

  18. Opher, you miss the point war is for justice, not Democracy, world peace or in most cases even liberty. How come America has never fought a war for justice?
    Because it’s a Christian country or because they lie?

  19. Hey Opher i hope you are doing well.
    It strikes me that evolutionary theory is wrong if animals have more intelligence, and maybe Spirit, than scientists understand.
    Can you address that problem..

    1. Hi Barath – I hope you are safe and well.
      What makes you think evolution is wrong just because many animals demonstrate intelligence? Intelligence is a survival characteristic. It would be selected for. It backs up the theory.

  20. Question: part II
    Evolution postulates that selfish characteristics and individual dominance are the basis for natural selection, which is the basis for reproductive selection and so evolution.
    But, not if animals are smart enough to understand morality on some level. If they can ten evolutionary theory is wrong…

    1. Wow Barath – that’s an essay. Let me address a few things.
      Evolution is not based on selfish characteristics at all. Indeed humans clearly demonstrate that working together works much better. Evolution is about survival of the fittest. The fittest is often the one that works best with its fellows.
      Reproductive selection is based on couples choosing the partner who is best suited to survive – ie. the healthiest. It is selection of the genes that are wanted to pass on to the offspring. This is usually the strongest, healthiest.
      Many animals demonstrate clear morality. It works to ensure that the animals operate together in packs for the good of all. A clear survival characteristic. Supports evolution.

  21. The rooster crows in the morning like an alarm clock till all animal the surroundings wake up. The birds sing a song that carries a message not just to other birds, but that is understood by other animals. That is interspecific or communal communication or interaction

    1. Or just a bloody nuisance if you want to sleep in.
      That rooster and those birds are marking their territory. They sing to warn off other males and to attract females. Singing is mainly aggression. There is an interspecies element. They warn off other animals too.

  22. The desire to pass on genes in animals is instinctual, not intentional choice the biologists would say otherwise it contradicts Darwin – survival of the fittest by reproductive competition is instinctual they contend.

    1. Biologists do not say otherwise Barath. We have a strong instinct to select mates that will give us the fittest kids and thus ensure the survival of our genes.

  23. Opher, preachers preach of evil fates, teachers teach that knowledge waits, even the President of United States is only human. Remember you heard it from me first..
    Covid-19 is a virus like the AIDS virus or chickenpox is a virus, there is no cure.
    It reproduce s or triples every 7.5 days,that’s the Rnot, that means 400,000 turns 1.2 m in 7.5 days.

    1. Let’s hope the President gets a dose of his own medicine!
      Well while there is no cure there are vaccines and we will have drugs that will help alleviate the symptoms.
      Yes it does breed very fast! That’s viruses for you.

    1. Quite right about Corona virus not being caused by Global Warming. Wrong about Global warming. It will prove to be a far bigger problem than Corona virus. It will likely kill billions.

  24. Opher, if you take over 16 months 32,000 million cases since January 2020 you get 2million cases per month in the U.S. times 2.5 or 5 million cases per month as the correct Rnot; At 60,000 new cases per day that is steadily 10.8 million in 6 moths, so between 10.8 million and 30.00 million cases in 6 months for the U.S.
    We have 1,000 hospital beds in Mass General our biggest hospital, so how did 32 million people get treated for Vivid 19?

    1. Hi Barath. The simple answer is that they didn’t. Most people are asymptomatic. Of the rest they only get it mildly and do not require hospitalisation.

  25. Opher:
    It is a new virus. Truth be told I think the life expectancy after getting the virus might be about 5 years. Many people dying now are the people that got it 1 1/2 years ago.

    1. It is new to us at least. We are getting a number of viruses jumping species barriers due to us opening up wilderness areas and killing the wildlife. It’s time we stopped.
      I don’t think the virus is that lethal. The variants are reinfecting people – most make a full recovery.

  26. Opher:
    Have you been to the hospital to see the people that were infected?
    It’s like ‘ Bark at the Moon” those people are shut in. That’s what I think, though so don’t go near the hospital.

    1. Isolation is like that Barath. I’m avoiding hospitals, shops and about everything else – at least for another week or two until my second vaccine has shot my immunity up to max – then I don’t have to worry!!

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