I live to make the world a better place. Why don’t you join me? Creativity gives a purpose to life. This blog celebrates creativity. I welcome you. Please have a look at my books, art, poems and art.

This is an idealist’s shriek at the absurd, the horrendous and the obscene in the huge optimism that we can make it better.

This is a blog in pursuit of the marvellous.

I ask you to devour all that is wonderful –

and detest all that is cruel, vicious and mean.

You will find lots of life, sex and ideas in this blog – (Ideas such as – there is no god, no purpose, no great scheme, no after-life) – but I do not set out to be offensive, merely to argue my passionately held point of view.

This blog is a celebration of Life – not Death.

What is obscene is not sex.

Obscenity is:
– The destruction of the environment
– War
– The indoctrination of children
– Overpopulation
– Cynical exploitation
– Cruelty to animals and people
– Grotesque disparity of wealth
– Deforestation
– Fanaticism in politics and religion
– Pollution

These are the things I stand against.
These are the obscenities.

This blog celebrates Love, Humour, Kindness and Awe.

It is a howl of creativity – A feast of ideas – A source of controversy.

A thing of beauty –  A delight of wonder – A splurge of passion.

I preach Tolerance – Empathy – Equality – Freedom – Respect –

Responsibility and Passionate Argument.

I will post some of my photos from round the world, examples of my poetry, extracts from my books, my views, ideas and dreams. I will tell you what I stand for and against and argue my case.

It would be great it you told me your views. Perhaps we could have a good argument about it!! There’s nothing better than a good passionate exchange of deeply held views.

This will be the marmite of blogs!

171 thoughts on “About Opher’s World

  1. I agree with, support and endorse every word of the above. Er.. not the basis for a controversial dialectic debate, but there ya go.

    1. Thanks Nick. Good to hear from you. You’ve got to try haven’t ya! There’s a world of madness out there. I guess it’s down to me and you, buddy!

  2. I have shared your blog because you make a lot of sense.I share most of your views but not enough people in this country feel this way.I feel very disillusioned that there is so much apathy and in my lifetime all the things you mention have either gotten worse or stayed the same.Only ordinary people can bring about the changes you talk about but I have no idea what would galvanise them.I look at many of the people around me outside of my family and friends in despair at their choices and interests and cringe at their prejudices and I’ll thought out views.Its true that if we all voted intelligently became better informed and supported each other we could prise power away from the rich and self serving but most people it seems only want the same things for themselves hence support for Tories, private medicine, the lottery and getting rich and famous quick with no discernible talent.

    1. All you can do is make your voice heard and shout the truth as you feel it. You try your hardest to make things better and move things towards an intelligent, civilised, fair and just outcome. I take heart from history. The world is slowly getting better.

      1. That is good advice and a reasonable assumption.My generation (I am in my early fifties) certainly had an easier and better life than my parents.What concerns me most though is the young people today having so few opportunities. This is nothing new I know but in the past it seemed to energise them and make them more determined to succeed.

  3. Hi Opher, I’m not sure why but I’m no longer receiving your blogs anymore and your latest blog would not let me comment. If I’ve done something to offend you, I sincerely apologise. It would be nice if you had at least sent some kind of message as I thought you were all about honest communication.

    For the record, I’ve enjoyed reading your blogs particlarly because you speak your truth

    Namaste, brother

    1. Don’t know what’s going on there. Nothing I’ve done at this end. I love your comments. You couldn’t offend me. We share minds and besides I love a row. Even if we disagreed on something that’s OK. I’ve never declined any comment from anyone. I just tell people if I don’t agree.
      Maybe I’m being censored by some outside force?
      That’s very worrying. If it’s happening to you it could be happening to both my other followers!
      Perhaps they’re trying to put me out of business? It’s a Tory plot.
      What was the post you tried commenting on. I’ll check my spam box.
      I’ve put out three posts today. Didn’t you get them?
      I’ve noticed a few followers dropping out the last couple of days. I put it down to my opinionated obnoxiousness. Maybe there’s a fault in the system at my end though.
      Are you still down as following? If not sign up again and let me know. I’m not sure what I can do.
      By the way – I loved your last two posts and reblogged them – brilliant!!

      1. I don’t know why that is guys. Plenty of stuff going up on it – all abusive and political at the moment – with some of my travel stuff thrown in. Don’t know what to suggest.

    1. Thank you for nominating me. I feel very honoured. It is nice to have your efforts recognised by fellow bloggers. I will check this out properly tomorrow!
      Thank you again.
      Best wishes

      1. It’s absolutely my pleasure, Opher! I’m delighted that you’re happy with it. I hope that many new readers will discover your blog and enjoy it as much as I do.
        Sleep well!

  4. Thank you so much for following my blog! And all the likes 🙂 I’m following back and am excited to be part of the wonderful world you’ve created here 🙂

    1. Communication is the sauce of life. It’s what creates the flavour. Glad to have you on board. It’s good to share – best wishes Opher

    1. Why thank you for this award. It was extremely nice of you to think of me. I greatly appreciate it. It is nice to think that someone notices. All the best – Opher

      1. Hi Opher, It’s my pleasure and your nomination is well-deserved. I enjoy your blog and hope more new readers will discover it as well.

  5. Howdy thar, Opher! Just stopping by from Plato’s blog to say hey. Actually I’ve been here before and poked around a little bit when you first turned up at his place. Enjoyed what I saw. Will be sticking around to see more. Hope your weekend is off to a groovy start.

    1. Why thank you and welcome! It’s great to hear from you. I hope you find something you enjoy. Plato’s music is the coolest. I’m feeling groovy today. I hope you have a groovy time too! – Best wishes Opher

  6. I was engaging the subject of optimism before you hooked me on Marmite. My wife and I are big fans of marmite, though American and we’ve often expressed a curiosity about vegemite from the “Men at Work” album, of whom we are fans.

    I’m convinced that my persistent optimism is probably a huge factor in that she’s put up with me for over 34 years now. However I’m human, and in moments experiencing incredulity dosed with a large portion of questionable ethics, and a bit of cruelty it douses my optimism and it will waver until once again I regain my persistent state of optimism.

    I’ve met optimists, and Namaste, the optimist in me acknowledges the optimist in you, as it might be unspoken. I’ve bookmarked you for further perusal. I raise my Marmite smeared toast to you and hope to find a kindred spirit here.

    Since you mentioned the No God thingy; I feel I have to say I don’t have any problems with that though I do not hold that position myself; With enthusiasm I feel intuitively that were I to have experienced the world through your eyes, if that be your perspective, I would probably see it exactly like you; and being an optimist, I would also presume a possible vise versa. XD Makes perfect sense to me. I no more expected some certain experiences I’ve had in life; than I would assume you also have expected to have in your experiences; so apparently there’s a lot about life not in my control. lol; thank Goodness for what is…

    So, tell me, having had Marmite, and Vegemite, what’s the differences between the two because I always hear them both in similar contexts, one referencing the other.

    1. Aah, I detect an open minded enthusiast with a desire to make the world a better place. Welcome my friend. This blog is wide enough to hold the entire world in harmony. A chorus requires different voices to blend to perfection. No two people are the same. I stand for justice, fairness, equality and tolerance.
      In my fridge happen to be marmite, vegemite and a wonderful yeast extract that is better than both though twice as expensive. The difference between them is that some like one and some prefer the other while others detest them both.
      As I have a tendency to be outspoken, and my views are not always mainstream, it was apparent to me that some people would love this blog for its variety, audacity and strong views and others would like some things and not others, and many would detest it.
      Such is life. I don’t try to please. I try to communicate honestly about the things I am passionate about. Life has meaning, beauty and purpose. I like to argue. I like to put my case. I detest fundamentalism, indoctrination and intolerance. I love debate.
      I like to ramble.
      Good to hear from you. I hope you return and we can engage in putting the world right, loving beauty and sharing.

      1. I forgot to mention that of the two I prefer marmite. I find it richer, with a sharper taste. Vegemite tastes a bit too plant-like for my taste. Bovril’s not bad though!

    1. Hi Matt! Thanks for that!! I greatly appreciate the honour and recognition. I have done it before but will do it again when I get a moment. I’m just finishing the last quarter of my new book. It’s taking a lot of my brain!
      Thank you!! – all the best Opher

  7. A manifesto for the only fight worth fighting, to celebrate life in the face of death and its brainless cults … er, hope I spelled that right … I raise my glass to you, my friend.

  8. Opher I’m absolutely for: ‘I live to make the world a better place.’ and ‘Creativity gives a purpose to life.’ I cannot say that marmite is my favourite though I’m still confident we will be on the same page on a number of issues. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Good to hear from you Lynn. I’m glad we’re like-minded – apart from marmite! You might grow to like it though!
      Welcome to my blog. I hope you get something out of all my posts. All the best – Opher

  9. I’ve seen you often in Lady Calen’s comments and have been meaning to meander over to have a look. It’s kinda cool. I love the open-ness and honesty of what you stand for. Most of it fits with mine, but not all. And that’s the way of life, what it makes it interesting, and each of us unique. Think I’ll hang around 🙂

    1. You are more than welcome. It wouldn’t do for us to all be the same, would it? Life is all the richer for the differences. As long as there is mutual respect, rational argument and passionate exchange of views I am happy. I set up the blog in order to speak my mind without restriction, to share my creativity and to meet people who feel as passionate as me.
      Welcome aboard.

      1. Cheers Rai – as soon as I get back home from this trip I will check out your blog and visit a while. All the best – Opher.

  10. Hi Opher,

    Nice to meet you and thanks for single handedly doubling my blog followers; I’ll take quality over quantity every time ; – )

    An hilarious take on the whole vegemite / marmite thing…

    1. Hi Rebel – or can I call you Jukebox?
      Welcome to my site!! I’m sure you’ll be overrun with followers before long!
      I’ve got some trouble with sound at present – all hangover from the house move. I’ll get it fixed soon! So I cannot check out your post here.
      Anyway – all the best – Opher

  11. Hi Opher,
    I was looking for some distractions and searched for science blogs and found your blog. You have clinical clarity in your observations of the macro and micro cosms and an uncanny ability to express the elusory wonders of the world. Your metaphor of the “meat in the sandwich” is however a little too hard to digest when you attempt to describe our role in the cosmos. Nonetheless I love the way you write. I feel a kinship in the ways you observe reality. I know this blog entry is over a couple of years old and you may have moved on , but I still want to commend your vision as I pass through…..:-))

    1. Thank you. Welcome. I hope you like what you find. Living here in the middle of a sandwich is highly entertaining for me. I hope you like it too?

  12. Opher, can you take another look at my website. I’ve posted some new articles that may be of British interest. Don’t worry I’m not anti-British. I’m sure you’ll absolutely hate a lot of the religious stuff. In fact if you want to publish something on my website to refute one of my articles send it to me with permission to publish a response.
    Thanks, I appreciate it. If any of the old gang or anyone who might be interested want to stop by and visit the website tell them they are free to. But, not to make trouble.
    Where is Saint George when I need him?
    E-mail- Baratha@TheAnswersBlog.com

  13. Opher:
    I remember you said on old Writerbeat that India was dirty. I know you believe overpopulation is a problem. I agree that overpopulation is probably one of the main problems, as it is also a cause for air pollution.
    But, for me I think morality and religion are the only ways forward to a solution.
    What are your solutions that are humane.

    1. Barath – I loved India and its people. My visits there have shown a number of things – on the plus side – beauty, wisdom and friendly people. On the negative side – overpopulation, huge poverty and pollution.
      I think the overpopulation (and huge inequality) is the basis of the problem.
      You ask how I would address it – education (particularly of women) and an end to gross inequality – a good pension and welfare system. Once women have a career fertility rates drop. If people have a fallback when old or ill they have smaller families.

  14. If America had the same population per square ft. or per acre we would have a population of 4 billion and not 320 million, so of course their pollution problems are worse.
    But, India was not overpopulated in 1620, in fact there was still a large population of free ranging tigers, and white tigers that are now gravely endangered ( see Bengaluru Bannerghatha(Thyargraha) Zoo or The Bengal Tiger Zoo in Bangalore.

    1. Surely those tigers weren’t responsible for keeping the population down? What went wrong since 1620? A population of over a billion is a disaster.

  15. Well, over the Colonial period of imprisonment slowly they British administration in India stole and changed things, even though Indians realized what they were doing they were afraid to fight, and so the society fell into confusion. The British Raj was like a mouse stealing gold little by little over hundreds of years.

    1. Barath – so you think that the confusion created the problem – quite possibly. I’m not sure that the mouse analogy works. More like a rampaging tiger in a chicken run.

  16. Poner- I think when a country is conquered, subjugated and occupied that they are the the Mercy of their captor like a prisoner of War. It was lucky they didn’t steal everything, we hid a lot of stuff.

  17. Opher- I think when a country is conquered, subjugated and occupied that they are the the Mercy of their captor like a prisoner of War. It was lucky they didn’t steal everything, we hid a lot of stuff.

    1. Barath – I agree. It was a pillage. But India, like most countries, has a very rich culture (not all of it good by any stretch of the imagination – a lot of religious fanaticism, intolerance and violence, caste systems and inequality) and is hamstrung by overpopulation and poverty. The gross inequality is a scourge.

    1. No Barath – I don’t agree. There was pillage but no genocide. The object was to subjugate and exploit – not to destroy. The culture might have been usurped but not the people.

  18. Opher: As long as we are being candid, I might say there was something to be admired in the British attitude. The Lord did not dislike it altogether. The seafaring spirit, the courage to brave the wide oceans, with all its coldness and dangers, and conquer.
    I think you might admire it somewhat too, but excesses and destruction of a noble culture was a bit too much.

    1. Not just one culture either. We have decimated a few – but we are not alone. India was beset by conquest and religious/cultural wars, tribal conflict and unpleasant slavery, cruelty and abhorrent cultural practice of a racial nature – such as the caste system, long before the British arrived. Let’s not get too rosy eyed.

  19. The Lord teaches people as the level of civilization advances. Humanism was taught early on so that people learned the basis of justice; caring for living things. But, caste was not against natural law. The Lord continued to advance the theology long after ancient practices. But, what about the breaking down of moral barriers between right and wrong.
    Some theologians believe that the Pentecostal movement on Azusa street in San Francisco was responsible for the the earthquake of 1906, which was a large natural disaster. in
    Black and White, rich and poor all having a great revival, singing and dancing, speaking in tongues, a massive outbreak of the Holy Spirit, until the earthquake hit.
    They asked, ” Lord why? ”
    The 1906 April 18, earthquake and the May,3 2018 Kilauea earthquake and volcanic eruptions are Historical fact as is the strange happenings on Azusa street in 1906.

    1. Gosh Bareth – you sound like those crazy Imams who claimed that the Tsunami was the result of homosexuality.
      No – they are natural phenomenon caused by movements in tectonic plates – nothing to do with religion.

      1. The Lord could always be the unseen cause or the true cause. No matter how many variables, or particles there were at the before the Universe, there was only one cause, the Lord. No need for impossible statistical probabilities.

      2. Barath – that is a belief. From my perspective it is a belief that was indoctrinated into you while you were young and it has no foundation. But feel free to believe. I feel free not to.

  20. Teachers teach that knowledge waits,
    Preachers preach of evil fates,
    Even the President of the United States( is only human)
    Preachers warn people about the consequences of Sin.
    The state should not tell a church what it can teach.
    Separation of Church and State.
    In that sense you also are a preacher.

    1. Cheers Barath – I always like a bit of Dylan.
      Religion is about control. That is why they indoctrinate kids isn’t it? The State should prevent kids from being indoctrinated, shouldn’t it? The same if they were being taught extreme politics.
      Likewise the State should protect itself from radicalised fundamentalism – like we are seeing with Muslim terrorists, extreme Hindu nationalists, Jewish nationalists and Christian Neo-Nazis, shouldn’t it?

  21. Opher, what is the State about? Control. But, people are free to choose their religion or no religion at all. But, religion preaches goodness, the lawless or immoral State is power without ethics, that is all it can preach. In some sense you are a preacher too. You are an anti theist, you preach against religion.

    1. Firstly – the State is not about control – it is about protection.
      Religion, as we see all too often, preaches hate, division, control, indoctrination and sheer lunacy. It peddles myths and creationist stories, from the dawn of time, as fact. It limits the mind.
      Out there are many wonders and ponderables. Religion reduces them to sterile garbage from prehistoric ignorances.

  22. Firstly, Religion is not about control. My Lord does not say ” My way or the Highway “. Who is going to protect against people who everything in this planet including me are here to serve them? Which is scary. British conservatives were some of the scariest monsters and some still are.
    Other your crab poor gothic England was very poor compared to my country. You were backwards with your medieval castles and warlords.
    This just becoming racism.

    1. Oh yes he does Barath. The threat is that if you don’t believe you are lost. There is only one way. That is why hordes of Hindu extremists roam the streets with clubs and machetes and kill people who keep cattle. That is why there are murders, threats and intimidation. That is why Muslims are on Jihad. That is why Christians threaten everlasting hell. That is why the temptation of paradise exists. That is why we have all the temples, cathedrals, mosques and all the lavish costume. It’s all about control.
      There was no difference. I toured India and saw all the palaces and fortresses. India was a land of haves and have nots, tribalism, wars and feuds. No different.

  23. Society has to have ethics or morals. Even an atheist might agree. But, what about sin? If you have a law against Sin you have to have a Supernatural force that enforces it. Morality or Ethics have no purpose without the supernatural otherwise there is no consequence to being bad.
    What you are talking about are the consequences of injustice not religion. Like eat all the can’t you want and get no tummy aches.

    1. Yes I would agree. Society needs a firm basis of morals. As an atheist I find I am much more moral than the religious people I’ve encountered.
      That moral code should be worked out by men and enshrined in law – just like the wonderful Charter of Human Rights from the UN.
      No I do not agree with this concept of sin or divine punishment. We do not need it. It was thought up by primitive people. We have superseded it. There is no need for any supernatural force. We can punish people here for their transgressions we do not need imaginary afterlives with heaven and hell. Much too simplistic and absurd.
      No – what I have described from Jihads, to pogroms, witch-hunts, crusades and present day terrorism and Hindu violence is the direct result of religion.

  24. Society has to have ethics or morals. Even an atheist might agree. But, what about sin? If you have a law against Sin you have to have a Supernatural force that enforces it. Morality or Ethics have no purpose without the supernatural otherwise there is no consequence to being bad.
    What you are talking about are the consequences of injustice not religion. Like eat all the candy you want and get no tummy aches.

  25. Religious beliefs extremism is just a slogan you can use to hit people over the head with. I have an ex girl friend still friend, whose Father is a Pastor and runs his own Ministry. She went to a college where 65% of the students come from ministers or pastor.. Are they religious extremists?

    1. I don’t know them Barath. Probably I number of them are. There are some very extreme bible bashers in the USA – most extreme nutcases, creationists and right-wing fanatics. Just like there are many extreme Jewish extremists in Israel, extreme Muslims in Saudi, extreme Hindus in India – all willing to kill for their beliefs. They have a history of intolerance, persecution, torture and murder in the name of religion. Look what is happening to bloggers in India, to that poor woman accused of blasphemy, to the murders of different sects.
      Religion is full of the reek of violence. Each one thinks they are the only truth and is willing to kill anyone who disagrees. Some morality!

  26. How about Communists? Do you believe totalitarian Communists States were any better. They are willing to kill for their beliefs and they are against religion. They created Gulags and built up nuclear weapons.
    Maybe it’s because they don’t truly know the Lord.

    1. No I don’t. They developed into tyrannical fascist states. What we need is good socialism like we had in post-war Britain and have in Scandinavia – democratic socialism. It is highly moral and creates a fair society.

  27. Opher, Hindus mostly are very poor now, like unimaginable. Children starving wth no clothes on their backs. But, look at the violence in Chicago and Texas and New York, so you think we are better because it doesn’t make headlines over there?

    1. No Barath. I don’t think anybody is better than anybody else. Humans have a tendency to violence and cruelty. And you are right – there is horrendous poverty around the world. There’s no excuse for it.

  28. Opher, clearly you can see that the remnants of traditional Indian religion( now called Hindus) are the most persecuted religious minority in the world because our religion does not believe that God of the bible was the Lord. To the point other religions deny our religion is a real religion, which it i s, and that’s Christians, Moslems,Jews and atheists.
    Why contribute to the destruction of a religion, race by denying it is has worth or its validity? Especially when it is not true, the religion is good.

    1. Barath, I do not deny that all religions have some good aspects. What I say is that all of them were created by man. We created god and gods to explain the things we did not understand and to assuage our fears of death. The harm religion does outweighs the good.
      I do not think Hindus are any more persecuted than anybody else. Every religion creates a scenario where they are under threat. Hindus are in the majority in India and have the power. Of course Jews, Christians and Moslems attack Hinduism. They believe in this one god. It’s an anathema.
      As far as I’m concerned they are all equally bad.

  29. Opher:
    Knowledge a priori though possibly higher, is less certain than knowledge aposteriori. Logically no matter how convincing you can always deny an argument a priori, unless you know it to be true aposteriori.
    In other words pure reason might prove there has to be a Lord, but you can always find ways to deny that by the same methods of logic and reason without ever coming to a conclusion, unless one of us has observed that the Lord exists, or he showed himself to one of us.
    If we imagine a traveller lost in a valley between two mountain peaks, he cannot know what is beyond either one unless some people have grasped glimpses of what lies beyond. Otherwise you would not know if there was anything.
    Thus it is only because some have observed something beyond normal experience that we know that there is a Lord.

    1. Barath – nothing is certain in this world. The only thing you can be certain of is that you exist. Everything else could be a delusion.
      Religion is fostered through indoctrination of children.

  30. Hmmm… Not sure where, or even if to start on this. “The poor Hindus” stuff is old hat. I didn’t spend a lot of time in India, but came away wondering about a nation with a “space program” that can’t manage public sanitation. Seems everywhere we went near any body of water, including the supposedly sacred Ganges, there were Indians squatting and using the water as a toilet. Moonshots over bowl shots? Must be the fault of the British, eh?

    1. You may be right. The British always were a nation of great inequality. While the aristocrats and businessmen lived in stately homes the hoi polloi lived in slums where the streets were open sewers. I guess we passed that on.
      Why do people always want to pee in water? I saw the same in Africa. There was a waterhole where people were collecting drinking water, washing clothes and one guy peeing into it. Madness.

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