This was an early Sci-Fi novel that I wrote back in the 1970s. I think it was my third or fourth effort.

I was very fascinated with the concept of infinity at the time. It always seemed strange to me that you could have a finite system operating within an infinite system I spent a lot of time thinking about it.

I loved the whole business of subatomic particles – particularly Quarks. The names were great – Upwards, Sideways, Downwards, Charm. What great names.

This was before String theory, polyverses and the wonders of Black Holes, alternate universes and quantum physics.

Zero to Infinity was a tale about a journey to the edge of the universe.

I have it typed up as a manuscript awaiting a rewrite onto the computer. It is part of the long list of things to do.


3 thoughts on “Zero to Infinity – No limit

  1. Yes Quantum Theory fascinates me to.. though I must confess I only have a VERY limited understanding. I would kill for a ‘dummys guide to quantum theory.’ I think that there is now a BRIEFER hstory of time, I found the first, the brief history to be a tad too complex which was a little depressing. But is such an interesting area. Take care.

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