Captain Beefheart – Every Album, Every Song (On Track) Paperback  – Progress report!

The good news is that I have today completed the first draft of the book. It is due out in July next year!

It presently weighs in at 230 pages but that might change.

I am about to embark on editing. I will be adding in snippets of information and altering parts. I will be shortening, lengthening and altering.

I will hunt out mistakes, add in facts, put my views, cite my experience and try to make it read smoothly.

I want it to be both definitive and fun.

The Captain was a man who deserves the best. I will do my utmost to deliver.

I’m now working on the photos before I start back in on the editing.

If anybody has photos that they would like to contribute then please contact me!

Thanks everybody!!

Let the Women take Charge!! Nowadays A Woman’s Gotta Hit A Man!

One only has to look at the response to Covid-19 – the women leaders are tearing strips off the macho males with all their belligerent posturing.

We’ve had too much arrogance, belligerence, war and aggression. Time to make the world a better, kinder place. Put the women in charge!!

Listen to the girls like Greta Thunberg. They make more sense than all the blustering psychopaths we keep electing!!

Captain Beefheart had his finger on the pulse back in 1972!!

Poetry – Who’s the Best Rock Band?

Who’s the Best Rock Band?

Who’s the best rock band

 That ever strode the land?

Some say it’s the Beatles that hold that crown,

Others say it was the Stones who brought them down.

But if you don’t mention Hendrix or the Floyd

There’s a bunch of people who’d get annoyed.

Then of course, there’s the Doors

Who’d win great applause?

Or Dylan or the Byrds who’d have a cause?

Or maybe it’s Zappa

Who was looking so dapper?

But don’t forget Cream

When they were at full steam.

Then the Sex Pistols and Clash both had a bash,

Along with Crosby, Stills and Nash.

The Who deserve a mention

Or Oasis full of pretention

And Neil Young and Crazy Horse

Have run that course.

Black Sabbath and Deep Purple have that Heavy Metal

And Led Zep and AC/DC kept them on their mettle

Then there’s Pete Green’s Fleetwood Mac

And the Airplane, Dead and Metallica, had a crack.

Then there’s a Kink

To make you think.

Some worshipped Nirvana and some even Queen

The days of Rock were loud and mean.

Roy Harper is my cup of tea

But not too many agree with me.

With a lot of the new bands I wouldn’t know where to start,

But for my money the best Rock Band is

Captain Beefheart!

Opher 30.5.2019

I know exactly what the best Rock Band is – it’s the one you like best!

Today’s Music to keep me SSsssSaaAAAAnNNNnEeee in isolation – Captain Beefheart – Mirror Man

I’m working on this album for the Captin Beefheart book so I shall be playing this a lot today.

A fabulous album – and the sessions are even better!!

Today’s Music to Keep Me SSsssSAAAAANNnnnEeeEe in Isolation – Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band – Ice Cream For Crow

Well as I just signed a contract to write a book about Captain Beefheart I thought I’d better immerse myself. – Amazing music!! The Best!!

In Search of Captain Beefheart Paperback

‘What a great read , what a journey , If you like music you’ll love this book . From the folk roots of London to the crossroads of Robert Johnson . From the delta of blues through to Greenwich village ! From the Height Ashbury hippy time to Hull.’

A memoir of my life in Rock Music! Now available in both paperback or kindle. Or you can obtain a signed copy by emailing