Today’s Music to keep me SSssSAAaaanNnnneeEE in Isolation – Beatles – A Hard Day’s Night

Now here’s an album that I don’t play too often. One from their early days. But some great songs. I’ll reacquaint myself with the songs and my early youth.

Today’s Music to keep me SsSsSAAaaAaNNnnnneEEE in Isolation – The Beatles – White Album

The Beatles were amazing. They just grew and grew. By the time of the White album they were out in front of every innovation and at the head of the Underground scene too. Imagine a band like Boyszone managing something like that!

The White album was revolutionary!

11-The Beatles – White Album (full album) – YouTube

Today’s Music To keep me SssSaaaaannnnNEEee in Isolation – Beatles – With The Beatles

I often overlook this album. The second album from the Beatles followed the same formula as the first one – a mixture of self-penned numbers and covers. It was basically a second dose of their live act. For me it did not quite cut through the way first album did – probably because it was not quite so raw.

I bought this the day it came out and my fourteen-year-old self was desperate to play it. Unfortunately my record player broke and I couldn’t play. To make matters worse my mate Jeff came down and when he found I couldn’t play it he borrowed it. It took me a week to fix my record player!!

02-The Beatles – With the Beatles (full album) – YouTube

The Beatles – With The Beatles 1963 (Full Album) – YouTube

Today’s Music to keep me SsSSAaaaNnnnNeEEE in Isolation -The Beatles – Please Please Me

Every time I put this album on it takes me straight back to that fourteen year old I was back in 1963 hearing them for the first time and being blown away. R&B and Rock ‘n’ Roll, raw and great.

She was just seventeen……………………………..

Please Please Me – The Beatles (1963) on Vimeo

Today’s Music to keep me SsssaAaaAnnnNeeE in Isolation – John lennon – Plastic Ono Band

I love this stripped back album full of raw energy and truth. Everything that Rock should be. I think he only had three albums that were great – this, Imagine and Shaved Fish.

John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band Full Album – YouTube

Today’s music to keep me SssSSAaaaAnNNNnEeee in Isolation – Beatles – Beatles For Sale

On their fourth album the Beatles were still treading the same boards as on their first album. There was a mixture of covers (Little Richard, Chuck Berry, Carl Perkins,Dr Feelgood) plus their own material. There was less of the R&B and to me it sounded less raw than that superb first album. This was their teeny bop years but the quality of the material was far better than teeny bop.

Today I’m going to revisit my youth. I’ll go back in my mind to that day I came rushing home with the album to put it on the record player on the morning it came out. From Please Please Me on I bought every Beatles single and album on the day it came out and still remember the buzz of hearing it for the first time. I was never disappointed.

The Beatles – Beatles for Sale (full album) – YouTube

Today’s Music to keep me SsSSAaAaNNNnEeEe in Isolation – John Lennon – Imagine Album.

Imagine is a great track but I’ve heard it a million times. The rest of the album is brilliant. In my opinion John only produced two brilliant albums – Imagine and Plastic Ono Band – three if you count Shaved Fish. The rest of his stuff is OK but not up to that standard. I love the bare emotion and unrestrained impetus. He was doing and saying what he liked. Freedom.

I’ll enjoy this today.

John Lennon – 1971 – Imagine – YouTube