Today’s Music to keep me IIIINNNNssssaAAAnnNNnEEe – Neil Young – Cinnamon Girl

What a riff!!

Poetry – I Dreamed

I Dreamed

I dreamed I saw the world in ruins,

Brought down to its knees,

Creatures dying, people crying;

A new reality.

I dreamed I saw the smoke clouds rising

From what remained of the trees,

Politicians lying, exploiters buying;

Creating misery.

It was a dream, only a dream

Of what will come to be.

So terrifying, mind defying;

Such disharmony.

It seemed we were at the crossroads

With clear choices to be made;

To carry on, or admit we’re wrong:

More than mere money.

Opher – 19.4.2020

Homage to Neil Young.

It’s a nightmare about the future if we allow the capitalists to continue their mad pursuit of profit.

The trees all gone. The animals killed. The air and water full of chemicals.

The poor exploited and impoverished and a tiny elite still living like lords – safe in their little air-purified bubbles.

It’s a dream that’s coming true. Nature is worth much more than money.