Privatisation of the NHS by stealth.

Safe in their hands???? I think not!! It is amazing how much the private sector is getting its hands on the NHS. Tories are champing at the bit to make profit out of it!

Poetry – I can hear them

I can hear them

I can hear them

I can feel them.

They speak to me.

With every cyclone,

Every flood,

I feel their anguish.

Not the people.

For they are the focus of attention.

They receive the aid and sympathy.

They look forlorn and hopeless.

They cry openly on camera.

They elicit the response.

The ones I hear and feel

Are the creatures

Swept aside and ignored.



As if they were of no consequence

And did not matter.

Opher 3.4.2019

Every time I see the devastation in the wake of a cyclone or flood, a bushfire or drought, I think of the poor creatures who are caught up in it.

As the poor people are gathered up, fed, sheltered and looked after there is not a single thought for the creatures who were killed, maimed and had their lives destroyed. Nobody seems to care. But I do.

Poetry – Rebirths


Life is full of rebirths –

An endless cycle

Of rebirths.

Each a new start,

A new set of opportunities,

A further set of hopes.


Each day

As the eyes open

Into a new world

And we see it again


From the oblivion.


Out of our minds.


Each year

As the world

Is born again.

Green shoots

Thrust upwards

Into the strengthening light

To brighten

The dead

Skeletal brown.

Opher 26.12.2018

Sleep is the little death from which we are reincarnated anew each and every day – refreshed and revitalized.

Is it the same universe?

Who knows?

Each morning is a rebirth – a new set of opportunities.

Each year the sun ebbs and the leaves fall. The world becomes brown and dead. Skeletal trees raise their fingers into the sky on the horizon – reaching for warmth and light.

Out of the brown soil and twigs green shoots give hope for the resurrection of life.

Poetry – One Day

One Day

One day it will not be like this.

We will have grown wiser.

One day we will not elect psychopaths.

We will be compassionate.

One day we will be united.

We will respect the world around us.

One day will come.

Opher 2.12.2018

I like to dream that we can make the world a better place. But we do keep putting our faith in those unpleasant psychopaths. We keep allowing our greed to run away with us.

One day we will have a treatment for that aggressive violent type of person. We’ll have a pill for psychopaths, sociopaths and narcissists.

Poetry – I Have A Dream Too

I Have A Dream Too

I have a dream.

That one day the people of different nations will come together in unity;

That little girls and little boys of different countries, different colours, different creeds, will play together as equals;

That they will grow to value each other for their qualities and not despise each other for their differences.

One day I hope a person’s colour and beliefs will cease to create barriers;

That those prejudices, fears and hate of the past will no longer exist.

I have a dream of a new world where nationality and patriotism are big enough to encompass all people;

Where every single person is equally important.

I have a dream of a world where people care for each other and the planet;

Where we all live in harmony with nature and respect living creatures;

A world in which we will no longer rape the planet or act irresponsibly out of greed or ignorance.

I have a dream of a world without barriers – a kinder, wiser and more caring world.

We can all dream.

And sometimes dreams can come true!

Opher 2.12.2018

I wrote this with a nod to Martin Luther King.

If we wish to build something better we first have to have a dream, a vision to work towards. We might never get to that mountain top but at least we can start the journey. Any improvement, no matter how small, is never-the-less an improvement.

Without a dream we are floundering and are led by the wrong leaders.

Dawn Butler – thrown out of Parliament for telling the truth!! Boris Johnson is a liar!

It is incredible that a member of parliament can be thrown out for telling the truth while the Prime Minister is simply allowed to continue telling lies. Something wrong with the system!!!

Poetry – Who Needs them?

Who Needs them?

Doctors and police

Nurses and teachers-

Whining gits,

Moaners and leachers.

Who needs them?

Who really cares?

We’ve got ours.

They’ve got theirs.

Opher 20.9.2018

 It is the wealthy who make the laws, who run the system. They have their private schooling and private healthcare and live in their gated communities with security to keep them safe.

They resent every penny spent on public services. It’s wasted money. They screw their noses up when all those parasites whinge about their salaries or the fact that the institutions are falling to bits. Who cares? Who needs them?