Education – A documentary about me made by Mark Richardson – Sun Zoom Spark

Sun Zoom Spark – A Documentary Film made of me by a very talented Film Maker – Mark Richardson.

This was a film documentary made in the Summer I retired. 2011. Mark Richardson was an English teacher at my school and a talented film maker. He asked to make a documentary about me. I was very honoured.

This is a great nostalgic trip for me and a nice record of my education philosophy and thirty six year career.

Thank you so much Mark.

Click on the link below to watch the documentary:

Film Maker – Mark Richardson.

This was a film documentary made in the Summer I retired. 2011. Mark Richardson was an English teacher at my school and a talented film maker. He asked to make a documentary about me. I was very honoured.

PS – I’ve written those books, travelled and grown – but I still miss my students and colleagues.


Poetry – Treadmill – a poem about the life we get caught up in.

Poetry – Treadmill – a poem about the life we get caught up in.

Sometimes we seem to be going at life with our heads down, trying to keep up and never getting anywhere. We lose sight of the most important things and get caught up in the trivia.

The little things clog up our minds and take up all our time and energy. We can only glimpse the things that are important to us. Love, friendship, creativity and our passions go out the window – there’s no time left.

The modern life is so destructive. The pace of life and pressure becomes insane. We need to take time-out and reconnect with nature. But the life we lead often prevents us doing that.


We are living in this treadmill

That keeps ever going faster

Spinning our silk cocoons

Spiralling towards disaster


It’s hard to see through the webs we weave

To glimpse what it is we’re doing

It’s so hard to see where the energy goes

As we spin this web of ruin


So what is this whirlwind we’re harnessing?

The trap we make of life?

Dieting on light slipping through the walls

As the spinning produces strife


Surrounded with the baubles

Attached to the threads around us

Blind to the horizon

Where love can never find us


Our home can be a prison

And the planet much too small

The mental tendrils we weave

Produce a steely wall


OPHER 29.1.97

Lessons from life – a few lessons I’ve learnt over the years!


  1. There are no short-cuts – trying to cut off the corners always works out harder in the long run.
  2. You can’t cover faults with a coat of paint – the cracks and holes always look worse and it’s even harder to do next time.
  3. If someone is giving something away for nothing there is always a catch – that nice man from Nigeria who wants to give me £12,000,000 if I would only give him my bank details does not really want to give me that money.
  4. If you want to do something badly – just go and do it. There’s always a way.
  5. The things that look easy are really hard. It is just people who have worked hard at learning how to do things make it look easy.
  6. If you want to be good at something you have to work really hard at it.
  7. Failure makes you feel bad but it can be the best thing if it makes you more determined to improve.
  8. Effort and practice make you better. Sometimes it takes a lot of effort and practice.
  9. Having lots of money and possessions does not make you fulfilled. Achieving something special makes you feel fulfilled and that is usually proportional to how hard you’ve had to try.
  10. Most people are good. The people that are not good have a reason. They need lots of love.

That’s it. It’s surprising how long it takes to realise simple things.

Megan Papinoe – a woman of integrity.

Praise to Megan for standing up for her rights and principles. She refuses to sing the anthem or put her hand on heart because she does not believe the country, under this administration, is inclusive enough. She does not believe it represents her, other LBGT or races.

She is the top scorer, the woman of the tournament and a role model to all Americans.

The pressure must be immense.

She is refusing to visit the Whitehouse or acknowledge a system and a President that she believes is flawed!

Good for her!! She is a courageous woman of principle.

Welcome!! – Friends from all around the world!!

Welcome!! – Friends from all around the world!!

That is amazing!!


Thank you all for supporting my blog!!

We are all one – in one brotherhood/sisterhood! Building a new world where all people regardless of race, creed or gender are equally important.

This is a community that values cooperation, tolerance and freedom above selfish greed and oppression.

This is a community that values nature and opposes the destruction of the environment. We do not want trees chopped down, animals killed and the wilderness destroyed.

This is a community that believes overpopulation is the biggest threat to the future of mankind and the environment.

Thank you for sticking with me!!

You won’t like everything I say. But I have to say it how I think it. There is no choice.

What you see is what you get. You know where you stand.

I appreciate your support for what I am doing! Thanks for the Likes and thanks for the follows – they make it all worthwhile!!

Let’s build a positive, global zeitgeist!!

Thousands of us can’t be wrong!!!

I am a man – I am a feminist!

I see no reason why men cannot be feminists. I am not a woman. I am not black. I am not religious. I am not disabled.  But I do possess empathy.

What I stand for is tolerance, freedom and equality. That is simple enough.

That makes me a feminist. I believe that women should be treated equally. That is fair and just. That means equal pay for equal jobs. It means equal employability. It means changing some of the rules to ensure equal participation. It means women in positions of power.

I do not see this as contentious. Women are just as able and intelligent. What has prevented equality has been the structure of society. Women need equality in education and the work-place. In order to achieve that there has to be some changes. The foremost of these appears to me to be child-care. It is about time that governments addressed this area.

In order for women to have an equal opportunity to rise to top level jobs and positions of power there has to be good affordable child-care. As soon as a couple have a family one of them has to take responsibility and time off. This usually falls on the female to the detriment of their career. When the family has grown up it is too late. The damage has been done.

This is a cause worth fighting for.

Looking Forward – a poem

Looking Forward

I’m looking forward
With a good heart
And a wish,
To a day
When there is
A healthy dream.

I’m hoping
And breathing my wishes
Into the wind
With the desire
That they might
Bear fruit.

I’m in love
With the future,
With its ripe world
Of possibility,
In which all things
Are imaginable.

Hopes, dreams, desires, love
And wishes
Are all
I have to offer.
I crave
They are enough.

Opher – 13.5.2016

If we do not keep the hope alive then life is unbearable. We have to dream.
Somewhere in the future there has to be a life that is better than the one we live, a world that is fairer and less violent.
It is true.
If we measure ourselves against the past we see that we are not so cruel as we were. The bear-pits, and cock fights are gone. The brigands no longer pillage and rape. We no longer torture people to death or burn them at the stake. We have become more civilised.
The zeitgeist we build will be better. It is something to work for.
Before we destroy nature completely we may yet come to our senses.