Today’s Music to keep me sSssSAAaAANNnnnEee in Isolation – Country Joe and the Fish – Electric Music

I hadn’t heard anything like this when it came out!! Completely different. Still love it.

Poetry – It was Fifty Years Ago Today

It was Fifty Years Ago Today

It was fifty years ago today

Revolution took to the streets

In Grosvenor Square and Paris

Students sang to different beats.

In Prague too they were coming alive

Digging the jive as establishments swayed,

Responding with an iron fist

As those rebellious songs played.

They used tanks against the Czechs

And armed guards in Ohio

Tear gas in London

And swung clubs in Chicago

Give Peace a Chance

For the Street Fighting Man

As the Unknown Soldier

Asked what was the plan in Vietnam?

Fifty years on from that protest and change

Now the psychedelic colours are muted.

What is the legacy of the great revolution

In simple terms that can’t be refuted?

Environmental movements and Women’s Lib?

Or just fashion, music and wind?

The establishment’s firmly back in control

And revolution’s been binned.

Opher 2.1.2018

Yes it’s like the sixties never happened.

All across the world there was a new vibe. The young were up in arms protesting. They turned their backs on the greediness and warmongering of their establishment thugs. They reached across oceans to unite in the building of a new world. Nations did not matter. Race and colour did not matter. Money was not the be all and end all. We wanted something more meaningful, more tolerant, more compassionate, more real and less hypocritical.

All you needed was love.

When we met up we found we could all get along. Differences melted like summer snow.

There was a vibe of peace and love. There was no need for violence and conflict. We were all people. We all felt the same. We shared, laughed, grew, talked and learnt.

We cared about the planet. We demanded equality. We demanded rights and freedoms. We demanded that we be allowed to enjoy life.

There was a sexual revolution. A drug revolution. A political revolution. A music revolution. A social revolution.

But they bought it off. They took over. They sold us out. They undermined. They misrepresented. They made their profits. They took back control. And our idealistic dream was bought and sold, betrayed and soiled. Now the fascists are in control and it’s like the sixties never happened.

My Favourite West Coast Acid Rock Bands

I always extend this a little to include bands that weren’t West Coast or weren’t strictly Acid Rock (such as Byrds and Zappa) but they were part of the scene.

I used to love these bands and fortunately managed to see them all live

These are my favourites:

Country Joe and the Fish

Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band


Jefferson Airplane


The Mothers of Invention

Buffalo Springfield

Grateful Dead


Blue Cheer

Quicksilver Messenger Service

Big Brother and the Holding Company


It’s a Beautiful Day

Today’s Music to keep me nearly SsSSAaaaAnNnnneeeee in Isolation – 60s Beat Groups

I thought I’d go back to those heady days of 1964/65 when I were but a lad. Those were the days when bands like The Who, Kinks, Smallfaces, Yardbirds, Birds, Poets, Them, Nashville Teens, Downliners Sect, Measles, Animals, Pretty Things, Others, Paramounts, and, of course, The Stones and Beatles, were all starting out. Every week it was like a new sound exploded on the scene. I was fourteen/fifteen and I loved it.

Today’s Music to keep me SSSSaaaaNNNNEEE in Isolation – Minor Beat Groups of the sixties.

I’m going right back to when I was a young kid and I used to dig all the great obscure Beat groups. They didn’t have to make the charts – just to be good and exciting!

Today I’ll hunt them all out!