Memphis Minnie – a hard-living blues woman with a big guitar.

Born Lizzie Douglas in 1897. She started out as a street busker on Beale Street supplementing her income as a sex worker. She was a hard-drinking, hard-living woman who could hold her own in a fight.

A fabulous performer. Her best-known tracks include Bumble Bee and Me and my Chauffeur – both full of sexual innuendo.

Finding her grave and marker wasn’t too difficult.

The Mississippi Blues Trail – Rolling Fork – Birthplace of Muddy Waters.

I’d heard there was a monument to Muddy Waters in his birthplace. We stopped and I had a walk around. I was looking for a statue. There were some murals on a wall but that wasn’t it.

It was Sunday morning and the only people around were three guys in a gazebo sharing a bottle of whiskey in a brown bag. I wandered over. They looked like locals. I asked them if they knew where the monument to Muddy Waters was. One of them said ‘You’re standing in it, brother’.

Seems the gazebo was the monument. It had a plaque in front. I took a photo.

One of the other guys said: ‘What’s Muddy Waters ever done for us?’

I thought that was a little harsh as the guys were sitting in his gazebo enjoying a drink.

The 2022 Burton Agnes Jazz and Blues Festival – The Alligators

After Dogfinger Steve had warmed us up it was time for the old festival favourites, The Alligators, to get us all up and bopping with their high-power Blues!! As a raw, dirty R&B Blues band they don’t come much better. Hot, sweaty and ROCKIN’.

Towards the end they were joined on stage by the saxophones of Ben Beatty and Simon Cunliffe-Lister for a raucous end to a great day.

The 2022 Burton Agnes Jazz and Blues Festival – In the Bar Tent with Dogfinger Steve

The atmosphere in the tent was tasty!! Up close and personal.

Dogfinger Steve did not disappoint. His searing cigar box blues and diddly-bo was reminiscent of Seasick Steve – loud, raw and rockin’. He treated us to an array of rhythms and blasted us with naked electricity.

The 2022 Burton Agnes Jazz and Blues Festival – Elles Bailey

Blues power – dynamic and driving Blues Rock! Elles Bailey really stormed the stage with a fabulous band featuring brilliant searing guitar, great keyboards and a tight rhythm section. Took me by surprise. I’d never heard of them but I will certainly be going to catch them again. I think they are playing York!!