Today’s music to keep me SSSsSAaaAAnnnnNeE – Jimmy Reed

I fancied a bit of Jimmy. I only got to see him perform once but it was memorable!! What a guy!!

Today’s Music to keep me SsSSsaAaaaANnnnNEEeEe in Isolation – Junior Kimbrough – You Better Run

Well, it’s Christmas!! We’ve got a couple of our kids here so we’re not exactly isolated!!

I thought I needed something appropriate, festive and uplifting!!

This is something that cuts through the fake Christian crap and consumerism that Christmas has become. More authentic.

Love the rhythms.

Today’s Music To Keep me SssSSsAaaaAANNnnnNEeee in Isolation – Skip James

I was lucky enough to see Skip James play shortly before he died. I feel privileged. These delta blues guys were the start of a lot of things. Skip’s falsetto voice and guitar playing are so moving.

I’ll play some Skip today and think back.