Today’s Music to keep me SsSaAAANnnNeEe in Isolation – Jimmy Reed

I felt partial to a bit of Blues to give me a lift. Jimmy fits the bill. That beat is infectious! I only managed to see him once, in a small club in London. He was slurry but superb!! I wish I could have seen him more!

Today’s Music to keep me SssSsSAAAaAaAaNnnNnnEeee in Isolation – Sleepy John Estes.

I was getting right into the Blues groove so I thought I’d extend it and do another of my old favourites. I remember when I was fifteen I was desperate to impress this girl and borrowed a Sleepy John Estes album off a mate.

She hated it.

You can’t win ’em all!

Today’s Music to keep me SSSsaaAAnnneeEEE in Isolation – Big Bill Broonzy

Back in the sixties the old Blues guys were seen as producing authentic music that was not the sanitised pap being served up in the charts. People like Big Bill were the basis of many a busker’s repertoire and the blues set in motion a whole movement of bands in the UK including The Stones, Kinks, Animals, Pretty Things, Them and the Downliners Sect.

The later Blues boom came out of that.

Today’s Music to keep me SssaAaAnnNneEeE in Isolation – Willie Dixon

Willie was the unsung hero of Chess records – not only a brilliant bass player but the man who wrote a huge number of the greatest Blues classics for Howlin’ Wolf, Muddy Waters and many others. A giant among men.