Today’s Music to keep me SssSsaAaanNNnNEeee in Isolation – Donovan – Fairytale

Donovan’s second album – a widening of his style with a lot of jazz influence. A lot of great antiwar songs – Buffy St Marie and Bert Jansch. I was sixteen and I loved this album.

Donovan – Fairytale (1965 – Full Album) – YouTube

My Favourite Rand B male vocal groups from the fifties and Sixties

I make a distinction between Doo-wop and male vocal groups. I’ll deal with Doo-wop separately.

These vocal groups had a huge impact on the British Beat Groups. I loved their stuff

The Contours

The Drifters

The Coasters

The Platters

The Dominoes

The Midnighters

The Clovers

The Miracles

Isley Brothers

Four Tops



Hollywood Argyles

Today’s Music to keep me SsSssaaaAnnnNNEeeE in Isolation – Don and Dewey

Another act in the Little Richard style. A real power duo. They did the original version of Farmer John. Precursors of Soul (just listen to I’m Leaving It All Up To you).

Don & Dewey – Justine – YouTube

DON & DEWEY – FARMER JOHN [Specialty 659] 1959 – YouTube

DON & DEWEY – Leavin’ It All Up to You (1957) Great Duo Doo-Wop! – YouTube

Today’s Music to keep me SsSSAAAAnNNNEeEe in Isolation – Randy Newman – Sail Away

Randy’s satirical lyrics and intelligence will give something to think about. Love it.

Randy Newman – Sail Away 1972 (Full Album) 1 of 3 – YouTube

Randy Newman – Sail Away 1972 (Full Album) 2 of 3 – YouTube

Randy Newman – Sail Away 1972 (Full Album) 3 of 3 – YouTube

Chuck Berry – Johnny B Goode

My mate Graham sent me this!! Superb!

Johnny B. Goode – YouTube–GuFwObCnAEoEQPCnzgVhB3OWx_Io2lPl50zC1YP0d9wt_CFyv029qBlzlxOoue8WOEGl_nieGkzAvXHZaXkIYk8-lISeYFQau3StIX0YZJKN5vjR1zqNkNNzQEw855mIiMMZCP4KYZNJUS2MLEMUXMNOEex0_q34/Chuck%20Berry%20Johnny%20Be%20Good.mp4?psid=1?

Today’s Music to keep me SsSSaAAAnNnnEeEe in Isolation – Downliners Sect – The Downliners Sect

Back when I was fifteen the Stones brought out their first album. I thought it was brilliant but then discovered the Sect’s first album. It was all R&B stuff and I thought they sounded great – every bit as good as the Stones.

This always takes me back! I’ll enjoy playing that album. It’s of its time.

The Downliners Sect – Baby What’s On Your Mind – YouTube

Too Much Monkey Business-Downliners Sect – YouTube

Downliners Sect – Lonely And Blue – YouTube

Downliners Sect Little Egypt – YouTube

Downliners Sect “Glendora” – YouTube

Downliners Sect – Shame, Shame, Shame – YouTube