Today’s Music to keep me SsSSAaaaNNnnNeeeE in Isolation – Buddy Holly – Greatest Hits

Back when I was eleven I discovered Buddy Holly. An older kid used to buy all Buddy’s singles and sell them on to me. I bought the Buddy Holly Story and played it to death. I still have that album and all the others.

I would have loved to see him with the Beatles! They would have got on.

Buddy always cheers me up!!

Buddy Holly – Greatest Hits (FULL ALBUM – BEST OF ROCK – BEST OF POP) – YouTube

Today’s Music to keep me IiIinNnnSSSAAaANnnEeEE in Isolation – Bo Diddley

When I was a kid I used to have this album called Bo Diddley Big 16. It had sixteen great numbers! Bo was a staple for all the Beat groups. A real originator. One of the greatest Rock ‘n’ Rollers.

Bo Diddley – The Best Of (Full Album / Album complet) – YouTube