Boris Johnson – some Humourly Serious Captions.

Humour can express much in a simple way. With 70,000 dead, an economy in ruins, huge sums being paid out to dubious people with no questions asked, cronyism out of control, a PM who is largely invisible, who acts like a clown, an inept government caught unprepared and floundering around, a world of spin and deception, lies, duplicity and cynicism, greed and selfishness, Brexit looming and a bunch of over-achieving Eton twats in charge, I think we need a bit of satire.

More Chris Riddell and Cartoons

The world’s certainly in a mess. The USA melting down in division and hatred. The whole of democracy being undermined by the orange menace. China is asserting itself. Global warming, species extinctions, oil and renewables, overpopulation. And in the UK we have a dithering buffoon for a PM, an arrogant Tory party in charge – cronyism, bullying and arrogance.

What a mess.

Trump Delusional Cartoons

Trump is still making delusional claims with absolutely no evidence. All his lawsuits are being chucked out because they have no foundation. He is inciting his extreme base, undermining democracy and making America a laughing stock.

In a way I hope he doesn’t concede. The Secret Service will ignominiously oust him.

He is a disgrace to the office.