Martin Rowson sums it up! Cartoon

Where are the policies?

Where is the protest?

128,000 dead, lies and sleaze, cronyism and incompetence, wasted billions – and nobody cares.

A lazy, inept clown from an overprivileged background is thought to be competent.

‘Oh I love Boris.’

This is democracy??

Thanks John Peachey.

Gullibility of British Public – Art

This just about sums it up – the Tories now have license to lie, cheat, have as much sleaze as they like, fiddle, cheat, and kill thousands of people with complete impunity.

In fact the British public love it. They know their place. They are used to bowing to toffs and being exploited. They want more of it.

Some people are obviously born to rule.

The Con-trick that is Boris Johnson.

For some silly reason, probably the tabloid press, a lot of working class people have been conned into thinking that Boris Johnson and the Tory Party could actually represent their interests.

They’ve been conned and taken for fools.

Behind the affable clown there is a cynical overprivileged conman. He is taking everyone for a ride for personal gain. This guy lives in a different world; a world where he can’t manage on a mere £200,000 a year but imposes pay cuts on those earning £20,000. A world in which it is OK to spend £840 on a single roll of wallpaper and yet cut aid to young girls so that they are deprived of education.

This is the Tory party – formed by the wealthy to look after the interests of the wealthy.

The Tory party who always cut services and pay for the public sector and hammer the poor so that they can give tax cuts to the wealthy.

Whatever possesses poor people to think that an arrogant, lying twat like Johnson could ever understand their lives or do anything to help them? They are worlds apart and he comes from a place where truth and morality have no meaning.

It’s beyond me.

Thanks John Peachey for sending this through. Thanks Jennings.

Nothing to see here – Chris Riddell Cartoon on Tory Sleaze

Chris Riddell always puts his finger on the pulse – Greensill, Jenrick, Covid contracts, Hancock’s pub landlord, Tory donors, Dyson……………………….

Then there are the continuous lies, Brexit and 127,000 deaths – the bodies are piling up.