The Dark Ages – a poem

The Dark Ages


‘What were the Dark Ages, Dad?’

Dad looked thoughtful and sad.

‘A time of ignorance when things were bad.’


‘When did the Dark Ages end?’ she asked.

Dad looked at her with face aghast.

‘We don’t know how long they’ll last.’


Opher – 20.7.2019



We tend to look back at history and wonder how people could do such things, believe such things and behave so cruelly. We see them as primitive, foolish and brutal.

They are no different to us.

We live in the same ignorance and the same level of vicious depravity. We never learn.

I was looking at the butchery of the timid dolphins and porpoises in the Faroes and seeing the same vicious bloodlust and inhumanity. It’s still there unchanged. I look at ISIS, the Baptists from the Southern States, The Creationists, Boko Haram and all the others and see the same blind ignorance and belief in scriptures from barbaric times.

The Dark Ages – we’re still living them. Oh for a bit of light!


Saudi Arabia – a medieval kingdom with no human rights, blatant misogyny and barbaric laws and customs.

Saudi Arabia – a medieval kingdom with no human rights, blatant misogyny and barbaric laws and customs.


Saudi Arabia is supposedly our ally in the Middle East yet it is the sponsorship of much of the terrorism and sectarian violence in the region. It massive oil revenue is being used to promote instability.

The extreme religious views held by the ruling class are responsible for intolerance and the imposition of barbaric laws of immense cruelty.

First we have Raif Badawi imprisoned and subjected to 1000 lashes for having a blog that was considered to critical of the regime.


Now we have Raja Kouja. She was openly critical of the way women are treated in Saudi Arabia and has been accused of Apostasy and threatened with death or having her hands and feet hacked off. At present she is in Britain awaiting deportation to this brutal country. Hopefully Britain will not send her back for such a fate.

To speak out against the Saudi regime is equated as going against the religion. To do that is death.


Misogyny is taken to the extreme. Women are second-class citizens. They are not allowed to drive, they have to have a male guardian sign documents for them, they are forced to wear the full body and face covering Abayah and subject to different laws. Not only are they segregated but can be accused of sexual misdemeanours carrying heavy sentences if they are molested.


It is time the West brought real pressure to bear on these violations of human rights. This barbaric behaviour is inhuman.

It makes me glad I’m an antitheist. I believe all religion does more harm than good. We’d be better off without the medieval superstition.

Please help protect Brazil’s Rainforest!! Sign the petition!

President Bolsanaro of Brazil is an extreme right-winger who puts profit before people and Nature. He is presently allowing the big logging companies and mining companies to destroy the rainforest at an alarming rate.

Money is all he cares about.

He needs telling that there are more important things in life. Please help protect this amazing place with all its wonderful life. Go to the link below and sign the petition.

We need to stand up against these bullies and vandals who are destroying our planet.

Millionaires – Phat Bollard – A Protest Song with humour – for now!

Eddie Bewsher  put me on to this great protest song from this busking band – full of humour and laced with truth.

I thought it was brilliant. I wish it was on CD!!

Oh – it is available on CD – or streaming – you can get it from here:

Millionaires – Phat Bollard

I don’t give to the big issue seller cause he’s probably on heroin
I walk past him with a grin and if I can I kick his dog
No, I don’t give to the busker
He’s talentless and lazy
He’s ruining the country
I think he should get a job
Instead, I give my money to:
Walmart for its tax evasion
Primark for its child labor
Texaco for the next invasion
I don’t give a fuck about you
I give my money to the millionaires (x2)
I give all my money to the millionaires and I don’t give a fuck about you
No, I don’t give to the beggar
That’s what I pay my taxes for
The government should shove him through the door, of a prison cell or a hospital
I don’t give to the homeless pisshead
He’ll blow it all on booze instead
Such a waster, doesn’t deserve a bed
What do you mean? “Welfare is dead “
Because I give my money to:
Walmart for its tax evasion
Primark for its child labor
Texaco for the next invasion
Don’t give a fuck about you
I give my money to the millionaires (x2)
I give all my money to the millionaires that don’t give a fuck about you
I give my money to Starbucks in case they get hard up
BP cause making a living ain’t easy
Barclays cause they look after me and I don’t give a fuck about you
I give my money to the millionaires (x2)
I give all my money to the millionaires and I don’t give a fuck about you

There – you can sing along!!!

Starting from scratch – how much are we all worth?

Starting from scratch – how much are we all worth?


Just imagine if we could start society from scratch and decide on what value different jobs really had?


Just imagine if we could rationally produce an evaluation of the worth of each role?


Just imagine if we could reward people in line with their abilities, effort and true worth?


What salaries would we allocate to:












Chief executives?


Religious leaders?




Sewage workers?








Property speculators?









City traders?


Social workers?








Shelf stackers?


Till operators?






Writers and poets?



I wonder if we did it fairly if we would end up with the structure we now have?


How much is any person worth?

Insanity of war – uranium tips on armour piercing shells, plastic landmines, contaminated bamboo spikes, Agent Orange.


Insanity of war – uranium tips on armour piercing shells, plastic landmines, contaminated bamboo spikes, Agent Orange.

War is about winning. There are no rules. It doesn’t matter about the environment. It doesn’t matter about the animals caught up in it. It doesn’t matter about the cruelty or inhumanity.

War is insane. It is no way for civilised people to behave.

In the Iraq war the armour piercing tank shells were tipped with uranium. Uranium is a very dense metal so its piercing powers were great. I wonder how much thought went into the health of the tank crew sitting inside in close proximity to the shells? Or the aftermath of the radioactive pollution left in the environment?


Cluster bombs and mines have been devised with plastic shrapnel so that they cannot be found with X-ray machines. The idea is to wound, incapacitate and cause the maximum pain and inconvenience. It is harder and more time-consuming to deal with the wounded than the dead. As it is not Hollywood most victims are hideously wounded. They were designed with intent. I wonder how much thought went into the civilian population who live with the aftermath? The limbless children? The elephants and animals with legs blown off. The injuries were too gruesome for me to add.

In the Vietnam War the Viet-Cong set a whole range of different traps using sharpened bamboo spikes. You fell into a pit or had your leg or face spiked. They coated the spikes with pig-shit to cause horrendous infections.


In the same war the USA used napalm. It was burning petrol with a viscous base. It was designed to adhere to the flesh and burn. A lot of children and civilians were caught up in the bombing. I still remember the little naked girl running and enclosed in the cloud of orange fire, then running with her skin in strips.


They also devised Agent Orange. It was a defoliant. They could not see the Viet-Cong movements through the jungle so the idea was to remove the jungle. Hundreds of thousands of acres were sprayed without regard to the wild-life or long-term effects. The trees were killed and the habitats destroyed and polluted. People caught up in it, including American soldiers, suffered horrendous effects. Their children were born deformed. I wonder if anybody cared?

I visited the war museum in Saigon. There were pictures of the most terrible defects. Most were too horrendous to show.

Agent Orange

They wouldn’t have had to use Agent Orange now. Most of the jungle has been cleared to grow coffee for the Americans. The wild-life has been decimated.

How long do we have to go on creating this havoc, devastation and callous cruelty. A short while ago Vietnam was the enemy. The US and Viet-Cong hated one another and killed each other in the worst ways possible. Now it is a top tourist attraction.

War is madness. There has to be better ways!


Trump’s racism – a strategy explained.

So why has Trump come out with these vitriolic racist comments??

  • He’s deliberately trying to ramp up the division
  • He trying to stir up his base
  • He’s trying to paint all democrats as extremists
  • He’s suggesting Democrats don’t love their country
  • He’s using hate as an activator
  • He’s trying to suggest that the Democrats are not true Americans
  • He’s deliberately planting negative subliminal messages about terrorism, immigrants, and Islam into the minds of his base
  • He’s trying to associate the Democrats with the more extreme views

This is precisely what the fascists did.

Will he get away with it?

Yes he might. He will connect with the fears of a lot of Americans who believe these things. He is pumping them up.

What will be the outcome?

More division. More hatred. More power to racists and fascists.

What should we do?

Oppose this vile strategy as much as we can. Using race in these un-presidential tweets is repulsive and simply wrong. Never in modern times have we seen such crass behaviour!! All right-minded people should be sickened!

Trump is really desperately trawling the depths. The saddest thing is that so many Americans agree with him.


Dalai Lama – A World Religious leader talking sense!

Dalai Lama – A World Religious leader talking sense!

‘Nowadays, we are confronted by a huge gap between rich and poor. This is not only morally wrong, but practically a mistake. It leads to the rich living in anxiety and the poor living in frustration, which has the potential to lead to more violence. We have to work to reduce this gap. It’s truly unfair that some people should have so much while others go hungry.’ Dalai Lama 2015.

It is this lust for wealth and power that is fuelling nearly all the problems in the world. On one side we have billions living in poverty, starvation and war and on the other we have the superrich with their yachts, mansions, lear jets, limos and servants. Even within the wealthy countries there is an obscene division. The bankers with their millions of pounds bonuses and the food banks.

We have nature being destroyed with deforestation and strip mining as people strive for more wealth. We see everything that moves being slaughtered for food. We have the billions so desperate that they risk their lives to cross continents. We have war and religious fanatics being armed by billionaires.

I think the Dalai Lama was spot on. It is the huge inequality that is fuelling war, poverty and destruction. It is time we sorted out a better world system that is fairer and more equal.

Mass Migration and the solution!

In the past days over 1200 desperate people, including women and children, have drowned trying to escape Africa and seek sanctuary in Europe.

In the States migrants are walking thousands of miles to escape poverty, violence and political tyrants. They are braving hardship, disease, violence and death to gain a future.

They are fleeing war, poverty, starvation, disease, unemployment, climate change and despair.

Who can blame them? If we were in their plight we would do the same.

It is better to risk your life in a rickety, overcrowded boat, for days at sea rather than stay in the country of their birth. It is worth it to walk thousands of miles to gain a job and a future for your children.

Unfortunately this is the direct result of political decisions, greed, foreign policy, selfishness and deliberate exploitation and is driven by ignorance.

Western wars in Libya, Despotic madness in Eritrea, the insane barbarity of ISIS, the lawless nightmare of Somalia, endless conflict in Palestine and the civil war in Syria have conspired to create desperation.

Corrupt regimes and tyrants in Central America and South America have been propped up by the CIA for political gain or economic advantage.

How much of this is due to direct Western policies? To overthrow Gadafi? Invade Afghanistan and Iraq? Allow the Palestinian situation to fester? Exploit Africa for cheap labour, oil and resources? To control Central and South America?

War, conflict and poverty create good business. You can sell lots of arms to all sides, exploit starving people for cheap labour, use the corruption in countries to gain land, resources and markets.

The wealthy like inequality. It creates better profits.

The powerful like conflict. They can set one side against another and sit back to watch them tear each other apart.

This world is being run for power and profit by people with vested interests. They are creating a powder keg of frustration, anger and resentment that is likely to explode in all our faces.

This is the tip of the ice-berg. The rampant population explosion in Africa is going to cause destruction and mayhem unless we deal with it quickly.

There are populations accelerating out of control; families of twelve or more children. There is starvation, war, disease and no jobs. What are they going to do?

It is obvious. They are going to try to get to somewhere that is safe, secure and with hope for the future. They will do anything to escape the butchery, disease and hopelessness.

As intelligent apes it is time we looked globally and took steps to sort this mess out. Opher has the answer:

  • Reduce world population substantially (birth control programmes, sickness benefit, old age pensions)
  • Stamp out corruption
  • Create a fair equal world where there s a fair distribution of wealth
  • Stop all wars through the United Nations intervention
  • Make health, clean water and sufficient food a right for everyone
  • Counter the religious madness that is causing war and encouraging people to breed like rabbits
  • Stop the greed and selfishness that is making many billionaires at the expense of millions
  • Bring in global standards to protect the environment, stop pollution and prevent people and multinational exploiting the weak
  • Take action against global warming.

If we solve the problems on a global basis we will not have war, starvation, disease, overpopulation and unemployment that leads to mass migration.

If we do not tackle the overpopulation crisis and environmental disaster we will have a terrible future for everyone and every other living thing on this planet!

Walls won’t keep them out! Solve the problem at the roots.

We need a fairer world!  Vote Opher for World Governor!

Poetry – Angry – Let’s get things done!

Poetry – Angry – Let’s get things done!


My mind is crippled
My emotions crawl
My memory limps
My psychology stalls

Somewhere between the mindless and the mean
Between the leaders and followers
What is and might have been
Between the sickeningly sweet and the vicious kick
Between the awesome mystery
Religion and the sick.
Somewhere between the ageing and the end
Between the discovery and death
The laws to break and mend
Between the exploiting cynic and the devotee
Between the moments that matter
And the lives of you and me.

There must be more than this
There has to be a way
That gives a sense of purpose
With something real to say

Opher 23.10.96

I am often dismayed by the vacuous nature of most people’s lives. Thoreau said that we lead lives of quiet desperation. Most of us get bogged down in narrow horizons of daily chores. We go through life like cattle chewing the cud in fields; without a thought for the future of life outside the field. I see a whole world the other side of the hedge and an abattoir just down the road.

I always promised myself that I would live life to the full, experience it and wring it dry. I promised myself that I would not sink into the rut that I saw my parents slide into. There was more than work, a routine and telly.
There is a world to engage in. There are huge issues to become involved with. There are things to create. There is a future to help build.

Once you start seeing what our glorious leaders are doing; the inequality, destruction and selfishness they instigate, and the level of hypocrisy that is involved, the insanity they preside over, it fills you with impotent fury.

I want a simple, happy life of enquiry, creativity, friendship and purpose in which we preserve the planet for our grandchildren and all manner of life that lives on it. I do not subscribe to endless growth, wealth creation and unsustainable destruction.

I am consumed with the desire to do something about it.

I want a positive zeitgeist!