Rishi Cartoon.

The genius of Steve Bell. He puts his finger on it. Thanks Steve.

The Corona Diaries – Day 213

i was feeling so much better toady – raring to go. I bounded up my hill in the bright sunlight – now achieved 213 consecutive 10,000 steps. I’m Covid fit!

Back home I’ve been working on my Harper book and playing a bit of Robert Wyatt. Such a distinctive voice.

A productive day!!

Back in Coronaland the Tories excelled themselves in nastiness – voting to let the kids starve. But then that is no less than I would expect of them. Evil snobs.

In the States there is record early voting and the polls are moving more towards Biden. I hope they are right. The chaotic Trump policies are so damaging – the environment, the WHO, UN and the extreme right wing Neo-Nazis. We so need rid of that division and stoking up of hatred, all these lies, conspiracy theories and belligerence. There’s much more to life than money!! Not that the chump is good with money – other than stealing it for himself.

Then there’s the callous Tories refusing to look after the most deprived kids – let them starve!! I hope it rebounds on them big time. They are so arrogant.

We are being told about long-covid now – and scared with the possibility that even if you get it mildly it can cause long-term damage to heart, lungs and brain (and just about every other organ) and leave you without energy. But what they don’t tell you is how many people are affected this way. Where are the stats???

We’re not having a lockdown but soon the whole country will be moved to tiers (it’s cheaper). It certainly leaves me in tears.

Scotland is preparing for a digital Christmas. Wales and Ireland are locked down. In England the new cases soar to 26,687 and deaths rise to 191. Out world-beating Track and Trace is only tracing less than 60% – more breast-beating than world-beating. The arguments go on with regional Mayors. The North is abandoned. Johnson is being ripped in half by his own MPs. Half of them want to throw the country to the wolves and the other half want tighter measures. The new northern MPs are watching with dismay as Cummings shows contempt for northerners and their chances of re-election dwindle. We’ve got Brexit looming – and the chaos, expense and job losses from that will have to be blamed on Covid.

Wow!! What a turbulent time.

In the USA the new cases have soared to 62,751 with an horrendous 1,171 deaths – some of the loony right might be regretting going to Trump rallies without masks and social distancing. They’ll be dying for a sinking cause as Trump’s popularity continues to dive.

In Brazil it is going up again – another 24,818 new cases and 566 deaths.

What a bunch of inept leaders we voted in!!!

Stay safe! There’s always tomorrow!!

The Corona Diaries – Day 212

I’m feeling crap today, no energy, listless and fed-up. I’ve got a bit of a cold and upset stomach.

It didn’t stop me doing my walk. I went up on my hill. It was cool and murky, overcast and misty. The air felt dank. But even so it was good to be out there in nature. That is revitalising.

Back home I’ve been working on my Harper book and playing a bit of Al Stewart. That takes me back fifty years!!

Life is very short. Make the most of it.

Out here in Coronaland the picture is looking grim. we’ve surged up to 21,330 new cases and 241 deaths. I can’t see Johnson’s tiers doing the job. I think we’re in for a lot of deaths.

The stupidity is scary. The Tories really don’t seem to care about the North. They don’t mind if businesses go under and people starve. Why aren’t they supporting people properly?

They have just brought in testing at the airports. Doors, horse and bolted come to mind. It’s Oct 21st. Surely that should have happened in March???

They are doing trials on a vaccine – they are deliberately infecting people to see if it works. (I think the government is secretly doing a big trial in the North of England). I hope it works I’m getting sick of all this. A bit of normality would be good.

Meanwhile there are only two weeks to go in the US election. I so hope that Trump gets dumped and the Republicans taught a lesson. Their attitude is brazenly corrupt. 4 more years of environmental damage and bitter division. Doesn’t bear thinking about.

In Brazil there were another 23,227 new cases and 661 deaths. I hope Bolsonaro is proud?

Stay safe everybody – the worst is yet to come!!

The Corona Diaries – Day 209

We went for a long walk today. Out in nature nothing changes. The coronavirus means nothing to the rest of life on this planet. It is refreshing. But it is also sobering. Nature doesn’t need us. We are far too big for our boots. We are dispensible. For all our arrogance, for all our impact, we are nothing more than just another species of life. We are of nature and part of nature but not in control of nature or more important than nature.

As I walked I found myself thinking that one day we will be gone. Nature will not miss us. It will regenerate. Our cities and artefacts will decay. We’ll be a thin layer in the rocks – a strata of self-importance. One day a virus will do for us all. Nature will shrug and move on.

Good riddance. We were too stupid and too clever, too destructive and thoughtless. We don’t deserve to be here.

Back home I was playing some Alexis Korner and thinking that at our best we can be so good. Why are we so bad?

I wrote my harper book and was despondent.

This virus is a warning. We need to change our ways or bow out.

All around me the incompetence shines.

In the UK – 16,171 new cases with 150 deaths

In the USA – 52,774 new cases with 679 deaths

In Brazil – 24,062 new cases with 461 deaths

In New Zealand – 3 new cases and no deaths

Some people are obviously messing up and some are doing it right!

It’s the same with inequality, poverty, violence, rights and working conditions, racism, sexism and justice. Some are not delivering – and it’s the same bunch of dumbasses.

But there is hope. Jacinda Ardern was elected with a landslide. What she said in her speech filled me with optimism. We can be competent, compassionate, empathetic and caring if we try. We just need to stop electing this unpleasant narcissistic sociopaths!! It can be done!

The Corona Diaries – Day 207

Another nice day in Yorkshire! I went for a walk up my hill and saw a big red kite swooping low over the field – sending birds calling out warnings. A great sight.

Back home I’ve been playing some Donovan and writing my Harper book.

Out here in Coronaland I have a few questions I would like to put to the Prime Minister:

  1. Where have you been? Why aren’t you out there giving out advice, reassurance and updates? Why have you been so invisible?
  2. Why didn’t you implement the recommendations of the Cygnus Report on our readiness to fight a pandemic? And why is the report not published?
  3. Why have we got 43,000 deaths when Vietnam (a country one and a half times our number of population) has only 35 deaths? Why is Korea and New Zealand doing so much better than us?
  4. Why did you not take note of what was happening in China back in November? Or even Italy in February?
  5. Why did you continue to allow 2 million people to come into the country during the pandemic completely unrestricted – no checks, no follow-up?
  6. Why weren’t you prepared with sufficient PPE, ventilators and chemicals for testing?
  7. Why didn’t you lockdown earlier?
  8. Why have you been giving out contracts to unreliable people without tendering?
  9. Why is the Track and Trace system so incredibly ineffective?
  10. Why did you allow the NHS to become so run-down?
  11. Why did you introduce a hostile environment that drove away many excellent doctors and nurses?
  12. Why did you not join the EU schemes on procuring PPE and ventilators?
  13. Why do you keep calling things world-beating and oven-ready when they obviously aren’t?
  14. Why didn’t you use the existing services (GPs and Clinics) to run the test, track and trace, instead of using amateurs?
  15. Why didn’t you call a national emergency and form a cross-party group to respond to the pandemic?
  16. Why are you not involving local people?
  17. Why are you not communicating with people in the North?
  18. What has happened to this ‘wonder App’ that failed?
  19. Why did you not produce standard criteria for local lockdowns?
  20. What has happened to the wondrous Moonshot?
  21. What did New Zealand (25 deaths) and Vietnam (35 deaths) do that we didn’t UK (43,293 deaths)? Just today we had another 136 deaths (over twice as much as Vietnam and New Zealand have had during the whole crisis).
  22. Why have the UK (43,293 deaths), the USA (218,000 deaths) and Brazil (153,000 deaths) got the worst records in the world? Is it anything to do with having elected inept populist fools?
  23. Why don’t you look at what other countries are successfully doing and try copying them?
  24. With the number of Covid-19 cases rising, is the virus out of control?
  25. Is there going to be a rebellion against your unfair treatment of Northern cities?
  26. Do you think people understand what they are meant to be doing?
  27. Do you think anybody is taking any notice of you?
  28. How long is it until you are replaced?

I’m not holding my breath. I think they will wriggle, lie, spin, obfuscate and avoid taking the blame for anything.

Stay safe everyone. Tomorrow’s a new day. Trump is on his way out!! Johnson and Bolsonaro won’t be long.

The world is looking better!!!

The Three Bellends – A Mersey pub is renamed! Cutting scouse humour!

After the complete incompetence and tragic mismanagement by these three a pub in Liverpool changed its name.

I thought this was hilarious.

Thanks Dewin for sending it through.