Landscape in my Head

Landscape in my Head

There’s a landscape in my head

It comes from the national zeitgeist.

The combined will of everyone

How every last sentiment is priced.

I’d like it to be compassionate,

Outward looking, caring and true.

But Brexit unleashed the nastiness

The racism just grew and grew.

Now we’re isolated on our own

With the ‘Little Englander’ mentality.

Blaming all the foreigners

For the blunder that is our reality.

It empowered all the nationalists

Who crawled out from every crevice.

Snarling their xenophobic slogans

Like bulldogs full of menace.

It’s not just the wealth we’ve squandered,

Greedily snatched by profiteers;

It’s the friendships that we’ve shat on

Built up through many years.

The landscape that I now live in

Is made by ugly bullying pigs.

Created by arrogant Brexiteers

And a bunch of Tory prigs.

The England that I crave

Is tolerant, outward and true.

The one that welcomed the Huguenots,

And stood up for the Jew.

An England worth fighting for

Not narrow-minded arrogance.

I’ll strive for a better vision

Worthy of taking a stance!

Opher – 11.4.2021

For me it isn’t just the money that’s been wasted or the nasty little profiteers who saw an opportunity to make millions. It’s not even the monetary costs that will throw millions into poverty and cause decades of austerity. It’s not the loss of jobs or the firms going bust or fleeing into Europe. It’s not the masses of red tape and the curtailing of my liberties.


For me it is the emotional impact – the change from an outward looking country full of tolerance, cooperation and friendship to an isolated nation viewing the ‘foreigner’ as the enemy. The rise of xenophobia and racism is just the expression of this unpleasant nationalistic fervour. It’s empowered the fascists, racists and scum.

I’m not suggesting that all Brexiteers are racist fascists. But by voting for such a damaging outcome they have unleashed and empowered the worst slimy breed.

It’s going to take decades to undo the harm.

England is so much the less.

What do you think the amount that is being lost to the treasury from fraud actually is??

We see huge headlines in the Tory Press about benefit fraud. All those scroungers who are taking the system for a ride.

It undoubtedly happens. There are some who are scamming the system.

The cost to the treasure of benefit fraud was £6.1 billion!! That’s a lot of money!!

Of course, much of that fraud comes from organised criminals and not hard-up people on benefit!

What the Tory Press do not seem to be concerned about is what is happening at the other end. The wealthy millionaires and billionaires are using tax loopholes and fraud to avoid paying the taxes they should be paying. the cost of this tax avoidance and fraud is an eye-watering £35 Billion!

So the wealthy are scamming the system 6 times more than the poor – but nobody seems to care about that. They’d rather blame the poor. The rich deserve to be rich. For them tax is optional.

If we looked at all the legal loopholes that these people are squirrelling billions away into the cost would be even greater.

We’ve had twelve years of Tory austerity, a huge hit from Brexit, another huge hit from Covid and now the cost of living crisis. Who picks up the bill for all this? We do – the little people! In the course of these twelve years of Tory rule the wealthier have never had it so good. They have gained from austerity, Brexit, Covid and the Cost Of Living Crisis.

The Tory Party was inaugurated to look after the interests of the wealthy. That’s precisely what they have done.

Aren’t you shocked by how these wealthy people have been accumulating vast fortunes while working people can’t earn enough to eat, kids starve and food banks are proliferating?? I am!

Poetry – Playing games

Playing games

Faded Empires,

Playing games

With millions of pawns.

Complex machinations

For power and wealth

In an incandescent storm.

Intrigue, threats and death,


Arrogance and scorn.

Played out across the globe,

Devoid of compassion

Greed, selfishness, care-worn.

Unseen puppet masters

Guide us through

Creating poverty and war

With paid brawn.

Inbuilt superiority,

Illusions of grandeur,

All in-born.

They play their power games

Of self-importance –

The devil’s spawn!

Opher – 13.6.2020

There is a big global game being played by powerful privileged people.

We are pawns.

Huge wealth is deployed.

They gamble with the future.

They use poverty and war as tools.

They exploit, cheat and control.

It is mega politics – beyond the politics of mere nations.

The Corona Diaries – Day 778 – Update

Today we are over in the Yorkshire Dales in a cottage in a small village. We went for a walk up into the hills and then had a wander in Skipton.

The sun shone on us most of the day – then it went dark and snowed!! But we had a good time. I sampled the local pies and ice-cream. Can’t seem to understand why I’m putting on weight!

We ended up waking 12 kilometres so I think I am getting over covid – but I still feel very tired, my mind is a bit muzzy and I’m lacking my usual buzzing head full of ideas. This week I’m going to try seeing if I can plot out my new Sci-Fi book. We’ll see.

It’s been great listening to some Hendrix. His death was one of those great tragedies of what might have been. I always imagine what it would have been like if Buddy Holly had got together with the Beatles and Hendrix and Jim Morrison had not thrown their lives away (or been murdered).

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, The MET still haven’t completed their investigations of Johnson’s law breaking. I like to think of them serving him up like one of those pig’s heads on a platter with an apple in their mouths!! He’d look good! Then Sue Gray could apply the boiling sauce and finish the incompetent lying conman off. I like to think.

Johnson has become a major liability to the Tories and it comes as no surprise that they are all leaving him off their flyers in the forthcoming local elections. I just hope the greedy lying Tories get what they deserve.

What is happening to Rishi Sunak might well have started up in Johnson’s office. He puts on this front as the jolly tousle-haired clown but in reality he’s a cold, cynical, overprivileged millionaire who is ruthless. It’s all a front to con the gullible. He’s been lining his nest just like Osborne and Cameron did.

Rishi Sunak is one of the richest people in the country and it comes as no surprise that he’s been fiddling, using every little law and loophole to cream off the cash. That’s what Tories do. They are greedy. While he’s been throwing millions of poor people into poverty with 55 new tax increases he and his wife have evaded paying tax to the tune of tens of millions.

It is simply wrong for the Chancellor of the Exchequer to be using tax loopholes such as Green Cards and Non Dom status. It’s wrong.

I don’t care if it is legal. The very fact that the Tories have deliberately kept all the tax loopholes is both immoral and unethical. Why should the rich be able to evade taxes? The rest of us can’t get away with a penny!

One has to remember that the Tory Party was formed by the Rich to look after the fortunes of the wealthy. That is what they do. It’s a con trick.

One only has to look at the history of the rich to see how greedy and callous they are/were. Slavery, factory conditions, the colonies. They lived in opulence. Ordinary people have had to fight for any standard of living.

In the 12 years the Tories have been in power the richer have become immensely richer, the poor have become much poorer and public services have been devastated.

They disguise it but the wealthy (and Tories) have benefitted from Brexit and Covid. The rest of us have picked up the bill.

The Sunaks are the same as the rest of the greedy Tory bastards.

Boris Johnson has become a liability. They have left him off all the flyers for the forthcoming local elections. He’s toxic.

So where is he? Still in his fridge? He is keeping his head down where he can’t be questioned. He only likes photo ops not scrutiny.

I’ve got a suggestion. Perhaps Zelensky could put a long zipline right down the front line in the Donbas. Johnson could dress up in his Union Jack underpants, a Union Jack up his jacksy, waving two Union Jacks and slowly go the length of the trenches. That’d cheer up the Ukrainian soldiers and nobody could ask the clown awkward questions while he was up there!

Ideal for a clown.

So, Covid has been beaten!! Yippeee!

It just goes to show that if you ditch SAGE and the scientists and stop all testing the numbers of reported cases miraculously go down and Big Dog Turd is saved!!

There were only another 33,745 new cases yesterday (although there were really 5 million new cases last week!). The deaths and hospital cases are harder to fiddle. Deaths went up to 302 yesterday and hospital cases rose to 20,096.

Never mind! Big Dog Turd is safe!!

Praise be!!

Stay safe!! Brexit is great and Covid is beat – Honest!!

The Corona Diaries – Day 777

Busy day today. We drove over to meet up with relies over in the Dales!! We set off in bright sunshine and temperatures of 10 degrees and found ourselves in a mini blizzard. Weather is all over the place. Global warming is really messing things around.

I’ve been enjoying listening to HQ again. Hell of an album! Roy Harper must be the best!

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, the Tories are at it again. Johnson is bouncing around in a yellow Hi-Vis outfit. He thinks that’s what leaders do – make photo ops – I noticed that he’s had his hair done. Looks almost normal. He deliberately ruffles it up because he thinks it endears him to the voters. That says a lot about him and the voters!!

Rishi Sunak is coming in for a bit of a hammering just because he is in charge of the treasury and his wife is doidging taxes. Ho Ho. What do you expect? She’s the wealthiest person in the country, is saving tens of millions a year not paying taxes from abroad and has claimed millions from tax payers to furlough staff. Then Rishi has kept his Green Card for the States. Has he been fiddling too? No wonder these Tories won’t close the tax loopholes – they’re all using them!

It beggars the questions – how much money is enough? Do you still need to be robbing from the poor when you already have billions more than you can possibly spend and they are starving?

It turns out that it was Rishi who blocked the government helping out in the cost of living crisis. Nice guy!!

What a bunch of callous profiteers!!

In Ukraine fake news takes on a different dimension! Putin uses a missile to bomb refugees at a station killing 50 and maiming many more. He’s done worse!! It is interesting to hear him denying it. He claims that the Ukrainians are flattening their own cities, killing their own civilians and raping their own women. Fake news reaches new heights. He’s using the same strategy of Johnson and Trump – simply deny!

In the Coronavirus pandemic that no longer exists (in order to save Big Dog Turd) there are still record levels – 5 million new cases last week!

Never mind.

Stay safe!!

The Corona Diaries – Day 776

It’s cold, wet and windy in Yorkshire. I’m not keen!! It would be nice to live somewhere warm!!

We went for a walk up my hill. It was blustery and we got rained on a little. Not nice!

Came home, played some Pink Floyd and wrote a couple of poems.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, still no sign of the MET completing their investigations and giving Johnson the fine he deserves. Then it’s down to Sue Gray.

Turns out that that nice man Rishi Sunak, who they were touting to take over from Johnson, is heading for a car crash. They’ve been fiddling!! All legal, of course. The Tories have connived with the wealthy to make loads of things legal so that the rich can become richer.

His wife is a multi-billionaire. Income measured in tens of millions if not more. She’s lived here for nine years but claims to be based abroad to avoid paying tax. You have to laugh. Here we have the Chancellor of England and his wife with a family with Russian businesses, a multi-billionaire, using tax-dodging schemes, taking millions of taxpayers’ money to furlough staff while putting up taxes in the UK that will put millions of kids into abject poverty. Only the Tories would consider that morally sound.

You know, the trouble with the world is greed. There is more than enough money for every single person in the entire world to live very comfortably, to solve all the pollution problems and for nature to be properly conserved. There is no shortage of cash to carry out all the necessary improvements and projects. The problem is simply that the world is divided into a small elite of superwealthy multibillionaires (like the Sunaks) and the rest of us. They hoard up the money (in billions), live a sumptuous lifestyle and yet exploit the poor to become even richer! It’s obscene!

They have no morality. They quite literally banquet while millions starve. They policies and business practices cause misery.

Ha-ha – it made me laugh to hear Johnson and Jarvid bleating that the media should keep out of family business – as if the dodgy goings-on of our politicians should be off-limits. Like hell. If Sunak is married to someone investing in Putin and dodging taxes that should be out in the open.

Everything should be out in the open and available to scrutinise. It isn’t. The wealthy are hiding stuff and cramming money abroad.

These are the people that the Tories represent and why the tax loopholes are not blocked up.

I suppose it’s even worse in the USA. They brainwash the population with this bogus American dream so that they all believe they are going to become billionaires. What a con-trick! They’ve managed to brand fairness as socialist tyranny.

It’s all a matter of degree. We are just allowed a slightly better standard of living (courtesy of hard-fought battles from trade unions) than the bulk of the world.

In Russia, the country has been robbed by Putin and his multi-billionaire oligarchs. It’s plain to see. They call it communism but it’s actually no different to the Csars. It’s tyranny. The standard of living of most Russians is very low because they have been robbed. It either goes to supporting a useless war machine or into the pockets of a bunch of super-wealthy.

Same here but to a lesser degree.

Nicely segueing into the war as a disgraced Russian army is humiliated and shown to be useless. at least 14,000 troops killed (including 7 generals), Ukraine littered with burnt-out tanks and military equipment, aircraft shot down and terrified Russian soldiers shooting, raping and looting. Not only appalling but disgusting.

Heaven knows how many trillions have been wasted. How much it will cost to restore the houses, schools, hospitals and infrastructure. What will now happen with a population traumatised by the death of their loved ones, full of hate and lust for revenge. Some liberation!!

Putin is a war criminal – a monster – but he is not alone. How have we allowed Allepo and Grozny to go unpunished? The war crimes were just as bad! And our leaders are not innocent. There were no politicians taken to court over Vietnam, Cambodia, Afghanistan, Iraq and the rest. Yet citing were bombed, civilians killed, executions, torture – people in Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay kept without trial and tortured. Surely war crimes???

What a world we live in.

Why do we appoint these psychotic leaders?? Why can’t we work as one world?? Why all this political and religious hatred?? Why the greed??

Politicians spin, lie and break the law with impunity. They use oppressive measures and propaganda.

Then there’s Oban re-elected! A populist Nazi who is greatly admired by our own leader and Trump.

I’m beginning to dislike human beings.

Meanwhile, in the pandemic that no longer exists, Johnson is proved right! If you hardly test anybody the numbers go down! It works! Just what Trump suggested doing! If you don’t want any cases don’t test at all!! Then you can declare that not only has he got Brexit done but he’s beaten covid! I reckon the covid beating is going about on a par with his Brexit deal and Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

Despite no testing, there were still 47,126 new cases! Incredible! How do they know? The deaths are harder to disguise. That rose to 317. The new hospital admissions rose again too – 2274 new admissions – an increase of 435. In reality, the cases are the highest ever and spinning off variants!!

Long live King Clown the Liar!!

What’s going to happen when the immunity afforded by vaccination wears off? Who knows? Least of all our clown. He just wings it. Not a scientist in sight!

Stay safe!! We’re an experiment!!

The Corona Diaries – Day 775

A showery day in Yorkshire. I went in to my writing group and shared a piece of work. Beginning to plan out the plotting of my next Sci-fi novel – a sequel to ‘The Pornography Wars’. Ideas are beginning to come together. Playing Otis Redding today which is always uplifting even when he’s being melancholy. Soul is good for the spirit! (see what I did there!)

I’ve been feeling muzzy and not quite with it. Normally I’m flooding with ideas and eager to get stuck into a writing project. The enthusiasm and inspiration is usually there as my cerebrum fires away. That’s not been happening. It’s not that I’ve got writer’s block on anything like. I realised what it actually is – Covid.

We are both still getting over Covid. It’s been around four or five weeks since we tested negative but the symptoms persist. I call it lingering Covid. I am suffering with a muzzy head, bunged up sinuses, weariness, listlessness, lack of energy and this ennui. It’s covid. When I’m writing I find certain words are not coming to mind the way they were. I’m having to wait for them to arrive, search for them, even look them up. My brain is not functioning as smoothly as it was. It’s covid. Not only that but I have noticed over the last five weeks that I’ve put on a few pounds. I was wondering why (as I don’t seem to be doing that much less exercise or eating that much more). It came to me today that Covid has probably slowed my metabolism.

Liz has got the lingering covid too! She can no longer drink red wine. It doesn’t taste right and it makes her feel bad.

This covid has a big effect on people. It’s a whole-body thing. Even if you don’t get it too badly it still has a big impact. They’ve shown it shrinks brains. You would think that for a lot of Tory voters that would prove fatal! I don’t want my brain shrunk! Ageing is bad enough! I need every brain cell!

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, the Tories might be beleaguered with Partygate, going down in the Polls and looking like taking a beating in the May elections, but that doesn’t stop them from continuing their offensive or brazening out their disastrous policies.

They are telling us that we need the big hike in National Insurance so that we can get the NHS functioning and able to deal with the backlog. It wasn’t too long ago that they were telling us that this boost to the NHS was going to come from the Brexit dividend!! If you remember, we were promised £350 million a week from Brexit for the NHS. There is no mention from the Tories that instead of a Brexit dividend we are receiving an ongoing Brexit deficit of around £37 billion a year! The Tory-controlled media are remarkably quiet on that aren’t they? So instead of Brexit doing the job the Tories have decided that the poorer end of the population should fund it!

Speaking of Tory-controlled media and propaganda that is a neat segue into Channel 4. Channel 4 has been a thorn in the side of Tories. They don’t control it. They can’t threaten to take away its cash or load its board with Tories like they’ve done with the BBC (driving out a whole stream of talent who don’t like spouting Tory propaganda). Channel 4 was impartial and openly critical of both Tory Policy and Brexit. In true nasty Tory rhetoric – they must pay the price. They excel at seeking revenge on all who oppose them! The answer is to sell it in order to prevent criticism. It’s a lot like Putin in Russia. They are just a little more subtle about it. The Tories won’t be happy until they have tied up every newspaper, TV channel and news outlet. Channel 4 brings in a £1 billion a year in revenue and is an independent channel that develops talent. Oppose these Tory Brexiteer extremists and you are dead meat. Look how they purged the Tory Party of all moderate Tories! They are ruthless populist extremists every bit as nasty as Trump!

On top of the National Insurance hike there are the Tax rises. They’ve doshed out so much money to their chums through incompetence, stupid contracts and multimillion fiascos during Covid that they have to claw it back from the poor somehow! I mean you can’t raise taxes from the wealthy who have been doing fantastically in this difficult period – no – raise taxes and clobber the poor. They’ll still vote for you!

The petrol/diesel crisis – with costs going through the ceiling causing rises in all food and goods. We’re told it’s global – but British oil producers are making tens of billions out of it! That’s not global – that’s just profiteering. But it’s OK, the poor will pick up the bill. We can’t do a windfall tax. The rich won’t like it!

It’s exactly the same with the energy companies. It’s all global – except that it isn’t – they still have money enough to dosh out big dividends to shareholders. The rich never go short!

We’re in the midst of a massive Cost of living crisis with everything zooming up except for wages and pensions! That’s great for the government. The more things cost the more VAT they claw back!!

On the day the Energy prices soared (courtesy of government policy) throwing millions into extreme poverty they were busy guzzling champagne!

I’ve got a great idea! Why don’t we do what Corbyn wanted us to do – put the Energy, Transport and Water into national control – so all those profits go to us and not the Tory’s rich chums???

The slow privatisation of the NHS (safe in our hands – lie) continues. That is the next big wheeze to put more money in the [pockets of the rich and rob the poor.

They really do think we are utter gullible fools!! That’s because we act like utter gullible fools and keep voting for them no matter what they do.

He who controls the media controls the minds. Straight out of the Hitler/Putin playbook.

Meanwhile, the war in Ukraine rages. The horrors are revealed. Sources (reputedly) have uncovered a Russian document claiming from the beginning that the plan was to ‘free the Ukraine people’ from neoNazi control. They were planning mass extermination of the Nazis and Nazi sympathisers. They had mobile crematoria and were planning to take over the government in three days and start exterminating the neoNazis. They estimated 400,000. So who are these neoNazis??

It seems that these killings, rapings, lootings and mass slaughter were not the acts of the frightened little conscripts but state policy. Frightening.

If this isn’t shades of Hitler’s concentration camps and the Jews, or Stalin’s stalags, what is?

It’s a shame they didn’t turn their attention on the fascists running Russia.

Mind you, Putin did exactly the same (or worse) in Grozny and Aleppo and there was no outcry of genocide and war crimes. Why’s that? Is it just racism? Distance? Or that they were Muslims?

Putin needs dragging before the international courts. It’s good to see Ukraine smashing his military to pieces!

This brings me to the pandemic that no longer is. There has been no SAGE meeting, no meeting of scientists for 6 weeks now. What we have is a policy of herd immunity put in by Johnson and the Tories without any scientific basis. It’s thought to be popular and help save the Big Dog Turd. The pandemic is over!! Except it is far from over. There were record levels last week with an estimated 4.9 million having the virus last week. Hospital admissions are at the same level as at the height of the pandemic (creating immense strain for NHS staff – NO PAYRISE) and stopping other essential health work. The queues get longer. Brushed under the carpet!

We are already near capacity.

‘COVID-19 cases rates are at their highest ever level in England, with experts warning of an increase in hospitalisations and deaths.

Two variants of Omicron – the BA.1 and BA.2 – caused twin peaks in the pandemic, one in January and another last month, according to data from Imperial College London’s latest React-1 study.

Testing between 8 and 31 March suggests that 6.37% of people in England had COVID-19 in this period – the highest level recorded in the pandemic.’

The government response – UTTER SILENCE!!!

Who cares?? Let the bodies pile up. We have to learn to live with it. No advice is necessary.

The government has stopped testing so all stats are unreliable. If there aren’t any stats there is no problem!! Right???

There are a number of new variants knocking around. I wonder if one is nasty? We’ll see. Right now the UK is a testing ground and we’re guinea pigs.

That’s the populist way!!

The Mushroom principle – keep them in the dark and shit on them!!

My son is not too bad at the moment. Covid levels are hitting firms and schools badly with many people off work. Who cares?? Certainly not a Tory!

Stay safe! Be positive. We haven’t been fried and we’re not dead!