Tory Hypnotism – Cartoon

This is the only thing that makes sense. They are inept, corrupt, greedy, hypocritical, lying bastards who look after their own and shit on everyone else.

So you elect them!

The Corona Diaries – Day 390

Fabulous day in Yorkshire. The sun has been shining all day – though the air is still cold. We took off for a long walk up over the wolds with stunning views. I should have taken my camera. It was a four hour jaunt and my legs felt it. Doing so much uphill was an effort! Above us three buzzards soared in circles. I’m sure they were waiting for one of us to drop dead.

All around us the birds were chirping away. It sounded fantastic but I know they were all really shouting out – ‘Fuck off – this is my territory!!! Come on love – I’m the best!!! Come and see my wonderful nest!!’ Sounded good anyway.

The sunshine certainly brings everything out. There were butterflies – mainly tortoiseshells but an occasional peacock and red admiral. There were lots of bright flowers and huge bumble bees – no honey bees though!

Back home I was working on my Sci-fi novel – The Pornography Wars. I completed my first rewrite!! Yippee!!! I’ve now got to reread it to see if it all works. Then I’ll start editing!! What fun!!

Today, while editing, I’ve been playing a bit of Beatles. They were so good!!

Lockdown certainly is productive.

I’ve got this new circular saw and a pile of old pallets and fencing. I spent two hours cutting it all up into chunks for the wood burner. It’s knackering!! I(‘ve now got a huge job in cutting everything up for kindling! Tomorrow’s task!

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland the sleaze and corruption deepens. Doesn’t anybody go into politics in order to govern the country and make it work better? Are they all just greedy swines trying to line their own pockets with millions??

Certainly seems that way.

Cameron and Green swill. Jenrick, Osborne and all of the 44 walking into lucrative jobs. It all stinks. Sleaze and corruption should feature in some Tory emblem! Then the cronyism and nepotism. They are a selfish, callous lot who arrogantly think they are so much more deserving than the rest of us!!

There is still no news of our second jab. It is due this week so here’s hoping!!

A quick snapshot of what is happening around the world:

CountryNew cases yesterdayDeaths yesterday
The USA77,358940
The UK2,75634
New Zealand00

The States are remaining pretty steady. Still far too high though. They re rolling out the vaccine. Things should improve.

The UK continues to get better and better. The vaccine rollout is really working.

Brazil is looking dire with lots of young people and babies dying and the health service overrun. Bolsonaro’s little flu is killing people in droves and spawning lethal variants.

New Zealand and Vietnam have next to no cases, no deaths and life is back to normal. They know how to deal with it.

In India it is going berserk! The virus is out of control. Modi let everybody mix for their Hindu festivals. Huge crowds gathered and it became superspreaders!! When you have a lunatic in charge you’ve got no chance.

The Indian variant is causing huge concern. Not only has Modi allowed it to flourish but Johnson hasn’t put a stop on immigration from India and they are bringing it in. It could put a stop to our roadmap out of lockdown. The variant is highly contagious and lethal.

The Indian health service is already overwhelmed – no beds, no ventilators, no medicine, no oxygen – no hope!

Modi is a moron.

Another populist fool.

Johnson is failing to act yet again!! The man is an idiot!! Why aren’t all people coming from India put in quarantine???? Don’t we learn anything????

Stay safe!! It’s hard – the morons are in charge!!!

The Corona Diaries – Day 389

It’s been a bit of a strange day today – sunny but cold the same as yesterday. I stayed in editing, writing and playing Buffalo Springfield.

I’m feeling very lethargic today. I think lockdown does that to you. There is no stimulation from friends or going out. The days are repeating patterns. Days dissolve.

I wonder what we will all remember of this year when we look back on it?

In many ways it has been very productive – I’ve written books, decorated the house, read a lot and watched a lot of drama but really – it feels strangely empty!

Nature has been the best bits. Today all the birds were singing away. The kestrel was hovering, a hair ran in the field and there were rabbits all over the place. The succession of wild flowers is a delight. That bouys me up.

Out in Coronaland the sleaze deepens. All these MPS and senior civil servants waltzing off into lucrative jobs – some being paid millions for next to nothing. The cronyism and nepotism with the awarding of multimillion pound contracts. Why does nobody seem bothered? Have we come to think that it’s just the Tories – good old Boris.

There is definitely one rule for them and one for us!!

I was always brought up to be fair. There’s nothing fair about any of this. It’s a grubby, squalid and corrupt.

He’ll get away with murder (and has) because of the vaccine!!

Here the news is still good we have just 2,671 new cases yesterday with only 30 deaths. The vaccine is working.

Over in India and Brazil the picture is gloomy – collapsing health services are being overwhelmed with patients. People being turned away, no drugs, no beds, no oxygen. Dire.

In the USA the rates are going up. It’s hard to deal with people who still think it’s a hoax or unamerican to distance. The USA has become a strange and violent place.

I’m off to warm up my kedgeree!

Stay safe!!

The Corona Diaries – Day 388

It was sunny enough to bring out all the wildlife today. As I walked up my hill there were numerous finches and tits flying about in the hedges and trees and a whole lot of chirping. Now is the time to lay claim to territory, attract mates and build nests. Spring is great isn’t it?

A stoat ran across the road in front of us and a beautiful kestrel hung on the wind, wings flapping feathers fully deployed, right above our heads. Majestic.

The May blossom is out and lots more bushes and trees are sprouting leaves. Fabulous to see.

I walked up the side of the field to feed a carrot to my adopted horse (who is now in the back field) and was accosted by a farmer driving his tractor. He told me I was trespassing and we had an interesting conversation. I told him that his family had probably been trespassing for hundreds of years – ever since the land was rudely enclosed and we were all turfed off it. He did not seem impressed and told me that I wouldn’t like it if he came trespassing in my garden. I looked around at the massive field with no house in sight and asked him if this really was his garden. He told me that people were hunting out here and I could get shot to which I replied that I didn’t think I looked too much like a rabbit. I don’t think he liked me.

We agreed to differ. I fed my horse.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland the Tories are being exposed as the sleaze-merchants they are. Perhaps enough of their nasty ways and corruption will come to light to make people realise what an unpleasant bunch they really are. Something has got to happen hasn’t it? I think people have been mesmerised and Brexit has brought out the worst in them.

It’ll wear off eventually – the scales will fall from their eyes.

There are many worrying things around the world – the virus is taking off in India and Brazil – numerous variants and a lot of young people and babies dying. In India there are 150,000 new cases a day due to opening everything up and everyone mixing. In Brazil the virus is still going at over 80,000 cases a day and 1300 babies have already died! Many of them are due to extreme immune responses causing inflammation of all the vital organs. It seems that Brazil is in a mess. The health service is overwhelmed. There are shortages of drugs and equipment.

Personally I think that the UK, USA, Brazil, Turkey and India are all suffering horribly because we put such psychopathic imbeciles in charge – Trump, Modi, Erdogan, Bolsonaro and Johnson are all incompetent twerps – arrogant deniers, dispensers of false information and dithering fools. They’ve killed hundreds of thousands.

These death-rates show what happens when things are not properly managed.

In the UK the numbers are still coming down due to vaccination. Just 2,491 new cases yesterday with 38 deaths. That’s brilliant but could all be undone if they allow the variants in because of lax border controls. As we open up the antivaxxers become more and more at risk. They could spike a new third wave.

My sister was certain she’d had the virus way back in January last year. She thought she was immune. She probably hadn’t and wasn’t immune. She went down with it in the summer and was extremely ill. Just goes to show.

Perhaps the antivaxxers need to take a look at what is going on abroad and realise the danger they are in? Perhaps they also need to think about the effects on others a bit more. They will be spreaders who will keep the pandemic going and put a strain on the system.

When you look at the infinitesimal risk from vaccination and compare it to the risk from getting the disease it’s like comparing a fender bender in a traffic jam with a jumbo jet coming down in a city at rush hour.

Right now our incompetent leader is being exposed for the sleazeball he is. The Tories are presiding over the biggest corruption we’ve ever seen. Cronyism, billions given away, jobs for the boys, walking into posts and betraying the country. I despair.

As an example: should George Osborne be allowed to be minister in charge of the exchequer and then be paid £164,000 a year for going to a handful of meetings and advising a company how it can avoid paying millions in tax? Surely using his insider information that way is treason? He is effectively stealing millions from the people of this country.

It’s immoral!

A nurse risks their life and works day in day out for the full year for £21,142. Osborne swans into a few meetings tells them how to diddle the tax and walks away with £164,000 (and probably stashes that away somewhere tax free).

Is this fair? Is this moral? Shouldn’t this be illegal?

Cameron uses his contacts and puts pressure on ministers in order to gain £45 million from Greensill. How can anybody be pay such ludicrous amounts for so little???? How can this be anything other than corrupt??

How were people like Rees-Mogg able to make millions out of Brexit???

How were 44 of Cameron’s cabinet able to walk into massive pay packets in firms in the areas they were presiding over? They are teaching them how to diddle the system.

I call it treason.

Meanwhile scum like Dyson, who pushed for Brexit and then moved his firm to Singapore so they didn’t feel the impact of it, need calling out for what they have done.

The country under the Tories has become a country of scumbags. The elite take their multimillion contracts and the rest of the country suffers cuts and austerity.

What was it? ‘We’re all in it together!! Rah Rah the Bullingdon Boys!!

Stay safe!!! I’m going back to do some editing and play some more Bo Diddley!!!

Boris Johnson – Lies and Corruption?? Does he need locking up??

After having done such incredible damage to the country, cost us countless billions, imposed a decade of austerity, given billions away to his friends, continually lied and been totally lazy and inept – should he be held to account???

Why are people suddenly so accepting of political sleaze and corruption?

Thanks John Peachey!

The Corona Diaries – Day 387

It was another cold frosty start that gave way to a sunny day. I did my usual walk up my hill to feed Smudge his carrot.

Back home I’ve been editing and listening to Don and Dewey. I needed something with a bit of bite because it’s been a frustrating day.

I’ve had to deal with BT concerning my TV box having gone Kaput and Together Energy about changing energy suppliers. How come when you deal with any of these people you spend hours on hold to finally end up talking to some minion who doesn’t know what’s going on or why. They tell you they’ve sorted it and nothing happens. Then two weeks later you have to go through the same performance again and you’re no further forward!!

Talk about frustrating!!!

So for another week we have no TV!!!

Out in Coronaland it is just as frustrating. The country is opening up due to the vaccine but everything is not rosy.

Although all the vulnerable group have been offered the vaccine (and the over 40s are just coming on line – the over 30s in six weeks time) there is still around 1.6 million antivaxxers who are in the vulnerable group.

The fear is that the unvaccinated young will mix and the virus will start to spread rapidly. That shouldn’t matter too much for the under 40s as they are unlikely to become too ill. It does mean that the vulnerable antivaxxers will suddenly find themselves much more at risk and many of them will become very ill (swamping the health service) and die.

This is what is delaying our return to normality!!

There is a school of thought that says that they’ve made their bed – let them lie on it. If they want to dice with death – let them! The only problem with that is that thousands of them will end up in intensive care on ventilators. It will cost a fortune and put a huge strain on the NHS. That could put us all back into lockdown!!

So why are these people refusing the vaccine? It certainly doesn’t make sense to me. The risk from the virus is so very much greater than the risk of the vaccine. Do they want to dice with ventilators or death?

It seems:

a. Some are scared. They think the vaccine is untried and could have bad health effects (I think this is rubbish – it’s been tested on many millions and is extremely safe – the risk of a blood clot – 1 in a million – is so slight as to be not worth considering. We take far bigger risks that that every day – just walking to the shops is probably more of a risk).

b. Some believe the silly conspiracy theories put out by irresponsible idiots (usually coming from wacky groups in the USA). The Hindus are told that there are cow products in the vaccine. The Muslims are told there are pig products. Some people believe that there is a tracking device, or control device in the vaccine. Some people believe it is the government trying to control us or Bill Gates tracking us. There are an endless stream of completely mad nonsense theories.

c. Some people believe their bodies are holy temples that should not be polluted with artificial medicines such as vaccines. They only eat organic vegetables and use herbs to boost their immune systems. Unfortunately these people do not understand science or the nature of viruses. Neither healthy diets or immune boosting herbs counter viruses. If you don’t have the antibody you get ill. That’s why smallpox kills hundreds of millions – no matter what they ate or what herbs they used. Corona virus is a new virus. It doesn’t respond to herbs and you can’t boost your immune system to prevent it.

d. Some people do not believe in science. They believe in alternative medicine. Unfortunately no alternative medicines work against viruses. These people get very ill and die. (On the wacky end we have the silliness of using rhino horns and tiger penises – how mad can people get?)

e. Some people do not think there is a virus at all – this is just a government ploy to take away our freedom! (I know – all the governments in the world getting together to create a ploy to destroy their own economies – obviously true!)

f. Some people think it was caused by 5G – I think we have David Icke to blame for that one!

Well I for one put my trust in science. Without vaccination we’d still be ravaged by smallpox, polio, tuberculosis and countless other killer diseases. Science saved billions of lives. Alternative medicine fails.

The same idiots putting forward the conspiracy theories are the ones who believe the world is flat and Jesus is coming back next week!! (I don’t think he is!)

One thing is clear – without vaccination we are in lockdown forever. Vaccination is our passport to freedom. Those people who are against vaccination are only going to be safe if everyone else is vaccinated. In other words they are taking a free ride (if they live long enough) on everyone else’s shirt tails!!

In short – you owe it to yourself and your community to get vaccinated – don’t believe the bullshit!!

Which brings me to the vaccine passports. They are coming folks! Israel is the most vaccinated country and a template for the rest of us. The Vaccine passport is used everywhere and has become an accepted part of life. You want to go into a restaurant you have to show you’ve been vaccinated in order to get in – to keep you safe and the others in the restaurant. Gove is heading to Israel to check it out. That tells you.

I don’t want to go in a cinema with unvaccinated people. No vaccine is 100%. Those people are at a high risk of spreading the disease whereas vaccinated people are very low risk. I want to minimise my risk. I am allergic to ventilators and really don’t want to spend months comatose with no control over my bladder or rectum. I want a vaccine passport to make me safer!

One passing mention – it seems to me that it is all the populist leaders who have made the biggest messes of dealing with Covid-19 – Trump, Bolsonaro, Modi, Ertogan and Johnson. They are very good at getting elected by promising the earth and telling lies, but utterly useless at doing anything. Their ineptitude is stark.

They are investigating a mix and match of vaccines for Autumn. So looking forward to my second jab!!

Stay safe, get vaccinated – Freedom!!!

The Corona Diaries – Day 386

The weather is all a bit strange here in Yorkshire. I got up this morning to a heavy frost. The same came out and it’s really warm. But the air is cold and there’s a cold breeze.

Anyway, I had a nice walk up my hill, fed carrots to my horse. I found out he’s called Smudge. I came back and worked on my novel editing and rewriting. It’s going well. I managed fifteen pages yesterday and have already done fifteen today!

I’ve been playing some Esquerita. He’s an overlooked force in early Rock Music and R&B. Little Richard based himself om Esquerita.

Meanwhile out in Coronaland – I’m so sick of this inept government and our clown of a PM I’m considering emigrating to New Zealand. They seem so much more sensible – none of this extremism and populist nonsense. They brought in policies that worked and dealt with it. Now they are back to normal, cases are minimal – just 4 new cases yesterday, and they haven’t had a death for months!!

Over here Johnson is flailing about like an imbecile on mastermind. He’s just hoping that the vaccination programme will get him out of a hole. The stupid thing is that it is.

I am losing faith with the British. They don’t seem capable of rational thought any longer. Despite the deaths, the cronyism, the damaged economy, the corruption and the blithering, they are still backing this imbecile.

Only Trump and Bolsonaro are worse. The worrying thing in Brazil, where Bolsonaro has allowed the virus to run wild, is that the new variants it has spawned are affecting young people more. Over half the cases in intensive care are among the under 40s. If that comes here we are buggered – and I do not think this bunch of inept Tories are capable of keeping it out. I don’t think they could find shit in a sewage farm.

Today they started rolling out the Moderna jab. It sounds as if it is an extremely effective jab – 93% effective against catching the disease and 100% against becoming severely ill. Just what we need.

They are starting to vaccinate the over 45s now. That means they have offered the vaccine to all the most vulnerable groups – hence we see the death-rate plummet from many hundreds a day to just 13 yesterday and 7 the day before. That is amazing.

However, that doesn’t mean we are out of the woods yet. The opening up of shops and outside pubs has resulted in a lot of very silly behaviour. A lot of people seem to think it’s all over and have been hugging and getting close in large numbers.

The virus will love that.

One thing to remember is that 1.3 million of the most vulnerable declined to take the vaccine. They are greatly at risk now. As contact increases they become more and more at risk. If the young people get the virus they could have the illness mildly or completely asymptomatically and pass it on to the vulnerable group. We could have a big spike in illness and deaths.

If the Brazilian variant gets into the country (and let’s face it – with a blithering idiot as a PM and an arrogant bunch of Eton schoolboys there is not much hope of any effective protection) it will infect the young and cause a huge surge in young deaths!

So beware!

I’m looking forward to my second jab after which I shall feel secure and willing to accept the risk. I noted that an area near to us – Bridlington – has the highest rate of infection in the country!!

Stay Safe!! Take care!!

I’m off to make a cup of tea and get back to some serious editing!!

The Corona Diaries – Day 385

It’s been a bit of a strange day today. We’ve been having new gates fitted so a lot of my day was taken up helping. It has been sunny but cold in Yorkshire. A bit too nippy for me.

After the gates were fitted I went up my hill, gave a big carrot to my horse (I’m sure he thinks I’m his owner now) and came back to do a spot of editing, writing and listening to Jimi Hendrix.

385 days and I have still managed to evade covid! I’m still alive!

I contacted my friend Jack in Colorado. He hasn’t been as lucky as me. He went down with Covid in early December and spent 50 days in hospital – much of it on a ventilator. Fortunately he survived but is still in pretty bad shape and on oxygen. Get well soon Jack!!

Out in Coronaland the vaccine is continuing to do its job. We were down to just 1,730 new cases with only 7 new deaths. That is brilliant!!

It’s also coming down in the USA with 48,147 new cases and just 296 deaths. Just think how bad it was under Trump!! 250,000 new cases a day and 3500 deaths a day.

That’s still the case in Brazil where Bolsonaro’s stupidity is causing mass deaths. Cases have been up to 90,000+ and deaths at 4000 a day! The variants are out of control and seem more virulent – affecting and killing young people. The worry is that the fool has let it get out of hand and we have a variant that evades the vaccine! The idiot could kill us all!

I think Trump, Bolsonaro and Johnson must be the personification of the three horsemen of the apocalypse!

It was a big day today in the UK. They are opening up the economy. The shops are all open! What is wrong with people?? They were flocking to shop. Is our culture so shallow that there is nothing else in their life other than buying stuff?? I find it sad.

Needless to say I didn’t go near the shops.

The hairdressers are open but I didn’t make an appointment there either.

The pubs and restaurants are open for outside eating and drinking. The trouble is that it is still too cold to venture out, so I gave that a miss. In the weeks to come, when it’s warmed up a bit, I’ll no doubt be meeting up with friends and family. It’s no good escaping covid if you die of pneumonia brought on my freezing to death!

After I’ve had my second jab I’ll feel much safer! There will still be a small risk but not big enough to bother me. I think we’re heading for herd immunity if Bolsonaro doesn’t bugger it up by allowing those variants to go berserk!

A little bit of good news is that a common asthma drug seems very beneficial in aiding recovery!

Things are on the up (except in Brazil and India)!! Stay safe!!!

The Corona Diaries – Day 384

I got up this morning to find a layer of snow over everything. It proceeded to snow for two hours. Then the sun came out and melted it. It meant that I put my walk off to the afternoon so this morning I spent the time editing and playing McGoohan’s Blues by Roy Harper. I never get tired of it!! I’ve been listening to that fabulous 20 minute track for some fifty four years!

This afternoon I went for my walk, fed my horse and had a natter with his real owner. Nice guy. I went home and have been having a beer and watching the football! Great stuff!

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland it’s still the same. I’ve been reporting on it for 384 days. You would think I would have run out of things to say. Well I have. It becomes monotonous:

Inept government

Clown of a PM (impersonating a country bumpkin with a haystack on his head)

Lousy corrupt government cronyism and profiteering

Johnson’s litany of lying

127,000 deaths caused by incompetence, arrogance and dithering

Unpreparedness caused by greed and Brexit

Brexit – the result of lies and stupidity

Cronyism giving away eye-watering sums of money to chums

Incompetent people put in charge

Failure of apps, Test and Trace

Silly cheerleading with oven-ready, moonshots and world-beating

Stupidities with eat out to help out and back to the office

A disastrous Brexit

More lies

More incompetence

A fabulous job done by key workers

Key workers stabbed in back by Tories

Austerity for public services and poor – multimillion bonuses for bankers and profiteers

A revolving door for Tories out of politics into multimillion pound jobs

The poor pick up the bill for the huge amounts squandered

The NHS do a fabulous service and work themselves into the ground (rewarded with a pay cut)

Clapping but not paying.

NHS save Johnson’s bacon by superbly rolling out vaccination

Gullible public still back Tories.

Worst hit economy in G7 result of Tory incompetence.

Well there is only so many ways of saying it!

I’ve had enough!!

Stay safe!!

Poetry – Landscape in my Head

Landscape in my Head

There’s a landscape in my head

It comes from the national zeitgeist.

The combined will of everyone

How every last sentiment is priced.

I’d like it to be compassionate,

Outward looking, caring and true.

But Brexit unleashed the nastiness

The racism just grew and grew.

Now we’re isolated on our own

With the ‘Little Englander’ mentality.

Blaming all the foreigners

For the blunder that is our reality.

It empowered all the nationalists

Who crawled out from every crevice.

Snarling their xenophobic slogans

Like bulldogs full of menace.

It’s not just the wealth we’ve squandered,

Greedily snatched by profiteers;

It’s the friendships that we’ve shat on

Built up through many years.

The landscape that I now live in

Is made by ugly bullying pigs.

Created by arrogant Brexiteers

And a bunch of Tory prigs.

The England that I crave

Is tolerant, outward and true.

The one that welcomed the Huguenots,

And stood up for the Jew.

An England worth fighting for

Not narrow-minded arrogance.

I’ll strive for a better vision

Worthy of taking a stance!

Opher – 11.4.2021

For me it isn’t just the money that’s been wasted or the nasty little profiteers who saw an opportunity to make millions. It’s not even the monetary costs that will throw millions into poverty and cause decades of austerity. It’s not the loss of jobs or the firms going bust or fleeing into Europe. It’s not the masses of red tape and the curtailing of my liberties.


For me it is the emotional impact – the change from an outward looking country full of tolerance, cooperation and friendship to an isolated nation viewing the ‘foreigner’ as the enemy. The rise of xenophobia and racism is just the expression of this unpleasant nationalistic fervour. It’s empowered the fascists, racists and scum.

I’m not suggesting that all Brexiteers are racist fascists. But by voting for such a damaging outcome they have unleashed and empowered the worst slimy breed.

It’s going to take decades to undo the harm.

England is so much the less.