The Corona Diaries – Day 570

A much colder day here today. I’m still getting over the fabulous Nick Harper gig in Cottingham last night. If he’s playing near you be sure to get along; he’s on fire!!

I took a walk up my hill. It’s all looking dull and dreary. Trees are changing colour and some leaves are falling. Winter is on its way. Nature is quiet. A kestrel hovered over the fields looking for lunch. Everything has been ploughed, disced and sowed.

If I was a dormouse I’d crawl off and hibernate until spring.

I mowed the grass, worked on my Beefheart book and listened to some Hendrix.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland I’ve been castigated for calling the Tories scum. Ha Ha. I had to laugh. I’ll call anyone scum who systematically robs the poor, gives huge sums away to chums, needlessly kills thousands, lines their own pockets, behaves arrogantly while taking huge sums off donors for lavish holidays, wallpaper, wine and restaurant meals, lies, pumps out propaganda through the media, uses racism and xenophobia to gain election, takes action that are incredibly destructive to the country for personal gain, refuses to be challenged or accept responsibility, goes missing in times of crisis……………………. I could go on for a page or two.

The truth is that I was wrong to call them scum. That was much too mild a term.

I do not and have never condoned violence (what happened to that Tory MP was horrible) but it does make me furious to see how these self-serving arrogant twerps are cynically fooling people and dividing the country. Their jingoistic nationalism is phony and deployed for them to gain power and feather their own nests at our expense. The empty shelves, job losses, rising prices, rising taxes and pay and benefit cuts are the result of their lies.

They are scum.

Brexit and Covid chaos is the result of their incompetence, arrogance, greed and lust for power.

So yesterday we found ourselves with rising covid cases – up to 44,932 new cases with another 145 deaths. We now have 1 in 60 with covid; 1 in 10 students. That’s deplorable.

The main reason is the example set by the government and their complete lack of advice. Mask wearing?? Social distancing??

Over on the continent they cannot believe how the British people are putting up with all this. They cannot believe how gullible we are. From HGV to empty shelves, large numbers of infections, power prices, inflation, pay cuts, – why isn’t there are revolution? How can this bunch of creeps still receive any support? It defies logic.

Either the British people are utterly brainwashed, completely stupid, or they have given up caring.

Sleaze??? Corruption??? Lies??? Incompetence???? Doesn’t seem to bother them. What does it take?

So the latest piece of bungling from our £37 billion useless T&T is par for the course. They awarded £119 million to a private lab to carry out covid tests. They were incompetent (like many of the other Tory untendered contracts for useless PPE or nonexistent ships). Just money to their mates – money robbed off the poor. Between the 8th of September and 12th of October this Wolverhampton firm is believed to have given 43,000 false negatives.

The negatives I’d like to see involve negative votes for these lying, extreme, self-serving, over-privileged nutcases.

Vote the scum out!!

Stay safe.

The Corona Diaries – Day 569

It has been a full day today, completing our new boiler fitting, off to lunch with friends and to a Nick Harper gig this evening. Not had time to do my daily walk or to do any work on the Captain Beefheart book.

Feels strange to be meeting up with people and going to gigs.

I suppose we’ll get used to it.

Meanwhile, out in coronaland, our bunch of lunatics continue to gaily misrule and get away with murder. Our clown in chief is having a Churchillian holiday. I hope he’s better at painting than he is at leading. I expect the result will be a complete bodge. Everything he ever does is. Yet they are still five points ahead in the polls. How is that? People know he’s a liar. People know he’s made a complete cock-up of Brexit. People know that he’s made a complete cock-up of covid. People know that he is lazy and inept. They know he’s an idiot. They know all about the sleaze and corruption. How the hell can they continue to back the idiot? There’s no accounting for stupidity.

Yesterday the number going down with covid soared to 45,066 with another 157 deaths. Nobody seems bothered anymore. Scientists think that this level of cases and deaths has become normalised and people are desensitised. Yet this rate is currently the worst in Europe – actually three times higher than in Germany, France and Italy.

What a totally shit job this bunch of clowns has done!! They have completely wrecked the country and yet actively foster division and hate. They don’t give a monkeys – swanning off on holiday in the midst of a crisis.

I heard that a Tory MP was stabbed to death in his surgery today. That is terrible. It is horrendous to think that this level of division and hatred has boiled over into violence – but if they continue to go down that path it will only get worse.

Brexit and the Tories have deliberately used this division to their own advantage; they don’t care about the outcomes.

We have Frost deliberately stirring up the Brexiteers by deliberately picking a fight with Europe. They are looking to create a Trade War which will galvanize the Brexiteers and win them an election. The fact that it will severely damage the country and cause misery for millions with much higher prices is utterly irrelevant to them. All they care about is their own money and power. Disgusting.

The trouble with these Brexiteers (the same as with Trumpists) is that they’ve bought into it so deeply that they don’t like to admit they were wrong. Trump was an absolute moron who messed everything up with a chaotic and useless administration yet all his followers still follow regardless. Brexit (which we were promised would save millions, make prices lower and gain lots of wonderful trade deals) has done the opposite and already cost us £60 billion, caused chaos, ruined trade, put companies out of business, put up prices, caused shortages and is threatening to break up the union.

What does it take to make people admit they were wrong?

How can they still be supporting the imbecile that did all this damage for personal gain? Don’t they see that he doesn’t care a bit about them?

Obviously not.

Time will tell. There will come a tipping point. Right now the world has turned stupid. Normally when a government performs this badly, this corruptly, the electorate turn against them. Brexit has blinded people. But this can’t continue. When everything starts falling apart a lot of people are going to get a rude awakening. Hopefully that won’t be too far away.

Stay safe!!

The Corona Diaries – Day 568

October is settling in to a dry but chilly period. Fortunately it’s not too cold. We are having to have a new boiler put in so there is no heating, all the doors are wide open and there’s a breeze blowing through the house. An expensive job!

It also means that I’m kept busy making cups of coffee for the guys but I have been able to play a bit of music and do a lot of writing on the Beefheart book. It’s just stressful.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, our clown is away on holiday pretending to be Churchill, painting his water-colours and avoiding talking to anyone, taking any responsibility.

This is the government tactic; they just say nothing, refuse to appear on any programs where they might be challenged, assume the public all have the minds of a goldfish and everything goes straight over their heads. It seems to work for them too! They really do think we’re stupid! They must all be laughing all the way to the bank.

so, today we had another 42,776 new cases with another 136 deaths. It takes the total over 138,000!

We have people stranded in foreign countries due to the failure of the app.

We have a Brexit crisis with a lack of workers in numerous industries causing chaos.

We have a Brexit crisis with a collapse in exports.

We are drowning in red-tape.

Prices are rocketing. Cuts are hitting. Taxes are rising.

We have a report by MPs claiming that the government’s handling of covid has been the worst public health failure in UK history.

The government response??? Firstly they deny it. Johnson daubs some colour on a canvas and ignores it. Dowden says he’s very sorry they didn’t get everything right.

Nobody goes on TV to put their case or be cross-examined!! Cowards!!

Didn’t get everything right??? You must be joking. They didn’t get anything right!! If it hadn’t been for the scientists and NHS getting the vaccine together we would all have been absolutely buggered.

No doubt they will all crawl off into their holes until the heat dies down. No doubt the stupid electorate will brush it off too!! THE WORST PUBLIC HEALTH FAILURE IN UK HISTORY!!! And they are going to get away with it!!!

A NIGHTMARE BREXIT!!! And they are getting away with it!!

So the NHS, deprived of all those doctors and nurses driven away by ‘the hostile environment’, plus the ones that have died of covid, rewarded with pay cuts, are looking at a perfect storm of a winter. The government have let covid rip and the opening up of the country is likely to create a major flu epidemic. Great stuff.

You can trust the NHS in Tory hands!!

Stay safe!! Winter cometh!!

The Corona Diaries – Day 567

Still a little chilly here in Yorkshire but not too bad. I had to go into hospital for an MRI on the back I injured through sneezing a year ago! Who’d have thought a sneeze could cause such problems?? Hopefully it’s not a prolapsed disc. That would be a pain.

I stayed in this morning, played some Screaming Jay Hawkins and worked on the Beefheart book.

Having just watched Vigil on TV the MRI was reminiscent, like being stuck in a torpedo tube. Fortunately I wasn’t sealed in and they didn’t fill it with water! I’m not sure the pulsating noise could be made into a hit record but I’m sure Beefheart would have made something of it.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, the arrogant Tories think they can do what they like now. They’ve got away with absolute murder and are still ahead in the polls. What on earth do they have to do in order to be seen for what they really are? Trump said that he could shoot someone dead and they’d still support him. It’s the same with our inept clown. No matter what a mess he makes of everything they still think it’s poor old Boris who was dealt a bade hand, not the lazy, greedy, conniving bastard he really is.

The public are in thrall. When will they wake up?

Boris Johnson always wanted to do better than the EU – so far he’s only managed that in two categories. The EU are not suffering from empty shelves, petrol shortages, massive price rises or pay cuts, so he can’t beat them on that – but we do have by far the greatest numbers of deaths and the greatest numbers of covid cases!! YipppEEEEEEEE!!! Isn’t it great to be British.

Today was a new record – another 42,776 new cases recorded yesterday!!! Another 181 deaths!!!

It’s OK – the pandemic is over! What’s a thousand deaths a week?? Nothing!! Get your masks off! Forget social distancing, the pubs and clubs are open. You’ll be alright – as long as you don’t get long covid or die!

The schools are rife with covid – we’ve got relatives that have gone down with it this week. While the case numbers are going down in the USA the Trump States are still killing people off at an alarming rate. The antivaxxers must be delighted. I’m sure the Democrats are. The less virulent Trumpists the better. Freedom or death!! Seems they are choosing death! The vaccine might save lives but Bill Gates has obviously put tracking devices in it. Not to worry – god will look after you!! But hey – that doesn’t seem to be happening does it? Unless god doesn’t like Trumpists.

The antivaxxers are still targeting schools and passing out false info. The death-rate for vaccines is 1 in 5 million. The death-rate for covid is around 5 in 200. I know what risk I’d prefer!!

Brexit Bonkers Britain!! I just thought of a headline for the Sun – when they finally wake up to the disaster Brexit really is. Our HGV crisis, brought on by Brexit, means that container ships are now being turned away from our ports. They’ve got our Christmas on board – Ho Ho Ho Brexit Christmas everybody!! Those who can afford it. The shelves will be empty but there won’t be any money to buy anything anyway!! Pay cuts and tax rises are the Brexit dividend! So much for the sunny uplands!! we’re in the dismal downlands.

Our status abroad has taken a real bashing too. We are now seen as the untrustworthy liars with a clown in chief. So much for world-beating global Britain; we’re a joke! We sign deals we have no intention of keeping and break international laws on a whim. Not the Britain I grew up in.

To cheer us up there’s a Super-Cold going around – a covid mimicking virus. It’s not really a super-cold at all. It’s just that our immunity to viruses has dropped because in isolation we’ve not been exposed to them. It just makes us feel worse!!

Try and escape to the sun and you find that Boris’s world-beating app is malfunctioning and you can’t go!

You couldn’t write it! The loonies are definitely in charge of the loony bin!!

Stay Safe!!!

The Corona Diaries – Day 566

It was a little bit cooler today after some rain this morning it cleared. On my walk up my hill it was very changeable – sunny, then cloudy with sound of distant thunder, but I didn’t get wet. All the harvest is in – potatoes today – and already the shoots of the new crops are turning the fields green. Only two weeks ago I was admiring the patterns in the fields that the harvesters had made – now they’ve been ploughed, disced and drilled!! It’s an industry! This is mechanical farming. No hands involved.

Meanwhile out in Coronaland, our clown of a pm is lying in the sun guzzling his £180 a bottle wine and making the most of his freebie holiday. Does he deserve it? Like hell!! He’s created nightmare after nightmare due to his incompetence and lies and here, in the middle of one crisis after another, he buggers off.

So much for caring!! Dear old Boris – the lying shit.

We had another 39,463 new cases yesterday with 181 deaths. Nothing is getting better.

The MPs report on the covid response was damning. Serious error after serious error – a litany of mistakes culminating in tens of thousands of unnecessary deaths. They outlined the mistakes we already knew:

The running down of the NHS

The lack of preparation

The complacency

The lack of PPE

The lack of planning

The slowness in responding

The poor decision-making

The dumping of patients in the care homes

the inability to learn lessons

the failure to close borders

It went on and on and on. They rightly lambasted this bunch of nincompoops claiming to be a government. Their serious errors cost thousands of lives but they did make a lot of people very rich!

Dominic Cummings waded in calling the PM a joke prime minister and a joke government who have been a disaster.

Hunt infuriated bereaved families by saying it was a game of two halves. They pointed out that it wasn’t a game. It was life and death. They were furious. The serious errors were not redeemed by the vaccine roll-out. The vaccines were not the government’s doing. They merely pulled the governments incompetent bacon out of the fire they had created.

Then Freeman waded in with a couple more stupidities. He blamed the death-rate on obesity – as if that let them off the hook for all their errors. He also said that the government had been caught by surprise – but surely it is a government’s prime responsibility to look ahead, plan and watch, and not be caught out!! A pandemic has been discussed for years. That’s just plain incompetence!!

The question now is how effective is the antiviral drug Molnupiravir developed by Merck. A $700 a course of treatment is it worth it? Probably if it does cut death-rates by 50%.

I just hope that this report makes people wake up and realise what a bunch of self-serving losers they have put into office.

Stay safe. Sooner or later they’ll develop an effective treatment – there’s a lot of money in it!!

Poetry – Change



That’s all it needs:

One slow revolution.

To replace

                The greedy

                                With the caring.

To replace

                The destroyers

                                With the builders.

To replace

                The selfish

                                With the altruistic.

They are the minority

                We are the many.

They are stronger

                But we are many.

They have the power

                But we are many.

Bit by bit,

                Person by person,

We can replace them

                And create something better.


Opher – 2.5.2019

If only we could find the right people who are not motivated by a lust for power, who really care about us, who really care about the world.

I know they are out there.

They wouldn’t put themselves first.

They would not allow themselves to be bought and sold, frightened or warned off.

They would do what is right.

The wealthy would not control them.

Then the world could be a better place – not just run for profit.

The Corona Diaries – Day 565

A strange day today. The sun shone, skies were blue. It was a little cooler than yesterday. Our relatives left. Our son is still ill.

I’ve been playing Bob Marley, doing some writing on the Captain Beefheart book and went for a walk up my hill.

Feels unreal.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, reality is a different kettle of fish. The cult of Boris prevails.

I’ve been thinking about it a lot. It does not make sense.

Johnson has obviously molded himself on Trump. There is the extreme nationalism, the simplistic headline grabbing slogans, the lies, exaggerations and complete ineptitude. He plays on xenophobia and racism, misogyny and impossible promises. In place of ‘Make America Great Again’ we have ‘Global Britain’. Instead of walls we have Brexit. We have a swathe of silly over-optimistic soundbites about oven-ready, moonshots, world-beating apps and T&T – all of which is bollocks. Then we have fictitious levelling up.

He even has the same silliness of hairstyles.

Yet for all the transparent lies, the obvious self-serving sleaze, the huge financial profits they are plundering, the gross behaviour, the expressed racism and misogyny, the hiding up of sleazy deals, the ineptitude and terrible outcomes – both these arrogant fools remain popular.

If Corbyn or Biden had done a fraction of these things they would have been hung out to dry. Yet they are both, literally, getting away with murder. None of this sticks.

An MP fiddles £10,000 on expenses and gets jailed. Johnson causes a 100,000 unnecessary deaths and illegally gives out billions to his chums and people still think he’s great.

What is going on here? It’s like the cult of Trump and Johnson holds people in the grip of some magic spell; they don’t see the reality of the greedy, over-privileged millionaire/billionaires they really are. They see them as cuddly and representing them.

Trump and Johnson have never, ever represented ordinary people. They know precisely where their next roll of £840 wallpaper, crate of super-expensive wine, luxury holiday (all expenses paid) and dinner at a top restaurant, comes from. It’s from their super-rich buddies. And their super-rich buddies always want something in return.

It is transparent – yet people can’t see it.

Our PM is really an extremely rich man who habitually lies, is extremely greedy and self-centred and is conning the whole population. Just like Trump.

Wake up!!

So, yesterday there were another 40,224 cases with 38 deaths. What a great job Johnson is doing! Oh, he’s on holiday – abroad where the shelves are fully stocked and you can buy petrol – not that he ever shops or buys petrol. Still!!

It was fascinating to read that Russia probably stole the blue-print for the Astra/Zeneca vaccine to make their sputnik version. It’s about time they made that blueprint globally available so that the world can be vaccinated – instead of doing it for vast profit!!

It’s about time that we put huge sums into developing vaccines and anti-virals for the inevitable next pandemic. That one might be a lot worse. Sooner or later we’ll get one that kills over 60%. Might be a good idea to be prepared!

I was reading about the American antivaxxers. One lot believe that it’s all god’s will; their faith will protect them. Lol – that didn’t seem to work too well in the times of black death, smallpox or cholera. Countless young babies and children. Did god not care about them? Or had they been naughty?

Inventing god was probably the worst thing we’ve ever done.

Some believed that their bodies were holy – they would never put anything ‘impure’ into them. Ho Ho. The whole world is full of impurities!! Every breath. Every mouthful! We’re all impure!!

Some people believe that it hasn’t been tested – as if billions and billions of successful vaccinations with extremely rare side-effects isn’t sufficient – particularly when compared to the nasty long-lasting, sometimes fatal effects of the virus. You have to laugh.

Religion and the internet have a lot to answer for!

Stay safe!! The next conspiracy theory is just around the corner!!

The Corona Diaries – Day 564

Another warm sunny day in Yorkshire. Took a stroll along the front at Bridlington right up to Sewerby.

Back home I’ve been playing cards with our relatives, playing some Tom Waits and not much else!

It looks as if our youngest has gone down with covid. He’s feeling really ill and is in bed. Will have a test tomorrow. So he’s isolating in his bedroom. He’s only had one jab so I hope that works out OK. We’ve both had two jabs. We’ll try and keep out the way but living in the same house makes things difficult.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, our clown of a leader, so pleased with himself that he made a funny speech at the conference (while the benefit cuts kick in, energy prices zoom, inflation goes up, prices rocket, taxes rise and the country is buggered. He’s gone on holiday!! A freebie to a luxury holiday in Marbella – probably quaffing his wine at one eighty pounds a bottle.

An excellent time to jump ship with the country in crisis!! Bugger everyone else – he’s alright!

With 39,413 new cases and another 156 deaths this is clearly not, unlikely the Prime Minister, going away.

It has been noted that going down with flu at the same time as covid doubles your risk of dying! So don’t get flu. Get jabbed for both.

So as our couldn’t-care-less clown heads off to bask in the sun he leaves behind a country broken by Brexit, with one of the highest death-rates in the world, the highest level of lies and sleaze in any government and one crisis after another.

Instead of reacting to all these crises it might have been a good idea to do some forward planning. None of this was unexpected!! It has all been clearly laid out.

The question is:

Is it complete ineptitude?

Or is it that they don’t care?

The answer is glaringly obvious – both!!

Stay safe. The country is safer with the fool abroad!