Poetry – The Alphabet of Life

The Alphabet of Life

Each letter, each word,

Each sentence, paragraph and chapter

Is precious.

Any loss leaves a hole

In the telling of our tale.

We become as impoverished

As empty

As the blank pages

We create.

What profiteth a man

When he has gained

The whole sterile globe

But lost

More than he will ever know?

Opher 25.6.2018

The Alphabet of Life

I was thinking about the incredible DNA molecule that spells out the alphabet of life. Back in the beginning that first amazing molecule started the ball rolling. We have all descended from that. We are all related. Every single cell of life is wondrous, precious and miraculous.

Yet we are destroying life at an increasing rate, driving species after unique species into extinction. Yet every single species is precious.

We should certainly respect it more!!



The raised fist and honest twist

The acid rain and asthma pain

The babies cry and darkened sky

The shrapnel bomb and arrogant aplomb

The plastic mine and doing time

The napalm cling and shredded skin fling

The penthouse suite and frozen feet

The Leah jet and yacht set

The bimbo glide and knife’s slide

The old boy tie and outrageous lie

The cardboard box and sly old fox

The turn of the wheel and anguished squeal

The turn of the screw and smiles that chew

The rocket’s roar and overdraft score

The prostitute child and ‘ain’t life wild’

The snuff flick and torture stick

The bombs that tick

The mind’s turned sick

The boy the chick

The country hick

The cunt the prick

The sneering kick

And all the things that get you one up

On somebody else

That make someone gloat

And someone else crawl

That’s the importance of importance.

Opher  8.11.95

What is important in life?

Is it all about hedonism?

Or about accruing wealth, possessions and status symbols?

Or is it about power?

Is it religious devotion?

We all live lives of quiet desperation – or so I am told. We are desperate to get more and be noticed; to be someone.

We live our lives in a bubble of mundaneity. Our lives are pulled along down familiar routines. But where is the substance? Where is the purpose? What are we gaining?

Do we merely mindlessly live?

Meanwhile the bulk of humanity and the whole ecosystem of the planet pays the price for the extravagance and ambitions of the few. The establishment leads us on a roller-coaster of greed, avarice, selfishness and belligerence towards a precipice.

Trying to be important creates war, poverty and destruction.

I would hesitatingly suggest that there are better ways to live a life and better ways to run the world.

Perhaps those who care should get involved?

Poetry – Torrential Rain

Torrential Rain

Torrential rain fell down like truth

On the heads of the people walking home

Staccato rhythms

On wellington’d minds

This is another of those little haiku type poems I wrote back in the 90s. It seemed very fitting at this time of election fever!

My spellcheck says that there is no such word as welllington’d. There is now.

We are all surrounded with information and truth yet ignore it. We prefer to live in our little insular bubble. As long as we are comfortable and getting our needs met we can forget about the nasty things going on all around us. Besides there is nothing we can do about it.

Reality check – the reason ISIS is rampaging and the chimps are being slaughtered is precisely because people do not care.

We can make a difference!