The Corona Diaries – Day 387

It was another cold frosty start that gave way to a sunny day. I did my usual walk up my hill to feed Smudge his carrot.

Back home I’ve been editing and listening to Don and Dewey. I needed something with a bit of bite because it’s been a frustrating day.

I’ve had to deal with BT concerning my TV box having gone Kaput and Together Energy about changing energy suppliers. How come when you deal with any of these people you spend hours on hold to finally end up talking to some minion who doesn’t know what’s going on or why. They tell you they’ve sorted it and nothing happens. Then two weeks later you have to go through the same performance again and you’re no further forward!!

Talk about frustrating!!!

So for another week we have no TV!!!

Out in Coronaland it is just as frustrating. The country is opening up due to the vaccine but everything is not rosy.

Although all the vulnerable group have been offered the vaccine (and the over 40s are just coming on line – the over 30s in six weeks time) there is still around 1.6 million antivaxxers who are in the vulnerable group.

The fear is that the unvaccinated young will mix and the virus will start to spread rapidly. That shouldn’t matter too much for the under 40s as they are unlikely to become too ill. It does mean that the vulnerable antivaxxers will suddenly find themselves much more at risk and many of them will become very ill (swamping the health service) and die.

This is what is delaying our return to normality!!

There is a school of thought that says that they’ve made their bed – let them lie on it. If they want to dice with death – let them! The only problem with that is that thousands of them will end up in intensive care on ventilators. It will cost a fortune and put a huge strain on the NHS. That could put us all back into lockdown!!

So why are these people refusing the vaccine? It certainly doesn’t make sense to me. The risk from the virus is so very much greater than the risk of the vaccine. Do they want to dice with ventilators or death?

It seems:

a. Some are scared. They think the vaccine is untried and could have bad health effects (I think this is rubbish – it’s been tested on many millions and is extremely safe – the risk of a blood clot – 1 in a million – is so slight as to be not worth considering. We take far bigger risks that that every day – just walking to the shops is probably more of a risk).

b. Some believe the silly conspiracy theories put out by irresponsible idiots (usually coming from wacky groups in the USA). The Hindus are told that there are cow products in the vaccine. The Muslims are told there are pig products. Some people believe that there is a tracking device, or control device in the vaccine. Some people believe it is the government trying to control us or Bill Gates tracking us. There are an endless stream of completely mad nonsense theories.

c. Some people believe their bodies are holy temples that should not be polluted with artificial medicines such as vaccines. They only eat organic vegetables and use herbs to boost their immune systems. Unfortunately these people do not understand science or the nature of viruses. Neither healthy diets or immune boosting herbs counter viruses. If you don’t have the antibody you get ill. That’s why smallpox kills hundreds of millions – no matter what they ate or what herbs they used. Corona virus is a new virus. It doesn’t respond to herbs and you can’t boost your immune system to prevent it.

d. Some people do not believe in science. They believe in alternative medicine. Unfortunately no alternative medicines work against viruses. These people get very ill and die. (On the wacky end we have the silliness of using rhino horns and tiger penises – how mad can people get?)

e. Some people do not think there is a virus at all – this is just a government ploy to take away our freedom! (I know – all the governments in the world getting together to create a ploy to destroy their own economies – obviously true!)

f. Some people think it was caused by 5G – I think we have David Icke to blame for that one!

Well I for one put my trust in science. Without vaccination we’d still be ravaged by smallpox, polio, tuberculosis and countless other killer diseases. Science saved billions of lives. Alternative medicine fails.

The same idiots putting forward the conspiracy theories are the ones who believe the world is flat and Jesus is coming back next week!! (I don’t think he is!)

One thing is clear – without vaccination we are in lockdown forever. Vaccination is our passport to freedom. Those people who are against vaccination are only going to be safe if everyone else is vaccinated. In other words they are taking a free ride (if they live long enough) on everyone else’s shirt tails!!

In short – you owe it to yourself and your community to get vaccinated – don’t believe the bullshit!!

Which brings me to the vaccine passports. They are coming folks! Israel is the most vaccinated country and a template for the rest of us. The Vaccine passport is used everywhere and has become an accepted part of life. You want to go into a restaurant you have to show you’ve been vaccinated in order to get in – to keep you safe and the others in the restaurant. Gove is heading to Israel to check it out. That tells you.

I don’t want to go in a cinema with unvaccinated people. No vaccine is 100%. Those people are at a high risk of spreading the disease whereas vaccinated people are very low risk. I want to minimise my risk. I am allergic to ventilators and really don’t want to spend months comatose with no control over my bladder or rectum. I want a vaccine passport to make me safer!

One passing mention – it seems to me that it is all the populist leaders who have made the biggest messes of dealing with Covid-19 – Trump, Bolsonaro, Modi, Ertogan and Johnson. They are very good at getting elected by promising the earth and telling lies, but utterly useless at doing anything. Their ineptitude is stark.

They are investigating a mix and match of vaccines for Autumn. So looking forward to my second jab!!

Stay safe, get vaccinated – Freedom!!!

Three of my Core Values – Number 1 – the truth.

I am reading this book by Yuval Noah Harari at the moment. He really makes you think about things – such a great writer. One of the things he made me think about was what were my core vales.

I selected three:

  1. Truth

I believe in truth. That means I do not believe anything without proof. I hunt for truth. It makes me cynical.

I’m a scientist. Science is the search for truth. We might not find it but we learn on the way. If it cannot be demonstrated, repeated and explained I remain skeptical.

Science doesn’t explain everything but it certainly gives a better explanation than everything else.

I do not find truth in religious belief. There is no evidence. It does not make sense. It is all based on faith in some human concocted fantasy. All very good when we understood very little but it does not hold up for me. Religion is constantly trying to reinvent itself as science reveals its cherished beliefs are not true.

Things we do not understand are explained by fantastical gods, paradise, heaven, angels and the rest – visions in wildernesses, up mountains or in caves don’t do it for me. Humans have created thousands of gods and afterlives. We used to worship the sun and moon and perform ceremonies to produce spring and rain. I really do not think any of those ceremonies, dietary restrictions, sacrifices or costumes had the slightest effect on the sun and moon.

As for politics – well I am sure that some politicians are genuine and do their best. I always take what they say with a pinch of salt, judge them on what they do and not what they say, and look to hold them to account.

I vote Labour because they do support public services and the poor. I wouldn’t vote Tory because, despite what they say, they always give tax cuts to the rich and cut public services.

The truth is that politicians are politicians. They use spin, lies and deceit.

Then we have the media. The truth is very difficult to ascertain. It depends who owns it, what spin it has and what propaganda they are spewing out. I prefer newspapers like the I and the BBC to that of internet sites. One has to read between the lines and weigh up the evidence. The internet is controlled by obnoxious people who pump out lies, conspiracy and fake news. At least I know the bias of media outlets I know about. The media has become polarised and full of lies.

I value the truth and honest, genuine people.

Poetry – We have Too Much Information

We have Too Much Information

We don’t trust the government or the media.

It’s the truth that the wealthy are getting greedier.

That their corrupt ways are becoming even seedier.

The poor are forgotten and just becoming needier.

With QAnon spreading daft conspiracy,

Corruption, spin and political lunacy,

Intrusions on our phones into our privacy,

Who to trust is taking on immediacy.

Not believing what is written in the news,

Reported on TV or said in interviews,

People turn to the internet to reinforce their views.

Shrewd people manipulate items that they choose.

Truth and freedom can make a heady brew.

Government lies and spin has torn apart the glue.

So many people who don’t know what to do.

We have too much information and little of it is true!


I think the media and politicians have brought this on themselves. Their lies, spin and bias have undermined the truth. Nobody trusts them anymore.

They do not believe what they are being told.

They turn to the internet to find the truth.

But they are fed more lies and conspiracy theories that are absurd.

They are being manipulated by shrewd operators and conmen.

Brexit, Trump and Erdogan, Bolsonaro and QAnon.

The world is flat, Trump is fighting alien lizards, there is no global warming, the holocaust never happened and they are eating babies on Capitol hill.

The deep state spread lies about the deep state.

The establishment pretends to be anti-establishment.

Billionaires pose as champions of the people.

The glue of society is becoming unstuck.

We are bombarded with information with no way of telling what is true and what isn’t or who is targeting us.

Too much information. Too little truth.

The Republican Party’s Existential Choice

There is a stark choice for the Republican Party:

a. Do they go with the Trumpists, QAnon, white supremacists, neo-Nazis, fake news and conspiracy

b. Do they go back to traditional conservative values.

There is the Marjorie Taylor Greene version – believe the QAnon conspiracy – the Democrats are all Satan worshipping paedophiles who eat babies, storm the Capitol and shoot Nancy Pelosi in the Head.

Or Liz Cheney and small government, low taxes and conservative values.

It seems to me that there is going to be a battle for the heart and soul of the party.

Personally I think Greene is an ignorant imbecile who is a danger to democracy and Cheney is just simply wrong.

What is needed is a more equal society, progressive taxes and far better public services – particularly education. If education was better we would not have so many deluded Americans ready to believe the earth is flat.

Poetry – The Fog of Conspiracy

The Fog of Conspiracy

Rabid hordes of fascist muscle

Wave their flags and grip their clubs

Engaging in the racist hustle

In their camouflage scrubs.

The future of the country wanes

In reckless grinning idiocy

The sense of all logic

Consumed by a fog of conspiracy.

Opher – 9.1.2021

I watched the far-right thugs march on the Capitol, stirred into a frenzy by their commander in chief who fed them lies of conspiracy that they believe.

Fighting for freedom. No they are not. A bunch of racist thugs fighting for a fascist state, a racist state. They’re still fighting the Civil War. They want a white America ruling the world with black slaves fuelling the economy.

Their commander in chief pushes all the buttons, encouraging their madness, feeding lies and conspiracy while filling his bank account.

America is dissolving in a sea of madness.

Poetry – The Lizard King of the Deep State

The Lizard King of the Deep State

I’m the Lizard King from the Deep State

I landed in my supersonic spaceship.

I came all the way from Alpha centauri

It’s me you must now worship.

I eat babies for my breakfast

And want to inject you all with chips.

I’ll have you doing what I want.

You just read my lips!

I’m your alien supergod

Who pulls your leaders’ strings.

I now rule your planet

With all the power that it brings.

I’ve set up a paedophile ring

With all the Hollywood stars.

We’re sending molested babies

All the way to Mars.

Us lizards – we love control

And you’re a gullible lot.

I’ve been spreading the covid virus

All part of my plot.

I’ll soon have you vaccinated

And doing what I command.

Now that Trump is gone

All opposition’s banned.

I’m the Lizard King from the Deep State

I landed in my supersonic spaceship.

I came all the way from Alpha centauri

It’s me you must now worship.

Opher – 17.11.2020

There is no limit to the absolute garbage that stupid people believe. Just put out the conspiracy theories and they’ll fall for it hook, line and sinker.

There are lizards from outer space ruling the Earth.

President Trump is fighting a war against the Deep State.

They are trying to control us with vaccines.

Have we just passed through a cloud of stupid gas??

Poetry – Conspiracies and beliefs

Conspiracies and beliefs

I’m a patriot and I am free

Nobody’s gonna take my gun off me.

I’m riding along on the very crest

Because I know America’s best.

Ain’t nobody need to convince me

I know socialism’s really tyranny.

I believe in the devils and his ghouls

Evolution is just for fools!

To make it clear for a starter;

God placed fossils in the rock strata.

At risk of seeming very bold

I know the world’s six thousand years old.

Though I may sound like a loon

I know we never landed on the moon.

Personally I’d put a really bad curse on

Those who thinks a fertilised egg’s not a person.

I’ve thought about this for hours:

It was the CIA who blew up the twin towers.

We should rally everyone through the nation

Because the UN is after world domination.

I’d bet my house and my last hat

That the world is really flat.

Regardless of what the Jews all feel

The holocaust was never real.

Ain’t nobody going to inoculate me

With microchips in their chemistry.

Though you might think that I’ve got rabies:

We’re ruled by alien lizards who eat babies.

The immigrants pouring across our border

Are all rapists, terrorists intent on murder.

We’re being controlled by the ‘Deep State’

Only Trump can save us from that fate.

I don’t believe in the news that they feed ya

I get my facts from social media.

As sure as a tree’s a tree

I know god cares about me.

And none of that’s conspiracy!

Opher – 10.11.2020

We unloaded all our religious fundamentalists and extremists by shipping them off to America. They set up their version of utopia.

The reverberation of that religious zeal, along with all its guilt, can still be seen in American society today. They’d rather believe the bible to any text book.

They don’t believe in science and experts and everything is fake news. Education is brainwashing and the TV evangelist multimillionaires are purveyors of truth.