Poetry – What Makes a Goon?

What Makes a Goon?

What makes a goon?

Strutting in uniforms

With body armour and masks.

What makes a goon?

Behind their shields

With their guns and batons.

What makes a goon?

Following orders

Mindlessly dispensing violence.

What makes a goon?

Arm of the State

Merchants of terror.

What makes a goon?

Beating heads

Stiffling protest.

What makes a goon?

Teargas and bullets

Terror and power

What makes a goon?

Mindless zombies

Faceless thugs.

What makes a goon?



What makes a goon?

Instruments of tyranny

Never questioning.

What makes a goon?


Vehicles of oppression.

What makes anybody want to give up their individuality, their ability to reason, and become an enemy of the people?

Opher – 7.9.2020

These faceless men in uniform are merely obeying orders. They do as they are instructed, without question.

Perhaps they should start to question a lot more?

But their training in one long session of brain-washing – follow instructions, obey, do not think. You are a machine. You are a goon – a vehicle of the state.

You cannot question authority. They are always right.

Thus dictator after dictator, tyrant after tyrant, is propped up by mindless goons.

Poetry – Meet The Clones

Meet The Clones

Meet the clones,

                The mindless majority,

Those who have lost their minds.

Meet the zombies,

                Who follow orders,

Without a thought.

Meet the termites

                Supporting their leader

Selflessly giving their lives.

Study the machine

                That feeds the fake news;

Dispenses propaganda.

See the system

                That uses brutality

To impose its lies.

Meet the elite

                Who prosper from

Exploitation and control.

Opher – 3.3.2022

Not enough people question what they are told. They follow like sheep and allow themselves to be controlled and manipulated.

Without the mindless zombies of security forces no tyrant can hold on to control. Their armies, torture chambers and secret police kill and brutalise without question. They are like termites feeding their queen.

So Putin orders his zombies into the Ukraine and they do what they are told. They kill for a lie.