Playing Politics

Playing Politics

Playing politics with life.

Playing politics with death.

With Freedom Days and Moonshots

That might just steal our breath.

The variant factory is coming

As the virus jumps with glee

From one new victim to another

And it could be you or me!

All the eggs in one basket!

In the search for popularity!

As scientists are side-lined

Because they do not agree.

So Freedom Day is looming

As the virus cases soar.

Chuck away your masks

We’re cramming through the door.

It’s all fine! Nobody’s dying!

There’s nothing to worry about!

And when it all goes pear-shaped

Guess who will explain it out!

Who could have seen that coming?

Nobody could have done it better.

It wasn’t me who bodged it up

I’ve been following the letter!!

Opher – 6.6.21

Picking and choosing the science that you want!! It’s called politics. Just a matter of popularity and polls.

The truth doesn’t matter. It’s who can tell the biggest lies. Who can brazen it out and get away with it.

We’re in the post-truth era. It’s all propaganda and the biggest showman/conman takes the prize!!

128,000 dead and counting! Ten points clear in the polls.

Job losses, collapsed firms, companies fleeing abroad, buggered economy, oodles of red-tape and tariffs, break-up of the UK, loss of freedoms and costs in tens of billions. Ten points clear in the polls.

Thoughts on the Local Elections!

What a mixed bag. Certainly not where we should be!

So what have we got?

  1. A bad day for the Tories. They lost a bunch of seats.
  2. Boris Johnson’s bubble has burst. People see him as a lying lawbreaker.
  3. A good day for the Lib Dems. They have shown they can take on the Tories in some areas.
  4. A mixed day for Labour. They have not done anywhere near as well as they should have done given the absolute mess the Tories are in. They should be 20 points ahead. They aren’t.

Some thoughts:

  1. It is unbelievable to me that anybody still votes for this lying, self-serving clown. I despair of British people. They are stupid.
  2. Brexit is still playing a part. We have a large, unpleasant bunch of fascist far-right, racist working-class people.
  3. Boris Johnson has done enough to hang on. The elections weren’t a disaster for him. That’s great. He is a liability and will drag the Tories down. There will be a continuing saga of lies, blunders and stupidity which will cost the Tories votes. That bodes well for the coming election. Boris Johnson is a dead albatross around the necks of the Tories. His rotting carcass will poison the lot of them – scum though they are.
  4. Starmer has unfortunately done just about enough to stay as leader. That is not good. The man has the charisma of a wet rag. I do not like the way he has dragged the Labour Party back to being watered-down Tories. I’d like to see him jettisoned for a more anti-establishment charismatic leader. Maybe it’s time for Andy Burnham? I think that is unlikely to happen now. It might have been better if Labour had done worse – bad enough to dump Starmer.

Forecast for the next election.

I think that this points the way to a future hung parliament. I wouldn’t mind that. If Labour and the Lib Dems formed a coalition to keep out the greedy incompetent Tories that would only be good!!

Conspiracy, Fake News and Gullibility.

How ignorant, gullible and stupid are people??

Fact: Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell are convicted procurers and abusers of underage girls. They farmed the girls out to others and held parties where these girls were abused.

Prince Andrew and Donald Trump were friends of Epstein and Maxwell and guests at these parties. Both have been accused of abusing girls.

Conspiracy: The Democrats are running a satanic paedophile ring where babies are eaten.

How can it possibly be sane to believe that Donald Trump (a self-confessed abuser of women) is fighting against a paedophile ring in Washington? (That is not taking into account that many believe that Washington is being controlled by alien lizards.)

Isn’t it far more likely that Trump and Prince Andrew were friends of Epstein and Maxwell so that they could get their hands on young girls?

If anyone is a paedophile isn’t it more likely to be Trump rather than an alien lizard?? – Not that I am saying Trump is a paedophile – just an abuser of girls.

I know which of the likelihoods has substantial evidence and which doesn’t.

Fact: The German far-right Nazis had a ‘final solution’ to exterminate all Jews. They unleashed a holocaust with extermination camps to carry out their racist policies. Six million were murdered in their concentration camps.

We have photographic evidence, the camps themselves, documentation, names, transit records and film of the camps and the gruesome mass graves and crematoria.

Conspiracy: The world is run by Jews who are telling lies. There were no camps. There was no holocaust.

What?? People have gone to extraordinary lengths to deny the gas chambers, claim it was all exaggerated and obfuscate the evidence.

How can intelligent (many aren’t) people believe this nonsense??

How do people like Trump, Johnson and Bolsonaro convince people that black is white?

Why do people prefer to believe absurd conspiracies about the UN, 9/11, global warming, the moon landings, species diversity, the earth being flat and alien lizards rather than sane rationality??