The Land Of The Free

The Land Of The Free

In the land of the free

                You are brought up

                                To do as you are told.

Conform to the norm,

                Salute the flag,

                                Take the oath,

Pray to an invisible being,

                Believe in a dream!

That’s the way

                The wealthy elite

                                Like it.

Opher – 25.2.2022

The thing that struck me most about America was its conformity. Even when Americans sort out a seemingly antisocial group they merely conformed to a strict set of rules and thinking.

There is a brainwashing process involved – the saluting, the flag, the oath of allegiance, the belief in God. It’s overwhelming.

The McCarthy campaign was so incredibly effective. Socialism and Communism are dirty words. The capitalists won hands down. They enslaved everyone and dangled the idea of the American Dream. If you worked hard you too could be a billionaire. Bullshit. The reality is that a tiny percentage are creaming off a giant’s share.

The public are threatened, beset with racism, violent control and work for a pittance without benefits.

It’s a model that capitalists are trying to impose on the rest of the world by stealth.

Slavery hasn’t ended, it’s just taken a different form.

They’ll be pie in the sky when you die – now get back to work on your three jobs! You can’t afford to be sick!!

The Tory Goebbels Propaganda Machine. Keep telling a lie often enough and people will begin to believe it’s true.

This is a classic bit of Right-wing propaganda!

Gave who freedom??

In actual fact the only people who got more freedom out of Brexit were the corporations and wealthy magnates. They got leave to exploit us. They avoided the EU clampdown on stashing money in tax havens. They had markets open to exploit.

As for us:

We lost the right to travel freely through Europe

We gained the right to pay more for our goods

We gained the right to wait longer

We gained the right to fill in more red tape

We lost the right to work in Europe

We lost the right to study in Europe

We lost the right to have cheaper labour for restaurants, vegetable picking, lorry driving, nursing, caring etc etc – so all our prices go up.

We gained the right to have cheaper labour coming in from Africa and India rather than Europe.

We lost the right to decent environmental protection

We lost the right to our workers’ rights – protecting holiday pay, work conditions, pay, sickness etc.

The reality is that Brexit has already cost us £130 billion (more than we ever paid into the EU), it has ruined our trade – exports and imports are well down, is currently costing us a staggering 4% of our GDP, is strangling us in red tape and threatening to break up the United Kingdom.

We are now in a cost of living crisis with a diving economy.

Thanks Boris – you complete div!

If this is what you call FREEDOM!!!! To allow a bunch of selfish, greedy Bullingdon boys to rip us off!!

Poetry – Birth


Genocide, larceny and slavery

The founding of a nation.

The red man and the black man

Exploitation, extermination.

Looking for a new life

Full of arrogant superiority.

With guns, whips and slipknots,

Possessing wealth the priority.

Born through rites of murder

And heartless cruelty;

Hypocrisy and fear;

Evading all penalty.

Hundreds of years have passed

But the attitude persists.

Throttling the very necks

Of anyone who resists.

Time to put it right

To make positive what might be.

To respect each other –

With a new era of equality.

Opher – 3.5.2020

The systems we have created are simply not functioning for the majority of people. There is far too much poverty around the world, far too much discrimination and exploitation.

A small elite have extreme wealth and control politics and governments. They buy politicians. They buy elections. They tilt everything their way and leave huge poverty and division in their wake.

Marina Ovsyannikova – One of the bravest!!

Some brave people fight on the front line. Some brave people help the wounded and carry them to safety. Some brave people seek out danger to report what is going on.

Marina deliberately, premeditatively, went and took on the Putin regime when she knew what the outcome would be. By doing so she would throw away her future, end up imprisoned for years and likely be brutally treated. That is bravery!!

As an employee of the news station, she invaded the studio to hold up a placard during the live propaganda broadcast busy telling lies and masquerading as news!!

The placard was simple-

‘Stop The War!! No To War’

‘Don’t Believe The Propaganda. They are lying to you!!

She backed that up with a prerecorded message that she put out on social media!!

This brave woman has risked her life to tell the truth!!

I hope the Russian people listen, take on board what she is saying, and rise up against Putin and his bloated oligarchs. They have been exploiting the Russian people and robbing them blind. Putin and his multi-billionaire oligarchs are about as far away from the ideals of communism as they can get. The Czars were better than this.

It’s time that Russia came back into Europe and is no longer the enemy! We want Russia in the EU as a normal country.

We want the zombified Russian people to wake up and become prosperous.

Put an end to propaganda!! Put an end to Putin!!

Thank you brave Marina!!

Poetry – Who needs it?

Who needs it?

Who needs holidays

When you’re grafting for the US dollar?

Who needs a fair wage

When Trump’s got you by the collar?

Who cares about the climate

If there’s money to be made?

Who cares about the birds and bees

When the profit plans are laid?

Who needs the EU

Just twenty miles away?

We can sell our goods to the rest of the world

And make it pay!

What’s a few thousand miles

To transport our goods

Letting Trump orchestrate a deal

Will get us out of the woods.

So get Brexit done

Even if it ruins the nation!

It’ll make the rich even richer

Now there’s a sensation!

Opher – 22.10.2019

Brexit – organised on behalf of the wealthy.

They are after the right to exploit us all even more.  What did you think Brexit was for?

Lord Frosty and the Brexit Mess!!

Having forced through a terrible hard Brexit deal that is incredibly damaging for the country, stirred up trouble throughout the EU and created an almighty mess – he’s off!!

Just like Cameron and Osborne (Davis, Cummings etc.) before him – they don’t stick around to clear up the mess.

Having cost the country countless tens of millions they simply waltz off and accept no blame for the misery they leave in their wake.

Economic mayhem, years of austerity and total decline. It’s called a hard Tory Brexit.

No doubt Johnson will shortly follow!! Then Rees-Mogg and Gove. They’ll be off into the distance in lucrative posts counting their millions. As always it’s the poor and needy, the public servants and hard-working low-pay workers who pick up the bill. The millionaires and bankers continue to shove their cash, tax-free, into off-shore accounts, take their bonuses and exploit everyone else.

So, while Rees-Mogg and his cronies make millions out of Brexit and Covid, millions of us end up on food banks.

The system is rigged, it’s crooked and it stinks.

Poetry – Fat Cats

Fat Cats

The fat cats are fat and are just getting fatter,

Licking up cream straight from the pot.

They’re skimming it off from those at the bottom;

Taking from those who don’t have a lot.

They think we won’t notice as they squirrel away,

On yachts and penthouses and a Bugatti or two

But we see what they’re doing and we’re not amused,

As they offer us menial jobs in the crew!

We can clean out their toilets and drive them around,

Care for their children or wash up their dishes,

On next to no pay, and don’t say a word,

As we live day to day on promises and wishes.

The fat cats deserve every penny they ‘earn’

Gambling our money, without a risk of their own.

They chortle and dine within the clubs they frequent

And gloat – but we mustn’t moan.

They have their huge pay cheques and jolly fat bonus

As the fat cats are fat and just getting fatter.

Necking their bubbly and dining in style!

Isn’t it time we spent money on things that matter!!

Opher – 7.7.2019

There’s a great injustice in the world. Those who work hardest end up with the least. There’s not enough money for our schools and hospitals and we can’t waste money on the scroungers, can we? Yet there’s plenty of money for gambling and banking – for those who contribute nothing.

Nationalism!!! It’s Great to be British!!

Yes, it is great to be British. We do live in a country with a great many freedoms and a long history of fighting for social justice against the tyranny of an elite (The establishment – the kings, queens, aristocracy and wealthy).

This present state is the result of an ongoing struggle and compromise. Given half an inch the establishment are quite happy to claim a larger slice of the cake and control us.

It’s not as blatant as it used to be. They don’t send in the troops and kill people. These days they deploy propaganda through their media, fund their party (parties) and use lobbying, threats, bribes and blackmail to gain what they want through ballot box and parliament. Which is why the poor get poorer and the rich get richer. It is why tax loopholes are never sorted and things always work in their favour. It’s no accident.

So it is strange to see this surge in Nationalism in working people and pride in what Britain stood for – its glory as an empire. Except, of course, the working people never actually profited from the empire. It was the elite who planned it, led it and took the spoils. The common man was deployed as soldiers, cannon fodder, to overcome the natives so that they could be exploited by the elite. The common man worked in the factories on starvation wages and was exploited by the same elite who exploited the people in far-off lands. They lived in mansions. The rest of us lived in slums.

But still, we are British and proud.

Except, what is this Britishness? Are we British?

Who are the British?

Have we are British culture?

It depends when you put the pin in history I guess. We are often called Anglo Saxon but are we?

I’m British. My Grandmother was Irish, my Grandfather was Scottish, my other Grandfather was cockney and my other Grandmother was from Lancashire. You don’t get much more British than that!

But the original inhabitants of Britain weren’t Anglo-Saxon; they were probably Pict, Celt or Gaul. Tribes migrating in from central Europe who probably originated in India.

So the first British were Indo-European.

After that it’s a question of which era you want.

The Angles and Saxons came in from Germany and displaced and integrated with the Celts. So the culture was Germanic.

The Vikings came in and took over large swathes of Britain. So the prevailing culture was Scandinavian.

The Romans came and took over, integrating and controlling. So the prevailing culture was Italian.

The Normans conquered the country and the prevailing culture was French.

When the trade routes opened up and the Empire got in its stride a few hundred years ago there was an influx of Chinese, Arabs, Africans, Indians, Jews and people from all over.

Then there were the refugees – the Huguenots, the Jews, Armenians and lately the Arabs.

Then we had the people brought in for cheap labour – the Pakistanis, the Indians, Jamaicans and more recently the Eastern Europeans.

Sexual attraction is great isn’t it? We are ruled by biology. Hence the British have a rich mixture of genes, races, language and heritage. But purity? No, we haven’t any of that. We are a hybrid race compounded from many diverse sources. Our culture is hybrid. Our language is hybrid. We are so much richer because of it.

I recently had a DNA test for my heritage. It seems that I have a genetic background from Germany, France and Iberia. So I am not so much British as European.

So what is this nationalism? Why do we see working class people dressing up as crusaders and claiming so kind of superiority.

Seemingly they have chosen to stick the pin in a certain moment in our history and claim it as pure British. Weird huh? The fact that those knights who they are mimicking were the aristocracy – the wealthy elite who rode on horses, had tents and servants – while the army they were in charge of were on foot, slept rough and were a raggle-taggle. The whole bunch were a polyglot of races and nationalities conscripted for the wages and loot, and propelled by fanatical religious propaganda. Hardly what was being represented by this idealised version.

Makes me laugh.

Our patron saint – St George was Turkish

Our Royal Family is German (Prince Philip being Greek)

Our Prime Minister is Turkish

Our aristocracy is French, German and heaven knows what.

So what is this nationalism based on? This hatred of French and German? This xenophobia, racism and arrogance?

Who are the British?

What are the traditions that are intrinsically British? The ability to invade and conquer? Morris Dancing? Talking with a plum in the mouth? English food – fish and chips and bangers and mash? Christmas? Christianity?

We imported it all. It has evolved through time. There is no essence of Britishness.

History is mainly the story of the rich and powerful elite and the exploitation of everybody else. Is that what nationalists hanker after? Do they really imagine themselves as the Lords of the Manor and not see themselves as the scum of the earth?

I’ll take pride in the Britishness of fighting against the elite for justice, freedom and greater equality. That seems worthy to me!! Do you think for a second that the exploitation has stopped?


The more you look at it the sillier it becomes!!