What is wrong with capitalism??

Exploitation, inequality, war, greed, poverty and abuse of power.

Who controls the politicians??

Vladimir Putin – Dreams of a mad Megalomaniac!

Megalomaniacs are never realistic. They surround themselves with yes-men and so never receive sound advice.

He’s overstepped. Ukraine is showing up Russia for the wet paper bag it is. Putin and the oligarchs have drained it dry. All they have are the goons of the police state.

Time those parasites were kicked out and the wealth of the people put where it belongs.

State Looting!!

Looting is universal. Every country suffers from it. It is merely a question of degree. The UK is no exception.

State looting has come to the fore with the Russian situation. Communism was intended to replace a greedy elite, who lived in unbelievable opulence while the bulk of the country starved, with a fairer society. It failed miserably.

Russia merely replaced one elite with another. The new leadership, absolutely paranoid, set about creating a totalitarian state, stifling all opposition and killing millions.

With the collapse of the USSR the elite – Putin and his oligarchs – systematically, and callously, grabbed all the wealth. While the hundreds of oligarchs became billionaires and Putin and his political henchmen stuffed their foreign bank accounts and built mansions and palaces, the average Russian lived in poverty. One-third of Russians still have outside loos.

You could argue that in places like Africa and India it is worse. All the wealth is siphoned off. Corruption is rife. Politicians (on all levels) and government officials are in cahoots with businessmen and developers to rob ordinary citizens. Huge government schemes and international aid pours in and the money is merely directed straight into the bank accounts of the elite.

These people are so selfish and callous that the levels of poverty, starvation, death and misery they create is of no concern to them. They have their penthouses, their yachts and lavish lifestyles.

It’s no different in the UK. It’s just a different scale. The elite are siphoning off the wealth of the nation they merely allow us a higher standard of living to that of Russia and the Third World countries.

The principle is the same.

All over the world, and in the West, the establishment, the royalty, the aristocracy and wealthy elite are nothing more than bloated parasites with their mouthparts firmed glued into the arteries of the nation – busy sucking us dry.

They leave us just enough to stop us rebelling against the system – and we’re the lucky ones!!

Poetry – Freedom is infectious

Freedom is infectious

Putin and his oligarchs are in control

They claim the right to direct us.

Same with Johnson, Trump and the elite

They claim to protect us.

But freedom is infectious.

Stand against the establishment machine

They claim that we are reckless.

They bleed us dry, laugh and sigh

Then kick us in the solar plexus.

But freedom is infectious.

Ukraine, Russia or the USA

The people’s spirit connect us

That elite is just the same

They never respect us

But freedom is infectious.

But freedom is infectious.

Freedom is infectious.

Opher – 7.3.2022

The real war is the one that has raged down the centuries – between the ones who are in control and the rest of us.

In primitive times it was the chief and shaman who held the power, had their pick of everything, lived in plenty and presided.

As ‘civilisation’ grew, kings, princes and robber barons, Bishops, Popes and Sheikh, lived in their palaces while the majority lived in hovels.

The powerful took from the poor until they had more than they could ever use. Ostentation lived beside poverty and death.

It still does.

The superyachts crowd the marinas while beggars starve in the streets.

That is the real war.

Whether it is the billionaire Trump, the greedy Tories or Putin and the oligarchs; they are all part of the same problem – gross inequality.

It’s time we ‘civilised’ people created a freer, more equal society – a global society without tribes and war.

Poetry – Invisible Strings

Invisible Strings

There are invisible strings

                Dangling from the sky,

Attached to various bigwigs

                With their fingers in the pie.

They dangle cash, promises –

                A trip through the revolving door.

Engineer to supply the Cayman Isles

                With money from the poor.

There’s a club of billionaires

                Whose money oils the wheels

Leaving all the poorest

                Without the means to pay their bills.

There’s an interlocking web

                To conserve the hierarchy

Using bribes, threats, war and intrigue

                To cover up their old marlarkey.

There are invisible strings

                Dangling from the sky,

Attached to various bigwigs

                With their fingers in the pie.

Opher – 14.2.2022

QAnon is completely bonkers but that controlling elite is real. They control the system through bribes, threats and lobbying so that they get much more than their share.

They have no morality.

They do not care what damage they cause.

The world is being run for the benefit of a tiny minority. The politicians are bought and sold.

The system is a game. The planet is a pawn.

The likes of Trump, Johnson, Modi, Oban and Johnson are not the answers. They are part of the problem!

Poetry – Down The Ages

Down The Ages

Down the ages,

                A battle for power,

                                Church and state.



                                And propaganda.

Caught in the middle,



                                                Exploited –


Opher 23.1.2021

Just imagine if a fraction of all the wealth appropriated by the state and religion was divvied out to the people?

Everyone could live a life of quality.

Throughout the ages the greedy, power-mad elite in church and state, in a lust for even more, have robbed the poor and created war after war.

These people were supposed to have our interests at the centre of everything they did.

Their selfishness and greed shines through history leaving misery and destruction in their wake.

Same today – nothing changes.

Poetry – They are armed

They are armed

They have a lot of weapons in their armoury.

They have the money to employ the best.

They use unemployment as a threat

And deploy it as a warning,

To demonstrate their power and control.

They use the media to disperse their lies,

To provide the spin, spread the fog and obfuscate

The issues.

They use the media to undermine, to destroy

And ridicule.

They use the media for propaganda.

The tactic is to divide and rule.

They use their privilege to gain advantage.

They buy people.

They subvert rebellion by incorporating it.

They rely on deference.

Their lies are deployed in volleys –

A bombardment of fear.

They had established an establishment,

Set in concrete.

The police are in their pockets.

The army follow their instructions.

They use their power to confuse and subjugate.

They are not restricted by nation.

Theirs is network spread throughout the world.

They know who they are.

Opher – 20.11.2019

Every election, every law, every representative, every move, is subject to their interference.

Their fingers are in every pie.

Through lobbying, bribes, corruption, donations and threats they control the world.

Money doesn’t speak – it shouts!

Who are they?

Who are the Establishment and why I’m against them!

The Establishment are a loose combination of all those who have wealth, status and power.

They include the royalty, aristocracy, wealthy landowners and businessmen (plus a few women), Bishops, Generals Politicians and Top Civil Servants.

They are conservative in that they have a vested interest in maintaining the system as it stands – ie. they want the wealth and power to reside with them and not allow the rank and file to usurp them.

They use their power, influence and privilege to buy, coerce or provide them with advantage.

They form a club. To be part of that club you either have to be born into the club or buy your way in.

The badges of their club include privileged schooling (at public schools such as Eton and Harrow and on to Oxford and Cambridge) and membership of other clubs or professions – hence the Generals, Judges, Civil Servants, and CEOs of big companies. You can join the club by invitation through great success at sport, in the arts or business world – or even a rebellious Rock Star like Mick Jagger. You could become a Lord.

There is an ‘Old Boy’ network which operates to give benefits to other members – we’ve seen that in operation during Brexit and the Coronavirus – the inside knowledge and contacts, meant that lucrative contracts and huge profits were generously given out to the few. These establishment profiteers – like Rees-Mogg and Baroness Dido Harding – made a fortune. We see it with the 44 members of Cameron’s cabinet that were shuffled into lucrative jobs. We see it with the revolving door into the world of huge opportunity. We see it with the likes of Cameron and Osborne leaving politics and going on to make countless millions.

This club called the establishment controls everything. It has the money to control markets. It controls the media. It controls jobs.

If an antiestablishment political group forms – such as the original Labour Party – the media create a shitstorm of lies and scare stories. The money markets are carefully directed to create economic failure. The political figures are either worn down or bought off and the threat is removed.

The only way for a party, such as the Labour Party, to become elected is to become an establishment party – as happened with Blair.

Antiestablishment figures such as Corbyn, with their antiestablishment policies of nationalisation, are vilified and ridiculed.

 Conservative statesman Lord Salisbury told parliament in 1866, in response to plans to extend the suffrage. Giving working-class people the vote would, he stated, tempt them to pass “laws with respect to taxation and property especially favourable to them, and therefore dangerous to all other classes”.

They feared that the people might want a fairer country and take away their wealth and privilege.

When working-class people forced the establishment to give them the vote the establishment set about controlling them.

Through the media they spread propaganda, lies and scaremongering. The idea being that they could prevent the working people from electing people who would represent their interests at the expense of the establishment elite.

They set about controlling the markets to safeguard their wealth – hence we have tax loopholes that are never blocked off – and to use this control to undermine any attempt to create more equality.

The establishment regard themselves as superior. They see the rest of the country working to create wealth for the elite. They give them as little in terms of money and work conditions as they can get away with.

Hence the land, wealth and power reside with a small group of people – the establishment.

They have proved very cunning and successful.

Apart from a few blips – such as the post-war Labour Atlee government sneaking in unexpectedly and bringing in huge social change – such as the NHS and Welfare State – the establishment have ruled consistently.

The Conservative party were set up by the establishment to rule for the establishment – which they have consistently done. One only has to look at today – The Johnson government has given huge tax cuts and handouts to the wealthy while cutting public services and bringing in cuts and austerity for the poor.

The Labour Party in order to become elected effectively become watered-down Tories presenting Tory policies and supporting the establishment.

So the Tories represent the wealthy establishment.

The Labour Party ostensibly represent the working-class (but in fact are still establishment).

I’m middle-class. Nobody really represents me and never have!

The working class have been successfully conned. They have been distracted with soaps and gameshows, drink, drugs and gambling, or deceived with propaganda.

They have been controlled with poverty and threats of job losses.

The establishment have been amazingly successful.

Why I am opposed to the establishment

In actual fact it makes very little difference to me or my life anymore. Whoever gets in power (Labour or Tory) my pension is secure. Prices might go up a bit. Taxes might go up a bit. But my lot is secure.

When I worked as a teacher it did make a lot of difference. When the Tories got in there were cuts and pay was poor. When Labour got in there were pay rises and schools had more money.

So I can see a difference. But Labour never disturbed the Tories much after that Atless government. They lost their antiestablishment credentials.

So why am I opposed to the establishment?

a. I believe in fairness. I believe in equality. We live in a society where the bulk of the wealth is siphoned off into the pockets of a few. I think that is wrong.

b. I despise the class system with all its arrogance, privilege and ‘Old Boys’ Network’.

c. I despise the game of privilege.

d. I believe in a meritocracy. I believe the best people should rise to the top. We see all too clearly in this pandemic and Brexit the way that cronyism, nepotism and the establishment network has put incompetent people in charge. The result has been disastrous. Boris Johnson is a clear example of someone who is incompetent and has risen to his position, not through merit, but through privilege.

What I want

The country/world I want to see is one not ruled by a greedy, selfish, arrogant ruthless establishment – an establishment that uses repression and war in order to gain more for itself, who exploits the majority and firmly believes that it is better than everybody else. The establishment believes they deserve it.

My fears

I’ve watched this naked greed throughout my life as it destroys other cultures, starts wars, uses economic warfare to castrate opposition and is destroying nature in the process. It is relentless and immoral.

The end point of all this is too frightening to imagine. The end of the planet??

The other frightening thought is this:

The establishment have needed the workforce in order to create their wealth. They have used and exploited us in their armies, factories, mines and fields.

They no longer need a workforce. A/I and automation have removed the need for a workforce.

We are surplus to requirements.

Poetry – A Member of the Elite

A Member of the Elite

As a member of the elite

I have to play the game.

I have to wear the uniform

Speak the right words

And never feel the shame.

My life’s a façade

Hiding what’s underneath

A charade

A shield of wealth and power

That is our one belief.

Haughty manner

Springing from superiority.

Looking down

At minions

The spawn of the majority.

I am of the elite.

Born into privilege.

Master of the multitudes

From every dirty village.

Of life’s finer things

I always have a surfeit,

It is just what we deserve

Because I know we’re worth it!

Opher – 23.1.2021

I detest that advert that asserts that we are worth it.

There are a whole privileged class who have every opportunity, a life of ease, an easy path, networking, the old boy network and wealth.

They can buy what they like.

They use their privilege to enable their sons and daughters to prosper while disdainfully keeping the hoi-polloi in their place.

Their wealth is incalculable.

They exploit, control and are happy to see poverty and destitution.

The poor are where they deserve to be.

The wealthy are assured of their own superiority and worth.

Poetry – The Establishment

The Establishment

I threw my words

Like grenades

Into the belly of the monster.

He took no notice.

I wielded sentences

Like swords

And sliced at his

Softer parts,

But he took not the slightest notice.

He ignores me.

I carefully organised

My phrases

To reach critical mass

And detonated them

In his heart.

It was as if a gnat

Had floated past his nose.

Friends told me I was fortunate.

With one lick

He could devour me.

I should desist.

I would be swallowed whole.

But I feel free to do my utmost.

I know I am inconsequential.

But life is in the gesture.

Opher 8.8.2015

The Establishment

We are fortunate as to be so extremely worthless. Our greatest efforts are not even a pinprick.

I imagine the establishment as a mighty horned dragon. It guards its treasure jealously and refuses to share a single coin.

The establishment like things just as they are. It does not like change. It has the power and ensures the money keeps rolling in. The pile grows ever bigger while the desperation outside is enormous. It cares not.

The dragon devours all who dare to oppose it. It bribes them, includes them and devours them……. Or it destroys them utterly.

No one has the power to oppose its deadly games. We are all toys.

My only weapon is my words.

I fashion extreme weapons of mass destruction full of adjectives, adverbs and nouns, but they bounce of his impervious scales.

We are defenceless against his might. We can keep our heads down or fight.

I firmly believe in the gesture. It may be futile but it is at least an attempt.

I aim my words with anger, clarity and perception. I hope that they may hit home; find a way through those scales to the putrefying guts inside. We can but hope!

The establishment is a monster that feeds itself to the detriment of everybody else.