Poetry – War Crimes

War Crimes

Bombing hospitals, schools and power stations,

Executing civilians,

Blowing up women and babies

The evil stench of war

With no holds barred

Spreads like a nasty dose of rabies.

This is not war!

These are war crimes!

Targeting houses and civilians

Threatening nuclear holocaust

To intervening nations

With costs soaring into trillions.

As obscene as it is absurd

To resort to such barbarity

At one man’s behest.

Putin ignores the wrath of the world,

Arrogantly striking out

With no crimes confessed.

Ultimately we need the courts

To hold all perpetrators to account,

To bring them to the justices.

But will the brainwashed Russian people

Wake up to reality

And hand over Putin and his accomplices?

Opher – 5.5.2022

This is where bodies like the United Nations need to live up to their lofty ideals and step in. This is where all nations need to be united to condemn any nations that use war to invade sovereign states. This is when the targeting of hospitals, schools and civilians need to be called out for what they are – WAR CRIMES!!

It is a disgrace that, for political reasons, many nations are refusing to stand up for justice and human rights, are refusing to condemn aggression and violence and are condoning this evil perpetuation of WAR CRIMES!

No matter where in the world, or by whom, all perpetrators of WAR CRIMES need to be dragged before the courts and properly punished.

I would love to see the day when Putin and his loathsome warmongers are handed over by the Russian people and tried before international courts.

The same should be true for all those guilty in Syria, Yemen, Eritrea, Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Somalia and the rest.

It’s time the UN had the power to intercede.

Poetry – What is it that Russia wants?

I wrote this two years ago before the Ukraine war. Trump and Johnson were both sucking up to Putin. The Russians were instrumental in getting Brexit done and electing Trump and Johnson – big funders of them and their campaigns.

What is it that Russia wants?

To divide and conquer

That is the simple plan.

Pumping out the cyber.

Doing all they can.

They want the USA divided

And Europe split apart.

Populist leaders

Who haven’t any heart.

They don’t need

To go to war.

Targetting views

Into the homes of the poor.

Spreading rumours

And conspiracy.

In some modern-day


A wedge between allies

Suspicion into minds.

Deep State is after you,

Break the ties that bind.

To divide and conquer

That is the simple plan.

Pumping out the cyber.

Doing all they can.


So who’s been sucking up to Putin and has all manner of dodgy deals in Russia??

Russia, under Putin, desperately wants to disrupt and undermine the West. He’s doing a good job of it too.

He’s been interfering in elections, sending out conspiracy theories and fake news and generally confusing everyone.

It’s all part of his plan.

Trump’s his ace card.

Mariupol – A symbol of what is WRONG!!

Instead of trying to build a better world and solve the massive problems facing us (climate change, biodiversity, mass migration, poverty, inequality, overpopulation ………..) we have madmen spending trillions destroying cities and slaughtering innocent people!!

As a species we are utterly insane!! We put these psychotic fools in charge of us!!

We won’t forget!! This is the 21st Century!! They are behaving like crazed barbarians!!

Poetry – National Interests

National Interests

National interests always come first –

Territory, oil or eliminating threat.

Enemies require neutralising.

We have to address the national debt.

Behind our leaders are financiers

Whose business interests run the game.

They pull the strings, rig elections

Use the media to point the blame.

They like wars; wars make them rich –

All that matters is power

Soldiers are expendable,

Cities lie in ruins,

As they turn the future sour.

Opher – 3.5.2022

It’s not national interests at all, is it? It’s the interests of a small elite.

War is a big money-maker.

They sell the arms. They sell the products to rebuild.

They knock it down and build it up. Win Win.

Their shares go mad. Their wealth increases.

Who cares about the people when there’s money to be made? Who cares about the death, destruction and maimed. Pawns in the game.

The stock market runs the show. Profit is the motive.

They are dicing with death.

Poetry – Bogged Down in Death

Bogged Down in Death

Bogged down in the mud –

                Targets for the taking.

Mutinous and exhausted

                Morale through the floor.

Witnessing horror.

                Souls aching. Innocents quaking.

They can’t take it anymore.

Blunted by terror,

                By what their eyes have seen,

They are mindless

                Killing machines.

Bodies litter streets

                Mass graves and executions,

Without hope, as in a dream, totally obscene.

Looting and pillaging,

                Raping and killing,

Insane with propaganda.

                No fear of prosecution,

Expecting death.

                No longer fighting for anything grander. 

Empty vessels drawing breath.

Colossal losses,

                Capricious missiles,

Carnage beyond imagination.

                Seeking fascism in the wrong place,

Driving democracy out

                From an entire nation.

The dance of death’s own disgrace.

Opher – 2.5.2022

As with most wars, it starts with expectations of a swift conclusion but ends in the reality of long-drawn-out attrition.

Propaganda steals minds.

Soldiers witness the horrors of seeing friends maimed and blown to pieces beside them. There is no skill – only luck. Living in the shadow of constant terror the mind becomes numb.

When the opportunity presents itself they seek revenge, an outlet, an orgy of release. They execute, rape, torture and exert their power. It’s all they have. They have ceased to be human. They are immune to conscience.

All that exists is death.

There is no end in sight, no escape – just more of the same until the orders are given or the bullet strikes.

Who is to blame? It’s always the ones safe in the bunkers giving out the orders.

Poetry – On The Brink

On The Brink

On the brink of a nuclear holocaust


                With the promise

                                Of assured mutual destruction.

The apes are insane.

                Consumed with the madness of paranoia

                                Tinged with lust for power

                                                As Putin dishes out instruction.

He’d rather wipe out humanity

                Turn the planet into ash,

                                A glowing ember,

Than lose face.

With his hypersonic

                Ballistic missiles

                                Throwing the whole world

                                                Into yet another arms race.

Forget about poverty,

                Global warming and biodiversity

                                We’ll deal with them another day.

                                                This is about pride.

Who cares about the future?

                Who cares about the billions?

                                Who cares at all?

                                                Just cast all sense aside.

We dangle on the brink of oblivion,

                Waiting for Putin to bring it on.

Opher – 2.4.2022

I am old enough to have lived through the Cuban Missile Crisis when we hung on the edge of nuclear catastrophe. I remember going into school not knowing if I would live to see home again. Hiding under our desks was never likely to work, was it? All day we listened to the news on our portable trannies. The Russians ducked out at the very last minute. We lived.

I have visited the underground bunkers with all their strategic planning. Places where our masters would sit it out while we fried. They spent billions on them. There were bolt-holes under parliament, Buckinghan Palace and country hall – miles down. They were preparing for the holocaust. The holocaust was very real. Not that they wanted us to really know the extent. We were expendable.

For people like Putin the whole planet is expendable.

Poetry – Without a Care for Tomorrow

Without a Care for Tomorrow

They sit behind their desks

                Distributing order

                                To the goons who

                                                Put them into action.

Safe within their bunkers

                They unleash destruction

                                To wreck the lives

                                                Of those from other factions.

Aloof from death,

                Apart from agony,

                                Unmoved by misery


They quaff their wine,

                Eat their banquets,

                                Bask in luxury

                                                While people quake in horror.

Selfishly they stash the cash,

                Secure the power,

                                Spread the propaganda

                                                Without a care for tomorrow.

Opher – 26.4.2022

The ones who unleash the horrors of war are not the ones who fight it or suffer from its consequences. They are safe, miles away, secure in underground bunkers, far from the action.

They do not get to see the results of their orders, to hear the screams or see the grief. They do not feel the terror. They are far away from the smell of cordite, the sound of explosions and the horror of exploding bodies.

They do not have to pick up the body parts of babies or bury the dead.

They live a life of opulence while their orders ruin lives far away.

They are evil personified.

Poetry – History Repeats

History Repeats

History repeats.

Lessons are never learned.

Fascists arrogantly strut.

Our cities burn.

The racist chants

Echo down the streets.

Frightened people keep quiet,

Civilisation retreats.

Politicians stir,

Seeking power.

Behind locked doors

Poor people cower.

The tribal game

Is played out again.

Every single person

Feels the pain.

Opher – 27.7.2020

When will we ever learn?? The same authoritarian garbage tinged with xenophobia and racist. It is always the same simplistic answers; the aggression; the fear; the anger; the wish to dominate and control; the wish to apply force; the scapegoating, superiority and arrogance.

We are faced with the rise of the right-wing with their racial purity and guns. Strutting with their violence, intolerance and aggression.

Fascism rises up and creates war. It has to be crushed back down.

Oh for an education system that creates empathy and compassion.

That would put an end to fascism. Much better than guns and bombs.

Fascism is a disease.

Poetry – The Brigands

The Brigands

The brigands charged down the hill,

Swords raised,

With chilling battle cries,

Thundering hooves.

Callously and gleefully they butchered men, women and children,

Set fire to huts,

Raped, tortured and looted.

But those were the days of long ago.

Nothing changes.

Except, now they use drones

And ‘peace keepers’.

Opher – 12.7.2020

Once upon a time we built walls around our cities and had fortified castles; we raised armies and kept constant watch.

What a way to spend your life – in fear of brigands.

They’d sweep down with their armies, killing, torturing, looting and raping.

Nowadays we’re much more sophisticated. We do it from afar.