A Poem for the stinking rich!

Capitalism Kills

Capitalism is killing the planet.

We should all rise up and ban it!

A system based on wealth and greed

Is really not what we need.

Clawing up the earth chopping down the trees

Bringing the planet down to its knees.

There has to be a better way than this

For us all to co-exist.

Accumulating stuff and throwing it away

Without a thought for the very next day.

Sixty per cent of everything has already gone.

Something, surely tells us this is wrong.

There has to be a better way

For us to live together and be OK.

We’re killing all the creatures stealing their homes

To fill our front yard with garden gnomes.

Opher – 11.9.2020

Tory WAR on Public Servants.

For twelve years the Tories have waged war on Public servants.

They have slashed services, cut pay and reduced working conditions.

The Cost of Living crisis has exposed the problem.

Our public servants, nurses, teachers, border staff, fire brigade, paramedics, ambulance service, police, civil servants and others have been backed into a corner. There are huge staff shortages which means their workload is through the roof.. They do not earn enough to support their family, put a roof over their heads, feed, clothe and keep warm.

The public servants are seen as parasites by the Tories.

They do not (directly) produce wealth – so they are viewed as second-class citizens.

The Public servants are not parasites. We saw that in the pandemic. Without a good NHS, education, police force, border control and civil service this country is buggered!!

Stop giving multi-million pound handouts to the wealthy and start paying working people properly.

The Tories don’t need them. They have their private health care. They use private security firms. They have private education. They live in gated communities. They travel first class.

The public services are for the plebs. The less they pay for them the better. The plebs are there to work for as near to nothing as possible, to be exploited and then conned into voting Tory by the tabloid press.

As for public services – who needs ’em?

I think the whole public sector should come together with other sympathetic workers and do a mass resignation. If all of those, recently deemed ESSENTIAL workers, were to walk away en masse we might just end up with a better, fairer, more equal society.

For twelve years we’ve had a Tory government stealing from the poor, needy and public services to give to the rich.

Most of that wealth is now in tax havens off-shore!

It’s time this was put right!

A general strike or a mass resignation!!


Without a good, well-resourced, well-paid public services this country is in a mess!! It won’t get right until we get out priorities right!

Stop reading the SUN, TELEGRAPH, MAIL, EXPRESS and TIMES!!! Lies and propaganda!

Today’s Music to keep me IiiInNnnSSssAaaaaNnnnNee – Ry Cooder – How Can A Poor Man Stand Such Times And Live

In Broken Britain the Populist Tories have sold us all down the river. Prices are through the roof. They are a bunch of thieving profiteers!!

The Land Of The Free

The Land Of The Free

In the land of the free

                You are brought up

                                To do as you are told.

Conform to the norm,

                Salute the flag,

                                Take the oath,

Pray to an invisible being,

                Believe in a dream!

That’s the way

                The wealthy elite

                                Like it.

Opher – 25.2.2022

The thing that struck me most about America was its conformity. Even when Americans sort out a seemingly antisocial group they merely conformed to a strict set of rules and thinking.

There is a brainwashing process involved – the saluting, the flag, the oath of allegiance, the belief in God. It’s overwhelming.

The McCarthy campaign was so incredibly effective. Socialism and Communism are dirty words. The capitalists won hands down. They enslaved everyone and dangled the idea of the American Dream. If you worked hard you too could be a billionaire. Bullshit. The reality is that a tiny percentage are creaming off a giant’s share.

The public are threatened, beset with racism, violent control and work for a pittance without benefits.

It’s a model that capitalists are trying to impose on the rest of the world by stealth.

Slavery hasn’t ended, it’s just taken a different form.

They’ll be pie in the sky when you die – now get back to work on your three jobs! You can’t afford to be sick!!

Oven-Ready, World-Beating Lies

Oven-Ready, World-Beating Lies

All false.

                Just a front.

                                Actions of a lazy grunt.

Every word

                That goes by;

                                Every deed – a lie.

They never intend

                To sort things out

                                They don’t care.

Smugly grasping,

                Arrogantly pocketing,

                                Spouting that they’ll make things fair.

Empty words,

                In soundbites,

                                Designed to deceive.


                With feigned concern

                                To make us believe.

Part of

                A system that exploits

                                The poor.

They design it

                So that we

                                Get no more.

The rich

                Get richer

                                While the poor starve.

If they had

                Their way

                                They’d cut that in half.

All the promises,

                Glibly delivered,

                                Are nowt but lies

They talk

                About levelling up

                                While robbing us blind.


                Their lies

                                And what do you find?

Lies! Lies! Lies!

Opher – 25.6.2022

During these past twelve years of austerity the wealthy have increased their wealth enormously. Huge multi-million contracts have been handed out willy-nilly. Massive salaries have been given freely to ‘the right people’. Huge multimillion bonuses have been given to those at the top. Many Tory MPs are pocketing huge sums for lobbying, second jobs, telling secrets, or dividends. Huge sums are being deposited tax-free abroad.

Those at the bottom are systematically blamed. We have to have pay freezes in order to save the economy.

We are promised sunny uplands, Brexit dividends, levelling up.

We receive tax hikes, massive inflation, a cost of living crisis, energy bills through the roof, petrol prices rocketing and wage cuts.

Power companies and oil companies are creaming off incredible profits.

Aren’t you as fed up with these lies as I am??

Oven-ready, world-beating lies!!



I’ve been studying justice.

It’s been hard.

I could not find too much of it.

I looked in the courts

But it wasn’t to be found –

Only the tiniest bit.

I searched the battlefields.

There was none.

All lost in the fog of true grit.

I hunted for it on the streets,

Searched high and low

Justice had taken a hit.

It seems we don’t value justice

We have no wish to be fair.

We’re happy to tolerate poverty

And injustice everywhere.

Justice is just for the rich.

They make sure they get their share.

Opher – 11.4.2021

The courts do not dispense justice. They undergo procedure according to the law. It very much depends on how good a barrister you can afford. The courts protect the state. They require scapegoats as deterrents.

Violence in war, by tyrants, by gangs, by the authorities, overrides all justice.

We live in a world of our own design. We have created massive inequality, exploitation and poverty.

These things have not come about by chance. They were designed.

The powerful choose injustice, unfairness and selfishness. They think they deserve it.