Poetry – Profits Made

Profits Made

The winds came most horribly

Striking the sun-baked soil

Like a flail.

It set the dried brush burning fiercely.

                Every creature

                                As parched and scorched

                                                As the ground

                                                                They died upon.

The rains never came.

                Rivers dried.

                                Seas warmed.  

                                                Coral bleached.

Desert sands

                No longer crept

                                They rushed.

                                                Ice melted.

                                                                Seas rose.

                                                                                Cities flooded.

People fled.

Torrid air

                Scalded skin

                                Smoke still poured

                                                Profits were made.

Opher -4.4.2021

All the major problems facing us are easily solved. Whether it is war, poverty, coronavirus, overpopulation or global warming. There is a simple solution. We already know the answers.

What holds us back is greed, selfishness and the lust for power and wealth.

What is required is a global perspective, greater equality and cooperation.


Poetry – A World of Plenty

A World of Plenty

In a world of plenty

There’s only enough for some.

The rest will have to wait

For the next kingdom to come.

But there isn’t a next kingdom.

They made that one up

To keep people in their place

And shore the system up.

Everybody plays the game

To keep the system going.

Where it will all end up

There is no way of knowing.

They tread the peasants down

To keep them in their place.

Maintaining this unequal order

Is imposed upon the whole race.

Opher – 28.3.2021

The hierarchy is maintained for the benefit of those at the top and the detriment of most people. People only get what they are prepared to fight for. Without unions and social struggle those at the bottom live in destitution.

The wealthy elite run a system for the benefit of the wealthy elite. They use their wealth and power to buy privilege, to lobby and rule.

Money makes money.

The club runs the world.

Unfairness rules!

Poetry – It Doesn’t Have To Be Like This

It Doesn’t Have To Be Like This

It doesn’t have to be like this!

We live in a world of guns, shit and piss.

The world is run for a precious few.

The rest of us can go screw.

While kids play in the sewage and waste

Others live on luxury yachts.

It’s a disgrace.

The wealthy and powerful control what we do.

Take too much and they take it off you.

It doesn’t matter that they have it all

They always want more and you’re just a tool.

Without a thought for the future or the misery they cause

They take centre stage to milk the applause.

Heartless, cruel, thoughtless and mean

They take what they want with no in-between.

But it doesn’t have to be this way

There’s more than enough to go around.

We can build a fairer, kinder world

If we can just find the common ground.

There are many of us and they are few.

With one combined voice we can start up anew!

It doesn’t have to be like this!

Opher – 27.3.2021

Having travelled the world and witnessed the poor living in unbelievable squalor, the destruction of the natural world and the contrast with those with immense wealth, it all seems so stupid.

It doesn’t have to be like this.

There is more than enough to go round.

We do not have to destroy the natural world.

We do not need this gross inequality.

We can all be happy and not destroy the planet.

It needs better organisation.

Poetry – A Question of Priorities

A Question of Priorities

There’s one percent for caring

And forty-four for war.

There’s a wall instead of sharing

And a world outside the door.

Millions for profiteering

Cuts for the poor.

Opher 18.3.2021

I am really beginning to dislike the ethos of this country. It used to be outward looking, honest and trustworthy. It used to offer refuge and a helping hand.

What we have now is a narrow-minded, insular, little Britain – inward looking and nasty.

We have a government that lies, breaks international law and is destroying cooperation and trust in the name of petty nationalism.

They promote inequality with blatant cronyism and disregard.

I despise their arrogance.

They offer 1% pay ‘rise’ to those who risk their lives while doling out millions to Tory donors who are blatant profiteers. They then propose to waste billions on a 44% increase in nuclear weapons.

They insult our friends and suck up to tyrants and despots.

They disgust me. The people who support them disgust me.

Automation and A/I – a new world.

We are on the brink of a new world. The future does not need an army of workers. They are fast becoming surplus to requirements.

Look at the jobs that are going to be replaced by automation:


shelf stackers

factory work,



brain surgeons




Robots and automation will do both unskilled and skilled work.

In the present day the skilled workforce was kicked out of well-paid jobs in mining, shipyards, docks, building, steel works, car plants, factories. They were replaced by automation. A machine can work night and day and does not need paying. It is cheaper, more efficient and less troublesome. A manufacturer can make much higher profits.

Our docks are all container ports now. There are no stevedores shoveling coal or carrying sacks.

The displaced workforce were put out to work in low-paid menial tasks. They are now stacking shelves in supermarkets, flipping burgers, driving an uber or dashing around all over the country delivering parcels.

Soon those jobs will go. Driverless cars will soon be the norm. Deliveries will be made by robots. We already have self-stacking supermarkets with no need for a checkout. They have machines that lay bricks and robots that build cars. There are automated fast-food joints. Drones replace soldiers and people are blown up remotely. Robots do a better job. The product is done to perfection. They are more efficient, faster and better. They are also a lot cheaper.

I have been doing a daily walk up my hill past the fields and observing the huge fields either side of my lane.

A couple of hundred years ago these were small fields with hedges and streams. The village would have been involved in planting tending and harvesting. It was very labour intensive and inefficient (but fun). Now it is different.

A big tractor comes along and in one day it ploughs the whole massive field. After a while another big tractor discs it. A tractor comes along and sprays the field with fertiliser (the needs assessed from assays. A tractor would come along and sow the seeds. Every few weeks a tractor comes along and sprays the field with pesticide and herbicide. On the big day, when the crop is perfect, three massive machines come along and harvest the peas. I stood and watched (with memories of laboriously shucking peas with my grandmother). The machines chopped the plants, separated pods from plant and shucked the peas. A tractor with wagon rolled alongside the harvester and the peas were poured from a shoot into the wagon. The wagon drove off to the factory where they were frozen and packaged to be sent to the supermarket. The whole field was done in a morning.

What took a whole village could now be achieved by one man, part-time, and five men for a morning.

In a few years time even this will be automated. There will be no need for tractor drivers.

What struck me was that no pea was touched by human hand. The whole process of sowing, tending, harvesting, freezing, packaging and ending up in the shop is automated. The only time a pea touches a human is when the fork enters the mouth.

The end result of this automation is scary.

The manufacturers can produce more goods more cheaply and efficiently and make more money.

People are no longer needed. The workforce is redundant.

We end up with a two-tier world. The extremely rich manufacturers and a very poor underclass who cannot find work.

Something has to change.

New jobs will be made. Robots need tending to. There is design and innovation. Factories need overseeing. Computers need programming.

But a lot of these jobs require skills and intelligence. Not everybody is suited.

There are the caring and leisure industries and education. But even these will be affected by A/I. Distanced learning and robotic friends, arse-washing toilets and smart wheelchairs.

The model for capitalism is under threat. How can people buy the mass of things manufactured if they have no money?

This could lead to a world of pleasure and leisure or a world of two classes of people.

Which is it?

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all be paid handsomely for work and only had to work two or three days a week?

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could be trained to carry out caring jobs – nursing, caring for the elderly, looking after nature and teaching – which paid well and gave you plenty of time to prepare and have time off – with the money to do things.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we lived in a more equal society where the wealthy was more evenly distributed (on a global basis) so that everybody could proper from this new affluence?

Or is it going to end up with an extremely wealthy elite, greedily raking in the money while the rest of us live on peanuts?

What do you reckon?

Test and Trace Cartoon – £37 Billion – the money-spinner for Tory profiteers

There are millions of pounds given to procurers for PPE (two phones calls – thank you very much).

There are Billions for Dido Harding – 2300 managers on £163,000 a year. A system that has never worked.

There are millions given to firms who have no expertise in that area.

There is a pay freeze for carers, teachers and front-line workers. There is a 1% pay rise for nurses.

These are the days of lies, spin, corruption and gullibility.

Key Workers shat on again!!

Mealy-mouthed hypocrites!! They spout nice words and clap but don’t give a shit! They should try living on £21,000!!

They let them work in dangerous front line conditions.

They let them safe their life and then turn round and laugh in their faces.

All the key workers are now seeing their pay frozen once again. After a decade of pointless Tory austerity the key workers are being shat on again.

I bet the bankers, who sat on the side-lines and made a killing, are going to be getting their multimillion pound bonuses!!!

Poetry – Welcome to the New Slavery

Welcome to the New Slavery

Welcome to the new slavery!

We work so that others might get paid!

The world is run for the few!

My – how they scream and shout

If you dare to suggest

That any other way will do!

‘It may not be perfect

But ‘the system’ is better than the rest!’

Bellow the media crew.

Shady people press the buttons

To nudge us towards what to believe.

They who own the media own us too.

Unseen fingers control the markets –

Buy and sell us for a song;

Laughing as they tighten the screw.

Dreams, like candy, are passed around

For us to suck in our sleep –

Telling us the lie that we can join them too.

But it’s an exclusive club

And they always guarded it well

So that their fortunes grew.

Trickle down is the new mantra

As they deceive with their lies

And keep us caged within this human zoo.

Opher 18.1.2016

Welcome to the New Slavery

I have arrived at the conclusion that everything we do is for the benefit of a few. We work and they cream off the profits. That is a form of slavery. We prostitute ourselves. We sell our time and bodies.

There are tiers. There are tears.

We are paid well in the west. Our unions have wrestled our wages and conditions out of the hands of the employers. They are not so lucky in the third world. Their labour is cheap, jobs few and numbers many. That is the ideal combination for the capitalist money makers. Those on the bottom tier live in poverty and are grateful for the crumbs.

The capitalists made the system that way.

We live in an age where we can vote on game shows but not on political issues. Democracy via representation is not democracy – not when our representatives can be lobbied, bribed and bought by the corporations.

Democracy is when the voice of the people is making the decisions. I might not like the decisions made by the majority. They might not be arrived at through intelligence or knowledge. They might be spurious, self-centred, ignorant and prejudiced. But I would prefer that to the way it is done right now – controlled by wealthy minds that put up the money for candidates and pull the strings for self-interest.

If I had a choice I’d prefer government through the people that via a small group of the wealthy. The problem then would merely be – who controls the media?