Poetry – Not in May

Not in May

May is not for May,

May is for June.

Come the summer

She changes her tune.

Ineptitude, incompetence

And deceit.

Lying through

Her very teeth.

A one nation party

Who hammers the poor?

As austerity bites,

Incomes go through the floor.

Arrogance and elitism

Are bred into the blood,

As they trample the rest

Of us into the mud.

The Tories created the problem

And helped it along,

With belligerence and stubbornness

They got it all wrong.

Now we’re wallowing in a

Right Tory mess.

Promising us nothing

And giving us less!

Opher 24.5.2019

Once again I have to listen to some female Tory Prime Minister telling her lies.

She loves the country – which country? Which people does she include in the ‘one nation’?

She’s been working for us all??? Really???

Certainly she’s not been working for most of us – not the poor who she’s been hammering throughout her tenure. Not the public servants, the nurses, teachers, doctors, police, army, social workers, youth workers, librarians, carers and council workers who she has robbed. Not the immigrants who she has blamed and harried. Not the ones out of work who have been cut to the bone. Not the homeless out sleeping rough. Not the ones using hostels and soup kitchens. Not those waiting in A&E. Not those murdered on the streets.

So who are included into this ‘one nation’? The bankers, the business magnates, the wealthy who shove their money off-shore? The celebrities? Or is it the media chiefs who have been pushing them like mad?

One Nation – I spit!!!

Boris Johnson – £250,000 a year second salary described as ‘chicken feed’. Robbing £20 a week off the poorest.

These people live in a different world. With salaries in the hundreds of thousands they can’t imagine what it is like to try to feed kids on benefit, to choose between heat and food.

They have no empathy.

They put out a simple message – all those on benefit are scroungers. They need to get off their backsides and find a job. It’s a lie.

They use the few scroungers as an excuse.

But benefit scroungers cost us a fraction of the amount lost through tax evasion. The wealthy are pouring billions offshore tax free without a murmur.

I’d much rather put up with a few scroungers bucking the system to ensure that the really needy get enough.

The government of gross inequality and unfairness. Levelling up??? Ha Ha!!!

Johnson’s second salary would provide that uplift for 12,500 desperate families!


Trumpists and Religious Nutcases – Selfishness.

There is a big selfish movement around – centred around this populist movement.

It is evil.

It is fanatical.

It is extreme.

It is selfish.

It is egocentric.

It is aggressive and violent.

It wishes to impose it’s own view on others.

You shall all think like me, believe in what I believe and act how I want you to act.

I want my freedom.

I don’t care how that impacts on you.

I want my guns.

I want to intimidate.

I want rid of abortion.

I believe in Jesus so you must.

I am pro-life – against abortion – but I reserve the right to kill you with my gun.

You have no rights if you don’t think like me.

Poetry – Two Worlds

Two Worlds

Parasols and gowns,

Wigs and frowns,

Cards and chateaus,

Feasting, hats and bows.

Open sewers and slums,

Armies and drums,

Tatters and rags,

Workhouses, gin and hags.

Two worlds that never touch;

That exist side by side.

Two peoples born apart;

One takes the other for a ride.


I was watching a period drama and was struck by what wasn’t shown. It was all prim ladies in fine gowns, clutching lapdogs, shaded by parasols, wandering through extensive gardens, waited on hand and foot by obsequious servants. There were men in wigs and frock coats with lace and buckles, scowling and ordering, gambling and fornicating, fighting with swords and duelling, being driven in carriages.

Outside the gates the masses lived in squalor. The army was their only escape. There was poverty, open sewers. They were dressed in rags, lived short, disease-ridden lives, aged quickly and died in workhouses. The wealth they created through their long hours of back-breaking work was what bought the parasols.

The carriages waited. They both were taking each other for a ride in different ways.

Poetry – Send Money!! Send Money!! Send Money!!

Send Money!! Send Money!! Send Money!!

The children are dying of cancer!

Send Money!! Send Money!! Send Money!!

The elephants are being wiped out!

Send Money!! Send Money!! Send Money!!

The homeless are freezing to death!

Send Money!! Send Money!! Send Money!!

Starving children are going without!

Send Money!! Send Money!! Send Money!!

There’s a catastrophe in Haiti!

Send Money!! Send Money!! Send Money!!

The forests are being chopped down !

Send Money!! Send Money!! Send Money!!

We’re being swamped with refugees!

Send Money!! Send Money!! Send Money!!

Global warming will make us all drown!

Send Money!! Send Money!! Send Money!!

Women are being battered!

Send Money!! Send Money!! Send Money!!

Whales are being slaughtered again!

Send Money!! Send Money!! Send Money!!

The wars are creating more orphans!

Send Money!! Send Money!! Send Money!!

Babies are in so much pain!

Send Money!! Send Money!! Send Money!!

Where does this misery end?

My money is such a pitiful drop?

Who is causing all this misery?

When will it ever stop?

Opher – 29.9.2021

The answer is very simple.

The misery is a direct result of how we human beings organise ourselves.

Nothing more.

We choose this!

We choose to allow a small minority to retain most of the world’s wealth instead of distributing it more fairly.

We choose to allow people to destroy the animals, chop down the forests and pollute for profit.

We choose to tolerate cruelty, violence, war, victimisation and poverty.

It does not have to be like that.

We could choose to live differently.

There is enough wealth and sufficient resources for everyone to have a good standard of living.

We could live sustainably without ransacking the planet and killing everything.

We could put an end to poverty, violence and war.

We choose not to.

We elect megalomaniacs, sociopaths and psychopaths.

We aspire to be part of that greedy, selfish elite.

It could be so very different.

What pisses me off!

This came through from John Peachey. It seemed to sum up my feelings. Inequality has gone nuts! Arrogance rules!!

‘What pisses me off is the people who do the shitty nasty messy jobs like wiping bottoms in hospitals get paid peanuts while the privileged, cushy, sit-around-chatting-all-day drinking champagne types store up millions in their offshore accounts and contribute nothing to the economy. They would argue that they provide the work for the peasants but it is long overdue that a balance was restored. ‘Restored’? It’s always been this way. We’re long overdue a revolution!’

Poetry – A dose of Affluenza

A dose of Affluenza

We got a dose of affluenza.

We’re sick to the core.

Every time I see the stock market,

It makes me feel quite sore.

The country’s getting richer

But nothing comes our way.

It all ends up at the top,

But never in my pay.

I pay my taxes

While they stuff it all off-shore.

We’re giving to the rich

And taking from the poor!

This bloody affluenza

Is making us all ill.

We’ve lost all our compassion

Like pigs guzzling swill.

I need a vaccination

To cure me of this disease.

This lack of trickle down

Has brought me to my knees.

It seems that no-one matters

Unless they’re stinking rich.

We just make up the numbers

Ain’t life a stinking bitch?

We need a panacea

To cure us from this schism.

I have just the remedy –

A good dose of socialism!

Opher – 19.4.2019

I don’t envy the rich. I despise them. I don’t aspire to their lifestyles. I just want something fairer.

Long ago, when I was a very young man, I realised that the dream of chasing wealth and status was a phony game. It was empty. I wanted to chase knowledge, fulfilment, experience and pleasure. I wanted my life full of a richness that money cannot buy.

I’m glad I made that choice.

But now, as I look at what is happening, I despair.

My life is good. I have largely achieved what I set out to do. But the society I live in has become much worse. The affluent have set us down a road of continual growth resulting in huge destruction of nature. They have greedily grabbed everything they can regardless of the consequences for people or nature.

The affluent are causing huge poverty, inequality and damage.

We need to put it right. We need to find a better way of living. Money and status are phony principles to base a life on. Give me knowledge, experience, fulfilment and fun any day. Money can’t buy love and it can’t buy back time.