Welcome back Jonathan Pie! Bye Bye Boris!

Nobody sums up things better than Jonathan. He tells it how it is!!

Is it better to mindlessly ignore the corruption, lies and disinformation?

Perhaps life would be easier if one wasn’t so aware of how we were being manipulated, the gross corruption and inequality? My emotional mood would be far more serene if I simply blotted out the lies and the way we are being robbed.

But I can’t stand the way our public services are being cut, our taxes rise and people are being treated as idiots. The poor are being made scapegoats so that the wealthy can be rewarded with more than they can possibly need.

It infuriates me that the poor have their pay and benefits cut while the tax loopholes are left gaping for the wealthy to stuff millions abroad and avoid paying a penny.

The hypocrisy and lies make my blood boil.

Wouldn’t life be so much easier if I was stupid, uninformed and either believed or ignored the propaganda?

But who wants an easy life?

Surely integrity, fairness and justice are worth fighting for?

Surely we must stand against this slide into fascism?

Matt Handcockup’s position is totally tenable!

All he’s done is:

Put his mistress on the payroll using taxpayers money

Break the covid law that he had put together

Been totally hopeless

Killed thousands by bunging covid patients into Care Homes

Lied to cabinet

Lied to the public about throwing rings of protection around Care Homes

That’s probably not all. But it’ll do!

I mean, there’s nothing there worthy of resigning for, surely? Totally tenable for a Tory!!

Thanks Chris Riddell and John Peachey!

The Corona Diaries – Day 459

It’s been another very pleasant day! We’ve been out walking. The verges are full of foxgloves and some orchids too!! A buzzard hovered motionless in the sky. I haven’t seen that before!!

Meanwhile, out there in Coronaland the circus continues!! The Tories continue to test their eyesight, ignore all rules of decency, hypocritical break their own laws and brazen it out.

Matt Handcockup the Hopeless displayed the same lack of morality we have come to expect from Tories. By that I don’t mean the extramarital sex or even the cheating on his wife. I feel sorry for their partners but no, the morality issues for me are:

hypocritically doing the opposite of what he was telling us to do. (Neil Ferguson was sacked for similar). He used the police to fine anybody breaking the law in that way – I remember that guy going out on a jet ski to the Isle of Mann and ending up in prison. He put the law together – it stopped lovers getting together, people saying goodbye to dying relatives or visits to Care Homes. It was pretty draconian.

But those strict rules only apply to plebs – not Tories!!

Secondly, doing what Johnson did with his lover Jennifer Arcuri. He spent tax-payers money on her! Seems incredible to me that they simply put their lovers on the payroll!!

Thirdly, not resigning when the seedy goings on come to light.

How many Tory Ministers have now been exposed as sleazy?? Or bullies?? Or liars?? Or incompetent? Or breaking laws? Or employing cronies? Or not following procedures??

What does it take for them to do the honourable thing? Mind you, there wouldn’t be a cabinet left or much of a Tory Party come to that! They’ve all got their fingers in the pie!! A lot of them have been profiteering, evading tendering procedures, giving huge contracts to chums.

But Johnson doesn’t want Hancock gone! He wants him as a future scapegoat, to deflect the fire when all his Covid mess is finally evaluated and shown to be a criminal shambles.

Strange days.

The vaccine seems to be holding up.

Strictly I suppose I’m no longer in lockdown. Having double jabbed I feel quite safe. I’ve been to a gig. I’m going in shops. I’ve been in pubs. I have met up with friends and family.

So how is it affecting me?

I wear a mask when I go inside.

I keep clear of people – no close contact.

I avoid going inside when possible.

Venues are ventilated and socially distanced.

There are lots of alcohol hand sanitisers.

Audiences are restricted in number. There are signing in procedures and one-way systems and seating [procedures with strict escorting and toilet arrangements.

We can’t meet up in big groups.

We can’t travel abroad.

It is annoying, slower and restricting but life is opening up. Off to the cinema in a couple of days!!

As long as hospital cases stay low we should be alright to do away with all restrictions soon – especially for those who are jabbed.

The ones holding us back are the unjabbed! They are taking our freedom away!!

We now need the world vaccinated to stop the growth of new variants!!

How’s it all affecting you??

Stay safe!!

Poetry – John Phillips – Remembrance

Another passionate poem from John Phillips straight out of Shorts and Shots.


Lest we forget, the politician said,

His suit of Savile Row, his poppy red

As blood, that bleeds a blood gorged century

Of wars and blatant inequality.

Lest we forget the promise and the lie;

A coming land for heroes was the cry

Which echoes vainly down the passing years

Of never ending conflict, toil and tears.

Lest we forget the myth of glories won.

Legends, by propaganda, darkly spun

To veil the truth, hide wars futility

Ignoring youth and human dignity.

Lest we forget the rank hypocrisy;

The falsehood which pretends Democracy,

Yet doffs its cap to peerage, wealth and fame,

To fuel and fire the politicians game.