Demons and Gods

Demons and Gods

There’s a demon and a god

                An elf, ogre, dragon and a gnome,

All out of

                Our imagination.

We made them real,

Set them free,

                                To roam and rampage

All around our nation.

Sucked out of nothing,

                To terrify,

                                We placed gods in the sky,

To spread

                The all-time greatest lie.

To help us believe

                We live forever.

Created, not evolved

                And oh so very clever.

Unfortunately, it’s not true

                Another power game

To control

                Me and you.

Opher – 25.6.2022

As an antitheist I see religion as a power-structure. Right from its earliest inception in prehistory it gave power to the shaman.

The shaman communed with the spirits and brought back knowledge. Or did he?

The shaman created complex rituals and rites that gave belief and assurance to the tribe. Or did he?

The rain dances, hunting rituals, news from the afterlife – all just an elaborate hoax to gain power and control?

The most important person in the tribe – vying with the chief.

We created gods of suns, of rocks and trees. We created afterlives full of reward and punishment. The greatest crime was not to believe.

Religion preyed upon our fears – fear of death, fear of disease, fear of hunger, thirst and defeat. It offered answers to the eternal questions – what is this universe? What are we? What is reality? What is after death?

Religions came and went. Sacrifices were exacted. Blessings given.

When things went wrong it was always because the people had strayed from the path – time for more stringent worship. When things went right it was the power of prayer and ritual that appeased god.

Then came science to challenge superstition and explain the universe.

We discovered heaven was not above the sky. Hell was not below. The universe did not revolve around the earth. The sun was not a god.

But people are still superstitious. They need a crutch.

We need ritual and prayer. It’s a comfort.

Poetry – TV Evangelist

TV Evangelist

With his hand upon the TV

He invokes Jesus and the scriptures,

Inviting the faithful followers

To join him in his raptures.

Fighting with the demons

He drives Covid from the sick.

All you have to do

Is present him with a cheque.

He drives in his limo

To his mansion on the hill.

Then to his waiting learjet

Servants tending to his will.

He wears the most expensive suits

And eats like a king.

In the business converting lost souls

Who’ll give him everything.

Preying on the stupid

Who all their lives did toil.

He’s the holy moly charlatan

The purveyor of snake oil.

Opher – 31.8.2020

It is quite incredible how these poor American fools have sent in their money to these charlatans and frauds and turned them into multimillionaires.

Talk about gullible.

But these people are positively dangerous. They are encouraging silly practices.

You don’t cure Covid through faith and certainly not by touching your TV screen and receiving the healing power from a snake-oil salesman who then asks for a handsome contribution.

Poetry – Feel The Hate

Feel The Hate

I could feel the hate

                As we barrelled down the street.

Memories of Ivan and Mihail

Splattered on concrete.

Expecting to die.

                Flinching at every sound.

Bracing for the explosion

                To send me oblivion bound.

The old man came cycling around the corner

                He saw us up ahead.

I saw his terrified eyes.

                Pulled the trigger. He was dead.

Opher – 7.4.2022

I was watching on the news. There was a drone videoing as a cyclist was shot dead by the advancing Russians in Buccha. The street was littered with civilians they had shot.

I wondered why. What was the reason? Why indiscriminately kill civilians.

Poetry – My Existence is Questionable.

My Existence is Questionable.

My existence is questionable.

                In a few billion years

                                No evidence will exist;

No bones,

                No fossils,

                                Not even an impression.

Nothing of my life

                Will be remembered

No word

                Of any poem


Not even a whisper in the wind.

Every atom

                That ever sang in my blood

                                Sent a shock through my brain

Or supported me against the force of gravity

Will be free.

Some of me

                Will find its way to stars

                                To explode through galaxies.

Some of my atoms

                Might even incorporate themselves

                                Into another sentient being.

There may be other words.

Opher – 5.3.2022

How pointless everything really is. How inconsequential.

All our little lives, trivial pursuits, matters of life and death, war and power struggles, wealth and greed. Even the destruction of the entire planet is trivial compared to the immensity of the universe. Our whole galaxy is but a pinprick, a tiny speck.

All our gods, palaces, castles and cathedrals are worthless and insignificant.

Our thoughts, dreams, hopes and aspirations, our fears, worries, anxieties and traumas, our pleasures and pains – all melt into oblivion when death claims our memories.

Yet atoms are perpetual. That is marvellous!

Poetry – The Caravan of Fear

This poem harks back to the time when a caravan of immigrants fleeing poverty and violence were heading for the US/Mexican border.

The populist response, by Trump and other right-wingers, was to paint them as evil terrorists, rapists, drug dealers and murderers. To build a wall and keep them out. To separate families and put them in cages.

Populists use fear, racism and simplistic answers to stir up hate and bolster their support.

The sensible response would be to look at the underlying reasons for this migration and coordinate a global response to deal with it.

Mass migration is going to get worse with global warming and global inequality. People love their children. They’ll do anything to put food on the table and give them a future – even walk across a continent.

The Caravan of Fear

The toxic caravan of fear is drawing near

Loaded with rapists, murderers and drugs.

An invasion force with gangs and bangs

Made up of vicious, dirty thugs.

Hiding behind the Babies prams and scams

Funded by some shady men

Fearless Trump with bite and might

Will drive them back again.

Opher 7.11.2018

It was amazing to see how Trump manipulated the caravan of refugees into an invading army of gangs and terrorists. He had barbed wire erected and thousands of troops deployed to resist the ‘invasion’.

Trump insinuated that Muslim terrorists, drug gangs and criminals had inserted themselves into the caravan of Central American refugees and were using the women and babies as a shield. There is no evidence of this at all. It was all manufactured to play on the imagination and fears of the electorate.

This is precisely where the hatred, fear and division stems from.

Every single day 325,000 people fly into the USA. A number of them stay illegally.

It makes the whole Trump fantasy around the Central American refugees look a bit daft, doesn’t it? 325,000 a day – 7000 in total.

The truth is that they 7000 merely needed processing, like any others, when they eventually reach the US border. They need to follow the rules. There is no invasion or drama. Some may be given refugee status some might be returned.

It was just an excuse, with racist overtones, used by Trump to drum up fear in order to generate votes.

Of course there can’t be unlimited immigration. There has to be a way of dealing with it. This isn’t it!

Extreme US Right-Wingers still blaming immigrants instead of putting the blame where it belongs.

Senator Ted Cruz is pandering to the fascist populism that Trump represented and amplified. He encourages stupidity and uses racism and fear to generate division for his own interests. It’s not that he’s in denial; it’s more that he is deliberately provoking hatred for his own ends. Disgusting!!

Poetry – In The Land of Darkness

In The Land of Darkness

In the land of new darkness

You cannot see a friend.

In the gloom of fear

Terror looms around the bend.

Armed and wary,

Shoot first ask later,

Drown and cage,

Through the eyes of a serial hater.

Opher 6.6.2018

I feel that the fear of immigration and terrorism has created a tragedy. It has landed us with both Brexit and Trump.

The terrorists have won. They split us. They are gleefully watching us destroy ourselves.

Who would have believed that?

We trust nobody. Friend falls out with friend. Strangers are all potential terrorists. We have created fear and hatred that is cyclic. It regenerates itself.

Fascism is on the rise. It’s the thirties all over again. Just substitute Jew for Muslim. The wave of hate is heading towards war.

We live in a land of callousness and darkness.

Time for a bit of love!!!