Poetry – Who Rules the UK?

Who Rules the UK?

Who rules the UK?

‘Not I’ said the poor man

Struggling to get by,

‘I live out my days

Until the day I die.’

Who rules the UK?

‘Not I’, said the comfortable

Investing all their shares,

‘I’m doing alright

I have no need to care.’

Who rules the UK?

‘Not I,’ said the politician

Who is bought and sold,

‘I just get to vote

The way that I am told.’

Who rules the UK?

‘Not I,’ said the Queen.

‘I am just a figurehead.

Of power

I do not have a shred.’

Who rules the UK?

‘Brussels!’ shout the Brexiteers,

Snarling as they speak.

‘We want that power back

We haven’t got all week!’

Who really rules the UK?

Silence from those who do;

Who own the press

And buy the power;

Who quietly smile

As they watch it go sour.

‘There’s profit to be made

From this pantomime charade!

Opher 17.8.2018

The people who have financed Brexit have done so for their own selfish reasons. They don’t care about the country or the people. They only care about themselves.

Some of them are ideologues. Some of them are speculators. Some of them are mad.

We’ve all been used!

Poetry – Militia


Guys in masks,

With rifles,

On the streets

Subverting democracy.

Called to the polling stations

To intimidate you and me.

Called by their President

To subvert

The process of election.

Spreading fake news

About fraudulent voting

Without foundation.

Can this be happening

In the 21st Century?

That a President

Unleashes militia

In complete anarchy?

Opher – 30.9.2020

If ever there was a blatant attempt to subvert democracy, this was it.

What Trump has been doing is scandalous, yet they let him get away with it!

The man pours out fake news and lies.

He actively calls armed militia out on to the streets.

He’s inviting intimidation and violence.

He is trying to set an agenda that is as false as the stripper’s boobs.

This is unprecedented or should that be unpresidented?

Yet so many are falling for it.

That says reams about them.

Poetry – The Death of Democracy

The Death of Democracy

So on this New Year’s Day

I’ll raise a cup to democracy

And drink to its death.

For the whole idea

Was strangled

Ere it could ever draw a breath.

Even as the midwives struggled

To get the babe to breathe

There were those who lurked,

In shadows, seeking to deceive.

For in the grubby grasp of fake news

Where the media holds sway.

Those who own that message

Control who has a say.

With cunning, guile and transparency

They throw lies into the fray

To ensure that in this day and age

It’s them that gets their way!

When money talks

It buys the truth

That everybody believes.

Those who own the media

Set out the case

For the robber thieves.

Democracy never stood a chance –

Fingers tightened round its throat.

Now we watch the bloated bankers

Sit around and gloat.

Without the truth there is no chance

For wise choices to be made.

The wealthy used their gold

And the assassins were all paid.

Opher – 1.1.2020

Well my first poem of a new decade proved to be a bit dark.

I cannot help thinking that we are all being manipulated and lied to by the media. The wealthy own the papers and control TV and radio too. They run the world for profit. Their motives are transparent.

If you are not given the facts you cannot make an informed decision.

If you are consistently lied to you may start to believe what you are told.

Fake news is undermining the entire fabric of our society.

Real news is called fake by populist leaders.

Experts are side-lined and conveniently ignored.

Profit is the key word.

How can you have a free election when people are being blatantly lied to and manipulated?

How can any democracy work when the elite control the media?

Democracy does not stand a chance until we have unbiased news!!

Democracy – is it achievable?

For there to be a true democracy a number of factors have to be achieved:

a. We have to have a good choice of candidates.

b. We have to be informed.

c. There should be no bias.

d. Everybody has to have a vote.

e. Every vote should count.

f. Those elected need to be accountable.

What we have is a sham democracy. We have a two-party system of supposedly representational democracy. We have a binary vote. With our one vote we are presumed to support the entire agenda of the political parties manifesto. The whole system is corrupt. It is run by money and power. We are being manipulated, brainwashed and lied to.

a. We never have a good choice of candidates. It’s a two-horse race. The political parties have vested interests. Good candidates do not get selected. We have a limited choice between the lesser of two evils. Without huge financial backing no other candidate stands a chance. The media provides the exposure required. The media has to be bought. The media backs who they are told to back. Propaganda rules.

b. With a biased media run by the establishment no election is fair. Antiestablishment candidates or parties are tarnished, lied about and misrepresented. They have no chance. He who controls the media controls the people. We are never properly informed on issues, candidates or parties. Our electorate is politically uneducated.

c. The media is biased. The internet is worst of all. We are fed lies. We are misinformed. Those squealing fake news are the biggest liars.

d. Everyone has a vote. That is a weakness. The stupid, ignorant and most gullible have the same vote as the intelligent, informed and discerning. The stupid, ignorant and most gullible are a majority. This makes it possible for cynical politicians to lie, cheat, promise and blatantly fool the electorate.

e. My vote has never counted. I have always lived in an area that is strongly for one party or another. The only votes that really count are those in swing seats – a small minority. Until we move to proportional representation most votes count for nothing.

f. They are never accountable. They lie, spin and refuse to answer questions. They look for scapegoats and refuse to take the blame for their sleaze, corruption or mistakes. The Tories refuse to appear on any programme that would ask awkward questions or hold them to account.

This is a sham democracy. It fails on all counts.

It needs changing.

It could be made to work – but it is not in the interests of our ‘masters’ to have a functional democracy. They are happy with it as it is!!

Poetry – Dupes


The heroes and the thinking people – they’ve all gone away!

They’ve left behind the morons – now we’re all gonna pay!

They believe everything they read in the bloody Daily Mail,

The Sun, the Express, Telegraph and Nigel Farage as well!

We’re morons! We’re morons!

We’ve forgotten how to think!

We’re morons! We’re morons!

It’s a wonder we can blink!

Opher 13.11.2019


The BBC are going around the country stopping various members of the public to ask them about Brexit and the election. They either deliberately pick out complete morons or edit the intelligent responses out.

The people they select seem to be uniformly ignorant and stupid.

Yesterday they picked on a pub in the north of England. A bunch of old fools were sitting round a table and came out with the most moronic tosh I have ever heard. They could not see why we just could not pull out of Europe overnight without any understanding of the partnerships, collaborations and complexity of international trade relationships. They wanted our borders secured but had no concept of the massive checks, tariffs and complexity that this would entail.

The biggest stupidity was one imbecile who thought that we’d do very well because we are British; we used to rule half the world.

I felt like nutting the guy.

We never ruled half the world. The people who ruled half the world are the ones who live in the big mansions, the Stately Homes, and penthouses. The likes of us were either signed up in the army and being used for expendable cannon fodder, or working twelve hours a day, six days a week, in the factories. We did not even have a vote!

Those people still rule the world!

They set about taking over the world so that they could exploit the natives and strip the assets. All that wealth from the colonies went into the pockets of the wealthy elite so they could live in their mansions with their myriad of servants and lavish lifestyles. That enormous wealth did not filter down to ordinary people. Our conditions were appalling. We were every bit as exploited as the natives of the countries we conquered.

The Tory Party was formed by that wealthy elite in order to look after the interests of the wealthy elite – and that is what they do. Over the last ten years they have systematically robbed the poor to give to the rich. They have cut social services and public services while giving tax cuts to the wealthy. They have enabled the wealthy to use tax loopholes to avoid paying taxes.

It is scandalous.

This poem is aimed at that ignorant, ill-educated segment of society. They should read a bit more of our history!

Democracy – the end of the road? Chris Riddell.

As the Tory party threatens the BBC and already controls the media we move towards a totalitarian state. He who controls the media controls the minds of the electorate.

Then we have the suppression of protest. The lack of accountability. The refusal to go on programs where there would be any scrutiny or challenge. The changes to boundaries.

Thanks John Peachey.

Afghanistan – the legacy

Should we have invaded the country in the first place?

Did the brutality of the Taliban justify action?

Should it have been the UN that took on the role?

Did we make a difference?

Now, the way we have suddenly left, what terrible fates have we left the people in?

What is the fate of the women and girls? Can they work and study or are they just abused?

Will anybody who worked with us be tortured and killed?

Will the country return to beheadings, stoneings and brutality?

Was there a better way?