Democracy!!! The Majority of the Public Want a SECOND Referendum!!!

Now that the ramification of the disaster involved in leaving the EU is becoming clear the majority of the British people are realising that they were lied to. It is not going to save us money. It is not going to get more jobs or stop immigration. It is not going to stop terrorism. It was just a nostalgic trip back to a time that didn’t exist led by a bunch of extreme nationalists.

Now we know what we were really voting for we want a second vote!!!

We want democracy!! We want our country back!!

Brexit – the most damaging event for our country since World War Two. We need democracy in action.

Parliament has just returned from recess and tomorrow the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill will be debated in the House of Commons in its second reading.  In this context, Stephen Dorrell, Chair of the European Movement UK, has stressed the need for real democracy in debates about exiting the European Union.  His powerful piece has been published in The Independent and extracts are below:

The Real Democratic Challenge 

  • “We are repeatedly told that the 2016 referendum means that Parliament has no choice but to ‘deliver Brexit’. Failure to do so would be ‘undemocratic’, and would demonstrate that Parliament ‘holds the voters in contempt’.

    “It is high time to expose this nonsense.”

  • “The real reason why repeated attempts to silence the argument against Brexit are so dangerous is that by claiming democratic authority for their position the Brexiteer faction – for that is what they remain – demonstrate a profound misunderstanding of the nature of democracy itself.

    “They reduce a democratic culture to the status of a transaction. The voters are asked a question; they provide an answer; go, do.

    “No democrat should entertain this diminished understanding of democracy for a single moment. Real life is lived in real time. Circumstances change; reality changes; opinions change.

    “Democracy is the means by which the ministers who make these decisions are subject to constant challenge, and required to provide day by day explanation and justification for the actions they take in our name.

    “It is hard to imagine a more important time for a vigorous and challenging democratic debate.”


  • “The real scandal of current British politics is not the fact that the EU is no more perfect than any other human organization; it is the unwillingness of Parliamentarians of all political colours to provide effective democratic challenge to a government which is prejudicing relationships and institutions which, until a few short months ago, were regarded as vital national interests.

    “Far from improving the accountability of decision-makers, the effect of the EU referendum has been to provide ministers with a shield which prevents their decisions being questioned.”

  • “The referendum is being used as an excuse to withdraw Britain’s support for this process and to describe any opposition as undemocratic.

    “In place of the successful commitment of half a century to build a community of like-minded nations with a commitment to mutual security and common interests, our government is pursuing a destructive agenda which owes more to short term political calculation than it does to any coherent view of Britain’s interests and security.”

  • Our politics is a masterclass in cynicism. The government is embarked on a course which the majority of ministers and backbench MPs continue to believe – as they argued last year – will profoundly prejudice our essential national interests. The majority of opposition MPs share the view of their government colleagues but choose to watch the process unfold largely in silence.

    “That is why it is so important for cross-party, pro-European voices to come together to challenge Britain’s drift towards Trumpian isolationism.

    “Of course we must hear the voters’ voice. But democracy is a dialogue in which all voices should be heard. And it must allow voters to change their mind.

    “It has never been more important.”

My view is that there should be a debate and a vote once the real cost is known. The price is too high and the disruption is monumental. It will destroy our economy and cause immense damage to collaboration on science, the environment, terrorism, crime and many more. We need to seriously rethink.

Is Democracy Dead?

To me it appears that a small wealthy elite run the world. They buy the regime they want. In order for a candidate to be elected to office they have to attract enormous financial backing. This backing comes from political parties. The political parties are reliant on donors and in order to attract the donors have to produce policies that appease the donors, not the people. The political candidates are in effect vetted by the powerful and the public presented with candidates all of whom represent the establishment. Nobody else gets a look in. We always end up with a choice between the lesser of two evils and hence a sham democracy.

Coupled with that, this small, wealthy elite own the media and use it as a propaganda machine to manipulate the views of the population. They also use bribes and lobbying to force through their desires against the interests of the public. Our politicians are in hock to these donors. The system is systemically corrupt.

Democracy operates when the people elect the government to introduce the laws that the people want. In order to do this they require the range of candidates, on a level playing field, and clear unbiased information about their attitudes and policies. Clearly this never happens. In effect a small number of wealthy people elect the government. They use their money to organise things for their own benefit at the expense of everyone else.

There is clear evidence that Brexit was bought by a group of American Billionaires and Trump was elected through underhand activities of Russia. Bribery, misinformation, lies, scaremongering and threats are the currency of elections.

In Third World countries it is often even simpler. Direct corruption can be utilised to produce the desired results.

The outcome of this is that the world is run for profit. The wealth flows into the pockets of the wealthy. There is no trickle down. A good portion of the world is exploited and lives in abject poverty.

The vision this elite possess is based on greed and selfishness. People and the environment are there to be exploited. They maximise their profits by cutting back on health and safety, minimising wages and moving operations to Third World countries where they can exploit starving workers more and do not have to meet the same standards. In the process the environment is ravaged and pollution is extreme.

The question remains as to how to change this? How do we return to true democracy and greater equality?

In a Democracy all people should be represented!! Get David Davies to include others – sign the petition!!

Disillusionment with the establishment. Both sides of the pond are in revolutionary mood.

It seems that most people are coming to believe that the world is being run by a small elite for their own narrow interests.

The world is a mess with inequality, war, the decimation of nature, deforestation, culling of wildlife, over-population, poverty, terrorism, climate change, religious fundamentalism and mass migration.

Nobody seems at all interested in tackling the fundamental problems that lie behind all these problems. They are quite content to allow it to go on so that they can exploit it for their own selfish greed.

People are beginning to realise that the same people who want this chaos and inequality, so that they can profit, are the ones funding the political parties and media.

No matter who you vote for you end up with a government controlled by the same corporate greed. They represent the interests of the rich and powerful over those of the poor and needy.

Democracy has become a sham.

Democracy requires unbiased information. There is none.

There is no free press. There are no unbiased facts. The population is fed propaganda and cynically manipulated. Politicians make promises to tackle corruption and inequality that they have no intention of keeping. The billions it takes to finance political campaigns are put in by the establishment. In return they expect the government to protect their interests. They pull the strings.

Democracy has become a choice between the lesser of two evils. We end up with Trump, Clinton, May and Brexit.

With the rabid establishment media relentlessly pounding away we often end up with the worst of the two choices.

People are getting sick of it. We want a sane world with less inequality and the real issues being dealt with. We do not want the greed of the rich and powerful being placed above that of ordinary people and the good of the planet.

One world – One people.

Brexit does not mean Brexit! Let Parliament decide! That’s Democracy! So Democracy or Tyranny?

Brexit means Brexit.

What a stupid thing to say!

Just as there were a whole range of reasons in peoples minds for voting to get out of the EU there is a spectrum of ways of going about it.

The two ends of the spectrum are:

A soft Brexit – in which we break ties with the EU but stay in the European Market.

Or a Hard Brexit – in which we break all ties with Europe.

Theresa May is assuming that the British people voted for a complete break. That is rubbish. The question was never put to them. She is making gross assumptions. I am convinced that the vast majority of people in this country do not want to completely break the country financially, throw away their grandchildrens’ future in the process and cut themselves off from European culture.

The cost of a soft Brexit (according to treasury estimates) will be around a staggering £116 Billion. The cost of a hard Brexit will be double that – 8% – an eye-watering £232 Billion. It sure makes our £8.5 Billion contribution look miniscule. So much for extra cash for the NHS – £350 million a week. What a lie! I know who will be the ones suffering! It won’t be the bankers!

The country was duped and voted out. I am sure that a good percentage of the Brexiteers consider the cost (socially, culturally and financially) worthwhile. I know a lot more will think it a hard Brexit is not what they voted for.

We have voted. We are going out of Europe. I personally think that is a disaster but democracy has spoken.

However – how we go out is yet to be decided and I am not in favour of a hard right government, with the likes of Fox, Davies and May, taking us on a path to ruin.

I want democracy – I want the sovereignty of parliament to vote and decide which deal we go for. That is democracy. The opposite is tyranny!


The grubby hands of Murdock and the effects on Democracy.

How much was Murdoch involved in manipulating the referendum and subsequent Tory and Labour leadership fights?

Can we have democracy while such a man is having such influence?

Can we ever trust the information we are being fed?

How much are we being manipulated?


Democracy – The long and often bloody fight for freedom – The Tolpuddle Martyrs

More struggle for freedom and justice.

Opher's World

Tolpuddle Martyrs%20colour
In 19th century Britain it was illegal to organise in order to gain better working conditions and pay. In the 1830s the industrial revolution had created a surplus of workers which had resulted to wages being lowered to starvation level.
In Tolpuddle, a small village in Dorset, a group of farm labourers formed a collective to argue for fair pay. They refused to work for the reduced rates.
Six of them were arrested and charged with organising. They were sentenced to seven years deportation to Australia.
There was a public outcry, a petition signed by 800,000 and a march on London.
It was the first successful protest.
The sentences were commuted. All but one (with a previous criminal record) were released.

It is right to remember that our rights and freedoms come at a price. Our unions had to be fought for. The establishment gives neither wealth nor power freely…

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Democracy and the media controlled by the establishment.

can we ever have democracy?

Opher's World

To have a democracy there has to be a fair structure. All people about an agreed age should have a vote. They should have free access to all the information necessary to decide who to vote for. They should have a range of political parties to choose from. The system should be free of coercion, rigging or corruption.

Clearly this is not the case. The establishment has organised things to ensure their power and wealth is not reduced by ‘common people’ wanting a fairer share.

The establishment consists of a loose confederation of the aristocracy, politicians, big business, media, police, chosen celebrities and wealthy individuals. Politicians freely move between the worlds of media and big business to walk into incredibly lucrative deals for doing advisory work or TV and radio shows. There is a lot of money to be made cosying up to the establishment. The whole business of who…

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Democracy – The long and often bloody fight for freedom – The Peterloo Massacre.

Hard fought for.

Opher's World

Peterloo massacre
You can only have real democracy when you have transparency, fair representation and a vote for every man and woman. That was far from the case two hundred years ago.
Women were denied the vote. Only landowners could vote. Some towns with only a handful of voters were electing two MPs. Two towns electing two MPs each had only 1 eligible voter. Half of the MPs in the House were elected by a mere 154 votes. Cities with hundreds of thousands were grossly underrepresented.
The economic and employment situation in the North was dire and people felt they had no recourse to justice. They had no vote and no representation.
At St. Peter’s field near Manchester between 60,000 and 80,000 gathered to hold a peaceful public meeting and protest. The establishment was rattled. They thought it might develop into a riot, ferment general unrest and lead to a revolution. They…

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