The Republican Party’s lurch to Fascism

The Donald Trump populist movement seized on extreme nationalism as it’s core creating the MAGA movement (Make America Great Again). In many ways it paralleled Hitler’s rise to power. Hitler used the Jews as scapegoats while Trump used immigrants and Muslims. Hitler used his Brown Shirt bully boys to intimidate and cause fear. Trump is deploying his MAGA mob. Hitler rose to power with a minority but caused such fear that people were afraid to speak out – just like what is happening in the USA today.

I think the party has to make a painful decision. Does it continue down the path of the Trump cult – a path of extremism, fascism and racist white supremacy or does it pull back and base its values on those espoused by Abraham Lincoln – honesty, decency and conservative values.

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Personally I think the Republican values stink in any form but the lurch to the extreme right and undermining of the whole democratic process is utterly repugnant. It’s a new all-time low.

If they continue down the Trump route I reckon they will trigger a civil war.

Chris Riddell Cartoon sums up the tragedy of America’s slide into fascism.

Who would have believed that this populism could harness virulent nationalism and slide so easily into fascism?? Who could believe it?

A short while ago these same senators that voted to acquit Trump were cringing for cover and having to be escorted from the Capitol by armed secret service to protect them from a mob, incited by Trump, seeking blood and seeking to overturn a legitimate election.

They were threatened by Trump that if they did not support him he would orchestrate his boot-boys to vote them out of office.

These senators have received death-threats. Their families have been threatened.

Is this what democracy looks and sounds like in America today? Ruled by the mob and not by law and order? Ruled by a fascist dictator who sits in the wings and deploys his bully-boys to do his will?

Is this what the Republican party now stands for?

Was this what draining the swamp was all about?

So now lies, fear and hate rule and morality goes out the window.

Fascism – the cause and who is milking it.

Patriotism is just nationalism dressed up pretty – both despicable. One people – one world – all important.

The cause of fascism?

It’s when people start being in fear of their jobs or struggling to survive. They look for the reasons. The fascist politicians like Trump point to immigrants, blacks and Latinos. They say stupid shit like Make America Great Again, Build Walls and support outdated industry.

It’s no answer but it makes sense to some people.

The real problem is inequality. AI and automation have made ordinary workers redundant. Outsourcing to third world countries with cheap labour and terrible work conditions, no health and safety and no environmental limitations exacerbates the problem.

The rich get richer at the expense of the poor.

Trump was cynical. He played on the fears and hopes. He is a billionaire, masquerading as a friend to the poor, who was feathering his nest, stirring up division and hate and coming up with silly solutions for his own ends..

Walls and old tech are not going to solve this. The wealthy have to be taxed more leading to a greater distribution of wealth. At present, it is all being channelled to the top.

We’re only seeing the tip of this. Much worse is to come.

When driverless cars and self-stacking supermarkets happen the drivers and shelf-stackers on zero-hours will be pushed out. The majority of people will not be needed. The wealthy owners will take all the money.

We either sort it with taxation or we end up with the extreme wealthy living in walled communities protected by drones and robots while the rest of us fight it out for scraps in order to survive on nothing. That’s when it descends into Mad Max and fascism.

The people who support Trump or Bolsonaro foolishly think these macho guys will fix it.

The macho guys like Trump and Bolsonaro are conning them all. They are part of the problem. They are the billionaires siphoning off the money. They don’t want to ‘fix’ the problem. They offer short-term solutions.

Fascism breeds off fear, insecurity, inequality and dread of the future. Fascism requires scapegoats, elitism and easy solutions. Fascism is the ultimate right-wing control.

Some thoughts on where we’ve come from, where we are and where we are going.

In the early part of the twentieth century there were three political ideologies vying for world dominance:




Communism argued that the world was engaged in a struggle between classes and sought to create a social system based on equality even at the price of freedom.

Fascism was based on the theory that one race was superior to all others and would rule and exploit all the inferior races.

Liberalism argued that life was based on a struggle between tyranny and freedom and envisioned a world in which all the world cooperated in peace with a minimum of central control at the price of some inequality.

I am a Liberalist with a big added dollop of equality.

In the 1930s the Second World War put an end to the fascist dream. It lived on in s few places – notably South America and Spain – but was no longer a world contender.

So there were two.

Towards the end of the twentieth-century communism, having descended into centralised tyranny and failed to deliver prosperity, crumbled as a world dream.

Then there was one.

Liberalism seemed to have the whole field. There was no competition. But changing events caught it out.

It failed to move fast enough to create a global peace and prosperity.

It failed to control capitalism which created massive inequality. The wealthy became obscenely wealthy and the poor became poorer.

The advent of A/I and automation removed the need for skilled workers.

The global move of industry to third world countries, with cheaper workforces and production, exacerbated the situation.

Global warming, climate change and the collapse of biodiversity created global emergencies – floods, droughts, extreme temperatures, extreme weather and failure of monsoons. It resulted in more poverty and desperation.


Mass migration ensued.

Muslim terrorism sparked chaos.

The rise of former communist states (Russia and China) who were now tyrannies with global aspirations.

Many people lost their faith in liberalism. It wasn’t responding to situations quickly enough and they felt left behind.

Then there was none.

In the 21st Century many people rejected the liberal ideal of global prosperity and turned back to a form of fascism now called Populism. It’s central plank, as with fascism, was racism. It evoked a strong return to nationalism. Instead of looking outward and working towards a peaceful global future they began pulling up the gangplank, cutting themselves off from the world and building walls.

Populism was all about ‘us’ and ‘ours’. It was based on the idea of superiority and insularity. We had to care for our own and not concern ourselves with the rest of the world. We had to consolidate and pull in our tentacles. This was the MAGA movement, the burn the rainforest down and Brexit.

Immigrants and foreigners were demonised.

Muslims were demonised.

Minority extreme right-wing groups were empowered.

Fear, hate and division were exploited for political ends.

The media and experts were vilified.

Science and the environment were trashed.

It resulted in Brexit, Bolsonaro, Johnson, Trump and Erdogan.

Within a short period of time it became clear that this Populist movement was in trouble. The leaders were inept and unable to deliver their promises. There was a great deal of division and hatred. The division was being fed on propaganda, fake news and conspiracy.

No country could isolate itself from the world no matter how high a wall they constructed.

We are all subject to the global economy, the climate, pressures from mass immigration, terrorism and threats of war.

No matter how hard the leaders denied global warming, ignored global condemnation or cozied up to tyrants and despots, the problems persisted and mounted.

No man is an island.

The coronavirus brought it all into stark relief. Calling it a hoax or playing it down proved to be totally ineffective against a global pandemic. The USA, UK and Brazil, unlike most of the rest of the world, suffered horrendous mortality.

Populism had failed miserably. It was seen as what it was – fascist nationalism in different guise.

Trump was dumped, Brexit was seen by the majority as a big mistake, Johnson, Bolsonaro and Erdogan will surely follow as soon as democracy permits.

So what will come out of these ruins?

Will China and Russia rise up to gain global control imposing their version of fascist tyranny?

Or will the Western Liberalism adapt, learn from its mistakes and surge forward again?

I would like to think that Liberalism will prevail. In order for it to do so it needs to tackle the range of problems that beset it and knocked it off course in the late twentieth century. It needs to prove to be faster on its feet.

There are crucial issues that require addressing:

Global warming, climate change and biodiversity (all interrelated).


Global prosperity

Mass migration

Muslim terrorism and religious extremism of all kinds

Gross inequality. To ensure that all people benefit for the advent of A/I and not just the wealthy elite. An end to zero hours contracts and in-work poverty.

The increased military aggression and global threat of Russia, China, Iran and North Korea.

The first step is to deal with the virus. After that Liberalism has to start to tackle all these other issues and show that it is capable of providing that prosperous, peaceful world. It has to resell that vision. Show that its global perspective will not bring tyranny nor gross inequality; that nature can be protected, the climate controlled and all people benefit – not just an elite. It has to show that institutions like the UN and WHO can function effectively and bring peace and an end to poverty.

It’s a big ask. But I cannot see a viable alternative.

Biden is making all the right noises. The EU needs to get its act together.

The future could start to look a lot brighter.

Bye Bye Donny an X-rated Farewell Song For Trump

Impeached for a second time, discredited, exposed and shamed. He tried to organise a coup to steal the Presidency. He incited mass insurrection —– and —— life his business empire ——– he failed.

Even the Republicans left with some degree of integrity realise that he is a fascist piece of scum whose incompetence has led to hundreds of thousands of American deaths.

Goodbye Donny – we’ll miss you! We’ll miss the empowerment of Nazis and the lies! We’ll miss the racism, misogyny, hate and division!

Now we’ll have to see if the Republican senators have a shred of morality left!

Bye Bye Donny – A Farewell Song for Trump – YouTube

The Worrying American Election.

Just what world are we living in?
Donald Trump threatens to fire Anthony Fauci after US election | World news | The Guardian
US prepares for upcoming election…..

If it looks like a fascist state. Sounds like a fascist state. Acts like a fascist state. Is violent and intolerant like a fascist state……………………………………

VE Day – the dilemma and the irony.

Victory in Europe – what’s not to celebrate?

I don’t know. I’m not so sure.

I don’t like this palaver. I’m not one for waving flags.

Yes it is great that war is over, that we beat the fascists and restored a level of decency. But is that what this is about?

The war finished seventy five years ago. I wasn’t even alive then. My Dad went and joined up to fight Hitler. My Mum worked with Churchill in the war bunker in London. I can see they had something to celebrate and commemorate. They both lost friends in that war. They would have like to remember and show respect.

I can identify with the young men and women who went off to fight Hitler and fascism. That’s worth remembering and commemorating.

But is that what this is about? I don’t think so.

I think it has become a jingoistic bit of nationalism. It’s been taken over by the Brexiteering Nationalists with their Union Jacks.

There’s real irony in that. It’s the modern day fascists waving their Union Jacks. It’s the racists and xenophobes who are crowing over defeating Germany.

For me it wasn’t about defeating a nation; it was about defeating an ideology – Fascism. I find it sad that the ones that support that ideology are at the forefront of the celebration. It’s perverse.

I have a huge suspicion of any form of Nationalism or Patriotism. I think it is elitist and dividing. I want respect for all people. I do not believe in my country right or wrong. I will decide for myself what’s right and what’s wrong and whether I support it. There have been lots of things my country has done wrong.

Of course, I’m not saying that all patriotic people are fascist or that all those celebrating VE Day are racist xenophobes or even Brexiteers. I’m just saying that I do not want to be identified with that group who are.

The Union Jack and celebrations, such as VE Day, have been sullied as far as I’m concerned.

So I won’t be putting up my bunting or waving a Union Jack! I’ll be thinking about my Mum and Dad and how we oppose this resurgence of fascism.

There are Those – a poem

There are Those


There are those who would bomb

And those who would talk;

Those who would hate

As savage as a hawk.


Those who would build

And those who destroy;

Those who are friendly

And those who annoy.


Some are the torturers.

Some are the dead.

Some will say anything.

Some are just led.


Under the power of those who control

We obey all our masters and go out on patrol.

Man all the ovens – apply electricity

For that’s what it takes to keep our land free.


But when we remove the head from the hood

The face that peers at us is from our own neighbourhood.


Opher 29.6.2018



My mum used to say that it takes all sorts to make the world go round. Unfortunately some of those sorts are none too pleasant. They manipulate us in order to gain power and wealth. It is hard to tell the genuinely nice from the positively evil.

Fascists always look for a scapegoat to blame. We have problems with immigration and terrorism. That makes for a handy excuse to ratchet up the fear. Our culture is under threat. It’s the bloody Muslims!

Meanwhile who is it that is gaining the power and wealth?

I think the real threat is nearer to home.

There are those who are using us.