Poetry – Brexit Blues

Brexit Blues

I’ve got the Brexit Blues

And the Trump grump

Being fed the toxic news

By the great orange chump.

Divide and rule

The faithful get their dues.

Dismantle all that’s good

The victors get to choose.

Billions gone

At the stroke of a pen

Through the caustic lies

Of power-mad men.

I’ve got the Brexit Blues

And the Trump grump

Being fed the toxic news

By the great orange chump.

Opher 23.6.2018

We’ve been led up the garden path by power-mad men who have duped us with their lies.

They work on fear and hate, target certain groups – immigrants and Muslims this time – and create division.

Their actions will cost us dear. Already Brexit has cost us billions. It will make us all the poorer.

This is the face of the new populist fascism.

Ban the Racist Bastards Booing antiracism!!

Let’s not pussyfoot around!! We’re either against racism or we aren’t!

If a bunch of racist thugs want to boo when sportspeople take the knee they need kicking out! There’s no room for racism. Booing antiracist is the same as cheering racism!!

They are a bunch of racist scum!!

We have the means to identify them! They aren’t fans. They are fascist scum! BAN THEM!!

Why is there even a debate????

Booing equals racism!!

The Boos of the Witless

I have to ask what has gone wrong with our country? It seems that Brexit has empowered every mindless racist yob to come out from under their stones.

Booing an antiracist gesture is obscene. If I was a footballer I wouldn’t want to perform for such an unpleasant bunch of morons!

They make me ashamed to be British!

The Boos of the Witless | Twohundredpercent

Poetry – Flags, Anthems and Pledges

Flags, Anthems and Pledges

Flags, anthems and pledges

Brainwashing instruments

That restrict freedoms.

Nationalist fascism,

Flaky around the edges,

Warlords and fiefdoms.

Tying us in to allegiance

To forces that exploit our desires.

Strangulating our freedoms

With their economic empires.

Consumer units under control

Slotted into the patriotic hole.

Opher 26.12.2017

As Samuel Johnson said – Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.

Patriotism, with its entire flag waving tribalism, is nothing more than a fiction to manipulate people by. It comes straight out of its partner nationalism and is the cause of much war and conflict.

Populist politicians use it to gain power. Businessmen harness it to gain profit.

It is visceral not cerebral and it panders to the gut rather than the brain. Many a brave lad full of ideals has been beguiled and used. Many a brave lad has returned with his legs blown off, his mind scrambled and his future in tatters all for the love of a notion of country. To quote the great Wilfred Owen (himself a victim twice over) – The old Lie: Dulce et decorum est Pro patria mori.

Poetry – Election Blues

Election Blues

Brexit and Trump are setting the scene

As crisis grips the world.

The fascists and right are on the march

As the liberal dream is felled.

There is a divide between young and old;

A divide between rich and poor;

A divide between leave and remain;

Between changers and hard-core.

The country is split as hatred rules.

No consensus is in sight

As arguments violently rage

Giving no glimmer of light.

Friend takes on friend with vile and bitter words,

Personal attacks and passionate abuse from computer nerds.

No idea how to heal the wounds that gape

To reconcile conflicting views and beat them into shape.

There is a divide between young and old

A divide between rich and poor

A divide between leave and remain

Between changers and hard-core

It is bridges that end divides – not walls

Talking is better than fighting –

Heed the calls!!!

Opher – 9.6.2017

There are always power-mad people who look to exploit everyone. They will lie and cheat to gain power and line their own pockets. They lead us up the garden path.

Fascism is an evil.

The scapegoating of those in need and the endorsement of division and hatred is deplorable.

I look towards a future which is outward looking and based on justice and freedom. I don’t want to be locked up behind walls. I want to be out there enjoying the differences.

Let’s break down the barriers and chose to live!

Poetry – Goons


They follow orders without question,

Shooting their own in the back.

They don their uniforms, turn off their minds

And always hunt in packs.

They’re the goons.

The bask in their power.

They kill with impunity

While people cower.

They learn to torture rape and gas

Which becomes their stock in trade.

Stand proud in lines, in uniform

In the big parades.

They’re the goons.

The bask in their power.

They kill with impunity

While people cower.

Without these heartless minions

The world would be a better place.

These tools of the tyrants

A disgrace to the human race.

They’re the goons.

The bask in their power.

They kill with impunity

While people cower.

Opher – 10.4.2021

Everywhere you look around the world you see them. They are dressed in body armour and are armed to the teeth. They are the ones who beat up protestors, who go around in the night rounding people up. They take them to underground dungeons to torture and degrade as a warning. They bury the bodies.

You see them everywhere – where-ever where people are fighting for justice or to oppose a tyrannical regime. In South America, Nigeria, Hong Kong, China, North Korea, the USA, Myanmar, Israel, it’s the same faceless brutal state thugs – the Stormtroopers, torturers and tools of the despot – the ones shooting unarmed protestors – and enjoying it.

Without these nasty arrogant little pieces of scum no oppressor can ever hold power.

They strut about in their uniforms thinking they have power.

The goon is the enemy of us all – the expression of fascism, the long arm of oppression.

The narrow-minded nature of flag-waving and nationalism.

All people are equally important. No nation is superior to another. No people have a monopoly on what is right. No nation has a perfect history. Every nation’s history is littered with injustice, war, violence and suppression.

I see the fascists wrapping themselves in their nation’s flags. I see unpleasant politicians hypocritically using the flag as a prop.

It disgusts me.

Nationalism and Flag Waving – Arundhati Roy

I agree with Arundhati. I find it very worrying.

Life has taught me that there are good and bad people everywhere and no nation is exempt from bad actions. Every nation has good and bad things.

People are people. One world: One people.

I prefer to have a flag for the whole planet – including all life!!

Flag Waving Nationalists!!

The Union Jack and flag waving what is this all about?

I think it stinks!

I’ve seen the fascists strutting the streets with the Union Jack as their symbol. I’ve seen Tory profiteers wrapping themselves in the flag. I’ve seen flag waving military parades that lead to genocide and torture. I’ve seen the USA use its flag to denote arrogance and superiority.

I despise nationalism.

It is divisive and used by scoundrels to justify their crimes and throw a smokescreen over their actions.

I’ve just seen an arrogant Tory MP telling me that if I don’t like his brand of flag-waving nationalism I should find another country.

I don’t like his brand of fascism at all but I would be prepared to fight (metaphorically) to keep this country free of this xenophobic, racist bigotry.

The Union Jack is not so much a symbol of a fine unified country as one of oppression. You can stuff it. I have no interest in isolating myself. I’m part of a world community of free thinkers, free people – not some bunch of fascist nationalists.