More Chris Riddell and Cartoons

The world’s certainly in a mess. The USA melting down in division and hatred. The whole of democracy being undermined by the orange menace. China is asserting itself. Global warming, species extinctions, oil and renewables, overpopulation. And in the UK we have a dithering buffoon for a PM, an arrogant Tory party in charge – cronyism, bullying and arrogance.

What a mess.

Trump Delusional Cartoons

Trump is still making delusional claims with absolutely no evidence. All his lawsuits are being chucked out because they have no foundation. He is inciting his extreme base, undermining democracy and making America a laughing stock.

In a way I hope he doesn’t concede. The Secret Service will ignominiously oust him.

He is a disgrace to the office.

Poetry – Truth Decay

Truth Decay

I was browsing on my computer today

When I suffered an attack of the truth decay!

A man was telling me that the earth was flat;

That it was vegetables that were making me fat.

He told me that Trump was fighting the lizards,

It’s not global warming causing heatwaves and blizzards,

That the planet was just six thousand years old

A word from Trump’s mouth was worth more than gold.

That Clinton and Biden were in a paedophile ring.

They were socialist scum and it was Trump who was king.

It seems the Deep State was controlling me.

Only Trump could set everyone free!

We never landed on the moon, that was a lie!

And it was the CIA blew the twin towers up to the sky.

That Obama was never a true American.

He faked the certificate and was African.

The Nazi holocaust never took place!

Jewish propaganda – a complete disgrace!

It was the alien lizards who were running the land.

All Muslims were terrorists and should be forever banned.

The rapists and murderers were after us all.

The only recourse was to build a great wall.

The media spreads lies – it was so unreliable.

The only truth was to be found in the bible.

Looking real smug he implored the whole nation

To continue the good work and send a donation.

With a last wave he drove away in his limousine.

Promising to send us back to the Pliocene.

Well I was shocked, shaken to the core.

I didn’t know what to believe anymore.

I’d been quite clear when I started on my way.

Now I was confused by the truth decay!

Opher – 19.11.2020

I think the media and politicians have brought it on themselves. With partisan spin and outright lies they have contrived to fool the public.

Nobody trusts them anymore.

Then the unscrupulous manipulators use the internet and social media to implant ever more fanciful untruths.

Paedophile rings.

Socialism equal tyranny.

Lizards from space.

Everything is a pack of lies. We never landed on the moon. The holocaust never happened.

The Deep State is controlling us.

We’re under threat from Muslim invasion.

Europe is lost to Muslims.

Millions of immigrants are invading.

They are all drug dealers, murderers and rapists.

Politicians like billionaire Trump feed the lies, exploit the division and purports to be the saviour of the working man – while scamming tax and squirrelling away a fortune.

The media bought it on themselves. They lie and their lies have undermined the fabric of society.

Poetry – Divided


Divided he stands.

Divided we all fall

It’s all about power.

Nothing matters at all.

Black lives don’t matter

If you’re not in his base.

He’ll hit out in petulance

If you get in his face.

Do you think he cares

About George Floyd?

If it affects his ratings

He gets annoyed

As for the rest of the country?

Not a jot for you or me!

We’re just leftist scum

Not worthy of a single crumb.









The picture of a man who wants to build a wall.

He’d build another

Right through the States

Separating supporters

From us ingrates.

Divided he stands.

Divided we all fall

It’s all about power.

Nothing matters at all.

Opher 8.7.2020

The days of Donald Trump were days of uncouth division, rudeness and petulance. Like a child having tantrums. It was chaotic, extreme and extremely damaging.

Science, experts, the media and the environment all suffered the most.

It was the age of lies, fake news, conspiracy and superstition.

Thank heavens its ended.

Trump is Playing a dangerous game!!

Trump is playing an extremely dangerous game – petulantly claiming rigged voting all over the country with no evidence what-so-ever.

The Georgia recount is due any time soon and Trump is still losing so he is tweeting that it is a joke and that it is rigged.

He is inciting his base, telling them that the Democrats have been cheating, but is totally unable to back up his claims.

It’s all lies.

The fact that it is all fictitious is irrelevant to his fanatical base. They are so stupid they believe him. They hang on every bit of propaganda pumped out of the extreme right-wing propaganda machine. They have no faith in democracy.

So what happens when a large minority no longer believe in democracy? That is really scary. That leads to social unrest on a huge scale, to violence and the break down of law and order.

So let’s be quite clear – Trump has consistently been the most unpopular President in the history of the USA. Despite having a fanatical base he has a popularity record worst than any other. So it is no surprise that he lost the election. The real surprise is that he only lost by 6 million votes!!

But lose he did – fair and square and nothing is going to change that. Biden won by a considerable amount. Currently Biden 306 votes Trump 232. That is comprehensive!!

Trumps silly legal challenges are being thrown out left, right and centre. They are costing a lot and changing nothing. They are not changing it because it was all fair!!

President Trump said he “terminated” Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (Cisa) chief Chris Krebs for his “highly inaccurate” remarks on vote integrity. The guy reported that the election was the fairest in history.

What a fool he is being! All he is doing is undermining democracy, stirring up division, inciting hatred and getting nowhere!

Why am I not surprised?? That has been his tactics all along!

What is he hoping for? A coup? An armed insurrection? To reverse the votes?

I don’t know. He is behaving appallingly. He needs to concede and get out of there. The man is a loose cannon! He’s mentally deranged!!

This could all end in bloodshed!!