Boris is a Leader

Boris is a Leader

Leadership and management

A useful combination.

A leader can point towards a far off place

That is full of danger;

Arouse a crowd to fury,

Inspire them to follow,

And lead them off in haste

To struggle through swamps,

And poisonous terrain;

To starve, weaken and despair,

On their way to disaster.

A manager studies the destination,

Addresses the map,

Sorts the route,

Calculates distance and time,

Collects provisions,

Organises transport

And enables everyone to arrive

Properly equipped.

Even if he could not get many people to follow.

Boris is a leader.


Why is it that we are always in thrall to nincompoops who lead us into disaster? Did we learn nothing from the charge of the Light Brigade?

What is required is a combination of the two. Seemingly that is an exceedingly rare commodity.

The lust for power propels the megalomaniacs to dupe us all the time with their rousing speeches and lack of substance!!

I fear the country lurches to disaster!

Poetry – Living in a fulcrum.

Living in a fulcrum.

It feels like the world is turning.

We’ve reached the tipping point

We are being pulled in different ways.

The universe is out of joint.

On one side the Trumpists and deniers

Telling us it isn’t so.

On the other there’s Extinction Rebellion

Pointing the way to go.

We’re being fed the propaganda

From the Brietbart prophet.

Whose only god is power

And whose sacrament is profit.

The politicians are floundering

All they care about is votes.

What happens to the orangutans,

Is measured in bank notes.

Yet the young are rising up

And making their voices heard.

They want a brighter future

And will have the final word.

The world is turning on a fulcrum;

No telling where it will go.

For sanity or complacency?

Only the future knows.

Opher 6.5.2019

I’m listening to the young who have their fingers on the pulse. They are not believing the lies put out by those who are profiting from the destruction of nature.

They know the pesticides are causing mass destruction of all insects from bees to butterflies.

They know our beautiful iconic species – the rhinos, elephants, gorillas, chimps, giraffe, lions, whales and tigers – are being hunted to extinction.

They know our rainforests are being chopped down.

They know our ice-caps are melting.

They know our climate is changing.

They know we are selling the future for today.

They know who is profiting from this wholesale destruction.

They want it stopped.

We are at a tipping point, sitting on our fulcrum. Which way will it go?