Poetry – 8 Billion

8 Billion

8 billion brains

Threaten many trillion lives.

We decide what is worthy

And what is not.

8 million minds

Want to feed 8 million mouths

And they don’t care

About the damage done.

Opher – 8.12.2019

Overpopulation is the cause of the present climate and environmental problems. It is responsible for massive deforestation – as land is cleared for agriculture. It is responsible for over-hunting, over-fishing and the destruction of many habitats.

The use of pesticides is decimating insect populations.

The massive pollution creating by our vehicles, industries and domestic use is poisoning the planet.

We need to get 8 billion down to a manageable 4 billion. Problems solved!!

Poetry – Billions


Billions of eggs on the conveyor belt waiting to be slotted.

Billions of sheep standing in line waiting to be garrotted.

Billions of babies in billions of arms smiling up at mum.

Billions of toilets being flushed, creating oceans of scum.

Billions of acres cleared today in order to fill many a gut.

Billions of calves and goats waiting for throats to be cut.

Billions of trees will hit the ground as a billion acres are cleared.

Billions of teeth will chew today as a billion steaks are seared.

Billions of houses are being built to house billions of people.

Billions of prayers rise from mosque, synagogue and steeple.

Billions of insects die today as billions of fields are sprayed.

Billions of swifts have nothing to eat as survival chances fade.

Billions of years of life are being threatened by global warming

Billions of businessmen continue to simply ignore the warning.

Billions of tons of methane are farted from billions of cows.

While billions of politicians arrogantly take their bows.

Billions of reasons, billions of deaths, billions in agony,

While billions of stupid trinkets are sold to you and me!

There are a billion good reasons for us to change our way –

Perhaps reduce the number of eggs we fertilise today!

Opher – 21.8.2019

I woke up this morning with this poem bouncing round my head. There were hundreds of lines but I could only remember some.

Everything has an effect.

Every mouth has to be fed.

For every new human, animals die and trees are felled.

A finite planet has finite resources and space.

8 billion people require a lot of land.

8 billion people kill a lot of creatures – just by existing.

5 billion years of evolution created a rich sustaining ecosystem

A few centuries of human greed can destroy trillions of lives and bring an end to the all that miraculous evolution.

All life is remarkable.

All life should be respected and cherished.

We share this planet with the most amazing plants and creatures.

Our numbers are destroying life at an alarming rate.

We are a catastrophe.

It is time we took action to reduce our numbers.

The Statistics behind the destruction of our planet!

These two sets of statistics are the core stark realities behind global warming, migration, and pressure on food and water resources.
In just 70 years:-

Growth in total world population:
1951 — 2,584,034,261
2021 — 7,874,965,825

Growth in total world emissions of CO2:
1951 — 6 billion tonnes
2021 — 36 billion tonnes

Sadly, with COP26, it looks like the can, containing the ‘greener solutions’, will get kicked, yet again, further down the road. ☹️

Those are the stats during my lifetime!!

What do I glean from this?

  1. There are far too many of us!
  2. We have having far too big an impact on a fragile ecosystem!
  3. We need to do something about it!

Thanks John Crosby!!

Poetry – All too much

All too much

There are too many people

Chopping too many trees,

Bringing the world

Down to its knees.

Drilling too much oil

From too many wells.

Too much profit

From too many hard sells.

Too many hunters

Shooting too many beasts.

Too much partying

And too many feasts.

They are trawling

Too many sea beds

For too many mouths

In too many heads.

There’s too much land

Being cleared away

And all being doused

With far too much spray.

There’s too little thought

And too little care

Just too much devastation


It’s all far, far too much!

Opher – 22.5.2019

The truth is that there are far too many of us. We have taken over too much of the fertile land and are causing far too much damage. We’re wiping everything out.

The natural world is reeling!

Poetry – The Human Flood

The Human Flood

One million victims

Of the human flood.

One trillion fossils,

No longer flesh and blood.

A holocaust of thoughtlessness;

An Armageddon by intent.

Caused by human hands,

A catastrophic event.

From pesticide and chainsaw;

From pollutant and gun;

From climate change to farming;

We’re killing every one.

They have nowhere to go,

No means to escape.

We’re harrying them to death

In an everlasting rape!

One million victims

Of the human flood.

One trillion fossils,

No longer flesh and blood.

Opher – 6.5.2019

The natural world I love is being systematically destroyed. Our constant mantra of expansion; our consumer paradise; our relentlessly burgeoning population is creating a concrete and plastic jungle.

It will be the death of us all unless we do something about it!

Poetry – Like a scab upon the planet

Like a scab upon the planet

Like a scab

                That keeps growing.

A cancer

                That eats away.

A river

                That erodes its banks.

A fungus

                On an agar dish.

Human civilisation

Spreads its canker

Across the planet.

It grows,


                                And consumes

All it touches.

It mindlessly


                                All that dares to live

To dust.

Opher – 2.5.2019

I was sitting thinking of the many hopelessly overcrowded cities I have visited across the world with their sprawling suburbs, ramshackle slums and piles of trash, rubble and polluted dust. How they have devoured what once were beautiful landscapes teeming with life and turned them into ugliness.

They really are a cancer eating away at the planet.

Poetry – The Big Green Ball

The Big Green Ball

Big green ball

To kick around

It’s just a game

Too soon and gone

The wear and tear

Such a shame

Opher 25.6.2018

Big Green Ball

While I was driving around the country I had plenty of time to think. What we are doing to the planet, the loss of so many species, the ravaging of our rainforests, the overpopulation – it all drives me mad.

In the course of my lifetime the world has changed enormously. Nature has been devastated. What I used to take as granted is being eroded every single day.

Living creatures are being wiped out and their interests ignored. If there is money to be made they come in a poor second.

Many people are so cruel. Recently I read of reports of attacks on orangutans. On three different occasions orangutans have been found dying or severely injured riddled with air-gun pellets. One had 140 pellets, including 70 in its head. One died after being riddled with 107 pellets, another had 137 pellets and lost its sight. Which crawl maggots would do such things to such intelligent gentle creatures?

What are we doing to the world? We are kicking the life out of it.

Poetry – It Takes Billions

It Takes Billions

Billions – it takes billions.

5 Billion to evolve,

8 Billion to destroy,

How many Billion to put right?

Billions – it takes Billions.

First you have to wake right up.

First you have to realise.

First you have to value it.

First you want to try.

Billions – it takes billions.

5 Billion to evolve,

8 Billion to destroy,

How many Billion to put right?

Billions – it takes Billions.

If 8 Billion were to become 4

There wouldn’t be a problem

Any more.

Opher 13.4.2018

There are 8 billion of us sharing this lifeboat of a planet with all the myriad types of life. 8 billion of us taking up room, killing, flattening, cultivating, building, taming, simplifying, reducing and eradicating.

The effect is dramatic.

The teeming masses of which we are part, from which we came, from which we draw our sustenance are being reduced by the minute.

5 billion years of evolution, slow step by step, is being undone in mere decades.

But if 8 billion was trimmed to 4 then we could all have room to live in harmony and all of us would be winners. We would all have our lives enriched.

Poetry – There’s no room

There’s no room

Pruned trees in rows,

Furrows in rows,

Houses in rows,

Brows in furrows,

There’s no room.

Pesticide clouds,

Smoke clouds,

Particle clouds,

Mushroom clouds,

Clouds in shrouds,

There’s no room.

Weeds eradicated,

Pests eradicated,

Vermin eradicated,

Eradicate the fate,

There’s no room.

Opher 13.4.2018

There’s no room at the inn of nature. We’ve taken every available space.

A million weary creatures are looking for a place to lay their heads, find sustenance and give birth. They’re scratting around between the neat furrows of our lives and pawing over the detritus we leave in our wake.

Life is hard and getting harder.

Once they were part of a great cycle. They had their place. Now they are reduced to the position of pest and hounded for their lives. Each new year that passes brings another weapon to assail them with.

There is no place where they can belong.